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Angel, Heather, and Kristen

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Heather and Kristen were sisters. They tried to stay very close, throughout the years they were growing up in their parents’ house. Although they were only 4 years apart, no two sisters were the best of friends. They never really thought of being jealous of each other over the years. The typical fights were over small, idiotic things. This was something their mother Angela prided herself on. They were all pretty close knit in the house, especially when Angela’s husband left them alone when Heather was only 17, and Kristen 14. Those were hard times, but they survived together somehow.

Now, it’s 2008. Heather has just turned 20, and Kristen, of course, turned 18. For Kristen, these are the hardest times when it comes to being a teen-ager. Questions answered always come from her sister, who works with her mother to make ends meet. So, when she is home, they do talk about the secretive things that sisters discuss. But, nowadays, she finds herself wondering about what to do in life, boys turning to men, and the end of high school impending in just one year.

On Friday nights, Kristen was home before the two working ladies arrived at around 7. Heather and her mother worked at a supply company, completing orders for the front store. They liked it there, due to the old man who owned it. They could work very independently, filling orders for the man up front, and that kept him happy. The mutual understanding between Heather and her mother was at work, they worked. Rarely any mother/daughter banter…that was to be left at home. When they arrived, Kristen was in the kitchen watching television. They look exhausted, but strangely enough, they still retained their beauty that this family’s women were so luckily blessed with.

Clearly, they all look like Angela. She was 40 years old, but you could swear she was 30. She possessed blonde hair, which she passed on to her daughters. Angela never really became heavy after having kids; she tried to keep herself in shape for her husband. After he left, it was just a matter of stamina, and she worked out every night.

Walking in, Kristen noticed in the back of her mind that her mother was slightly taller than Heather. Kristen always felt good that she was attractive with them, as not to be the black sheep of the family. But she noticed their attractiveness, and thought how hard it must be to stay that way even after a long day at work. Wearily, the tow plopped down at the kitchen table. Kristen could see how tired they were. “How was it today?” she asked.

“Been better.” Angela said, slightly turning her head. “It was busy because of the new year. But we managed.”

Heather exclaims, “You’d think it would be cold in that warehouse with the fans and all. But it was hotter than hell. We couldn’t take it. I was sweating. Mom was sweating. I wish I could’ve taken my shirt off!” Kristen smiled. “That would have given old man Jerry something to see…!”

Angela stood up and stretched high. “Now, you know I hate it when you call Jerry that.” Pausing, and smiling, “It’s true, but I hate it. Okay girls, I’m off to my room to do my Jane Fonda. Kris, I know you have some homework to do…”

“Oh, okay…you’re the boss round here,” and the TV went off.


Heather and Kristen have been sharing a room all their lives. It was a floral motif, with yellow furniture from their childhood days. They shared a bunk bed, Kristen always residing on the top. Angela had always said they’d move to someplace bigger, but the money situation simply didn’t warrant it.

It was around 8:30pm, and everyone had begun to relax, and think about the weekend. The two girls quietly kept to themselves, on their respective bunks. Kristen just finished a rough chapter of English, and was now homework free for the weekend. She stuck her head over the side to say something to her sister when she was startled by something she noticed. Heather was lying on her bed, reading a book. Lying front down, her straight blonde hair went squarely down the back of her grey sweatshirt. Where that sweatshirt stopped, a black pair of spandex began, and proceeded down the length of her body. Kristen watched her unnoticed for many long minutes, and startled herself with the realization that her sister was attractive. Not the attractive that they’ve always expressed when the other did their makeup just right or one bought a cute outfit. She was looking at her sister’s physical being, and found her to be truly attractive. Her eyes went down the length of Heather’s golden hair. How soft it must be, she thought. The sweatshirt, although baggy, hugged Heather’s body at the waist. The black spandex created a beautiful silhouette around her buttocks, making it almost perfectly round on each side. Kristen could see her muscles move, whenever Heather would move so slightly. From there, her eyes traced her sister’s legs, so slender and so strong under the spandex, right down to her feet. Kristen began to fluster, but could not help becoming aroused.

Sexuality was of not one of her more important worries, but could not ignore the wetness that was being absorbed by her lace panties, under her jeans. She mostly concentrated on school, and rarely felt this way. It happened once, on a date, when she noticed the boy’s penis pushing through his shorts. But this was different. She couldn’t look any bursa otele gelen eskort longer because the embarrassment and the feeling between her legs became unbearable. She hopped down off the bed, and quietly left the room. Heather said nothing, and continued to read.

Out in the hallway, she was a mess. Kristen could feel her heart pounding, and her ears ringing. Her breathing was almost hard, as she tried to get the picture of her sister’s body out of her mind. This was something they made fun of the women gym teachers for, and she never conceived she would look at another female like that, especially her own sister. This must be wrong, she persistently thought, and she must get rid of this twinge between her legs. She ran to the bathroom across the hall, and flung the door open. Opening the bottom medicine cabinet, she was frantically searching for a douche of any kind.

That’s when she heard, “Sweetheart, are you okay?”

Jumping a bit, she quickly looked up to find her mother in the bathtub, neck high in bubbles. This too, was something she rarely seen, and never under these circumstances. She stuttered,”O…Oh, yeah,” half smiling, “just making sure I have deodorant for tomorrow.” Angela, pushing her pulled up hair from her face, sank deeper into her warm bubbles. “Well, if you’re going to look, shut the door. It’s freezing out there.” She then took the soap bar, and lathered her arm. Kristen’s mind whirled. She didn’t want to let on something was wrong, this she wanted to keep to herself. To put on a good front, she shut the door, knelt down to look further, but only knocking down things, in the cabinet, in the process.

From her right ear, Kristen heard,” My, you’re a wreck. Come here,. are you sick?” Obediently, Kristen walked tub side, and sat down on the edge. Angela raised a wet hand from the water, and brushed back her daughter’s blonde hair. She asks, “What’s wrong. School?” Kristen wanted to run. She noticed her mother’s beautiful, yet concerned face, and the soapy bubbles sliding slowly down her neck. She unintentionally memorized the sight of her mother’s large breasts, jutting from the bubbles like two round islands. The glistening wetness across her breasts, and the stiffness of her brown nipples only increased Kristen’s anxiety. Her eyes quickly, but it felt like a million years, traveled down her mother’s body.

Through the murky, bubbly water, she could see Angela’s naked waist, leading to the golden hairs above her opening. Kristen fleetingly looked to her right side, noticing her mother’s shapely leg arched out of the water, and the bubbles going down all sides of it. Angela was using her sixth sense and perceived her daughter’s uneasiness of seeing her mother nude. She smiled, and brushed back Kristen’s hair again. “Honey,” she said reassuringly, “you’ve seen me naked many times.” Then, it dawned on Angela that Kristen probably is learning about men and women are her own. She silently cursed herself for not being home for her daughter, and leaving Kristen to discover her own sexuality in the classroom lectures.

Kristen did not know what to say, and couldn’t. Her mother had caught her looking, and there was no way she could back out. She seemed scared and Angela felt it. She knew her daughter must discover her own sexuality, or she will be vulnerable in a very cruel world. She thought that maybe she can ease Kristen’s fears by sharing a common trait, or bond, between women. To show that becoming an adult is okay. Angela then looked at her breasts, and then looked toward Kristen’s, outlined by her flowery sweater. She then said “You know, your breasts are the same size when I was your age. As you get older, and have children, they’ll get bigger.”

Kristen, although a bit surprised, felt some tension go way. Her mother had understood her uneasiness, and suddenly she felt safe. Kristen looked down at her own budding chest, pushed out, and said,” Do you think so?” Looking back at her mother’s wet breasts, as if it was the right thing to do. To make her point, and not really thinking about it, Angela moved her hand from Kristen’s hair, down the neck of her sweater, and cupped Kristen’s left breast. Angela said, “Hmm. I think so.”

Kristen felt a tingle bolt between her legs, but this time closed her eyes. Angela, realizing that maybe that touching her own daughter’s breast isn’t the best thing to do, went to pull her hand off Kristen’s young breast, but then could not ignore the itchy sensation developing between her own legs, below the warm water. Angela moved her hand around Kristen’s breast, in a massaging motion. Kristen, on another planet, kept her eyes closed while she floated in this new feeling. Angela whispered, ” Boys will touch you here, honey. Does it feel good?” Kristen, now sailing with the winds, pushed her mother’s hand harder on to her breast. Angela, now knowing she was over the boundaries, did not pull away. She closed her eyes, and deftly felt Kristen’s softness under her fingertips. Her legs spread slightly, and felt the warm water caress her as it rushed it. Kristen whispered, “Yes.”

They both opened their eyes at the same time. Angela felt her daughter release the gentle grip on her hand, and pulled away. For a short eternity, they merely looked at each other. Angela bursa eve gelen escort bayan was thinking she can’t believe that she just fondled her own daughter. Another part of her mind was reasoning that maybe she was responding to her daughter’s needs. Wasn’t that a mother’s duty, no matter what? She could not ignore the fact that she was incredibly turned on but the warm, smooth, and soft treasure her palm was against. So, that’s what it feels like.

Almost echoing her mother’s thoughts, and interrupting them, Kristen nervously said, “C..Can I touch yours?” Kristen was dying of anticipation, her innermost thoughts taking full command of her sexuality. Angela paused for a second, and unconsciously pulled herself to an upright sitting position in the tub. Kristen found her mother to be even more beautiful than before. From the neck down, Angela’s wet skin glistened. Some hair from her bun was wetly strewn about her shoulders. Kristen’s eyes looked at her breasts. They were much bigger and fuller than her own. They didn’t sag, but seemed heavy due to their largeness. Angela’s large, brown areolas centered her stiff nipples. Small bodies of suds slowly drifted down Angela’s neck, into the valley between her chest, and down into the water. She silently looked at her daughter’s innocent face, waiting for Kristen to touch her. She was almost shaking when she put her hands slowly forward, and sat closer to her mother as her hands made contact. Her palms touched her mother’s nipples, as her fingertips felt the soft heaviness at the sides. Her hands became lubricated as she moved them around toward the front of Angela’s breasts, supporting their weight, and absorbing their warmth. Kristen studied her own motions, coupled by her movements, with great intensity. Angela watched her daughter’s hands massage her wet breasts, and then her daughter’s face that was filled with wonderment. She was feeling her mother’s fullness for the first time, and began to feel from the outside peering in, what it was to be a woman.

Kristen began to feel more at ease, while her temperature rose between her legs. By now, her panties were soaked as she has never known them to be. Her thumbs ran back and forth over Angela’s nipples, while her palms held the weight of her breasts. She cupped them, and came up and around in a heart shape until her fingertips met. Finally, hands wet, she pulled away slowly and grinned, as she wiped her hands on her sweats. “Yours feel so..full. Soft. Heavy, and warm.” she said.

Angela grinned. “That’s how they’re supposed to feel.”, and patted Kristen’s hand.

She looked at Kristen. “This is our little secret. Mother/daughter thing. Now, let me finish up here. Go finish your homework, and get ready for bed.”

“I..already finished.” Kristen said, a little sad that the moment ended. But she stood to leave. Stopping, she looked at her mother who was still sitting.

“Mom…did you feel anything when you touched me?” Angela knew she was in a spot. But her vagina was aching from the experience.

All she could say was,” Get going..we’ll talk later.”, hoping to drop the subject. Kristen turned and left the bathroom.


Heather could not figure out what her sister’s problem was. Kristen had come back to the room with this weird dreamy look on her face. Heather had looked up from what she was reading and asked her what was wrong. This was typical for Heather to always protect her little sister. But Kristen said nothing, as if she didn’t hear Heather, and silently climbed on to her bunk bed. Heather was surprised. The first thought that crossed her mind was that Kristen was into drugs, or something. But when she stood up, and saw Kristen lying on her bed looking straight up, Heather knew she was just troubled about something. Probably a guy at school, she thought. “You okay? Want to talk about it?”, Heather asked gently.

Kristen looked over and smiled slightly. “No…no. Maybe later.”

Heather knew to lay off. “Hokay.” She put her hand on Kristen’s arm. “I’m here anytime you need me.”

She then went back to her bed and her reading. Kristen stared at the ceiling. She could not look at Heather the same way. The whole ten seconds Heather stood there Kristen traced every inch of her body with her new found awareness. The touch of her hand gave her shivers, and she suddenly began to imagine Heather stripping. Not the way she normally changes clothes, but really stripping, while Kristen watches her from a chair.

Then there was their mother, reaching from behind to pull up Kristen’s shirt and fondling her naked breasts. As is the reality, Kristen pushed her hands harder on her chest, as Angela began to nuzzle her daughter’s neck. Kristen could feel the sensations build as she watches Heather remove her bra like a pro, and she sensually danced around on a stage. That’s when she jumped awake to find the room unexplainably dark. She instinctively looked at the clock: 3:45 AM. She had fallen asleep on her bunk. In the darkness, she could hear Heather breathing in her deep sleep.


Angela could not sleep. The events of the evening kept running through her head. So many thoughts…so many tangents kept her occupied as she lay there.

“Was it right to touch my own daughter that way? bayan eskort bursa Maybe she’s more confused then before. Then I let her fondle me…she wanted to! Is she a lesbian? Am…I a lesbian? Or bi-sexual? It can’t be, but who cares if it is? I’ve gone through life trying to find the perfect man, and wound up wasting a good many years with a real bastard. Why can’t I do what I want?” “Because you’re not supposed to feel your daughter’s tits, and she’s not supposed to feel yours. But why not? I felt much closer to her than ever why she was touching me…and I know we were communicating on a level rarely reached by any mother or daughter. And god, she did feel good. I know she’s just 18, and innocent, but her body is turning into a real woman’s. Maybe at this point I’m not ashamed to say that my 18 year old daughter turned me on, and I turned her on. I….wanted her to kiss me. I would have let her. I imagined taking her in my arms right here, and letting her suckle one of my breasts, as she did when she was a baby. Just letting her lay back and let her mother take care of her.”

Some points during the night, Angela could not believe what she was thinking. At others, she was wondering how Kristen was feeling. Angela loved her daughters. There was no question of that. She was wondering, if this was the right way to do so.


In her room, Kristen was now wide awake. She tormented herself with the images of her friends calling her dyke, and never speaking to her again. But she couldn’t remove the beautiful image of her nude mother from her mind. And of Heather: Kristen was wondering what it would be like to sleep next to her. To hold her all night and wake up next to her. To make love to her, and at the same time wondering if this was normal. But her curiosity was getting too big…too much.

Sliding her body off the bed, and landing very deftly, Kristen went to change out of the sweats she had fallen asleep in. Heather stirred, but remained in her sleep. Kristen went to the dresser and took off her sweat shirt. She reached behind and unsnapped her bra. She stopped and cupped her own petite breasts, running her fingertips over her pink nipples. “You know, your breasts are the same size as mine when I was your age. They’ll get bigger.”, she could hear her mother say. She hoped her mother would have touched her breasts under her shirt, rather than on top of it. Her fingers slipped down her sides, and slipped off her sweat pants. She then took off her lace panties, which had been soaked all night from everything that happened, and stood there nude in the dark room, and moved to the full length mirror on their closet door, to see herself. Her wavy, blonde hair touched her shoulders. In the darkness, she could see her budding bosoms. They were rounding out, and becoming heavier, testimony given by her own hands. Kristen also observed the bush of hair between her legs. She liked the fact she had blonde hair there, while other girls had black, while others had none.

She posed in front of the mirror, putting her leg forward, and cocking her head as if in a photo shoot. Kristen admired her own legs, as she bent them forward, and boys have always commented on them at the beach. The tan lines from her bikini outlined her breasts, and pelvic area. She read somewhere that it was considered sexy. She turned around and looked at her rounded buttocks. She put both her hands on the cheeks of her buttocks, and ran then down the back of her thighs. She thought about how smooth her skin was, and how her mother might like it.

She turned and looked at Heather sleeping, who had practically kicked off the covers in her sleep, as she normally does. Kristen took two paces forward, until she was bedside. She crouched down, and could feel the air rush through the warmth between her legs. She studied her sister, this time with a little less fright. Even asleep, Heather’s face was beautiful. With the same blonde, angelic hair touching her shoulders, it was a thing of beauty. That complimented Kristen’s thoughts on how Heather never had a problem getting a date.

Heather was wearing a white men’s tank undershirt, formerly her fathers, and a wisp of satin underpants. She lay on her side, and one long leg over. Kristen could clearly she the defined curves of her sister in the dark. Kristen’s fingers began to trace her own inner thighs, as she looked at the two round forms that were her sister’s breasts. Heather’s nipples were pointing through the gauzy fabric, and in her sleep, the undershirt was pulled up slightly, so that Kristen could see the white tan line, of the underside of Heather’s breast. Her hands began to massage the outside of her labia, sending the aroma of her femininity to the air around her. She wanted to touch Heather so badly…like the way she touched her mother only hours before. Her breath was quickening as she imagined her naked body atop heather, kissing her square on the lips. She could almost feel Heather’s hands squeezing her ass, as their long legs intertwined, Kristen’s naked mound rubbing against Heather’s panties. In her dreams, she pushed herself up, as Heather took a breast in her mouth and began to fondle the other. The moaning in her head was unbearable, and Kristen plunged two fingers inside her pussy. With each in and out motion, she could feel the hot wetness on her fingers, and the scent that filled the air. Kristen fell back on the carpet, not caring if Heather was watching or not. Her fantasy raced through her mind, picturing Heather nude on top of her, with both their hands exploring each other’s wetness. Kristen squeezed her own breasts, and swore if she didn’t come right now, she would get on top of Heather and beg her to make love to her.

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