An Enchanted Desire

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As usual, I want to thank my editor for his help. Terry does a great job of finding where my mind is going too fast and skips a word or two. He also acts as a great sounding board to help me improve my stories.


Although Halloween had passed, the coffee shop where Dakota sat sipping her mocha was still decked out in the typical decorations. There were skeletons on the walls and plastic pumpkins glowing at the windows. The counter had several spiders that looked like they were scuttling around it and down the cobwebs that hung off it.

Of course, even normally it seemed a little dark and spooky. It was a selling point for the young witches attending Ste. Jeanne d’Arc Academy. While it wasn’t publicly acknowledged as a school of witchcraft, the local people weren’t blind or stupid. They figured it out decades ago. Since there had never been much in the way of problems, they accepted it as just a part of the little town. Its money was as good as anyone else’s and never seemed to dry up. Both things were welcome in the otherwise slow backwater economy.

The design of school uniform helped to minimize differences of backgrounds and status. It was a simple unadorned black button up blouse and a knee length black skirt. The single ornament was a silver belt with a buckle displaying the school coat of arms, a sword with a crown above it and two fleurs-de-lis on either side of the sword. Matching dark stockings and shoes finished it off. It might have stood out except there were a couple hundred similarly dressed girls frequently around town.

While it successfully hid any hint about Dakota’s background, it did nothing to make the eighteen year old unnoticeable. Her pale skin and sky blue eyes would have attracted attention no matter what, but they were all the more striking when set against her long jet-black hair. Although she was good looking, she wasn’t gorgeous. Her nose was a bit aquiline and her chin had a slight cleft. On her father, they helped make him look handsome. On Dakota, they made her a little too strong featured to be a true beauty like her mother. It was something that people always seemed to mention while she was growing up, and over time it developed into a self-consciousness that she hadn’t been able to overcome.

Even when she moved away to attend the Academy and began to truly fill out into a lovely young woman, she couldn’t see it herself. Looking in the mirror, her sharp features always caught her own eyes. As she started her fourth year, she still found it hard to break out of her shyness. Her circle of friends was small, and many of her classmates mistook it for arrogance. A school of witchcraft was no different from any other type of school. Cliques abounded and there were the inevitable mean girls; only young witches had many unique ways to torture their victims.

The uniform also did nothing to hide just how well she had filled out. Her breasts were large and pushed at her blouse enough that there was a slight gap in between a couple of buttons. Normally that wasn’t the case but today she had on a blouse from past years. Her body narrowed at the waist and then flared out to show a nice rounded bottom. More than one local male, both young and old, stopped in their tracks to admire her before moving on without bothering her. The entire town learned the lesson to leave the students alone long ago.

The fact that she was at the coffeehouse alone wasn’t unusual. She often sought out solitude, as sometimes she found herself feeling awkward even amongst her friends. Unless it was necessary, she didn’t study with others. It didn’t help that she was as naturally gifted as any other girl at the school. Having advanced well beyond her classmates, there wasn’t much to be gained from group studies. At least that stopped most of the malicious tricks. Very few wanted to face the inevitable and unstoppable revenge.

Right now, she had a thick tome open in front of her. At first glance, she seemed to be intently studying it. Only after observing her for several minutes was it apparent that the page never turned.

As unobtrusively as she could, Dakota tried to keep the barista in her view. It wasn’t always easy, but she had lots of practice secretly observing people through her thick lashes. Schoolgirl crushes were as normal amongst the young witches as at any other all-girl school, but they tried extra hard to keep them secret. The teachers at the Academy took their jobs seriously and that meant enforcing all the rules, including those about sex. The consequences of scorned lovers were particularly severe when those involved could do magic. If it went beyond what was publically acceptable, they hid it as fumbled encounters under the cover of darkness, late in the night.

Most of them were the natural result of the combination of curiosity and the enforced sex segregation. The number of girls who were truly oriented towards other girls wasn’t much different from the rest of society. Dakota knew that she was one of them. Unfortunately, fethiye escort her own introduction was with one of the merely curious ones. A few kisses and some caresses scratched that itch enough to satisfy the other girl.

For Dakota, that brief experience confirmed that she was truly gay. The intensity of her crush would have frightened the other girl away even if she was interested in continuing. As it was, it ended their friendship. Dakota couldn’t look or be around her without her desires getting in the way. She knew what was happening but in her inexperience, she didn’t know how to control it. After that, she let herself become even more isolated. The pain of rejection was too much, and it was just easier to avoid being in that position again.

While she avoided another crush on a schoolmate, she couldn’t help finding another one. She sighed as she looked over at the barista again. “She is so gorgeous,” she thought to herself. Even without the rose-tinted glasses of a crush, Dakota was right. Jocelyn was a willowy strawberry-blonde beauty, four years older than she was. Her heart shaped face was the first thing that Dakota noticed when she came in to the coffee shop after the beginning of the school year. It was all she could do to avoid staring at her, the beautiful face made slightly less intimidating by a healthy sprinkling of freckles across Jocelyn’s cheeks and nose. Without them, Dakota probably would have taken her drink and left, never to return. As it was, Jocelyn’s warm smile and sweet disposition were enough to ensnare Dakota and she became an even more frequent visitor of the shop.

Unlike the voluptuous schoolgirl, Jocelyn was slight with a body that had more subtle curves. The swell of her breast was modest and her waist was probably about the same size as Dakota’s. All of them were in perfect proportions. Even her bottom was small and tight, with just enough rounding to fill her clothes in a way that captured Dakota’s attention on each of the rare moments when she could see it.

Between the few awkward questions and listening to others, Dakota figured out that she had returned to her hometown after completing college. This job was just something to fill time while she looked for something more interesting. “Hopefully it will take a while,” Dakota told herself every time she heard her mention her job search.

As she took another look at the object of her desire, Jocelyn raised her eyes from the caldron of frothy milk. Dakota felt a shock as their eyes locked for a moment. “Oh god,” she muttered in embarrassment. Looking down, she felt her heart beating rapidly. Even her breathing was a little tight. She tried to focus on the page, but the letters swam in front of her eyes. Finally, she looked furtively over and was relieved to see Jocelyn facing the other way as she washed up some things. Only then did she her heart slow and that tightness leave her throat.

Once again, Dakota tried to focus on her textbook. At least she could read it now. It was the instructions on the use of a certain mixture of magic powder. Without realizing it, her hand slipped into the pocket of her skirt and found a small sealed packet. She flipped it around in her fingers, being careful not to break it open. It was in fact the very mixture described on the page.

“It’s getting late,” she thought to herself. “She’ll start closing up soon. Oh, can I do it?” She looked at the top of the page. “Yseult’s Powder of Temporary Love,” she silently read before turning the page. Scanning the text, she once again found the bit about duration. “Once mixed, the powders will only retain their potency for 4 hours. After that, the powders will be completely ineffective. Once administered, the effects will last 60 minutes.”

Dakota looked at the clock on the wall. “A quarter to five,” she thought. It was now or never. She had mixed the powder during her independent study period on potions after lunch. “It will start failing in the next half hour, and I have to be back at the school for dinner at 6:30,” she thought. Still, she wrestled with her conscience. “If I get found out, oh will I be in trouble!” The Headmistress made it clear that the townspeople were off limits as far as magic was concerned. Using it to defend herself might be excused, but this was the exact opposite of that. That aspect truly caused her hesitation.

“I shouldn’t. It’s taking her choice away from her,” Dakota thought. She almost made up her mind to leave when Jocelyn stepped back from the latte machine and stretched. Her long thin arms went up over her head and she leaned back. Dakota picked her spot well. At that angle, she had a view of her entire body. Her untucked shirt rose up, exposing her flat belly. Once again, Dakota’s heart accelerated but for completely different reasons. The ember of desire burned brightly and the idea of not going through with it went up in its flames.

Closing her book, she took a deep breath, got up and walked towards the restroom. “Would you mind keeping an eye on my escort fethiye things,” she asked as she passed the barista.

“Sure,” Jocelyn replied. She was stirring a cup of tea she made for herself. Her eyes were friendly but Dakota still felt like they could see through her. She flushed a light pink and then went into the restroom. She did actually have to go but that took only a few moments. More precious time was consumed washing up and then staring into the mirror. It wasn’t just the powders. She picked this time because the shop was about to close. After many afternoons, she knew there was little chance that anyone else would come in.

Swallowing hard, Dakota carefully removed the packet from her pocket. As she ripped the top off it, she began softly to murmur the words of a spell. She felt the hair on the back of her head prickle, as it did whenever she invoked a spell. While it was one all students learned long ago, her mastery of it was exceptional. The packet rose in the air, perfectly stable. Now she fell silent. The spell was done but the effects remained.

Opening the door just enough that she could see through the crack, she directed the packet into the other room. Waiting for a moment when Jocelyn’s attention was elsewhere, she commanded the packet to turn upside down. The powder sifted down into the tea, instantly dissolving while leaving no aftertaste to betray its presence. The paper packet fell down onto the floor, just one more piece of detritus to be swept up at the end of the day.

Letting the door shut for a moment, she took another deep breath, started a timer on her phone, and then went out. If there were any lingering doubts, they didn’t matter. Jocelyn was sipping her tea.

“It’s done,” Dakota told herself. It was too late for regrets. Jocelyn would soon be under the effects of the magic. If it wasn’t her, someone else would be the object of her desire. All that mattered now was to make sure she was the one.

Walking back to her table, she felt Jocelyn’s eyes upon her. She started to straighten up, putting her book back into her bag and then picking up her cup. When she turned around, Jocelyn was staring at her. The normal friendly look was gone. Her green eyes sparkled in a way that Dakota remembered from her favorite dreams. Slowly, she walked over to the counter. As she reached it, she noticed that the teacup was empty except for a few drops.

“How are you, Joss?” she asked, using for the first time the nickname she always longed to say.

“I’m fine, never better,” she responded. “I’m so glad you’re here. I’ve been thinking about you.” Jocelyn’s voice dropped and she went on. “Naughty thoughts.”

Dakota felt an immediate wave of excitement. “How naughty?” she whispered.

“Very naughty. I want to show you how naughty, please?” Jocelyn replied.

“God,” the younger woman gasped. Her inexperience made her nervousness over what she had done even worse. “I’ve come this far,” she muttered as she tried to ignore it. Jocelyn didn’t wait for permission; she leaned over and kissed her. There was a slight spiciness in the taste of Jocelyn’s lips. Moaning, her lips parted and Jocelyn’s tongue immediately slipped between them. Pressing closer, Dakota sucked the tongue deep into her mouth. Her own tongue greeted it and danced along as Jocelyn explored her mouth.

The clock on the wall startled them both when it toned for five o’clock. They sprang apart for a moment but Jocelyn didn’t let it hold her back for long. She leaned in again and reached out for Dakota. This time she didn’t give in.

“No, Joss darling. Why don’t you lock up so we have our privacy?” she said with a shake of her head.

“Oh yes,” the other woman said as if that was the most natural thing to do. It took only a few minutes to close all the curtains and lock the door. Returning to Dakota, she took her hand. “We can go into the office. There is a couch there,” she told her.

Dakota’s excitement was growing exponentially as she walked along with her. Despite being the one enspelled, Jocelyn didn’t hesitate to be the more aggressive one. She pushed the 18-year-old down into the couch and immediately began to undress her. The raw desire in her face almost scared Dakota.

“No, no. Joss, please undress for me,” she panted. Like a light switch flipping on, Jocelyn followed her command. Standing in front of her, she undid her pants and pushed them down, taking her shoes and socks along with them. Under the white button up blouse, Dakota caught a glimpse of a pair of high cut white panties. She wondered if they were as wet as her own were. Hurriedly unbuttoning her top, she shed it as soon as she could. Following the command, she gave Dakota almost no time to admire her gorgeous fit body in her underwear. Jocelyn was now naked in front of her.

Looking into her eyes, Jocelyn seemed the least sure since drinking the tea. “Do you like?” she asked in a voice that quavered a bit.

“You’re gorgeous, amazing actually,” Dakota said as she fethiye escort bayan looked up and down. It was the first time she was ever able just to look at another woman with raw lust. Her skin had that same pale look with freckles in the places that got some occasional sun. Her nipples are a dark wine red, as were her protruding pussy lips. In a surprise, her pussy was completely bare. It made her pussy lips even more prominent.

“I wonder how different she tastes from me,” Dakota thought. She learned long ago what she tasted like, but she never had an opportunity with another woman. “I will soon,” she whispered.

“Yes you will,” Jocelyn said, reading her mind. “Now can I see you?” Her voice held an urgency that reflected the earlier unfettered desire.

Dakota nodded, and as Jocelyn undressed her, she did what she could to help, lifting up and leaning forward. Soon her clothes joined the others in a pile and Jocelyn was drinking in her body. Although her breasts were much larger, her youth ensured that they were firm and perky. Her areolae were smaller and lighter in color, but her nipples were longer and fully erect. She shivered at the way the other woman looked at them with such obvious lust. When Jocelyn’s attention shifted lower, she fought against the urge to cover her mound. It was an instinctive reaction, built in by years of puritanical upbringing, although a part of her was embarrassed that her pubic hair was lush and full.

“Hers is so pretty and sexy. I wish I’d thought to at least trim mine for her,” she thought, although the depressing thought that it didn’t matter followed. “The spell makes her like me however I am, and she won’t remember any of this once it wears off.” She swallowed a little smile and tried to focus on enjoying it.

Taking her hand, she pulled her down into the couch. Dakota couldn’t believe how glorious it felt to be naked and holding each other like that. Just the contact between them was enough to stoke up the flames of her passion, but Dakota was too nervous to take the next step.

Stroking her cheek, Jocelyn softly spoke. “You are so lovely, so sexy. God, I want you.”

Even though she knew it was the spell talking and not Jocelyn, the words made her feel so good. “I’ve waited so long for a woman to tell me that,” she thought to herself. For a moment, she was sad again. “If only she really felt that way. She could be my one,” she thought. When Jocelyn kissed her again, those thoughts faded into oblivion. The present was all that remained.

Whatever hesitation was there a moment before was gone. Her kiss was full of hunger and Jocelyn matched it. Their bodies pressed against each other and Dakota couldn’t help making a deep moan as she gasped for breath. The desire coursing through her body was unlike any other experience. “It feels so good,” she said,

“It’s supposed to,” Jocelyn said as her fingers slid behind her head and pulled Dakota back into the kiss. Their tongues swirled against each other, competing to see which one could reach deeper.

Her own hands clawed lightly at Jocelyn’s back, marking her skin with light red tracks. Her long restrained lust unleashed, she ground her hips up against her entranced lover without even realizing it.

The need was so apparent that Jocelyn broke off kissing her and started her journey down the full body underneath her. Another time in a different situation, she might have taken her time to explore. Now the need to please Dakota seemed to drive her on. She kissed her way down to the full breast. Licking her lips, she sucked one of the long nipples into her mouth. The groan told her how good it must feel to the younger woman. Holding it between her lips, she flicked her tongue back and forth over it. Each pass brought out another load moan. Before moving to the other one, she nipped it gently.

“Oh my god,” Dakota gasped. It felt like there was a direct connection to between her legs. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she felt Jocelyn start to play with the other nipple. Her hips were now trying to grind uncontrollably against the body above her. It was maddeningly insufficient as Jocelyn was partially up on her knees, holding herself away. She wasn’t teasing, but it was just the best position for playing with Dakota’s big breasts.

Still, she could hear the desperation growing in the younger woman’s moans. As much as Dakota wanted satisfaction, Jocelyn needed to grant it to her. After giving the nipple in her mouth one last long suck, she let it go and continued her downward voyage.

“Oh, I smell your pussy,” she said in between the kisses she gave to the soft skin of Dakota’s belly. “It smells so good. I can’t wait to taste you!”

The excitement was almost bursting out of Dakota by now. Nothing in her life came close. Her legs spread wide to give Jocelyn as much access as she wanted. The kisses were coming closer and closer to her mound. “Oh fuck,” she cried as she felt the first brush of soft lips against it. Her body trembled as an intense wave of pleasure passed through it. This surpassed any pleasure she had ever given herself. Reaching down, she pushed at Jocelyn’s head to try to hurry her. “Please, God I need this!” she cried. “Lick my pussy and make me cum!”

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