And The Truth Shall Set You Free

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SS27: “And The Truth Shall Set You Free”


Here then’d be SS

7—the latter of “Step-Mommie Dearest”‘s two-part sequel (i.e., “Step-Mommie Dearest” Chapter 3, trying not to confuse anyone)—the actual erotic portion. Chapter 2 of this story (SS

6), the non-erotic part, was of course “A Date With Fate.” If you haven’t read that yet, you may wish to do so before this, as it won’t make a ton of sense otherwise!


September 30th, 8:45 a.m.

The sun peeked up over the city’s autumn, giving birth to another perfectly glorious Saturday. A gentle, soothing rain had fallen the night before, refreshing the atmosphere and sprinkling nature with a well-needed rinse. Weekend laborers headed to work, and all other travelers trolleyed about in pursuit of errands and personal leisure activities. One more unusually usual day.

All three members of the Townsend household were taking it easy. William had another physician covering for him at Mercy, Gretchen only worked part-time at her matchmaking office on weekdays, and Jessie of course was unemployed. This morning they were sitting around the dining room table in their robes and p.j.s, each with a cup of coffee and a section of the paper.

“So, Jess! Any plans for today, babe?” her Dad asked her.

Annabella, Annabella, Annabella, Annabella, Annabella, plans for today… “Huh? Oh, plans?” she repeated, emerging from her romantic reverie. “Oh, gee, I dunno, I thought maybe I might take Annabella out, do something with her…”

“Aw, I so enjoyed meeting her the other night, Jessica,” Gretchen said with a smile. “What a lovely person.”

“Oh, the girl was an absolute treasure,” William agreed. “So sweet, and polite, and demure, and considerate…she was just darling! Jess, you found yourself an angel on Earth. I’m so happy for you.”

“Thanks, Dad…thanks, Gretch.”

“Hey, y’know, the two of us were going to go do something today,” continued William, gesturing to himself and Gretchen. “Maybe we could make it a double date?”

Didn’t we kinda just do that Thursday?

“Hm, maybe,” Jessie considered. “We’ll see.”


September 30th, 11:53 a.m.

Jessie was still relaxing at home. William and Gretchen had prettied themselves up and were about to step out the door. Jessie would rather be alone with Annabella than have another date chaperoned by her parents, but as the three of them had been getting along so well together recently, she decided to keep that information to herself and just let them have fun on their own date.

Besides, there was something else she wanted to do today in addition to hanging out with her sweetie. In another tactful omission, she chose to not tell her Dad and Gretchen about this, as it would have made everything awkward.

Some things are better left unsaid, she thought as she slipped into her bedroom, locked the door and undressed.

She would love to do this with Annabella on the phone (or in person (or via a video-chatting program)), as the sound of her beautiful, lively voice had become a major turn-on in the last month, but she didn’t think Annabella was ready to do anything quite this intimate with her, which she respected. She was afraid if she tried to make things go too fast, she might scare her off, or worse. She almost kind of wished she wasn’t so lit up by the girl, but at the same time, she was pretty sure this was going to be fun.

She laid a towel over her chair and sat at her computer naked. She could barely keep from fondling herself right away as she went online and brought up some images Annabella had E-mailed her of herself. She had sent them back in August, when they hadn’t yet met in person and were only chatting on the Internet. She found several pictures she very much liked and opened them in separate windows. She toggled back and forth between them until she selected one with which to begin.

She tilted her head back and closed her eyes. Imagining her fingertips were Annabella’s, she touched them to her chin and stroked them down her neck to her torso. She exhaled as her lips curved into a smile. She let her eyes open back up and refocus on the picture of Annabella on her screen.

“Hi there,” she seductively said to the computer.

“Ciao, cara mia,” she imagined Annabella saying back to her. She blurred her vision in order to more effectively perform this pretense. Her smile grew.

Her right fingers and palm smoothed down between her breasts to her belly, as she removed her left hand from the keyboard and once again pretending it was Annabella’s, began caressing her own face with it.

She closed her eyes again and gave a quivering breath. “Annabella…honey…” she adoringly gasped, “Tell me your fantasies.”

“Hm, that’s an intriguing request,” she imagined Annabella responding. “Sexual or non-sexual?”

“All of them,” she purred back to the computer. “I want to izmit escort know everything.”

Of course, she wasn’t abreast of Annabella’s fantasies, as their relationship had not yet progressed to this point, but she still wouldn’t object to simply knowing. Whether she chose to act on this knowledge she’d figure out later. What she could do in the meantime was take her own fantasies, coupled with what she knew about Annabella thus far, and see what her mind could concoct.

However, what Jessie also didn’t know at this immediate moment was that since she had met and started dating Annabella, her own fantasies had dramatically changed.

The August Jessie was set in dominatrix mode, focused on becoming a Mistress and making her girl(s) her slave(s), after having had her devilish way with her step-mother and discovering this craving within herself, this hunger for control and sexual power. At the time she didn’t feel bad about having done what she did to Gretchen, as she felt Gretchen deserved it.

Gretchen, for her own part, had actually moved on from the incident. She wouldn’t exactly say she had gotten over it, as she questioned the possibility of one ever being able to get over such an occurrence, per se, but she did have a lot of years behind her. She had seen and been through some major stuff in her life. And while none of it quite compared in intensity with being raped by her step-daughter, she saw no choices she had other than to get on with things. She wanted more than anything for this marriage with William to be successful. And what Jessie had done to her was in the past, she reasoned. She couldn’t change it. And so she did her best to put it behind her. And she and William began having conversations to edify her about the ins and outs of homosexuality. She might never personally understand it, but she at least felt she had reached the point where she could accept and love Jessie and be comfortable with who she was. And not have to pray for God to “fix” her.

The best course of action for Gretchen regarding the rape was to rid her mind of the memory, if only temporarily. Easier said than done, but time healed everything. And she determined her other goal was to treat Jessie with love and respect, and not cheese her off again. But what neither Gretchen nor Jessie actually knew was, in as short a time as a single month and a half later, unbeknownst to either of them, the September Jessie had transformed into an almost entirely separate person from her August counterpart.

Annabella Fiorello came into Jessie’s life and embraced her heart, shrouding her in an aura of wholesomeness, benevolence and childlike wonder. She was, as she claimed, essentially a big kid, a characteristic which the August Jessie would have used against her in a domme-like fantasy, to easily torment her and violate her like the naughty little girl she was, thereby making her squeal and cry for mercy. A month ago, capturing such a sweet, beatific creature and robbing her of her innocence would have tantalized Jessie like crazy and lit her libido on fire. This month, however, was a different story.

Once Annabella took Jessie under her angel wings and enchanted her with her charms just by being herself, Jessie’s outlook on things began to alter. More accurately, to revert. At this point in her life, Jessie hadn’t been met with a ton of disappointment or heartbreak, but the abandonment three years before did give her a bitter taste of life’s angst. Constant disapproval from others of her early-discovered homosexuality didn’t help either, and she’d also been met with her share of second-hand anguish on behalf of tough times her friends and loved ones went through. Despite the narrow-minded societal environment surrounding her, Jessie had a decent amount of friends and tended to make new ones easily, and one of her best techniques was sympathizing with their problems.

And so as a result of these first- and second-hand let-downs she’d encountered, she eventually tended, as most adults do, to turn somewhat jaded and jaundiced. She didn’t mean to; it happened slowly over time, but suddenly as well. Ten years ago she was as optimistic and carefree and happy-go-lucky as Annabella. Upon entering her 20s she became a bit cynical, now with some evidence that no one’s life, not even hers, was all roses and champagne. She hadn’t become a total pessimist, but she wasn’t exactly jumping with joy at the simplicity of each newly dawning day either. She took things as they came, and expected no miracles.

But then came Annabella.

Annabella Serafina Fiorello…even her name gave off this reflection of youthful joviality and suited her to a tee. Annabella puzzled Jessie. She seemed to have grown up half-orphaned, with a widowed father, and must have had her other misfortunes here and there, but yet somehow remained nondepletably, idealistically hopeful and confident that things would turn out just beautifully, and that life was a gift. It was difficult for Jessie to discern izmit kendi evi olan escort how Annabella could be just as cheerful as ever day after day when she was still human, and certainly life was as challenging for her as for anyone else.

On the other hand, Jessie thought, Maybe she’s just better at handling these things than a lot of us are. Maybe it’s that simple.

Furthermore—again, without even trying—Annabella surpassed impressing Jessie with her inexhaustible energy and girlish cheer, and went so far as to affect Jessie in a way that Jessie wished she could be more like Annabella. Her fascination with this girl’s lovely demeanor and personality was just such. After dating for a couple of weeks, Jessie’s cynicism slowly began to ebb and erode back away, as Annabella’s untarnished goodness touched her and filled her veins.

But Jessie had unearthed none of this about herself just yet. To the extent of her knowledge, nothing had changed, except for the fact that she had met and fallen in love with a cherub whom she also thought she might like to emulate. She again blurred her eyes and pretended Annabella was talking to her.

“I want to row up and down the streets of Venice with you in a gondola,” she heard Annabella’s voice whisper to her.

“That sounds nice…” she softly replied. Her eyes closed as she smiled, massaging her torso just below the neck with her left hand and rubbing her inner thigh with her right. “What else?”

“I want to make love to you on a flying carpet ride around the world.”

“Hee hee…okay, Jasmine,” she giggled, her body warming up as she pictured Annabella’s nude body. This sounded like a lot of fun, but a few things initially got in the way. Like Jessie’s fear of heights. Or the fact that it would become far too cold to even think about making love at that kind of altitude. Restraining herself down to the carpet should solve the first problem, but…that didn’t seem logical; Jessie was the domme…

Wasn’t she?

She took a moment to realize she had no idea whether Annabella was a domme or a sub. Her nature suggested sub all the way, but then again, Annabella never failed to surprise at veritably every turn. Not to mention how she’d pulverized her in their pillow fight.

Jessie found herself overanalyzing. She asked herself why she was nitpicking and scrutinizing the fantasies. There’s a reason they’re fantasies, she thought. Anything can happen in them. Don’t question them. Just play them out. And don’t focus on dumb real-life things like gravity or temperature. For God’s sake, Jessie, it’s not like it’s actually happening. Just focus on Annabella.

Oh, yes, she settled back in as her smile and body heat returned. Hold me, my beloved Annabella…kiss me.

She puckered, pretending to make out with her. She slowly opened her lips as she kissed Annabella’s imaginary lips and tongue, breathing in her heavenly perfume. She tasted delectable. Jessie wanted so much to reach out and touch Annabella’s body, but she rightfully convinced herself that while in fantasyland her hands should stick to herself. She could touch herself, after all; she couldn’t kiss her own lips.

And so she instead fantasized that Annabella too was touching herself, mirroring Jessie’s manual patterns. She imagined Annabella rubbing and groping while she in turn was watching her rub and grope. She was getting increasingly turned on. Her left hand at last began fondling herself about the breasts, as so did Annabella’s, and her right, pawing at her inner thigh, inched closer to her eager pussy. As it did so, her pussy communicated a message through her hand to her brain:

Well, it’s about time, lady!

Jessie hadn’t the time or inclination to think back and remember, but the last time she’d masturbated was while she was raping Gretchen back in August. She hadn’t made love to Annabella yet, and she certainly hadn’t made love with anyone else. Had she the desire to go back and examine this, she’d ask herself if it could be possible she’d had zero sexual activity or release in over a month and a half. But she had no such desire. The only desire she felt right now was self-explanatory.

Having not yet seen Annabella naked—but yet indeed in her underwear, which helped—she kept her eyes shut and mentally gave Annabella what she felt could pass for a “generic” enough and very pleasing pussy and breasts, given how the rest of her body looked. Now equipped with this image, she passed her right fingers over her (own) pussy and lightly pinched her nipples with her left.

Her fantasy-fueled passion doubly accelerated as she pictured Annabella grabbing and tweaking herself in unison. She didn’t even need the pic of Annabella on her computer screen anymore. She began a slow, comfortable rhythm of rubbing herself between the labia with her fingertip, as she positioned her left arm so that she could brush her left nipple with the inside of her elbow and play with the right digitally. Then after a few minutes she switched arms. The mental image of Annabella tickling herself and slipping her fingers inside her own pussy to masturbate for Jessie sent a huge rush through her and made her head roll back on her shoulders.

Her face flushed as she concentrated on all the wonderful things about Annabella she could summon to mind. Her smile, her hair, her clothes, her personality, her face, her lips, her voice…OH, especially that irresistible voice. Her body rewarded her with another surge of warm, wet arousal. She moaned into Annabella’s mouth, still imagining they were kissing and rubbing themselves.

“Baby…” she whispered.

“Honey bear…” she heard Annabella whisper back.

“I want you, my sweet,” she murmured.

“Dittos,” Annabella whispered back.

“I love you,” she mouthed.

“Ti amo,” mouthed Annabella.

Even though they’d only communicated this intimate exchange in her imagination, she giggled inside excitedly. It felt so delightful to be loved, and even more so to be able to honestly devote her love.

A couple of her fingers had found their way inside her. “Oh, fuck,” she whispered to herself before she remembered Annabella didn’t like bad words. Annabella tended to cover her ears when someone around cursed in her vicinity. Jessie stuck to moaning. She began penetrating her pussy with modest force, enough to splash herself with repeated small showers of pleasure, but not enough to overdo it. Eventually, the showers pieced themselves together into an impending wave approaching her. She was familiar enough with her body and sexual mechanics to know the waves would build and build until she met with the tsunami which would represent her supreme orgasm. She’d need only take her time.

“Oh, Annabella…my darling, Annabella…” she mouthed amidst the pretend-kiss, slowly enjoying her way through Annabella’s name. She tried to say it with just the elegance Annabella herself did. She adored her name…and everything else about her. She didn’t think she could find anything she didn’t like about the girl even if she tried.

The mere reminder that such an exquisite specimen had found her way into Jessie’s life made her pussy swell and leak. She smiled passionately as the warm glaze adhered to her fingers like honey. Oh, Annabella…sweetheart…may I taste your honey?

She giggled to herself as she imagined Annabella’s reaction to this. She’d be blushing up a storm and would probably be a little turned on, but she’d also feel the inclination to hide it. To make Jessie work for it, as it were.

And work for it she did. She went on probing and thrusting into herself repeatedly, working herself up further, further…here came the first wave…steadily on its way…it got closer, and closer, and closer…

…And broke ten feet in front of her.


She unexpectedly slowed back down. She didn’t understand. What’s going on? That shouldn’t have happened. The pleasure was fast on its way, and then inexplicably somehow…retreated. That was certainly at no point to play a part in the equation.

This had never transpired before. Jessie’d masturbated pretty regularly before August, though not every day. She might not have been the world’s most frequent masturbator, but she logically determined this fact alone should drive her more hungrily for it. She was at the top of her game, so to speak, with her manual action, and with no problem focusing attention, she’d been doing nothing but making invisible love to Annabella the entire time. She became a bit concerned. She hadn’t forgotten how to do this, had she?

Did I do something wrong? she asked her body.

Maybe she just needed to try again…she didn’t know why she thought if this didn’t work the first time it would the second time, but she didn’t want to just give up. Could it simply be that she wasn’t concentrating hard enough? She couldn’t figure how that was possible, but she was willing to give it another shot. One thing she did have was plenty of time on this day.

Okay, so that was…probably just an isolated incident, she decided. Yeah, that was it. She began again, this time taking a deep breath and giving her arms and legs a shake-down. Ah, that was better; she felt more relaxed. Now to get down to business.

Twenty minutes later, she failed again. She didn’t even get as far as she’d gotten the first time.

What the hell?? Again, what, is going on? I’ve done this dozens of times!

Now Jessie was getting worried. The beautiful picture of Annabella was still right there on the screen—she supposed she could have tried another picture, but spending more than half the time with her eyes closed, she had a feeling that wasn’t the problem. Any picture of Annabella should surely make her melt with desirous longing. Whatever was wrong, she was certain that wasn’t it. She still had plenty of time, however; it was worth a try. She brought a different image of her beloved up on the screen and started jilling off to it instead. She kept her eyes open, focusing on all Annabella’s fine features and played her brilliant voice in her mind.

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