Ana’s One Night

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It happened in one fleeting moment. I was reaching for a bar of soap on the top counter right outside the women’s powder room when suddenly from my back I felt his hard meat rub my ass. I jumped with surprise. He immediately said, “I’m sorry. I did not mean it.” It was Nobu. I realized then that the passageway leading to the rest rooms were narrow and it couldn’t be helped. I said, “It’s alright.” We left it at that. But then again, it was Nobu.

It was April of the new millennium. I was finishing my contract as an overseas contract worker in Japan. I didn’t want to go back and had decided to take care of my 4-year-old son in Manila and try to reconcile with his dad. I’ve earned enough and would start a small business. I’ve said to myself ” I’m done with this job.”

After that brush incident with Nobu, thoughts of his huge weapon pressed against my ass kept coming back in my head. I heat up with those thoughts. He’s been asking me to go out with him. He wanted to take me to dinner. Oh I knew what he really wanted. He wanted me. I could see it in his eyes when he sat there in the caf├ę where I worked. He smiled often. He was very fashionable. He wore black leather pants, which would not hide the bulge in it. I guess he had something no ordinary Japanese guy had, a tremendously big dick. His body, very structured, very manly. He looked delicious. I felt a wetness develop in me when these thoughts of Nobu mingled in my head. That was all there was until, he called one night and asked me out.

It’s been five months since I fucked. It was always very good with my kid’s dad. He was my first. Everything I knew in bed, I learned from him. And he thought me very well. I was getting pissed with him though; he never was serious with me. I wanted to have a family with him but he was not the type. Nobu seemed different. He was very kind. I sensed some gentleness in him. It seemed he was genuinely concerned. And yes, I turned horny every time I touched my ass where his big dick touched me. I said ” Yes, let’s go out.” And that night turned out a night that I would not forget.

He said, he’d pick me up at 7:00 p.m. and take me to dinner. It was my night off. Everyone left for the caf├ę at 6:00 p.m. and I was left alone. I took a careful and slow shower, scrubbed clean every part of my body. Finished, I selected what I was going to wear. I picked a g-string panty. It showed my very firm ass to the fullest. I was very trim and with long smooth legs. My hair was long past my shoulders and was very good looking. At least, that was what all the men at the caf├ę say. I wanted to be sexy. I wore garter belts and stockings and a very short mini. I felt the wetness again. The thought of him gave me this effect. I said to myself ” This will be the night. “

The doorbell rang. I slowly went down stairs. I was wearing 4-inch heels. When I opened the door, there he was, handsome as hell, smelling so good. We said our HI’s and he gently led me to his new SLK Benz parked in front. He opened the door and as I sat on the leather sit, I felt a tingle in my ass. My skirt rode up, barely hiding my panty. He started the engine and we rode of.

He brought me to this fancy restaurant which overlooked Tokyo. It was fantastic and very expensive. The food was wonderful and the wine exquisite. He had done his homework well. We drank a bottle, which was already doing its job. I was feeling tipsy but controlled. Nobu kept looking at me. I looked at him. There was a hunger there and I was in heat. I wanted him. And he knew it. He grabbed the bill, paid it and said, ” Let’s go.”

As we walked back to his car, he was still gentlemanly but emboldened. He was brushing his hand near my ass. Perhaps wanting to feel what I was wearing. I wanted it. I myself put my hand across his waist. We walked like lovers in a park. But there was no mistake; we were going to be lovers ankara escort bayan that night.

He brought me first to the Yokohama Bay Bridge. It was beautiful to see. The wind was gentle. We stepped out of the car. He slowly came near me. He raised my face with both of his hands and brought his lips to mine. We kissed.

First, there was no urgency, it was slow, and his tongue met mine. I tasted his saliva going into me, into my body. We embraced like long lost lovers. He lifted me closer to his body and I let him. I again felt the hardness in him. It was against my belly. Our kiss became more rapid and urgent. Our heat was building up. We had to release this need for each other. I wanted him and he wanted me. In my mind I said, ” I want to fuck you, Nobu.” And my body betrayed me.

We sped across Tokyo. The SLK using all it’s available power. It wanted to take as fast as we wanted to go and it was very fast. We stopped in front of a hotel. He looked at me questioningly. I touched his face and kissed him. His hands held my leg and I opened it a little. His hand went up and went straight to my wet hole. He knew my answer and we went in.

On the way up, we could not waste any moment. We were still in the elevator. We kissed. Ah but this time, the hunger for each other was releasing itself. He held my breast and he went down and knelt in front of me. He lifted my skirt and brought his face near my aching hole. He kissed me there. He put a finger at the slit and he felt my wetness. His finger went in. I almost shouted. I was now in complete ecstasy. I put my right leg over his shoulder and held his head closer and tighter to my moist hole. I was running my tongue over my lips. The ride up was slow. As if the elevator wanted was to finish what we started. But then it stopped and we went inside this elegant room. It was 10:00 o’clock. We went inside the room. It was well furnished. Very elegant, indeed. He lifted me like a bride being carried over the threshold. I kissed him while in his very strong arms. We never reached the bedroom. On the long table just after the door, he laid me.

Gently, he slowly removed every piece of my clothing. He kissed me at every part of my body that was being laid bare for him. It was for him. Nobu was good. We kissed with same passion as we when we first did. My nipples hardened at the instant touch of his lips. He played his tongue on it sending me to frenzy. My mind was spinning. I felt his tongue go down. He removed my panties. I lifted my body to let him. And for the first time, my love hole was bare for him to take.

I looked at him. He looked at me as if telling me to relax and he will make me enjoy this. He did. He first smelled how sweet my hole was. Then, I felt his tongue running over my clit. Again and again. I shouted his name ” Nobu, Nobu, Nobu. ” I was wriggling my body from the sensations he was giving me. I held on to the sides of the table. There was no stopping him. He then let his tongue enter my hole. God, I was coming as soon as it entered me. He kept on. He was slurping and drinking my love juices. He was thirsty for it. I was coming like an erupting volcano, lava flow upon lava flow. It was an endless ecstasy. I never felt like it, ever. And then, perhaps sensing I was already conquered, he stood up, unzipped his pants, took off his shirt and then his briefs, and alas, I saw the biggest man tool I ever saw. It was raging hard, like the sword of the matador ready to plunge across the Toro’s back to kill it. It was going to kill me. It was very big and I would not be able to take it. It could not possibly enter me. But the body wanted it. My body wanted Nobu to just do it and take me. I can die at that moment. In complete surrender, I told him “Nobu, please fuck me.”

He grabbed both of my legs and pointed it toward the ceiling of the room. I braced myself as though etimesgut escort a storm would take me away. I held on. Then, I felt it. The head of his man tool was brushing my slit up and down. It was teasing me. I was already so wet. As if my own hole was lubricating itself. Wanting him to enter. I was lifting my ass to meet him. Inviting him to come inside. ” Please. Nobu, fuck me now.” I told him. I then saw his eyes were looking at me, I nodded approvingly, and he did. He entered me so slowly, feeling every crevasse of my wet hole. In and out his man tool came, my hole adjusted to his gigantic size. The walls of my vagina were embracing him. Urging him not to stop. I was coming more than I ever came in my life. Nobu was fantastic.

Perspiration was running in both our bodies. Our bodies joined in rhythm. He was fucking me with great attention. Oh God! Oh God! I couldn’t believe his energy. I begin to feel his man tool increasing in size; the veins were beginning to pump. It was beating an erotic beat. My vagina was clamping more and tighter. His muscles became more rigid. He was coming. His semen was flooding me. I could feel my insides erupt with him. As he spurted his come, I came with him. I shouted ” Nobu, I love you” and he said the same ” Anna, I love you. ” and he gave a giant heave of his body, reaching my insides farther than anyone had been. It seemed I was virgin once more. I was in heaven.

I thought I had died. Suddenly, while he was still inside me, he grabbed my body. He lifted me from the table as though I were a lifeless doll. His semen was dripping out from my orifice. Instinctively, I wrapped my legs around his body, my arms around his neck. We kissed.

Not far from the table, we entered a room while I was straddled to his body. We went inside the bathroom where the tub was already prepared. His dick plopped out as he tried to sit me in the tub. He sat himself against the tub end. I sat in front of him. With gentleness, he bathed me. We washed off the perspiration of our recent encounter. I moved closer to him. Rubbing my back against the front of his body. I could feel his hardness still there. Not subsiding. He was kissing the back of my neck. He slowly placed his tongue in my left ear and then my wetness came again. Defeating the water. I wanted him inside me again as though I was renewed. I turned around and faced him. I held his man tool and straddled him. Slowly, I lowered myself to his awesome tool. There was still pain but the hole wanted him. I wanted him. And he was inside me again. This time, I was fucking him, I was fucking Nobu.

I was sitting on his tool. His hands were groping my breasts. Pinching both my nipples. The sensation was tremendous. His tongue licked the length of my neck, my ears, left to right, right to left. Licking my lips, Licked him back. He kissed my nipples with such tenderness. I felt myself building up inside, like a dam about to burst. I increased my motions rapidly. Grinding faster on his man tool. Nobu was measuring me. Matching my motion with every motion. We were kissing like hungry animals. Moving on sheer instinct. Lust for lust. I was reaching the ends of the heavens. I exploded with such ferocity, he shouted my name. We came together again. Aaaaahhhhh! My Gooooood! I’m commmming…

Amazingly, with his awesome strength, he raised both of us up while he was still inside; I clamped my legs together, attached to his body, not knowing what he was about to do. He put me against the wall. We were both wet. There was no drying up. No, there was no moment to waste. His dick was like piston inside my hungry hole. He was banging me to the wall. I let him enter me with such energy. I could no longer control myself. I abandoned all reason. I was an animal needed to satiate. I wanted satisfaction and Nobu was giving it to me. I was giving it to him. k─▒z─▒lay escort Every fiber of my body was coming again, again, and again.

We rested. He rested me on top a love seat. I was hugging him as he did me. I loved him. We kissed and my other hand searched every muscle of his body. My other free hand searched for his awesome tool, which has grown limp. But even in it’s resting state, it was still enormous. I could feel all of his power just waiting to be awakened. And I wanted to.

Much to Nobu’s surprise, I got from the stool and knelt in front of him. I took his tool in my hands and examined it. It was a monster of lust, a tool that could kill any woman in a single thrust. And it was mine… Slowly, I licked its bulbous head. It stirred to life. Flexing all its veins and muscles, Nobu’s dick was back to its prowess. I could not grasp its entirety with one hand. Its length was longer than I’ve ever seen. I began to pump my mouth into it. Nobu was hissing, sighing with delight. I was giving him pleasure that no one else could. I began making love to his tool with my mouth. He held my head as though he wanted to put his tool all inside my mouth but I simply can’t. I was gagging. It reached up to the back of my throat I held his firm balls with my other hand. Went under his legs to taste it, lovingly lick it, put one ball inside my mouth after another. Ummmmph, Ummmmmph, Sluurrrrp, I was in trance. I was blowing him with all the lust I never knew I had. Then, Nobu began to convulse, he was coming. I put out my tongue. I wanted to taste this delicacy of the flesh. Aaahhhhhh! He shouted. I now know then that I love no else but this man, Nobu.

Rest was fleeting. We did not want to waste the moments. He again lifted me and brought me to the bed in another room. We were still very wet but did not bother to towel up. His strength did not ebb. His man tool remained as rigid and hard. I was lying on my back when he asked me to turn over. Now, with my stomach touching the bed, I felt his hands on my waist urging me to move to the edge of the bed. I did. I moved back to very edge of the bed where he was standing. He was going to fuck me from behind. I was going to be his bitch… and it was all I really wanted.

As soon as I positioned myself, I instantly felt his big tool enter me from behind. His thickness felt liked I was being fucked in both the holes of my vagina and ass at the same time. The sounds of our flesh as they touched drowned the surrounding. I could not even hear myself gasp and sigh with never ending delight. I urged him on to fuck me. “Yessss, Nobu fuck me, Give it to me. Commmme on Nobu, fuck me.” And he did.

Both of us collapsed into the bed. Holding each other. He was very tender. He was whispering promises. I didn’t listen. I didn’t care. I was living for the moment. That night, all I knew was I wanted him. And he was mine.

It was awhile when we started again. We made love. The desire for each other never left us. I was feeling him inside of me again. All night long we fucked with wild abandon. Every square inch of the room was touched with our lust. Every angle of our bodies was explored with utmost intimacy and lust. Every sensation was being filled to the brim. I never felt this way before. Time went past as fast as when did good things happen and you didn’t want it to end.

He brought me back to my place. We kissed like lovers who didn’t want to part. I was drained and I just wanted to reach my bed. And when I did, I went into deep slumber but I could still feel some stirring in my loins. Nobu’s seeds mingling with my juices. My pussy ached but I slept with a smile.

I woke up this morning at 3:00 a.m. I’m back in Manila. My son is sleeping in the other room. His dad is snoring, heavy in sleep, tired from all his legal work as a practicing lawyer. Japan is passed me. I have a new life. We are now a family. A baby is on the way in the next few months. I love this man beside me. The man who taught me everything… but sometimes, when I make love with my man, at the back of my head, I can still feel Nobu inside me, fucking me like no one else can.

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