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An Unexpected Desire Ch. 04

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Thank you to everyone that commented on this story and the chapters so far. Please read Chapters 1-3 if you have not already. After this Chapter there will be one more. I will take a break from this series and begin something anew which will not disappoint.

Chapter 4

With eager anticipation I glanced at the clock on the wall and grinned as I finished my last set in the gym. The anticipation of talking to my niece reflected in the pace of my workouts and I finished my workout in less than an hour. After showering and grabbing a bite to eat, I quickly returned to my room and booted up my laptop. As what was becoming the norm, an impatient niece awaited me:

Nic: *drumming fingers*

Patrick: Psstttt

Nic: Hey Uncle Pat!!!!

Patrick: lol Heya Nic

Nic: *glares*

Patrick: uh oh … what?

Nic: Aren’t u forgetting something?

Patrick: Ummm

Nic: I like when u call me baby *bites lip*

Patrick: ok ok lol … don’t do that it makes me weak

Nic: *grins*

Patrick: Hey baby!

Nic: Much better!

It fascinated me how she had a mixture of both dominance and submissiveness; something I had yet to experience. On one side her dominant demeanor turned me on to the point I would do whatever she asked; on the other I began to realize her sexual side was very submissive. She was a complicated little addiction but oh so good!

Patrick: So how’s my hot little niece *winks*

Nic: *giggles* I’m good … just been waiting for u

In the span of approximately one minute of talking to her, my cock already knew what it wanted — her. Quickly it began to throb and grow in length; doubling in size. The silken skin tightening quickly as blood flowed rapidly in the expanding veins.

Patrick: Awww … don’t wanna keep u waiting 😉

Nic: Uh uh … I’m used to getting what I want

Patrick: Hmm that right?

Nic: Mmm hmm … you’ll see

Patrick: Damn *feigns surprise*

Nic: lol

Nic: btw … U made me sore last night

Patrick: lol how so?

Nic: I watched ur video 2 more times

Patrick: Dang!

Nic: lol

Patrick: couldn’t get enough?!

Nic: lmao

Nic: well … it’s a hot video *grins*

Patrick: heh I told you

Patrick: did u cum quick or hold out?

Nic: I waited until u came

Patrick: u like that part huh?

Nic: oh yeah *evil grin*

Subconsciously, my cock sly jumped in my boxers. Already it knew what it wanted. Hell, I knew what I wanted; to bury my aching cock in her soft tight, young pussy. “How am I going to not cum inside of her so quickly?” I laughed to myself.

Patrick: lol … and how are you gonna contain yourself when I get home?

Nic: Me? I’ll be fine … it’s u I worry about

Patrick: hmmm that right?

Nic: I’m going to tease the hell outta u

Patrick: 😐 … what about your mom lol

Nic: Oh I can work around that *grins*

Patrick: That’s so not cool Nic!

Nic: lol

Patrick: So how u gonna do that?

Nic: I’m going to wear my short shorts, half shirts, pig tails 😉

Patrick: omg

Nic: Bite my lip a lot … lay my feet in ur lap when u sit on the couch

Patrick: omg you are so not gonna do that

Little did she know but feet were another hugeweakness for me. I loved giving foot massages to my ex’s, especially if they’re feet were very well taken care of. More than once I had given them and within a matter of minutes, their eyes would slowly close and they’d softly moan as their nipples would slowly stiffen against their tight fitting shirts. Their feet would begin rubbing, almost caressing my growing cock in my pants. It wouldn’t take long until my cock was buried deep in their pussy.

Nic: Hmm did I find another weakness? *raises eyebrow*

Patrick: Damn ur good lol

Nic: *grins* so not just lip biting but feet turn u on?

Patrick: Mmm hmm … I think they’re sexy if taken care of

Nic: Hmm I always take care of my feet

Patrick: Then I will give you a lot of foot massages 😉

Nic: I’m gonna hold you to that

Patrick: Just don’t be surprised what happens if I do

Nic: Hmmm what will you do Uncle Pat? *sly grin*

Patrick: I get turned on giving them

Nic: Ohhh … so if I’m sitting on the couch and we’re watching a movie

Nic: And I have my short shorts on and half shirt and lay my feet in your lap

Nic: And bite my lip and say, “Uncle Pat will you rub my feet for me?”

Nic: What will that do?

Patrick: omg … you thought my cock got hard before lol

Nic: Mmm I’m gonna do that …

Nic: And make it harder for you with my mom in the room *evil grin*

Patrick: omg do you want to drive me crazy?

Quickly I pulled my aching cock from my shorts and before I began to stroke it, precum flowed from the enlarged head in a clear stream and ran down the length of my throbbing shaft.

Nic: Your stroking your cock aren’t u?

Patrick: How’d u guess?

Nic: I’m learning what buttons to push *winks*

Patrick: I can’t help it lol

Patrick: I look at you, talk to you, or think of you bursa eskort bayan and my cock starts getting hard

Nic: Mmm damn that’s so fucking hot

Nic: I love making you hard

Nic: And I love watching that beautiful cock cum

Patrick: omg Nic

Nic: that’s all I’ve been thinking about … I can’t help it

Nic: Once I saw your cock … saw u cumming … heard you whimpering

Nic: it’s all I think about

I stared at the screen. “Maybe this can be more than just an infatuation,” I thought to myself.”This can turn into something permanent.”

Patrick: omg really???

Nic: u know how much I fantasize about sucking ur cock?

Patrick: Mmm damn you have no idea how much that turns me on hearing u say that

Nic: I’ve been reading so many Uncle/niece stories on that site

Nic: and the whole taboo thing … I’m addicted to it now

Patrick: U don’t know how many times I’ve came thinking of u

Nic: Fuck that made my pussy tingle

Nic: Tell me what u thought of

Patrick: I pulled up your pictures and fantasized about u sucking me

Patrick: I would stare at your face and imagine your lips wrapped around my cock

Patrick: Sucking me slowly and stroking me

Nic: Fuck that’s so hot!

Nic: You make my pussy so fucking wet

Patrick: Hearing u say that I such a turn on Nic

Nic: How would u cum?

Patrick: I’d imagine me standing and u on ur knees … resting your ass on your feet

Patrick: Looking up at me

Nic: omg that is such a hot visual

Patrick: Stroking my cock with your hand … your mouth gliding up and down

Patrick: Your saliva dripping off and on to ur chest

Patrick: My hands gripping your hair and hips moving slowly back and forth

Nic: omfg … you’re driving me crazy

Patrick: Mmm I love that

Nic: I’m locking my bedroom door brb

“Mmm damn she’s gonna play with her pussy,” I thought. In earnest I grabbed my cock and began stroking it once more. She quickly jumped back online and began typing.

Nic: Back

Patrick: lol wb baby

Patrick: There a reason u locked your door? *grins*

Nic: Oh yeah I’m playing with my pussy

Patrick: Holy crap that just made my cock jump

Nic: I wish it was your tongue on my pussy instead of my fingers

Patrick: Oh gosh Nic … you have no idea how much I’d luv to suck you

Nic: Mmmm your tongue would feel so good inside my pussy

Nic: I get so fckng wet thinking about u

Patrick: My cock is so hard right now

Nic: I wanna see it

Nic: Will you cam with me?

“Oh my gosh,” I said silently. I was going to be able to see her on webcam. My heart began to race excitedly and pound in my chest.

Patrick: Yes baby I can

Nic: Mmm I wanna see that delicious cock

Quickly I powered up my webcam on my laptop. I silently thanked myself for spending a lot of money on this laptop, which came with a top quality webcam. I hadn’t activated the video yet as I waited for Nic to accept the camera feed. In a quick flash she showed up on my screen.

I couldn’t believe how incredibly sexy and beautiful she was. Her eyes shone brightly and her smile took my breath away. I was crushing on her bad, and I knew it. She wore a white spaghetti strap tank top that showed her perfectly firm breasts. I could clearly see her hardened nipples prominently on display and subconsciously bit my lip.

As my webcam connected, I could see her face light up when she finally saw me and I couldn’t help but laugh. Nervously, she hooked a lock of her hair behind her ear as she began typing.

Nic: Wow

Patrick: lol what?

Nic: I forgot how hot u look *blushes*

Patrick: Funny I was just thinking how incredibly sexy and beautiful you are *wink*

I could see her shifting around in her seat and smiled. A smile began to form from the corner of her lips.

Nic: Really?

Patrick: Mmm hmm definitely

Nic: I’m not used to compliments like that

Patrick: Oh u are Nic trust me

Nic: I love the attention u give me *smiles*

Patrick: It’s natural … I like u

I stopped and tried to hide the, “Oh shitt I did not just say that,” look on my face. I didn’t want her to think I was crushing on her but it was too late. I looked at her to try and judge her reaction. Slowly she cocked her head to the side.

Nic: Hmmm u like me, just a little?

I smiled. She leaned forward and rested her elbow on her desk, her face propped up on her hand as she batted her eyes at me. My heart pounded in my chest. It seemed her eyes burned into my soul and willed me to answer her. I couldn’t escape if wanted to. Slowly she mouthed the words into the camera.

Nic: Tell me Uncle Pat please?

I felt my body temperature rising and the skin on my face began to redden. By the look on her face I could tell she was really enjoying this.

Patrick: Is it getting warm in here? Lol

Nic: Mmm hmm

Nic: Please tell me?

Subconsciously she bit her lip. I couldn’t believe how incredibly sexy she was. It seemed every little thing she bursa otele gelen eskort bayan did drove me crazy. I wanted her, I wanted her bad.

Patrick: Yes Nic … I like you a lot

Patrick: More than I should I’m sure

Slowly I lowered my eyes from the webcam, feeling hers burning into me. I looked up to see a grin on her face, a mischievous one at that.

Nic: That made my <3 smile Patrick: Really? Nic: Uh huh Nic: how long have u liked me? Patrick: Do I have to answer? Lol Nic: Do I have to beg? *grins* Patrick: omg no … I’ll tell u lol She lifted her fingers up and blew on them, smiling sweetly into the camera. Patrick: well when I first saw ur pics on facebook my cock started tingling Nic: Mmm so u thought I was hot Patrick: Umm yeah that’s an understatement Nic: lol so u liked my body too? Patrick: omg yes Nic: *grins* Patrick: It all started with that first pic Nic: Me on my bed on my hands and knees? Patrick: Mmm yeah Nic: So did u notice me the last time u were home? Images flashed in my head of the last time I had seen her. Although she was still young I remembered saying to myself if she looks like this now she’s going to be hot as well when she turns 18. Patrick: lol well yeah … Her eyes lit up and she moved closer to the cam, subconsciously. Nic: Oh really? Patrick: Well I wasn’t being perverted lol Patrick: I just thought if u looked that good then you were gonna be hot when u hit 18 Nic: well I am so I’m legal *winks* “Damn,” I mouthed to myself, forgetting I was on cam. Nic: I saw that *grins* Patrick: Oops forgot about the cam lol Nic: So back to my pics Nic: Did u like my ass? My cock jumped in my shorts and I readjusted myself in my seat. Patrick: Oh definitely Nic: What about my tummy? Patrick: omg it’s hot … especially with the belly piercing Nic: hehe I like turning guys on by showing it off Patrick: Umm well news for u … it works! Nic: How about my tits? Patrick: Mmm I love them Patrick: Nice and perky 😉 Nic: U don’t like huge ones? Patrick: I do … but depends on the girls size Patrick: Your height/build, it’s hot as hell on u Nic: Hmmm I could see her tilting her head to the side, obviously thinking. Patrick: What? Nic: Do u want to see them? Patrick: omg are you serious? Nic: Mmm hmm Patrick: Hell yes I do Slowly she leaned back in her chair and began to slide her tank top up her stomach. I could tell she was teasing me on purpose and loving it. She stopped her tank top just underneath her breasts and mouthed, “Do you want to see more?”Quickly I typed back, “You’re killing me Nic, yes!!!” She laughed and slowly slid her top over her chest. My mouth hung open. Her tits were better than I had imagined; definitely a handful, very firm and perky. Her nipples were extremely perky and long, the area around them barely visible. She had the most beautiful tits I had ever seen. The fact that they belonged to my niece probably made it more so. Patrick: OMG Nic: U like? Patrick: I’m serious … they are BEAUTIFUL and hot! Nic: hehe Patrick: You know I’m gonna be thinking about them constantly now right? Nic: You won’t have to anymore Patrick: What do u mean? Nic: Well after today u can see them whenever u want *wink* Patrick: Mmm damn Nic that’s hot Nic: Among other things *evil smile* Patrick: That just made my cock twitch Nic: Mmmm is it hard? Patrick: Mmm hmmm it’s BEEN hard Nic: Show me? Patrick: *grins* Patrick: How bad do u want to see my cock? She bit her lip and that was all it took for me. I reached up and aimed the camera at my hips and slid my cock through the opening of my boxers. Precum already flowed from the head and glistened in the light. Nic: OMG Patrick: U like? Nic: OMG Clearly she was turned on as she shifted in her seat and bit her lip once again. Furiously she began typing. Patrick: lol Nic: Seeing it on video is one thing but on cam live … OMG that’s hot! Nic: Stroke it for me? Nic: Please? Slowly I began stroking my cock for her; instantly clear precum oozed from the head with each pump of my fist, the fluid covering my fingers and shaft as I moved it up and down slowly. It took everything I had to keep from cumming while I felt her eyes fixating on my cock. Patrick: this feels soooo good Nic Nic: this is so fucking hot watching you Nic: you have no idea how bad I want u in my mouth Patrick: omg Nic u would make me cum so fast Patrick: lift your shirt for me so I can see your tits? She quickly slid her tank top up over her tits once more. Her erect nipples stood out like eraser tips. My mind began to flash with thoughts of sucking on them, tugging and biting. I imagined her on her knees, her bursa eve gelen escort ass resting on her calves as I stroked my cock in front of her and came all over her tits.

Patrick: your tits are so damn hot Nic

She reached her hands up and cupped them in her hands as the pace of my stroke quickened. Slowly she grasped each nipple in her finger and gently tugged on them, stretching them out from her pert tits. She reached down and began typing once more.

Nic: I can’t wait for u to suck them

Patrick: U have no idea what you’re doing to me Nic

Nic: Oh I do know *grins*

She leaned back once more and continued squeezing her tits for me. Stretching them out by her nipples and leaning into the camera, biting her lip and running her tongue along her lips.

I began stroking my cock but gripped it tighter to control my pending orgasm, the result causing more precum to flow out of the already engorged head. She moved her hands to the keyboard and began typing.

Nic: I’m completely soaked watching your cock

Nic: Gawd I want to suck it bad

Quickly I pulled my hand off of my cock. I knew I would have cum right then hearing her say those words.

Patrick: omg you almost made me cum right then

Nic: I want your cock bad Uncle Pat

I couldn’t hold out much longer. I wanted to see her pussy, needed to see her pussy.

Patrick: I want to see your pussy Nic … bad

I saw her reach for the camera and tilt it down towards her lap. Her tits were still in view and her hand was inside of her panties. She slid her hand out and pulled them to the side. There it was, what I had been waiting what seemed like ages to see. Her pussy, exposed for me to see. Her lips were full and wet in the light, partly opened like a blooming flower. She had a small landing strip trimmed short and all I could think of was how bad I wanted to suck her.

Slowly her fingers slid up and down her wet pussy, circling around her clit and then back down to her moist lips. Occasionally her fingers would slide up inside of her and then back out, repeating the process over and over again.

My hand reached back down to my cock and stroked faster as I typed with one hand.

Patrick: omg Nic ur pussy….

Patrick: I want to suck u bad

I saw her look into the camera and begin sliding her finger in and out of her pussy, her fingers glistening with precum. She began biting her lip and pumping her fingers faster and faster and quickly reached with her other hand to the keyboard.

Nic: omg Uncle Pat ur gonna make me cum

With that she leaned back quickly as she plunged three fingers deep into her pussy. Her mouth hung open as I heard her moans coming across my speakers. Her eyes glued to my fist, pumping my cock harder and faster as the cum rose through my shaft and exploded out of the tip, shooting hot white cum out of my cock and across my stomach in spurts. The orgasm slamming into me as I leaned back hard in my chair as my body went stiff, the loud whimpers escaping my mouth as our moans mixed with each other in euphoric bliss. I pulled my head down as I saw her head leaned back, in the throes of her own orgasm hit her. Her back arched as her chest thrust up in the air, her nipples standing at attention. Her pussy was completely soaked as her fingers assaulted her pussy.

As one our moans gradually subsided. As sweet as can be, she carefully slide her fingers from her pussy and let her underwear slide back in place. She reached up and slid her top down over her chest and slid her feet underneath her chair. Absently, she slid a lock of hair behind her ear and began typing, a smile creeping up at the corner of her mouth.

Nic: WOW

I stopped stroking my cock and reached over and grabbed some tissues and cleaned the cum from my body; some of it running down the sides of my stomach and onto the chair.

Patrick: omg Nic

Patrick: I’ve never came that hard b4

Nic: neither have I!

Patrick: lol

Nic: omg that felt sooooo good

Nic: hearing that whimper drove me crazy

Patrick: I always do that when I cum

Nic: u know I want to fuck you now right?

Patrick: as much as I want to fuck u?

Nic: YES!

Nic: When are you coming home???

Patrick: In a few weeks *smiles*

Nic: you need to come here and see me please?

Patrick: I will baby

Nic: will you still want to fuck me when u see me?

Patrick: omg yes!

Nic: you wont feel awkward?

Patrick: No baby … definitely not … I want u bad Nic

Nic: I can’t wait to see u … I want to kiss you bad too

Patrick: Just not when mom’s around 😉

Nic: oh we’re going out places and making out

Patrick: Mmm that right?

Nic: yes!

Nic: you’re mine while ur home … wherever we go

Patrick: omg that sounds hot

Nic: I already broke up with the bf so you’ll be mine while ur here *grins*

Patrick: damn that sounds fucking hot Nic

Her demeanor changed and she switched back to her sweet childlike nature. She looked into the camera and bit her lip once more.

Nic: Will u be my bf Uncle Pat?

I couldn’t tell if she was being serious or if she was being coy with me; either way I didn’t care, I just knew I wanted her for myself.

Patrick: omg Nic … I could never say no to u

Nic: smiles sweetly

Nic: I want u for my own

Patrick: And I want u Nic

She kissed the camera sweetly and I couldn’t help but smile.

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