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Angel Alone

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Angel Alone (A Chance Meeting part Two)

She sat alone at her work desk, chatting with her overwhelming and intriguing stranger again. The conversation was intense and Angel was having a hard time concentrating. He had this effect on her…stealing her reason and her self control. With only his words he could take her over, pushing her and pushing her hard to inevitable release. On the phone it was even more extreme, the sound of his voice making her shiver and immediately get wet, wanting desperately to cum for him again and again. The feeling of all this stayed with her…invading her thoughts endlessly and keeping her in a state of sexual overdrive. Already Angel was an intensely sexual person and this stranger was making that side of her become exponentially stronger. This didn’t bother Angel though…in fact she was loving every second of it.

The conversation was winding down as he had to go, but before leaving he told her to do something for him. Without hesitation she agreed, waiting for his instructions. When she read his words she could feel the atmosphere in the room change, as if he was standing next to her and whispering in her ear and making her tremble all over. The absolute deliciously electric energy that filled her ran riot through her…to bursa yabancı escort every nerve ending she possessed, taking her over completely.

Tonight Angel…when you’re alone and all is quiet as you lay in your bed…slowly and deliberately rock your hips….lift them and lower them again if you like..but slowly. Think of the morning and our conversation and how it made you feel.

After he signed off Angel was in a state of excited anticipation all day that day. She tried to write as she did every day, but she couldn’t stop thinking about the things he said. She eagerly waited for nightfall when her daughter would leave for the night and she would be alone. When the hour finally arrived, Angel went to her bed and not even bothering to put on pajamas, she stripped naked and got into bed. Again his words played inside her mind, as they had been all day. With them repeating over and over she began to rock her hips…slowly…oh so slowly…and occasionally lifting her hips and lowering them. As her excitement built she could feel the burn in the pit of her stomach…that familiar feeling of losing control and giving in to the ravenous animal inside her that she tried so hard to hide from the world.

Think of what went through bursa sınırsız escort your mind as you found yourself getting wetter and wetter. And to think we were only using words. As you lay there thinking of this, Angel, place your hand over your crotch and rock some against your hand.

Angel reached down…down to the waiting wetness there and she gently placed her right hand there, feeling her own warmth, feeling the waves of heat radiating from her most secret place and sighing softly as she began to rock against her hand. She took her time, rocking against it gently, letting the sensation of it work its way all through her and start to take her over. Angel gave herself up to it and let it rule her, driving out everything else for awhile, leaving her alone to indulge her passionate lust.

As you do this Angel, start to feel me…sense me…there between your legs. Sense my head there…my face so close to it you feel my breath on it. Then guide my head…my mouth…and my tongue as you lay there in the dark…..

In her mind Angel could see him there between her spread eagled thighs, her hands on his head and showing him how she liked it done. She could feel his tongue teasing her clit…his warm breath on her…driving her görükle escort to the edge of no control. Teasing…licking…and going inside her and making her shiver uncontrollably. She began to moan..softly…feeling his mouth…his tongue devouring her…all of her. Angel felt the sweet intensity of it building and building, as she pushed her hand harder on herself, grinding against it now, driving her further and further towards the edge of losing herself completely. She began to tremble violently as she felt it fall over her, crashing into her body and her mind and tearing away everything else.

…and cum for me.

With his last words running rampant in her mind she stiffened and tensed all over…her breath..her reason…all her control driven from her and cumming hard. She gasped as it shook her to her core and she cried out for him…calling to him…moaning for him…over and over…still feeling him there with her. She felt her own cum soaking her eager little hand and running out of her…making her upper thighs wet and sticky with it. Wave after wave crashed over her…again and again…until she was completely spent.

Angel fell limp then, gasping…panting…shivering all over…her body weak and exhausted. But she felt amazing…tingling with the sensation of it all…this feeling reaching every nerve ending inside her and all over her. And with his words still echoing in her head and overwhelming her she smiled…her thoughts full of this stranger that had her so much under his spell.

And with that drifting through her mind…she fell into a long and peaceful sleep.

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