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Andrew”s Misplaced Trust Chapter 5 – Sleep Over Check out photos of Andrew and his friends here.

There may be some real events that inspired parts of this, or not, but I have to tell you this is fantasy fiction.

I”m honored that you took time from your day to read my story. Please let me know that you read it. I don”t want to write if there are no readers.

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Chapter 5

Kerry”s parents took the boys to a movie, and they got hot dogs and popcorn. The parents went to the mall while the boys went into the auditorium to watch the film. Andrew doesn”t even remember anything about the movie because he sat in the dark theater staring at his friend. He kept daydreaming of what was to come. He wanted to reach out and hold his hand, but the best he could do was reach into the bucket of popcorn and accidentally grab Kerry”s hand.

When they got to Kerry”s house after the movie, his mom ran a bath for them. She watched as the boys undressed to their briefs, then told them to finish undressing and get in once she left the room. They both got in the tub and the fun was about to begin. Their boners poked through the bubbles, and they laughed. It”s probably too much since Kerry”s mom came in to make sure they washed everywhere. She handed them both washcloths and had them sit nested like we were riding a motorcycle. This had Andrew with his dick right at Kerry”s butt. She washed Andrew”s back and had him wash Kerry”s. Once that was done, she told them to wash their own front sides. Andrew wasn”t going to get to grab his favorite play toy until later.

She turned on the hand held shower and had the boys stand up to rinse. They were both embarrassed because they had gotten boners, but she didn”t say anything and just let them rinse off. She put the shower away and held out big, fluffy towels for them to dry off. The boys put on their briefs and went to Kerry”s room to get into his twin bed, and his mom tucked them in with a kiss on their foreheads.

“Be good and don”t talk too much, boys. Get some sleep.” She said as she left the room.

“Andrew, take off your briefs.” Kerry whispered. Andrew quickly pulled them off and tossed them beside the bed. Kerry tossed his out too. Face to face, they were touching and grabbing each other. Suddenly, Kerry crawled under the sheet and put his head near Andrews” boner. Andrew could feel Kerry”s breath on his cock. He knew he was about to get his dick sucked just like his daddy did. Andrew felt something wet and warm engulf his cock. He looked down and saw Kerry sucking away. It certainly wasn”t the first time Kerry sucked a cock.

“Wow, that”s amazing,” Andrew whispered. Kerry moved around and was now head to toe with Andrew. Andrew opened his mouth Çeşme Escort and returned the favor. He felt Kerry moan on his dick as he licked the glistening head of his friend. Andrew licked some more and tasted skin and soap. He liked this. He really liked this. He thought he could do this forever. Kerry”s dick fit in his mouth better than his daddy”s cock.

Kerry was moving his tongue around Andrew”s head. Andrew suddenly felt his dry cum starting. Kerry just kept going. Andrew was going out of his mind and trying not to make any noise. He tried pushing Kerry off of his dick, but he wouldn”t move. Suddenly, Andrew felt something stronger than his tingles. Something squirted out of his dick. He knew he hadn”t produced any cum yet and realized he had just squirted some pee in Kerry”s mouth. Kerry screamed, realizing it wasn”t cum, and spit out the squirt of pee.

Andrew kept whispering “I”m sorry, I”m sorry!” to Kerry.

“I know, it”s just that it didn”t taste like cum.”

Andrew was confused. How did Kerry know what cum tasted like?

Just then, the door flew open, and his mom and dad entered the room. The boys were caught naked and obviously not sleeping like they were supposed to be.

“What happened?” Kerry”s mom demanded.

“Um, Andrew and I were just playing and, um, nothing.” Kerry explained.

His dad grabbed Andrew”s shoulder and pulled him back. He was still naked and quickly covered his privates.

“What the hell is going on, Kerry? What were you doing?” She was ranting, screaming, and picking Kerry up. Everything happened so fast. “Put your clothes on, Andrew.” She barked. Kerry”s dad let Andrew go, and he quickly grabbed his briefs from the floor and then his clothes and got dressed. Everyone was silent except Kerry, who was crying uncontrollably while Andrew dressed.

Kerry”s dad leaned in and whispered something so that only Kerry could hear it. “Kerry, you know you can”t be doing this. We don”t know if he”s safe with our secret!”

“Dad, you just made it worse. I know he”s safe; he and his dad play too.” Kerry whispered back.

“But they don”t do the other stuff. We can”t be sure.”

Kerry”s dad tugged Andrew”s arm and dragged him out with one hand, grabbed his bag with the other, and took him to the door. They went to the garage to get Andrew”s bike. He put his backpack on and walked his bike home, with Kerry”s dad holding him by the collar. That was one long and silent walk. Andrew was crying softly. Kerry didn”t live far, but it felt like miles. Kerry”s dad didn”t say a word until they got near his house. “You can”t say a word about sex play with Kerry to anyone, do you understand?”

“Yes, I wouldn”t ever say anything.” Andrew whimpered.

When they got to Andrew”s house, he was scared and worried about what Kerry”s dad was going to say to his mom. He knew he was going to be in trouble. This was really bad. He”s done a lot of bad things, but this has to be the worst. His mom will know he likes boys and had his dick in Kerry”s mouth. Andrew desperately wanted his daddy to be the one to answer.

Kerry”s dad rang the bell, Çeşme Escort Bayan and Mrs. Owens answered. “Andrew, what”s wrong?”

Kerry”s dad just said, “He was crying and homesick and wanted to come home. Maybe the boys are just too young. It”s late. Maybe the boys can have a sleepover some other time.” He turned and just walked away, back toward Kerry”s house.

What just happened? Andrew was shocked that he didn”t tattle on him. He was sure that Kerry”s dad knew what they had been up to. At least he wasn”t going to get punished for that, other than waking mom up. Maybe Kerry and his dad had a secret as well. That would explain Kerry”s comment about tasting like cum.

“Andrew, go get in bed. We will talk about this later.” Mom went back to her room and, like most things, this was never spoken of again.

On Monday the boys talked on the bus. Kerry started, “Are we still friends? I didn”t get in trouble, but my dad told me I couldn”t do that stuff with you unless we knew if you would keep the secret.”

“You know, I will. I love doing that with you.”

Kerry was confused about why he and Andrew couldn”t do it since he had done other things, but that”s what his dad told him to do if he wanted to be friends with Andrew.

“Kerry, I”m sorry for peeing, I couldn”t stop it. I tried to warn you.” Andrew said.

“I know. I”m sorry too.” He said, and then he leaned in and kissed Andrew right on the lips, in front of everyone on the bus! Nobody was looking, so they got away from any teasing. Andrew just thought, “Why couldn”t he have done that when they were at his house or the movie?”

“I really like you and wish we could do it more, but I”m not sure how we can. At least for now, we can still hang out and play, but my mom said no more sleepovers. Kerry paused, contemplating his next words. “Andrew, can I tell you something? You have to promise not to tell anyone.”

“Yeah, of course. What.”

“My dad and I, well, we play with each other. I think that”s why my parents don”t want me to play with you. Nobody can know about it.”

“I understand. Um, what if I tell you something secret?”

“Really? What?”

“My daddy and I do too! Please don”t say anything.”

“I won”t. That”s really cool. I have a lot of fun with my dad, and he takes me… never mind, I”d better not say anything more because I don”t want to get into trouble. Maybe someday we can sneak away and play. I need to figure out how to let my dad know that you can keep the secret. ”

Kerry almost told Andrew all of the things he and his dad did together. He knew he would really be in trouble if his dad ever found out. Rob and Kerry had a special bond, and his mother was part of the secrets that had to be kept. They didn”t know if they could trust Andrew and Kent or not.

Dorothy wanted Andrew to be busy during the summer, but not so busy that it was going to be a burden on her. She thought he should do sports or something boys are supposed to do. His dad was never an athlete, and he never watched any sports. Soccer was just becoming a big thing in their town, so Andrew quickly signed Escort Çeşme up for the park and rec soccer league. He had never played before and didn”t know much about it. Kerry didn”t want to play, so Andrew was going to be on his own.

After signing up and meeting with the coach, Andrew went over to Dorothy. “Mom, the coach said I needed cleats and a uniform.”

“We will buy the park and rec uniform, and you don”t need cleats until we are sure you like soccer.”

“Ok mom, but he said they are required.”

The team practiced at the local park two days a week. Andrew would ride his bike over to practice. He didn”t even have his own soccer ball, so he could only practice and learn on the field with the team. His coach wasn”t too happy with him.

“Owens, where are your cleats?” Coach Gus yelled.

“My mom hasn”t gotten them yet.”

“Tell her that you need them before the game! Join the rest of the boys in doing some laps around the field.” Andrew started running toward the pack and thought this was easy since he was a great runner. He had to hold back to not pass the group.

One of the boys yelled out. “Hey little faggot, I think I know you. I hope you can outrun me or you”re going to regret it.”

“Fuck, who is this kid?” Andrew thought. He looked familiar and probably hung out with one of the bullies. He would show him, so Andrew kicked it into high gear and passed the pack, nearly lapping them when the coach whistled for them to come in.

“Boys, we have a superstar here. Did you all see how Owens outran every single one of you? Pay attention to him.”

“Owens, you”re playing defensive midfielder today. Since you”re one of our fastest, you should do well in that position.”

“Thanks Coach!”

There was only one small problem, the grass was damp and when they started practice against one of the other teams, Andrew did his best to chase down the ball. He didn”t really know what to do, but he was great at blocking the balls until the grass started getting slipperier. As the boys ran on the damp grass, it made it even more slippery, and Andrew looked like a dork sliding around on the field.

As the practice time ended, the coach called them in. “Boys, that was a pretty good try for not having any drills. Next time we will work on drills now that I see how you play. Owens, cleats! Don”t forget! Now get out of here and see you next time.”

Andrew rode his bike home. Thankfully, the kid that he thought would be trouble got a ride home.

“Mom, soccer was fun! I got to play center midfield because I was the fastest runner, but I kept slipping on the grass. The coach said I had to have cleats. Can we please get some? I really like playing. The boys are all nice, except for Curtis Sours. He called me some names, but everyone else called him Sour Patch, so it was kind of funny.”

“Honey, we can go see about cleats later. I”m busy now.” She really wasn”t, she just didn”t want to be bothered.

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