An Eventful Monday

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It was a long morning and to top it off come here the guys I work with were slacking off. The day dragged on and even though I’m the manager my boss called to yell at me for the effort my employees are doing. As the day came to an end I just wanted to go home, take a shower, and just relax.

Driving home was another story as the sun was starting to set and being night blind, it was rough to try and see past all of the headlights from other cars glimmering in my eyes. I finally pulled up to my driveway and put the car in park. The lights were on at home so I knew my beautiful girlfriend was home. I walked into the front door and closed it behind me.

I said in a louder voice “honey I’m home from work, how was your day?” She replied back “I’m in the kitchen babe, making you something special.” I turned around the corner and there she was, standing with nothing on by the stove. She had long brown hair with beautiful eyes and a smile that got me every time. She turned around and smiled at me all so slyly with a little bit of a side lip bite. Her body was amazing in my eyes. She was a little bit taller, nice perky tits and a amazing ass. She knew I was staring her up and down. I just stood there with all of these thoughts rambling throughout my mind.

As I went to move towards her, suddenly she pressed her ass out towards me gently bending down to check the oven. I saw her little tight pussy dripping wet. My jaw dropped and my cock started to mersin escort grow in excitement. Looking over her shoulder she said, “do you want this wet pussy baby?” Gently rubbing her hand along the sides of her pussy and back up to rub her clit.

“I thought you’d never ask.” I replied back to her. At this point my cock was fully enlarged and throbbing, it was pushing against my pants and you could totally see the outline of it. I walked to her, pushed her around towards me and pulled her close. Kissing her lips and just indulging in her taste. Wow she always tasted great. She moaned a little bit and put her tongue inside my mouth and we started making out. My hand running through her hair as she had hers on my back gently digging into my skin. We finished our hot make out session and I started kissing down her body paying close attention to her nice pink nipples. Licking them and biting them. You could tell she was enjoying it by the subtle sounds of her moaning and saying “don’t stop.”

I picked her up, put her on the counter, and spread her legs for me. It was a pleasant site. She was wet as fuck, even spreading her legs apart her tight pussy lips were sticking together from the enjoyment. I started from her foot kissing and licking to her inner thighs. Running my tongue along her lips, getting a little taste of her. At this point she was really horny. “Mmm fuck yes babe!” She said.

I moved my tongue onto her clit, licking and sucking on her anamur escort good, she was moaning louder and louder. I slid a finger inside of her and started to work my finger and tongue at the same time. She was dripping wet with my spit and her own fluids. Her legs started to tighten around my head and I kept licking and fingering until she came on my face. “oooohhhh fuck baby, please fuck me!” She said as she got off the counter and bent over in front of me. “oooohhhh I’m going to fuck you long and hard!” I replied back to her. I slid my throbbing cock head inside her, going in slowly as I felt her stretch around my tip. Deeper and deeper I went. Sliding in and out feeling that tight hole stretching more and more.

Getting more and more wet. “God baby you feel great.” I proceeded thrusting and grabbing her ass, slapping it and spreading it apart. “I love when you fuck me rough!”she said to me. When she said that I couldn’t help but go faster and faster, reaching my hand around, rubbing her clit with one and grabbing her perky tit with my other hand. “I’m about to cum!” I said. “Mmmm please cum inside me!” she said. That threw me over the edge. Her pussy started to tighten and contract as my dick pulsated inside her and a jet of hot cum filled her up. I pulled my member out and my cum and her own cum started to drip out. God was it hot! But she wasn’t done yet!

She grabbed my hand and we walked towards our bedroom. I threw erdemli escort her onto the bed and put myself between her legs. Down my face went, eating her delicious pussy out. Her hands pressing against the back of my head as her hips thrusted against my face. “Your so good at eating me out!”she said moaning.

She pushed me over onto my back and straddled me. Sliding her wet pussy against my cock rubbing it up and down her slit. With one hand she grabbed my cock and with the other she spread her pussy open and slid me right inside her. This time it was easier as she was soaking wet. She was riding me good. Taking all of my cock inside her. Going in and out faster and faster as she’s rubbing her own clit. I placed my hand on her tits rolling her nipples between my thumb and pointer finger. She was so aroused and her pink buds came to full attention. I pulled her down towards me and took a tit in my mouth. Rolling my tongue around her nipples and sucking them. She started to clench her legs again screaming “I’m going to cum!”she yelled! Pushing her on her back and keeping myself inside her I pounded her harder and harder. My cock was really starting to ache and throb for her at this point.

Within seconds she started to cum on my dick, as I’m going in and out you can see it dripping down my shaft. Oh man was that a great sight to see. I kept my pace for a little longer and I too was feeling the urge to cum. I pulled my cock out of her while I was starting to cum and my warm liquid shot up to her tits, down her belly and onto her pussy. She moaned a little and smiled at me ” I love when you cum on me!”she said enthusiastically as she ran her hand thru my cum down to her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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