An Unplanned Event Act 02

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It was after nine o’clock when Mona finally called. Lynn had fallen off into a wicked slumber after her shower-play and the ringing of her cell phone jolted her awake. The conversation was brief, mostly arrangements and such. Since Mona didn’t drink she decided she would drive. She would pick Lynn up at eleven. That was perfect. Lynn was a pretty quick dresser and she was sure she’d be ready with time to spare. She got up off her bed and headed over to her closet to select an outfit. She was still in a bit of a sexy euphoria from her strong shower orgasm and she wanted to keep that feeling. She flipped thru her tops and her bottoms looking for just the right combination of color, fabric and style. She could never go wrong with her basic black rayon blend pants that hugged her ass just so. They were what she called her showcase pants. She needed the right top to go with the pants. She decided she didn’t want to wear anything too long that would ruin the display just below her waist behind her. A nicely snug camisole top and a dark but sheer blouse would do the trick just fine. She laid out her outfit and chose her scent for the evening, then picked out a nice pair of heeled sandals.

By the time Mona showed up Lynn was ready for a night on the town and looking fine. They chitchatted and made the obligatory girl-talk in the car en route to the Lower East Side. There was a nice little club that Lynn had wanted to check out for a couple months and tonight was the night. It was pretty unassuming form the street, but once you got inside the door and down the stairs, it was like stepping into something from a movie. There was a good crowd of people and Jay-Z’s vocals thumped from the speakers riding a massive beat. It was like a sign that this was going to be a good night. Mona grabbed her hand and they made their way to the end of the bar to order drinks.

One hour and two and a half white wine spritzers later, she and Mona were shaking it up on the dance floor. They had managed to make their way to the very center of the dance floor and were receiving lots of attention from the fellas. The music changed to a reggae dancehall groove and Lynn saw Mona melt into the crowd, her body glued to smartly dressed guy with short dreads and a cleanly trimmed goatee, grooving in a sensual wind. Lynn continued to dance when she felt someone ease up behind her. She didn’t turn around, didn’t glance backward, but she stayed with the rhythm, moving to the beat and rolling her hips. The body moved tighter to her, apparently gaining confidence after not being resisted. She could feel him against her ass as she continued to wind her body to the heavy bass of the sensual groove. A hand slid to her waist and then another to the opposite side and she felt herself being guided to the rhythm. She never looked back. She didn’t care who güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the guy was behind her; she just wanted to enjoy the dance. She leaned forward slightly pushing her ass back into him, lowering her head and placing her hands on her knees. She swayed her ass against him, brushing past his crotch as she moved it from left to right and back again. She rose up and leaned back against his body. She placed her hands on top of his and moved with his body. She felt his fingers grip her hips and then she felt it; the rise in his pants hard up against her ass. She closed her eyes and reached her arms up above her head, clasping her fingers together behind his neck. His hands held firm to her hips, keeping her in front of him. His hard dick felt nice on her ass. It reminded her of that surprise train ride she’d had not too long ago. Of course, this guy wouldn’t be getting so lucky tonight. Still, it felt good. The record changed and changed again. The deejay must have mixed reggae dancehall for a good hour and Lynn enjoyed every single minute of it pressed against her mystery dancer, never turning, never allowing him to turn, keeping him a faceless stranger, nothing more than a grinding, undulating body with a nice, hard dick for her to manipulate at her discretion. The moment the music changed to classic R&B, she separated herself from his body and disappeared into the crowd of dancing bodies.

Mona was nowhere to be found. It was a habit with her. Once she found a guy she was digging on, that was it. Whore, Lynn thought. You’d better not leave me tonight. She made her way to the bar. It was packed but she managed to spot an opening at the end opposite where they sat when they came in. She made her way over and filled the space. The bartender came over to her and Lynn was stunned when she looked up.

“Hey hon, what can I get for you?”

“Can I have a white wine spritzer?” Lynn answered.

” You sure can.” The bartender replied with a smile and went about preparing the drink.

As the young woman worked Lynn realized she was staring at her. She was gorgeous but not glamorous. She wore a plain white tee shirt that fit her rather snug with the club name emblazoned across her chest. She had shoulder length dark hair of a chestnut brown shade and although she was rather slender, she curved nicely. She returned with the drink.

“One white wine spritzer for the dancehall queen.” She smiled. “I noticed you were working up a sweat out there on the floor for quite a while.” She placed a small bottled water next to the drink. “This ought to keep you from passing out due to dehydration, my compliments.”

Lynn was taken by surprise, but regained her tongue. “Thanks… Say, what’s your name?”

“Mandy. And PLEASE don’t start singing Barry Manilow, because I would güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri hate to have to kill such a pretty woman.”

“Then I guess I’m safe.” Lynn replied, “Because Manilow makes my ears bleed. I’m Lynn, by the way. Thanks for the water.” She lifted the small bottle and gave it a little shake. She paid for the spritzer and was lucky enough to have the stool next to her open up. She sat and continued her drink as Mandy went off to serve other patrons. She turned away from the bar scanning the area for Mona. She was still nowhere in sight. Whore. She turned back to the bar and began to move her shoulders to the music.

She felt fingertips light gently on her back before they slid around to her left side. She turned her head to see a light skinned black man; about five foot ten with short hair and a clean shave looking at her intently through light brown eyes.

“Ready for round two?”

“I’m sorry.” Lynn replied, “Was there a round one?”

“There was definitely a round one. About eight songs deep, in the middle of the dance floor, remember?”

“Oh, so that was you behind me all that time?”

“That was me behind you all that time. And loving every minute of it… Even if you did refuse to turn around and face me.”

“The way I see it you were benefiting from my not turning around, so why complain?”

“True, true…” He replied, smoothing the non-existent hairs around his mouth. “I can’t even front on that, but I’m ready for round two, now. So what’s up?”

“I really just want to relax and finish my drink right now, actually.” She sipped her spritzer.

“Oh, so it’s like that, now? An hour ago you were rubbin’ ya ass all up on my dick and shit.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me. You get all freaky on the floor, givin’ up all the ass in the world, and then you wanna front. That’s the bullshit right there.”

“It was just a dance…”

“Whatever, bitch.”

“Hey!” Mandy’s voice rang in from behind the bar before Lynn could utter a word in her own defense. “You got a problem, Kelvin?”

“Nah Mandy, I’m cool”

“Listen, don’t be callin my girl out of her name or you can find somewhere else to hunt for cheap thrills. You’re lucky I don’t have your ass tossed for coming out of your face like that!”

“My bad Mandy, I ain’t even know it was like that, my bad.”

“Whatever, Kelvin. Just get the fuck out of my station.” She turned her attention to Lynn as Kelvin backed away into the crowd. “You alright hon?”

“Yeah, I’m great.” Lynn replied. “You dance with a guy once and he feels like he’s got fucking entitlements. Perfect way to ruin an evening.”

“He’s a regular around here. Always some shit going on with him. He’s fine until he gets rejected, then he can become a bit of an asshole, güvenilir bahis şirketleri especially after a couple drinks. Shame too, because he’s got a sweet ass.” She stuck out her pierced tongue and laughed.

Time whiled away between dances and spritzers. She forgot about the ugly incident at the bar and went about repairing her night. Mona made an appearance here and there but she was scarce for the most part. By the time three o’clock rolled around Lynn was back at the bar for water this time when Mona popped up. She had that look on her face; mischief in her eyes, teeth sunk into her bottom lip in a half naughty, half pleading grin. It always meant bad news for Lynn.

“No, Mona.” Lynn said before Mona could even say a word. “I know that look and you are NOT leaving me here to go and fuck some guy you just met.”

“Lynn, you make me sound like such a whore!” Mona exclaimed.

“Because you ARE!” Lynn responded. “You can’t leave me here. I won’t allow it.”

“For your information I did not just meet this guy. I know him from work; well not know him know him, but I’ve seen him around and we’ve been doing a little eye contact flirting and stuff and I couldn’t believe he was here tonight and…”

Lynn rolled her eyes and sighed. “Mona… You owe me tremendously for this, you know that, right?”

“Thank you, Lynn, you’re the best.” She leaned in and gave her a hug and a squeeze. “I so owe you, I’ll make it up to you, I promise.” And then she was gone for the night. Lynn just shook her head and turned back to the bar. It was like she was back in college, being left at a party. She’d done it once or three times herself.

The night continued along, the crowd slowly thinning out. Soon enough, the bar was quiet and Lynn was sitting alone chair dancing to the music and sipping on bottled Poland Spring when Mandy came over.

“Hey there gorgeous, are you waiting on somebody?”

“Oh.” Lynn replied, “Not really. My friend was here with me, but she found someone she needed to go play with, so I’m just enjoying the music to go with my buzz.”

“Ahh, I see.” Mandy nodded. “Is she coming back for you? It’s almost quitting time; pretty soon your buzz is going to be all alone.”

“Really? What time is it?” Lynn asked as she checked the clock on her cell phone. It read four oh-five am. “Wow. I didn’t even realize the time. Is it easy to catch a taxi around here at this hour?”

“Where are you headed?” Mandy asked.

“Brooklyn. Damn near Queens. Kinda out there.” She cringed a little and bit her lip. “Probably not, huh?”

“You’d probably be better off going with a car service than hailing a taxi, to be honest. Tell you what though; I live about a block from here, I’m sure I have the number for a car service in my apartment. I’m done here in about fifteen minutes, then I will see to it that you get into a cab myself, what do you say?”

“Aww, thank you, you’re so sweet, I could kiss you.” Lynn cooed in exaggerated appreciation.

“Kisses are totally accepted from juicy little hotties like you.” Mandy giggled. “I’ll be

back in a few.”

End Act II

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