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An Improbable Series of Quickies Ch. 09

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The other stories I have written in the Group Sex category have taken weeks even months to craft. This series came about out of a desire to produce a work quickly. There are (hopefully) going to be nine chapters in this ‘Quickie’ series, if they were included in a single work it would make the most implausible reading. I’m hoping that by splitting it over nine separate short stories it will be more fun and only improbable.



This Departure Lounge was the same as all the others, but this time I was different. I felt alive and there was nothing that this place could do to drag me down.

I reached for my phone, Elaine’s number only rang twice before she picked up, “Paul! Oh please tell me that you’ve called to let me know you are staying in the UK forever!!”

I laughed, “That is a very tempting thought, you have no idea how tempting!”

“It doesn’t sound like you are going to yield to the temptation though,” she had put on a grumpy voice.

“I’m afraid not, but I have news for you.”

“Oh, do tell, will I like it?”

“I hope so. I think I have found someone who may be your first candidate for your elicit adventures.”

“Tell me more darling.”

“It’s a lovely lady called Maggie, who I just know you are going to love.”

“Have you loved her darling?”

“Elaine, I don’t kiss and tell!” I pretended to sound shocked.

She laughed, “But do you shag and tell?”

“Elaine! Really…”

“You have haven’t you, I can tell, you randy little sod!”

I laughed, “Yes, I met her this afternoon in Hyde Park and we did it right in the middle of the park.”

There was a pause, “Oh my god that is so adventurous! I must try that. This Maggie of yours sounds like she could teach me a thing or two.”

“Well… funny you should say that…”

“What, why?”

“Have you ever had sex with another woman before?” I paused… no reaction, “because if you have I think Maggie would be very interested to find out what it’s like.”

I waited with baited breathe, “Oh my god, that opens up so many possibilities doesn’t it? Golly, I… we, err, well, no I haven’t but the idea is quite appealing. Hang on! Is this just you trying to organize a threesome?!”

I laughed out loud causing a few zombies to stare at me, “No, I hadn’t thought of that, but now you mention it I can’t wait!

“Oh Paul, I miss you so much already. Please come and visit soon.”

“I miss you too Elaine, I’m so glad that we met, you’ve helped change my life for the better.”

“And had a good shag!”

“Yes, that too. Have you found a sporty little number yet?”

“I’ve got a few candidates, but not decided yet, I’ll let you know.”

“OK fab. I’ve got to go I’m afraid, Take care Elaine.”

“You take care too, love you darling.”

“Love you too.”

I sighed contentedly, life is good.

On the plane I sank gratefully into my seat. The plane was packed, but it didn’t bother me. Sleep came easily this time. When I woke I switched my phone on and was delighted to see messages from Annabelle, Elaine and Aimee.

Annabelle, was so excited about Beth and demanded we meet for coffee ASAP. Elaine had sent me a picture of her preferred sports car, a Mazda MX5 hard top convertible in black, very nice! Best of all a long message from Aimee telling me that she had been promoted to The Board of Directors!!

As the usual bustle of exiting the aircraft took place I replied to all three. They were probably the best texts I’ve sent in my life, I felt ecstatic! Eventually I followed the crowd through immigration and then I made my way to Internal Transfers. It was a short 40 minute hop home. As I stood in the Check In queue I started to doubt myself. Why was I going home? I had nothing there. Why not go back to the UK and spend time with Elaine and Maggie? Practicalities, that’s why. I had to sort out my job, I wanted to see Annabelle. There would be time.

Suddenly I became aware of being crowded. Two uniformed police officers were on either side of me, “Please come with us sir.”

Fear gripped me, “What, why, what’s the matter.”

“Nothing to worry about sir, please come with us.”

“My knees went weak, “But.. ” They both took hold of my arms and led me away from the queue. Everyone was staring. They led me down a corridor and into a small room. “What’s going on!” I was proper scared now.

The two officers guided me into the room up to a desk behind which sat a rather stern looking woman. She stood up and looked me over, “Thank you for cooperating, my name is Detective Decker. We have intelligence that someone is planning an act of terrorism on a flight this evening and you match the description of the suspect.

Flabbergasted I tried to find words, “It’s not me… why would I… “

Detective Decker held up a hand and her face seemed to become even more severe, “It’s quite alright, this is just precautionary. If I may have your bag I will search it while these two officers conduct a strip search. I hope you understand we have to take all threats Balıkesir Escort very seriously.”

“A strip search, you are joking right.”

One of the officers, took my arm “This way please sir,” I couldn’t believe this was happening, “please go behind the screen and remove all your clothes and pass them out in the basket, I will then search you.”

I did as I was told, doing my best to ignore my humiliation. Eventually the ordeal was over and I was given my clothes back. One of the officers left the room to make a report to Detective Decker, the other kept me company, it’s difficult to be chatty when you’ve just been strip searched! “Nice day isn’t it?” I said with more than a hint of sarcasm.

I was ushered out and the two police officers announced they had been called to another incident. Detective Decker looked up at me and seemed to be even sterner, if that were possible! “Thank you for your cooperation.”

“So, I’m cleared of being a terrorist?”

“Yes, as I said, we have to take these threats seriously.”

“Can I go then?”


“What! Why?”

“Well you’re not our suspect, but it seems to me you may be guilty of something else?” I looked baffled. “Shoplifting perhaps?” She pulled all the panties out of my bag. “Care to explain?”

I rolled my eyes, oh god not again! I decided to be blunt. “They were all given to me by the women I had sex with. Eight women, eight panties. It’s been a really good trip!”

The detective looked bemused, “You’ve only been in the UK for 48 hours!”

I was getting cocky now, “I know, pretty good going don’t you think?”

I suddenly became aware of a change in the detective’s demeanor, she looked sad and the stern expression was mellowing. “But why?”

At that moment she was holding up felicity’s panties. I felt guilty for being so direct, “Well, for a variety of reasons, that one for example,” I pointed to her hand, “was a cab driver. We got talking and she confided in me that she’d never had oral sex so…”

The detective laughed mirthlessly, “Huh, I haven’t had…” she pulled herself up short and put everything back in my bag. “You’re free to go.” The stern look was back.

She pushed the bag across the desk. I looked at it, then at her, “I think I’d rather stay here a while and talk with you.”

She scowled at me, “I don’t have time to stand around talking, I have work to do.”

I held up a hand, “Look, I’m sorry if I offended you, I didn’t mean to. You seem really unhappy and I just wondered if I could help?”

Her demeanor mellowed a bit, “How could you possibly help?”

I shrugged, “I don’t know, but talking always seems to help.” For the first time I looked her over, she was a strange mix of feminine and masculine. “I bet your work is pretty tough at times and long hours.”

She sighed, “Yes, it can be.”

“You’ve obviously done well though, I’m guessing it must be hard to be a detective in a male dominated world?”

She laughed again with even less mirth, “You have no idea, no idea at all!”

“I imagine that you have felt like you’ve needed to be twice as good as everyone else just to be perceived as average.”

She looked weary, “You’re very perceptive.”

“I thought so, a female colleague told me that a couple of years ago. Your hair is very short…”

“It’s practical.”

“It doesn’t suit you,” She looked at me as though I were something that needed swatting, “what I mean is longer hair would accentuate your features, especially your eyes which are beautiful.”

“Are you a style consultant or something?”

“No, just someone who appreciates beauty.”

“Beauty? Me?” Her face began to soften, the stern look melted away and she began to look more like a young woman rather than a machine.


She smirked slightly, “OK, blind man, tell me more!” She crossed her arms and looked at me with her head cocked to one side as if to say ‘you have 5 minutes then you’re dead’.

“What’s your first name detective?”

“Mimi.” She gave me a look that said, don’t laugh!

“That’s a beautiful name, OK,” deep breathe, “In my line of work, like yours, it’s easier to be effective as a man because people you deal with subconsciously take you more seriously.. “

She laughed, “It’s not even subconscious most of the time!”

I could see her frustration, “Apart from hard graft, I owe a lot of my success to one woman who was better at my job than me, but looked 100% drop dead gorgeous at the same time.”

Mimi unfolded her arms and for the first time looked interested in what I was saying. “Go On.” Her demeanor was visibly mellowing and her face became more feminine by the second.

“I think you can be the same effective detective for half the effort if you try to be yourself rather than competing with your male colleagues.” She was still listening which was a good sign, “grow your hair long, maybe shoulder length, take time out to get some fresh air, eat healthy food rather than snacking on junk food at all hours of the day and get some proper sleep.” Balıkesir Escort Bayan I decided to keep talking as fast as I could so she had no time to respond. “And, most importantly, get rid of those clothes and wear something that emphasizes that fabulous figure of yours, you have loads of options that will make you look sensational and still be practical.”

I watched and waited, she took her time and was clearly considering my words, “You do know I’m a detective, yes? I have to work all hours.”

“Of course, but I bet your male colleagues get time to go to the gym or eat out or play golf or go on dates!” She winced. “Sorry, did I hit a nerve.”

She sighed, “I’ve worked so hard, I’ve given up everything I used to enjoy and dating is… well, let’s just say it’s not happening.”

“If you did what I’m suggesting, then dating would be way easier than you would have suspected.”

She frowned, “I don’t want them to look at me like I’m some dumb girl or a lump of meat! That’s why I do…” she pointed at herself, “… this!”

“Let them think what they want, you will still be the same detective, so while they get distracted, you can get on with the job.” I reached out and touched her arm and she looked down at my hand which I quickly withdrew. “Social boundaries are funny things aren’t they.”

She looked at me quizzically, “Sorry?”

“A short while ago I was forced to stand naked in front of two men while they searched me, purely because they have authority over me, but if I were to expose myself to you now, I’d be breaking the law and could be arrested.” She was about to speak and I held up a finger, “Hold that thought. I crossed a boundary by touching you, but only because I didn’t have your permission. All you have to do is say ‘yes’ and I could touch you.”

She looked at me and her face softened some more, “I only… I did that because.. I’m in charge here, it has to stay that way. I’m not… “

“How about I ask Mimi a question?”


I stepped a bit closer, “Mimi? Can I touch your arms?”

“Yes.” Her voice quavered as she spoke.

I reached out and held both her arms gently, “Mimi, you’re still in charge, you always will be, you’re also a beautiful woman.” She sighed softly. “Mimi?” I looked into her eyes, “Can I ask you another question?” She nodded slowly.

“Since you became the detective what have you missed the most?”

She looked like she was about to cry, “Oh god, I don’t know!” Her facade was breaking down in front of my eyes, “Everything, OK?!”

I stroked her arms, “Mimi, it’s OK, you’re still the detective.”

She straightened her back and took a deep breathe, “I love my job, I really do, but… I want… I miss… being cherished.” She looked into my eyes and I pulled her close and wrapped my arms around her. Slowly she placed her hands on my back. She whimpered a bit, “The only hugs I get these days are from my dad… I love his hugs, but I miss hugs that mean something different… ‘”

I stroked her hair, “Hugs that say you’re gorgeous?” She nodded. “Hugs that say I want you?” She sighed and nodded again. “Hugs that say I don’t ever want to let you go?”

She pulled back a bit and looked into my eyes, we were only inches apart, “Why are you being so kind to me?”

I smiled, “Because I can.”

“But what do you stand to gain?”

“Hopefully, the knowledge that I’ve helped you find a better place. Life is for living as they say.”

She studied my face, “Well thank you anyway, but I don’t see how you think you can help me?”

“I hope… by making you aware that not only are you a great detective, you are also a highly desirable woman.”

Her knees buckled slightly, she stared into my eyes, “If I acknowledge that, I might be letting down my guard and be seen as weak.”

I stroked her cheek, “There will be times when you must only be the detective and there will be times when you must only be Mimi, but both can live side by side.”

She took a deep breathe and then walked to the door, she turned to look at me and then flicked the lock. She walked back in front of me and looked into my eyes, “I think I’m about to make a highly questionable decision.”

“You are?” Briefly, I wondered if I should be worried.

“Yes,” She placed a hand on my chest, “you think I’m highly desirable?”

“Yes, I do and if you do what I suggest you will see for yourself.”

“So,” I could almost feel her heart beating, “if that’s true, do you desire me?”

“Mimi, if I was dead I’d desire you!”

She squeezed the bulge in my trousers and gasped, “I’m pleased to see you’re not dead… oh god what am I doing?!” Her hands started to work on my belt, “Do you want me… here… now?”

My heart was thumping and I felt a bit giddy, “Oh god, yes Mimi, I want you.”

My trousers and shorts were on the ground in no time, but it took a while to fight through all her ‘functional’ clothing, but eventually she was sitting on the edge of the desk, legs spread wide guiding my cock into her pussy, “Slowly, please, go slowly,” Escort Balıkesir I pushed gently and the tip of my cock slipped inside her, “slower, please, slower,” I pulled back a fraction and then pushed forward, bit by bit my cock slipped deeper and deeper inside her, “stop… moving… for a moment.”

I stroked the back of her head and did as she asked, “Are you OK Mimi?”

She smiled, probably her first smile for some time, “Why are you doing this, am I just another notch on the bedpost for you?”

This was a strange moment to start philosophizing, but I got where she was coming from, “Believe me Mimi, the last couple of days have been outrageous and no, no notches, lovely, beautiful people. I stayed here because I hoped I could help you, you seemed unhappy and… somehow…here we are. I feel great and I hope, I really hope you do too.”

She leaned forward and kissed me, “Oh yeah, I feel great. Fuck me!” Never have I been so happy to get the green light, I began to thrust into her pussy which was now deliciously wet. Each thrust caused her to open and close her mouth slightly, but she made no sound. She clutched onto my shoulders as I pounded into her and I knew that this wasn’t going to be a marathon. Her breathing was getting faster and her grip on my shoulders was tightening, she pulled me close, “oh yes, yes,” she whispered into my ear, “I’d forgotten how good this… feels, oh yes, please, slower… yes, that feels so good, ohh god, I… don’t stop doing that, please don’t… ohh…”

I tried to follow her commands, but her pussy felt so good, so warm, so tight… so wet, I just wanted to fuck her forever, “Mimi, you feel so good, your pussy is so wet, cum on me, soak my cock with your honey. I want to eat you!”

My words acted like an aphrodisiac, her arousal levels went through the roof, “You want to… want ohh, want to… eat me!?? Oh fuck, I’m… shit!” Her climax was intense, she clutched me tightly and her body trembled as wave after wave of pleasure crashed into her, “Oh god, I’m cumming again, fuck, oh fuck… ahh, oh god… ahh, fuck… can’t stop, ahh fuck!”

I slowed the pace a bit and then stopped moving completely, my cock fully inside her. She caught her breathe and looked into my eyes, “You look even more beautiful when you’re cumming,” she laughed, “can I?” She nodded and I slowly pulled out of her. As my cock slipped free she gasped and shuddered, “Don’t worry I’ll be back inside you soon.”

“Lick me, please lick me!” The urgency in her voice was undeniable. Wasting no time I moved between her legs and started to lick up her soaked pussy. She grabbed my hair and held me in place, “Oh god that feels so good… lick my clit, oh yes like that oh god yes keep doing that… ahh… now suck it… ahh, yes, oh god that’s… so good, fuck yes!” The grip on my hair tightened and she started to mash my face into her pussy, which made finesse somewhat difficult. “Yes, suck it harder, yes oh fuck yes… oh god… I’m… ahhh,” I eased a finger inside her and pressed it up against her G-Spot, “ohhh, fuck don’t you dare stop doing that, don’t you dare stop… oh my… Jesus, that feels… oh god… oh god… FUCK!” Her thighs clamped around my head and she all but suffocated me, what a way to die!!

“Oh my good god, she released her strangle hold on me and breathing hard she gasped, “Get back inside me now!”

The pause to eat her pussy had given me the chance to pull back from the brink, but as soon as I slipped back inside her I knew it wasn’t going to be much of a reprieve. Her pussy was insanely wet and each thrust into was greeting with gasps, and moans and those fabulous squelching sounds of really good sex.

I increased the pace and just as I started to cum she pulled me in and hugged me tightly. As my cock pulsed inside her she gasped and I felt her body tense and then slowly relax. As our breathing returned to normal she released her grip on me. “Mimi?”

“Yes?” she sighed softly.

“You are one sexy lady. I cannot imagine what you are going to be like when you you become Mimi the detective!”

She laughed, it was a lovely laugh, “Well now, I suggest that you come back and find out. When you’ve got your penis out of me, I’ll give you my card.”

I laughed out loud, “I think that that sentence has never been spoken before by anyone, ever, in the history of the world!”

She laughed too, “And I said it, who’d have thought?” We got dressed, me faster than her, but not before she dropped her plain cotton panties into my bag, “I’ll not be needing them again. First thing I do this evening is buy myself some new lingerie.”

“Yay, way to go girl!” She looked so happy, it was fantastic. I was so happy. However, time had moved on and my flight was imminent. Mimi saw me through to my gate wearing her stern face and when we said goodbye I was desperate to hug her or even shake hands, but it wasn’t appropriate. “Mimi, thank you, thank you so much!”

“What for?”

“For making me feel alive, for being you. I can’t wait to see detective Mimi.”

She smiled, discretely, “Thank you too, god I feel good!”

With that I boarded the plane home. My head was spinning, everything that had happened over the last two days was just… unbelievable. Next stop though, Annabelle, I can’t wait to talk to her about Beth. I barely noticed when the plane took off.

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