Anal Fun at Work

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My name’s Michael. I’m 25 years old and work as a Sales Assistant at a supermarket.

The supermarket has it’s fair share of good looking female cashiers but my favourite is a girl called Carrie. She’s 18 years old, slim, attractive with dark brown shoulder-length hair that she keeps in a pony tail at work. She has nice medium sized tits and a fantastic body but her best feature by far is her ass. Just thinking about her perfect ass gets my dick rock hard.

Her uniform at work is a light blue blouse and really tight black trousers. Sometimes she bends over in front of me to get something off a bottom shelf and my cock nearly bursts out of my trousers!

Another thing that drives me crazy is when she reaches up to get something off a high shelf. This always gives me an amazing view of her pert bottom and when her blouse lifts up at the front, I get a look at her curvy waist, flat stomach and her sexy pierced belly button.

In short, she’s hot.

One day, I was sat in the staff room and Carrie walked past to go to the girl’s toilets. I decided to try my luck and followed her into the toilets a couple of minutes after she went in.

Only one cubicle was in use and that was the one Carrie was in. I snuck into the cubicle next to hers and locked the door. bahis firmalar─▒ I started to think up a plan as to how I was going to talk Carrie into fucking me or sucking my dick.

It was then that I heard Carrie let out a couple of wet farts and I realised she must be taking a shit.

I should have left there but I didn’t. The fact that she was taking a shit really turned me on and I decided I had to have a look.

I stood on the toilet and carefully peeked over the dividing wall between the cubicles.

My cock started to harden instantly as I saw Carrie sat on the toilet with her knickers and trousers round her ankles. She was leaning forward on the toilet so I had a clear few of her bare ass.

After she farted another couple of times, a smelly, brown shit pushed it’s way out of her ass and splashed into the toilet.

I knew it was disgusting to be turned on by this but I couldn’t look away! I then watched as she took some toilet paper and started to wipe her ass crack clean.

It was time to make my move.

I climbed over the wall and dropped into her cubicle.

“What the fuck are you doin’?” She gasped.

“Carrie, you drive me crazy, please let me fuck you.” I replied.

A smile came across her gorgeous face.

“Why ka├žak iddaa not.”

I couldn’t believe my luck! I quickly dropped my trousers and boxer shorts and shoved my hard dick in her face.

“C’mon, suck my dick.”

She licked her lips and then took my 6-inch penis in her warm mouth. I looked down as Carrie sucked me off while she was sat on the toilet with her knickers round her ankles. This was so good.

I reached over her and flushed her shit away down the toilet. The cubicle was starting to stink!

“I wanna have some fun with your perfect ass” I said as I pulled my saliva covered cock from her mouth.

She then stood up and bent forward over the toilet. I knelt in front of her ass and pulled her butt cheeks wide apart with my hands, getting my first look at her small, tight anus.

“Oh baby, I’m gonna eat your hot ass out.”

Oh yeah, do it!” Carrie replied.

I put my face between her juicy buttocks and dug my tongue into her tight hot anus. I drove my tongue as far into her asshole as possible and ate it out for all I was worth.

“Mmmm, I’m not gonna stop till I reach your colon!” I mumbled.

I decided it was time to fuck Carrie in her perfect bottom. I stood behind her and lined my dick up with her sphincter.

Carrie ka├žak bahis then spat some of her saliva onto her fingers and then rubbed the spit round my dick getting it nice and wet.

I then slowly slid my cock into her butt. The muscles in her anus squeezed tight around my prick causing me to nearly cum right there and then. Her asshole was trying to push my dick out but nothing was going to stop me from fucking this girl’s ass.

I pushed my cock deep inside of her. I then pushed her blouse up out the way so I had the best possible view of her ass and the small of her back and then took hold of her smooth, curvy waist. I then started to pump her butt hard and fast. This was the first time, I’d fucked a girl’s ass and I couldn’t believe how good it felt.

After a couple of minutes of fucking her bottom, I couldn’t hold back any more.

“Oh yeah, cum inside my ass!” Carrie gasped as she reached down and tugged at my balls.

I groaned as my dick shot out load after load of hot, milky cum into her rectum. Her ass must’ve been so full of my cum!

I slowly pulled my spent cock out of her anus. Little bits of her brown shit had clung to the end of my cock but I didn’t care. That was the best ten minutes of my life!

My cum started to dribble out of her anus as she pulled up her knickers and trousers.

“That was soooo good!” She said.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” I smiled.

We shared a quick kiss and then got back to work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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