An Unexpected Scoop Ch. 03

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Apologies for the delay, dear reader. It’s been too long since the second part of this story, but inspiration is flowing [ahem] again, and I’m hoping there will be a fourth part before too long. Thanks to everyone who’s voted for the first two parts: Feedback always welcome…

* * * * *

We walked back to the house in the gloaming, still without my having laid eyes on another human being, apart from the distant strangers on the beach the day before. It was as if we had withdrawn into a hermetically sealed world where the rules and social norms I knew did not apply. I was supposed to fly back to London the following day, a prospect that felt like both a relief and a wrench. There I was again, in two minds. What was the point of analysing, I thought. I’m into something new and thrilling; let’s just go along for the ride and see how long I could hold on.

We walked into the house, still holding hands, and Lisa led me straight to the bathroom. “I think a shower is in order, wouldn’t you say?” she asked, not that I needed to reply.

As the powerful jet of water washed us clean, we stood facing each other, a few inches apart. She put her arms around me and kissed me on the mouth, slowly parting her lips and sliding her tongue gently forward to meet mine. We kissed for a long while, as I stroked her hair, while her hands slid down my back to my bum, caressing me sensuously. I was seriously getting to like this.

Eventually she broke the kiss. “Well Stacey, you’re still here. I’m assuming that means you’re not too freaked out by what we’ve just done. I only hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.”

“Of course I did! It was amazing, really it was. And you’ve never asked, but I want you to know that it was all new to me, all of it. I’d never even snogged a girl before, not that I’d ever ruled it out. And as for, well…”

I trailed off. I had always thought of myself as unshockable. Was I? I could barely bring myself to name what we had been doing. She said nothing, watching the gears grinding around in my head, the faint suggestion of a smile twitching the corners of her mouth.

“That peeing stuff, well, that was something I’d only ever heard about. Who knew I’d be so into it?” I paused, and continued, with greater conviction, “and I *was* into it. It was a major turn-on, it was strange and intense and felt forbidden and taboo. You’ve flicked a switch, Lisa…”

“Ooh goody!” she exclaimed delightedly. “I’ve turned you into a piss whore!”

“Oh for goodness sake, what are you like, you old tart,” I joshed back, slapping her bottom.

“The night is still young, you know,” she said, looking me squarely in the eyes.

“Uh-huh, what makes me think that you are about to make some depraved suggestion concerning our evening activities?”

“Well, you remember those folks we saw yesterday, in that house right on the beach?”

“Hard to forget, given the circumstances. Do you have big orgies with them where everyone pisses on each other?”

I was joking. At least I thought I was. And Lisa did smile. Then she said simply, “Amongst other things.”

There was a short lull in the conversation as we got out of the shower and dried ourselves off.

“Here’s my suggestion,” she said a few minutes later as we sat together on the sofa. “There’s a couple among that lot, Saeed and Véronique, who I’m particularly close to. They’re lovely, and they’re pretty wild, which is a great combination in my book. I’d love to invite them over for some fun, and I’d love you to be part of it. Obviously, you can stop me right now if you don’t like the idea.”

She paused long enough for me to raise an objection. I think she knew there would be none. She continued.

“We have an agreement between the three of us that with any other people we shag we always use condoms, and get tested every so often, which leaves us to do whatever the hell we like when we get together. Now, that needn’t be too much of an impediment…”

I interrupted her: “Here’s a happy coincidence: I started my new job three weeks ago, as you know, and I had to have a full health check-up as part of the deal. I don’t have a piece of paper to prove it, but I’m clean.”

She looked me in the eyes again, holding my gaze intently. It felt as if she was looking right inside me. Eventually she nodded and said “I believe I can trust you. Your money’s good at this here establishment, ma’am.”

“So what happens now?” I asked.

“I pick up the phone, they drop everything and come over here, we drink lots of wine and water and maybe smoke some weed, then we fuck each other’s brains out and do whatever else takes our fancy. Sound like a plan?”

“Make the call.”

* * * * *

Preparations were minimal. Lisa dragged in a huge mat made of thin, dense foam rubber, and placed it in the middle of the large living room, with the sofa and armchairs around it. “Et voila! The master bedroom!” she announced with a flourish and a smirk. She went to the kitchen and returned bearing a tray containing water and glasses, two bottles of wine and a bottle of olive canlı bahis oil. She then went to her bedroom, returning with a tobacco pouch, which she opened to reveal a bag of rolling tobacco and a smaller bag of grass. “All organic,” she said with a wink, as she started to roll a generously proportioned spliff. As we smoked it and drank water and wine in turn, she turned to me, momentarily serious.

“They’ll be here soon, Stacey. I know you’re a grown woman with a mind of her own and a proper job and all that, unlike me, but I would really hate to feel that I’d railroaded you into something you weren’t entirely comfortable with. I mean, nobody’s going to force anyone to do anything tonight, but it gets pretty crazy sometimes and, to misquote Paul Simon, you may hear words and see things that you’ve never read in the Bible. If you get any ‘whoah!’ moments at any point, just plonk yourself in that green chair and watch the show – that’s our safe haven from the carnage, not that we use it very often.”

“Thanks Lisa, and it’s good to know that I can take refuge if I need it. Christ, you’ve got me wondering what on earth you’re going to be doing – I mean how bad can it *be*?”

“Don’t you mean to say ‘what WE are going to be doing’?” she shot back.

“Haha, well, of course, everyone can join in, eh? I didn’t think I’d led an especially sheltered life until I read up on your press cuttings – and now I know they missed out the best bits! But fuck it, there’s every chance that I may never do anything like this again, I mean sex with you, with another woman, with a group, water sports, whatever. Might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb. And I’d hate to be a spoilsport.”

Lisa grinned broadly and ran one slim foot down the inside of my thigh and down my calf, spreading little pulses of electricity on its way, gently resting her toes on mine. I could feel the tiny edge of her cool toe ring, contrasting with the warmth of her foot. I gave a little sigh of pleasure and encouragement, whereupon she moved my legs up and swivelled herself round so that we were facing each other on the large sofa.

Now she stroked both my thighs with her feet, running them slowly down over my knees, along my shins, stroking each ankle in turn with her toes. This was simply the latest in a list of things I had never done – or had done to me – and it was a list that I knew would be further lengthened over the next few hours. I didn’t worry. It all felt good, and the last vestiges of any restraint I might still have had ebbed away as she took my left foot and tenderly brought it up to her head, rubbing the sole over her face, kissing it, licking it firmly so that it tickled only slightly and titillated a lot. She kissed each toe in turn, then sucked each one into her mouth, wetting them with her spit. Then she guided my foot down to her breasts, rubbing the wet toes against her puckered nipples.

Deciding it was time I was doing something, rather than just letting myself be done to, I moved my right foot down to her pussy, eliciting a shudder from Lisa, which I took to be a sign of approval. She lay right back then, allowing me easier access, and moved her right foot to my pussy and her left to my chest, completing the symmetry. The pad of her big toe rubbed gently against my clit, and I followed her lead, getting wetter and more excited by the moment. I was suddenly seized by an overwhelming desire to kiss her, and threw myself on top of her, sealing her lips with mine, our tongues meeting again with a passion.

Even though I was fairly well prepared for the evening ahead (or as prepared as I could be for this headlong leap into virgin territory), it would be an understatement to say I was startled by the sound of a throat being loudly cleared and a stage whisper saying “Ooh, maybe we should come back later.” It had not occurred to me that Lisa would not bother to lock her door. Even at an orgy, didn’t people ring the bell??

I leaped up and turned around. There they were. Véronique and Saeed were standing at the door, looking at us – looking at me, to be precise, they knew Lisa well enough. They both looked to be in their early thirties, roughly halfway between my and Lisa’s ages. Véronique was about the same height as Lisa, though fuller figured and with very fair skin and blonde hair; Saeed, by contrast, looked to be of North African origin, with fine, proud features and skin the colour of cappuccino. He was not a big man, but well proportioned. They both had open faces, of the sort that made me feel at ease. That was a major relief. I don’t know what I would have done had I not liked the look of either of them.

Even though neither of them was wearing much – shorts and t shirts – I became acutely aware that I was naked. It seemed like weeks since I’d worn clothes, and being in the presence of two total strangers was strange and unsettling. The spliff and the wine, thankfully, had taken the edge off my anxiety. Then Lisa broke the silence.

“Well are you going to stand there gawping all night? Come and say hello – and get with the program, what’s with the clothes, bahis siteleri huh?”

Lisa stood up and Véronique walked slowly towards her, stripping off her shirt and throwing her arms around Lisa, kissing her twice on each cheek and then on the mouth. Lisa returned the embrace, dropping her hands to Véronique’s waist, pushing her shorts to the floor and clasping her beautiful, peach-shaped bottom with both hands.

“Hiya sexy, good to see you. This is the lovely Stacey, my guest from England; Stacey, meet the shamelessly filthy Véronique.”

A handshake would have seemed an absurdly formal greeting, so I followed their example and kissed her in the French style, finishing with a light peck on the lips.

“It’s a pleasure, Stacey,” she said, her voice even huskier than Lisa’s, her accent almost a caricature of Sexy Frenchwoman Speaking Ze Eengleesh. I didn’t even pretend not to give her the once-over. She had the most exquisite skin, as smooth and flawless as porcelain. Her naked figure was magnificent, more Monroe-esque than either Lisa or me, with curves in all the right places. Her breasts were full and her nipples extraordinarily large. Also by contrast, her pussy was shaved bare, and I spotted a ring through the hood of her clit.

Meanwhile, Saeed had divested himself of his clothes and was greeting Lisa as fondly as Véronique had done. As he turned to me, the first thing I noticed was the ring through his left nipple.

“Hi Stacey, I’m Saeed – it’s a pleasure,” he said, his accent not nearly as strong as Véronique’s, his voice a melodious low tenor. He too embraced me lightly as we exchanged our greeting kisses. I was acutely aware of feeling the tip of his cock brush against my stomach as he turned away.

Having absolutely no idea how an orgy actually got underway (and did four people count as an orgy, I asked myself), I was glad to take a back seat and follow their lead. We all sat on the sofa, Saeed and Véronique in the middle, with me next to Véronique. Lisa re-ignited the spliff and passed it along, pouring wine and water, then pointed a remote control at the stereo; out came the urgent hip-hop shuffle of “In My Bed” by Amy Winehouse. I could tell this was going to be Lisa’s homemade carnal compilation. I took a deep toke of the joint and felt just a little more relaxed. Bring it on, I thought to myself.

Being pressed against Véronique’s body soon began to have an effect on me. I leaned into her more consciously, and moved my left hand to rest it on her upper thigh. She covered it with her hand, and kissed my shoulder, softly, letting her lips linger for a moment, and parting them just enough to touch my skin with the tip of her tongue. I turned towards her and in the same instant she turned to me, our mouths meeting, lips already parted, our tongues ready to play. She was a divine kisser, and I savoured her, opening my mouth wider and wider and pushing my tongue as far into her as I could, pulling her to me with a vigour that startled me. She matched my every movement, working her tongue furiously, little muffled gasps escaping from her every few seconds. I felt her hand on my pussy then, swiftly parting my hair and running along my slit, which opened up instantly, already well moistened with my ardour.

I must have totally blocked the other two out of the room for a while, but I then became aware of Saeed’s voice, muttering something to Lisa in French which I did not catch. I opened one eye and saw that they were watching us intently. Lisa’s hand was on his cock, which was getting hard, while he was stroking her back with one hand and her breasts with the other. The smell of sex in the room was rising and unmistakeable.

“You two are so beautiful to look at,” Lisa whispered, “you’re getting us very hot here…”

“Too hot,” said Saeed, let’s get some space, and give them space, yes?”

That last remark sounded so contrived that I realised that it must have been a signal, whether to Véronique and me or to Lisa I couldn’t tell at first. He moved to the mat and lay down on his back, propping himself up on his elbows, his erection sticking straight up. Lisa took the bottle of olive oil – “extra-virgin, of course” she announced, straight-faced – and put a small stool on the mat, its legs straddling Saeed’s so that when she sat on it she was resting her feet on his hips.

She then poured a small amount of olive oil onto each of her feet, and rubbed them together. I realised what she was about to do; Saeed’s face was a picture of anticipation, his cock twitching expectantly. Véronique and I disengaged from each other so that we could shift to a more comfortable viewing position, sitting side by side, legs arranged to allow easy access to each other. Lisa now moved her feet forward, keeping them together, and brought them down over Saeed’s cock, the tip emerging through the gap formed by her arches. As she twisted her feet slightly to adjust the tightness, Saeed gave a deep moan of pure ecstasy, his eyes closing and his head flopping down to the mat.

Lisa’s feet were amazingly dextrous, wanking him steadily bahis şirketleri and relentlessly; then she moved them, so that his cock was now running along the grooves under her toes, one foot on either side of him. His moans increased in frequency and volume. I was consumed by this sight, only dimly aware that my arousal was being compounded by Véronique’s fingers, which were now stroking my clit and my labia, which were soaking. I moved my hand down to give her the same treatment, marvelling at the silky smoothness of her shaved cunt, which turned me on even more.

Saeed sounded as if he was close to exploding. Lisa had a cherry for the top of the cake, though. “Open your eyes, Saeed, you’ll want to see this.” His eyes opened slowly, as if he had been jolted out of a reverie; they looked up blearily – then were wide open, staring as the first few drops came out of Lisa, then as her flow strengthened and she could direct it down onto her feet and his cock. He started to talk, but it was in no language I could understand. Lisa continued to piss, her feet slowing down as she sensed his climax approaching, slowing until she was hardly moving them at all, all her toes gripping his cock as tightly as she could. His whole body tensed, then went into a convulsion, his face contorted into what looked like agony and his voice shot up two octaves into a haunted wail, as a thick spurt of spunk shot out of him, straight up and several feet into the air, followed by a few further spurts; it landed on Lisa’s feet, on the tip of his cock, on his stomach and thighs.

Véronique and I sat and stared in silence, transfixed. Saeed had collapsed completely on the mat, his arms and legs now limp, his eyes closed, an expression of utter bliss on his face. Lisa was breathing heavily, her hands between her legs. She must have finished herself off at some point – my eyes had not been focused on her. Now they were, though. I was about to move, when Véronique slid forward off the sofa and knelt down by Saeed. She leaned down and started to lick the spunk off his stomach and thighs, running her tongue along his flesh in an unashamedly lascivious manner, making little approving moans.

I was not going to be a spectator. I moved down to the mat and bent down to Saeed’s still hard cock, sucking off the small amount of spunk that had landed on it; then I moved eagerly to Lisa’s left foot, the end of which was covered with Saeed’s cum. I used my tongue to clean her feet, licking between her toes, where some of the spunk had landed, by now feeling brazen and filthy and even more turned on than I had been yesterday with Lisa. Saeed’s spunk tasted fine and funky, and I could also detect the faintly astringent flavour of Lisa’s piss. I wanted some more of that now, and I hoped that Lisa had not emptied her bladder, but had saved some for whatever was going to happen next.

Once I had cleaned Lisa’s feet, I moved up to her pussy and planted a kiss on her clit. She quickly raised herself and got rid of the stool, lying back on the mat and opening her legs for me, an irresistible invitation to lick every inch of her cunt. As I worked away at her, savouring the taste of her, I could tell she was getting closer to her climax. So I slowed down…

Once again, I had all but forgotten that there were more than two people there. I was reminded by an unaccustomed and delicious sensation on my anus, a feeling of warmth and wetness that could only mean one thing: at first I couldn’t tell who was pissing on me, seconds later, strong hands lifted me up onto one side, to allow Saeed’s cock access to my pussy, and when he too started to piss on my clit, I almost came on the spot. This was almost perfect, and I knew how to get it perfect.

“Wait just a sec, please,” I gasped, “I want yours too Lisa, oh fuck, please, can you give me some, I want all of you together, Saeed, can you do it inside me…” I knew I was babbling, but the message must have got through.

Véronique had stopped her flow, and Lisa murmured “don’t worry baby, I’ve got plenty for you, for your sweet mouth.” Saeed manoeuvred himself into position and slowly, agonisingly slowly, pushed the end of his cock into my cunt, until he had about three inches inside me.

“Now, give it to me, all of you,” I cried, burying my face in Lisa’s pussy.

I felt Véronique’s flow first, as I opened my anus as much as I could to feel her piss land in, on and around my hole; then I felt a few drops on my mouth, and opened it to let Lisa’s piss hit the back of my throat; then, as I felt someone’s hand on my clit, neither knowing nor caring whose it was, I felt a hot jet fill my cunt, causing me to pull Saeed right into me, shooting his hot piss even further inside me. That took me over the edge, not falling over it but leaping off it into an unknown place, as I came with a ferocity I had not believed myself capable of. I didn’t recognise the strangled yelp that emanated from my throat, nor the waves of heat coursing through my body, nor the exquisite release of pressure from my pussy, which seemed to make me feel even wetter. I think I did blank out for a few seconds. It was not until several minutes later that I realised that I had actually ejaculated, for the first time in my life. Another phenomenon I had previously only read about, and the night was far from over.

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