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An Incestuous 3some

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It was almost a year since we had seen each other. Twelve worrying months, fifty two weeks when all the time I was on edge. On my gloomier days I imagined the police knocking on my door and arresting me and in my optimistic periods I felt I would never see you again. In between I imagined there was a phone call from my sister screaming about what I had done to her baby or you turning up unannounced and black mailing me into more sex, or worse trying it on and succeeding with my twenty year old daughter. There were so many fucking nightmare scenarios and no good news ones at all.

After that fateful, very long afternoon and night just over a year ago, thank God you had only stayed another couple of days. That was bad enough, though, for Sara came home and I am sure she fancied you like hell.

‘How awful’ I thought a young woman fancying her equally young cousin. ‘Yeah right’ I retorted, adding ‘That coming from a forty year old Aunty who had just fucked that cousin, her nephew several times, really is rich.

I had turned down a couple of family dos in that period, but my aunt’s, your great aunt’s golden wedding do was an impossibility to get out of. As it happens and quite fortuitously Sara was away with the school on a history trip that counted towards her GCSEs so she was exempt.

Almost as soon as I walked into the large rambling house in Kentish Town I saw you. I gulped and my heart started to pound. You looked good. You had filled out, you were a few inches taller and your hair was a little longer, less punky. I knew that you were almost nineteen.

“Hello Aunty” you said as I walked up to where you were standing with Janis, my sister.

“Jack,” she said, jokingly harshly, “Don’t make both of us feel old call her Amanda.”

“Thanks Jan” I replied kissing her on her cheek as she leaned forward her loose dress gaping and her cleavage bursting out. “I prefer Mandy nowadays, if you don’t mind.”

‘Fuck’ I thought my pulse racing and my blush deepening I’m sure when I glanced at you and saw that you were also looking at Janis’ ample bosom. She was my sort of build, but after her kids she had done little to hold onto her figure and she must have blown up to a size sixteen with a figure somewhere around 40d 38 42, ‘Nearly a real BBW’ I thought thanking someone that I managed, just about, to hang onto my more respectable 36d 29 37 voluptuousness.

You smiled and winked as you nodded at her chest and I knew immediately that we were both thinking the same: the admission you had made when you came on my tits that you had been fantasizing about cumming on hers.

‘Jesus had I really got that deep with a fucking nineteen year old kid old?’ I wondered? Much of that fateful afternoon and evening I realised had now been deleted from my mental hard drive. Yes was the answer for I had simply taught you too much and too well, although I suspected you knew a lot more than you had let on during that long, awkward, but hugely exciting weekend.

“Sorry Aunty” you said perversely as you surprisingly confidently put your hands on my shoulders and kissed my cheek. “Hello Amanda, it’s been such a time hasn’t it? When was it we last met?”

“Fortunately your mother had seen someone more interesting and important to talk to and had wandered off.

“Jack you know exactly when we last saw each other so please don’t mess around.”

You squeezed my hand. “Don’t worry aunty I wasn’t messing around then, I haven’t since and I’m not now, I am deadly serious.”

“What do you mean?”

You leaned close, put your mouth to my ear and whispered. “I want to fuck you again and soon.”

“Don’t be silly,” I said sternly. “I told you that was it, nothing else will happen, it’s over.”

You wandered away, looking over your shoulder and smiling.

The party was a nightmare. I was on edge all the time. I saw you sneaking drinks and knew that might loosen your tongue or reduce your inhibitions. Fortunately it worked on the latter and not on the former.

We were in a group outside; it was quite a warm evening. I was wearing a white button up the front, silk blouse and dark brown soft leather trousers. As happens at parties whilst one moment there had been six or seven in the group, suddenly it was just you and me. You didn’t beat around the bush.

“I have thought about that weekend so much Mandy” you came out of the blue with.

“No Jack, leave it.”

“No Mandy I can’t.”

“You must. It’s over it was a one off its finished.”

You grabbed my hand. “It isn’t over I want to again.”

I pulled my hand away looking round to make sure nobody had seen.

“Jack stop it, behave” I said walking round the corner of the outhouses where we were hidden from view. It was just getting dark.

“I have behaved, I have done as you said and not told a soul, not anyone.”

“That’s good Jack, thanks.”

“But I am going fucking crazy thinking about what we did, it was amazing.”

“Forget it luv, it gorukle escort was just a crazy time, it was like make-believe.”

“No,” you said quite loudly grabbing my shoulders. “It wasn’t crazy, it wasn’t make-believe, it was real, it was fantastic.”

“Jack stop it” I said sharply as you pushed me back against the wall.

“No Mandy” you growled pressing your lips on mine. “You know you enjoyed it.”

I fought to stop you. I tried to pull away, but you were too strong and your grip was too firm. I squirmed my face from side to side, but you managed to keep our lips together. You pulled me tighter to you. You pressed your body against mine, squashing my tits against your firm chest. Your tongue was probing at my lips. I managed to keep them closed.

But then fuck it, something happened. My body started to respond, it started to betray me. Where once it had been you restraining me, now you were holding me; where it had been your body pressing against mine, now both were squirming against each other; where you had been urging your bulge against me, now my mound was welcoming its firmness against it. And where my lips had been firmly closed so now they were starting to open and your tongue was forcing its way inside.

I hadn’t been with a young guy since we had been together. That isn’t because I didn’t want to, for although there had been some ugly and clearly unacceptable features of those few nights together, they had given me a taste for youth. They had made me realise what I had been missing. Yes they had made me want to be fucked by young men and, I reluctantly admitted, as young as possible.

I dreamed of the firmness. I imagined the feel of a young buck on my hands as its strong front squashed my big tits. I fantasized about having two young men at my beck and call and being fucked almost continuously for hours on end, all evening and all night. But more than anything I visualised teaching young men, educating them, coaching and training them from being purely a fuck machine to becoming a lover.

But, I was scared. With you it had been family. I wasn’t sure whether that was better or worse from a danger and being caught point of view. I wasn’t sure that if I seduced a stranger whether I would have more or less chance of being caught.

So I did nothing. I was tempted. I met them at tennis, at the gym, with Sara’s friends and doing odd jobs round the apartment complex where I lived. I managed to resist them, just. I watched Notes on a Scandal and The Reader. Both were films where thirty something women seduced teenage boys. Shit was I like them, was I going mad, had I got a perversion?

I only had two lovers in the year between you fucking me and now, well three really for I had recently started having sex with Kevin, my ex, your uncle. He was fine, he’d always been a good lover, his body was in good shape and his stamina for a nearly fifty year old was good. The other two I met through golf. One was well into his fifties the other mid-forties. The latter was an overweight millionaire who had a dick that really needed a search party to find, but when he got going he was like a bloody rabbit. The touch of his flabby body on mine was, however, a major difficulty for me to cope with. The other a successful advertising executive was strictly a once a night guy and although I tried to double that up a few times I wasn’t able to make it and neither was he.

So as we kissed at that party a part of my body’s betrayal, my mouth opened. Slowly and just a little parting of the teeth at first as your tongue probed, so it opened more as you persisted. And, as you grabbed my bum with one hand and my breast with the other so I gasped and then opened it fully.

Back in the party a few minutes later I was quite mortified when one of my mother’s close friends said quite loudly so many people heard.

“What on earth have you done to your trousers Amanda; they look all scuffed, right across that lovely bum of yours too.”

“When can I come and see you,” I heard you say as I answered my mobile as I drove away from the party.

“You can’t.”

“Why not?”

“Isn’t it obvious why not?”

“I am legal you know.”

That made me smile so I joked. “That’s the reason Jack, you’re far too old.”

“You laughed down the phone. I’m just right now, you taught me well and I have some experience.”

“No Jack, it’s wrong.”

“You like young kids, you told me enough fucking times. You do don’t you?”

Reluctantly I had to agree. “Yes Jack I do.”

“Then let’s do it, let me see you and fuck you. I’ll fuck you all night.”

Your words and the enthusiasm with which you expressed them crashed into me, they excited me. They were saying exactly what I wanted to hear and what I wanted to happen. I realised that yes, I did want to be fucked all night.

“Jack its incest you’re my nephew.”

“We aren’t having fucking children aunty, just a fuck.”

Smiling I realised that my resistance altıparmak eskort bayan had crumbled. I was beaten and I gave up. We made arrangements to meet. Hardly an hour went by over the next week when I didn’t think about it and regret it. I desperately wanted to back out, but somehow I simply couldn’t. I had to recognise that the lure of sex with a young man, no to be truthful with you, was stronger than my self esteem or fear of committing more incense.

I met you at the station. I was illegally parked in the BMW M3 with the hood down. I was getting loads of stares from the city boy traders some of whom tried it on a little. Then you came out of the station and walked across the concourse to me.

‘This is fucking madness’ I thought as my heart fluttered as I watched your gangly walk towards me.

“Hi aunty.”

“Hello Jack” I replied as we kissed each other on the cheek.

“What was that about not staying at the apartment?” You asked.

“We’re going to Norfolk,” I said gunning the car as you fiddled with the radio searching for some awful music station, but then hey, a woman has to take the rough with the smooth in toyboyland.

As I slowly manoeuvred our way through the London traffic I explained that a friend owned a nice cottage right on the beach near Southwold. “It’s very quiet and secluded,” I told you. I didn’t explain that the main reason I had asked Carey if I could use it was because I was worried that a neighbour or a friend might pop into the apartment and how would I explain you. Also, last time we were quite noisy and we did enjoy sex outside, but now the apartment next door had been taken that would not be possible. The nearest house to the cottage was half a mile away; there was a pool, a decent sized garden and then right outside that miles of beach.

On the slow drive through the crowded streets we got loads of stares. It made me wonder many times just what they were thinking. I wondered if any guessed anywhere near the truth that I was taking my teenage nephew into the country to have him fuck me as much as he wanted for the next few days.


In the time since that amazing few days at your apartment a year or so ago, my mind had wandered many times to our ‘coupling’. During those months, I had a couple of short term girlfriends, one of which had consisted of nothing more than momentary and brief fondlings. I had expanded my manual skills, had her biting into my shoulder in her room as she shuddered to orgasm, my fingers teasing and probing her deliciously whilst her parents watched some rubbish on television in the room below us. But she wouldn’t go any further, being a ‘good girl!’ Yeah right! But good girls weren’t what I wanted! The other girlfriend, well we’d gone further than mere masturbation. We’d fucked, and fucked well! She was hungry to explore and my hunger at least matched hers. Mandy you had taught me well, very well!

I’d had several one night stands as well with varying levels of satisfaction but, in my moments alone, my mind returned to your flat and your gorgeous body. Your soft skin, long, chestnut, curly hair, full ripe tits and juicy cunt. The feelings, sensations and depravity that my aunt had fucked me and taken my virginity were never far from my mind, and the times I wanked thinking of you are uncountable.

I was very aware of the ramifications of our very naughty secret getting out and I had no desire to make life difficult for either of us. But in that time I had every desire to see you again, you had become my fantasy. As wrong as it was, even if I had reconciled myself to it, I dreamt of being inside you again. I didn’t consider it incest now, I didn’t want to fuck my aunt I wanted to fuck you, Mandy.

What made the whole situation more difficult though was having you in the background, not only did I have the regular comments from my parents about you but every time I looked at my mums tits my mind was drawn to you, your tits, her tits… oh god! And then came the news, a family do and you’d be there!

I was no longer the bashful youth you had met at the station before, I was assured and confident. I was now growing into the man you had helped mould. Still with the edge of youth but with a physique pushing those youthful boundaries, so much so that I was prepared to stretch any boundaries if I could get you alone at the party! And for a moment I really thought it’d be all in vain until your body took control of your head, then I knew, I knew you couldn’t resist.

Three weeks later, sat in your car. My heart in my mouth and an ache in my balls, I was surprised when you started heading out of town.

“We’re going to Norfolk” you informed me.

“What’s that?” I asked wondering why we weren’t simply going to your flat to fuck like two rabbits for a few days.

“Not what Jack, Norfolk’s a county.”

‘Oh fuck’ I thought realising I was making a fool of myself.

“Yeah right I know that, but where nilüfer eskort bayan is it and why?”

I cringed even more when I saw you smiling. “It’s on the East Coast about a hundred miles away.”

“Why we going there?”

“I have borrowed a lovely little cottage for us, nice and secluded” you told me adding as you put your hand on my knee and looked into my eye grinning. “We can make as much noise as we like.”

That sounds better I thought my cock tingling and balls itching with the touch of your fingers on my leg.


If I had been in an emotional turmoil before that family party, I was now in a mental maelstrom. If I had been confused before we talked, now I was totally puzzled. And if I had concerns about my imaginings about young men before I saw you walking across the piazza from Canary Wharf station, now with you sitting beside me in my car, they had become massive worries.

I simply couldn’t understand myself and my wants and desires. Ok, it was fair enough for an early forties woman who had been used to pretty stimulating and very regular sex from her partner for many years, wanting to be fucked. It was more than ok also for her to want to be fucked hard, long and often. But for me to want to be fucked by a young guy like you, my nephew, surely that was wrong? You were only eighteen, or were you nineteen now, merely a teenager? But that’s what I wanted and that’s what this trip to Norfolk was all about. A forty three year old aunt being fucked by her nineteen year old nephew. What the fuck was the Jacker with me? I had no answer to that.

I also had no answer to the incest thing. As you’d said, it wasn’t as if we were going to be producing babies and that was the real incest issue. So I could intellectually discount the fact that you were my nephew, well almost. Instead, as we sped up the M11 and I glanced at you from time to time, I saw a young stud and that made me tremble with both apprehension and anticipation. I wanted you, but I was hoping against hope that in the past few months you had not become super experienced, had lots of women, especially older ones and had become too adept at sex. I wanted to continue to teach you, show you the way, educate you and coach you in the wiles and ways of wonderful sex. Jesus what a crock of shit. Was that what I really wanted? And why you? If I wanted a young stud, a toyboy, they weren’t that hard to find. Several at the tennis club and a couple at the golf club had ‘offered their services,’ but no, I turned them down and fucked you, my nephew instead. Was incest the buzz, did I need that to go through with my ‘teaching?’ Fuck knows. On the boringly straight and tediously flat M11 I was lost in my thoughts, but as I realised I was doing well over a hundred and slowed a bit I tried to rationalise it all and couldn’t. So I gave up.

With the roof of the M3 down conversation was difficult, so after trying it a little we both gave up and contented ourselves with our thoughts.

Mine, revolved around just what we would do together over the next day or so. Also I mulled over the complicated arrangements that I had made and the even more complicated excuses and lies I had made up.

I had told Janis that I was taking Sara to Norfolk for a few days and said it would be nice for the two cousins to spend some time together; I could hardly tell her that it would just be you and me. She bought that and agreed that you could come. I told Sara that I had work to do with Mike at the cottage and arranged for her to stay with her dad. I had told Carey and Mike that you and Janis, who they had met a few times, would be with me at the cottage and that she would be going home the day they arrived. Janis had thrown a bit of a spanner in the works when I had said that I was staying up there to work with Mike, which I was, and that I would drop you at Norwich station, by inviting herself up. “I’ll pop up and collect him, you can find me a bed for a night can’t you?” She’d said. ‘Fuck, how could I explain Sara’s absence?’ I thought. I was quick.

“Yes that’ll be fine as Sara is leaving that day so you can have her bed” I’d explained.

It’s that sort of stuff that had always, well nearly always, stopped me having affairs when I was married. The lies and excuses get so complicated.

As we drove round the excuse for a Norwich bye pass I tried to ensure that I had thought of everything; I just hoped I had, but couldn’t help thinking was it all worthwhile just for some time with my nineteen year old nephew? I didn’t have an answer to that.

We got to the cottage around five thirty. We took our bags in, but didn’t unpack right away. Instead, just like two experienced lovers we fucked.

It was an easy fuck, a slow one, a good one. I pretty much led and you followed, perfect!

We lay in each other’s arms and chatted. You told me about the girls you’d had in the past few months. That made me feel ridiculously jealous.

“Were any er, um older like me?” I asked when you said you’d had a few one night stands.

“No,” you replied lifting my breast up and kissing it, showing a level of confidence that hadn’t been there before. “Nor were any as sexy as you?”

“How old were they?”

“The youngest was in her teens the oldest maybe twenty three, just kids aunty, not MILFs like you.”

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