An Electrician’s Choice

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Pam watched Debbie with wide eyes. Debbie took a pack of cigarettes out of her purse, put one in her mouth and lit it. She inhaled deeply, tilted her head back, and blew the smoke into the air. Debbie noticed Pam staring.

“What are you looking at? You never saw anyone smoke before?”

Pam tore her eyes away, looking down at her hands. “No, I just-“

“You want one?”

Debbie held the pack out in her direction. Pam stared at it. Would Debbie stop being her friend if she refused? She was curious, but …

“No, thanks,” Pam said, holding her breath.

Debbie shrugged and put the pack back in her purse. Pam let her breath out.

They sat outside the back doors of the college gym, in the warm sunshine. Pam turned the second half of her ham sandwich in her hand and dumped it back in the brown paper bag.

“I can’t wait ’til I get my own car,” Pam said. She sat on the bike rack and adjusted her position, with her feet hooked through the bars.

“Me too,” Debbie said, with long puffs on her cigarette.

The doors opened and two girls came out. They were laughing, and stopped when they saw Debbie and Pam. They walked away like snobs, with their noses turned up.

“What a bitch,” Debbie said. “She thinks she’s so hot ’cause her Daddy makes a lot of money.”

She stuck her middle finger up at the girls’ backs, but neither noticed. Pam looked around quickly, hoping no one saw anything.

“Check that shit out,” Debbie said, pointing across the field behind the science building where a group of people was playing softball. “I can’t stand all that running and shit. It’s for faggots.”

Pam frowned. The people looked like they were having fun. She hoped she would get to play softball, too.

The doors opened again and a guy came out, wearing shorts and a t-shirt. He glanced at Debbie and walked out to the field.

“He’s pretty hot. What do you think?” Debbie said.

Pam watched the way his ass moved in his shorts. “He’s cute. What’s his name?”

“How the hell should I know? I thought you knew everybody.”

Pam frowned again. “I forgot most of their names.”

“Yeah, I know what that’s like,” Debbie said with a chuckle.

“Hey Debbie?” Pam said.


Pam fiddled with her fingers. “Um, what was it you said about guys with big dicks?”

Debbie stared at her for a second, like she didn’t understand what she just said.

“They’re better fuckers. Every girl who’s had a horse stud knows that.”

“Oh,” Pam said, looking at her hands. “What’s a horse stud?”

Debbie laughed. “It’s a guy who’s got a cock like a horse. You ever see a horse’s cock?”


“They’re like really, really long and thick. You find a guy who’s hung like that? Mmm, it just fills you up and makes you cum and cum …”

She stared up at the sky with a dreamy look in her eyes.

“Have you ever … Have you ever fucked a horse stud?” Pam said.

Debbie sighed. “No. I only seen them in pictures, you know, in those dirty magazines? They all got guys with really big dicks and the girls who fuck them all look like they like it so much. I’m still looking for a guy like that. One day I’ll find one. Then I’ll fuck his brains out.”

“How big?” Pam said.


“You know. How big? A horse stud, like you said.”

“How big what?”

Pam shifted uncomfortably on the bike rack, then finally just said the words. “How big would a guy’s … cock … have to be to be a horse stud?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Pretty big. Not like most little pricks, you know. Some guys think they’re so hot and they got nothing in their pants, you know?”

Pam nodded, but she didn’t know. She held her hands apart, trying to remember the length of Ethan’s dick.

“How about this big?” she said.

Debbie’s eyes got real big and she laughed.

“Yeah, that would definitely be a horse cock. I’d never let a guy near me who was that big. That’s too fucking big. He’d fucking split me open.” She took a deep puff of her cigarette and looked at Pam again. “Why? Who do you know who’s that big?”

Pam dropped her hands. “No one, I was just, you know …”

The door opened again. Pam’s words caught in her throat. It was him. He looked right at her and smiled. She thought she was going to faint.

“He’s really hot,” Debbie said. “Great ass.”

“Yeah,” Pam said in a weak, breathy voice. “His name’s Joe Molino.”

“You know him?”

“Yeah,” Pam said.

Debbie laughed. “You’re hot for him.”

“No I’m not.”

“Yeah you are. I can see it by the way you look at him. Look at you.”

“Shut up. I am not.”

“Jesus, Pam, you wanna have his baby, don’t you?” Debbie said.

Pam started to speak, but closed her mouth. She looked at Joe again.

“I knew it,” Debbie said. “You want him bad.”

“Maybe I do. So what?” Pam said.

“So nothing. So go get him. I bet he’s got a horse dick.”

Pam hesitated. She hadn’t thought of that.

“I couldn’t do that,” she said. “I can’t just walk up to him casino ┼čirketleri and ask him to have sex with me.”

“Sure you can. It works. How else are you gonna find out what he’s got in his pants?”

Pam shook her head. Joe was walking away down the sidewalk. God how she would love to go to bed with him, just one time.

“I couldn’t,” she said.

“Then I will,” Debbie said, and pushed herself away from the wall. She waved to Pam. “See ya.”

Pam stared at her with her mouth open. How could she dare go after he boy she wanted? That was so … so … She couldn’t think of the words. She smashed her lunch bag into a tiny ball, slammed it into the trash container, and went inside, kicking the door open.

* * * *

Joe heard footsteps behind him and glanced back. It was one of those girls, the one with the dark hair. He remembered hearing something about her.

“Hey Joe, wait up,” she said.

He stopped. She trotted up next to him, smiling. She flicked a lock of hair from her face.

“I’m Debbie Holtz, remember me?” she said.

“Yeah, I do. What’s up?”

“Not much. Mind if I walk with you?”

“No. I’m just going home for lunch.”

He started walking and she walked beside him.

“Oh yeah? Where do you live?”

“Just around the block.”

“That’s cool,” Debbie said.

She glanced back a few times until they rounded the corner.

“I’m not hungry. I had lunch already.”

“Ok,” Joe said. “Won’t you be late for class?”

“Naw. I got plenty of time.”

Joe just nodded. If she wanted to skip class, that was her business.

“You got plenty of time, too,” she said.

“Yeah? For what?”

“You know.” She slipped her hand into his. “If no one’s home at your house, we can fool around.”

“Fool around?”

“Yeah, you know, we can make out or stuff.”

Joe stopped and faced her.

“What stuff?” he said.

Debbie shrugged and smiled. Her fingers played with the fingers on his hand.

“You know, stuff. You wanna fuck me?”

“Fuck you?” Joe said.

“Yeah, what, are you hard of hearing?” She looked around, stepped closer and lowered her voice. “I’ll let you do anything you want to me.” She leaned close and her tongue licked his cheek.

He pushed her away and she had a hurt look in her eyes.

“Listen, you’re real pretty and all, but you’re like, not my type. No offense.”

“You don’t wanna fuck me?” she said, glaring at him with an astounded, angry face.

“No. Sorry,” he said.

She reached up to smack him, but he ducked out of the way.

“You can just go to fucking hell,” she said, and stormed off down the sidewalk back toward the school.

Joe watched her go, shaking his head. She was pretty, all right, and she had a nice body. It was too bad it wasn’t her friend, the girl with the lighter hair. Pam McCullen, that was her name. She was pretty, too, more pretty than Debbie. He would kill for a chance to be with her, just once.

* * * *

Pam sat at her desk, fuming. Debbie was having sex again, and the worst part was that Debbie was having sex with the guy she wanted for herself. How could she do something like that to her? Weren’t they friends? She would never think of doing anything like that to Debbie. It was so unfair. She sighed. One more hour and she could go home. She wanted to do anything but think about Debbie and Joe Molino having sex. She would go swimming in the Thorn’s pool. That was a good idea. It was still warm. She wanted to go swimming at least one more time before Mr. Thorn closed his pool for the winter.

The student teacher started talking. His voice was an annoying drone in Pam’s ear. The door opened. The student teacher stopped talking abruptly and everyone turned to the door.

It was Debbie. She smiled at the student teacher.

“Sorry,” she said, and rushed to her desk in front of Pam’s.

“Hi,” Debbie said with a quick smile at Pam before she sat down.

Pam glared back, but Debbie didn’t seem to notice. The student teacher talked about their assignment for a few minutes and announced that they would be watching a video about the topic. He got the help of one of the kids in the front row to set up the VCR and the tv. The rest of the kids in the room started talking. Debbie turned sideways in her seat.

“Hey Pam,” she said. She had a wide grin on her face. Pam tried not to look at her. “I’m back.”

“I noticed.”

“I would have skipped the rest of the day, but Joey had to come back. He had a test in geology.”

“That’s nice,” Pam said, and glared as hard as she could.

Debbie looked around at the other kids and lowered her voice.

“Jesus, Pam, you sound pretty sore. What the hell are you pissed about?”

“Nothing,” Pam said, and turned her face down.

Debbie’s grin returned. “You’re pissed ’cause I fucked your man.”

Pam looked away. Her teeth clenched like they might crack. Debbie giggled and leaned closer, lowering her voice even more.

“We did it. He fucked me good.”

“Really?” casino firmalar─▒ Pam said without looking at her.

“It was great. We did it twice.” Debbie’s eyes turned up toward the ceiling, like she was daydreaming. “Joey’s got this long, fat dick, and his cum is so sweet, like candy.” She shifted on the seat and touched her thigh. “It’s still warm. I can feel it inside me.”

Pam’s mouth fell open. The student teacher called for everyone’s attention and Debbie turned to the front before Pam could say anything. The video started. Pam rested her chin in the palm of her hand and let herself become engrossed in the program. She forgot all about Joe and Debbie and her jealousy that Debbie called him Joey. Everything that happened outside that room disappeared for the few minutes the video ran, until the video ended and the lights came on.

Pam blinked a few times. The kids around her jumped out of their seats and rushed to the door, flooding the hallway. Pam grabbed her books. Debbie was already gone, chatting with another girl as they went through the door. Pam hugged her books to her chest and trudged alone through the halls.

At home, she dropped her books on the kitchen counter, beside a note and a check from Mom. The note said she would be home late that evening, to get dinner for herself, and that an electrician would be there to check the wiring to the furnace. The check was for him.

“Shit,” Pam said, and slapped the note back down on the counter. She took her books up to her room, shaking her head.

The homework took five minutes. It was a breeze, but it bored her, and all she had to do for English was read a chapter of a dumb book about talking animals on some farm. Sometimes she skipped the homework so her tests would be more fun. She liked to be surprised, and she always got them all right, anyway, but Mr. Smith got mad at her when she didn’t do her homework.

She put the book down with a heavy sigh and turned on the tv. The only thing she found worth watching was Gilligan’s Island. She lay on the bed for a long time with the pillows piled behind her head, staring at the tv. It bored her just as much. Besides, she’d seen that episode about a dozen times. Gilligan just screwed everything up again, like always.

She felt a tingling between her legs and squeezed them together. Joe Molino was still on her mind. Every time she closed her eyes, she saw him naked in her mind. Her butt squirmed. The problem was, he was naked with Debbie, not her.

What was it about Debbie that guys liked so much? Did they like her because she made it so easy for them to get in her pants? Pam wanted guys to like her, too, and take her to bed like they did with Debbie, but did she want guys to think she was easy?

Her hand slipped under the waistband of her shorts and into her panties. She spread her legs. Her fingers touched the lips of her pussy and poked into her tiny opening. She sighed softly.

Debbie said Joe had a horse dick. She tried to imagine him with it and saw it as big as Ethan’s, hanging like a club from the front of his body. She moaned and squirmed again. Debbie appeared in her mind again. Joe lay on top of her, moving between her spread legs.

Pam yanked her hand from her shorts and slapped the bed. Why did it always have to be Debbie?

She got out of bed, stripped off her clothes and put on her bikini. Her body was still turned on. She still felt the tingling between her legs. The snug bikini clamped her breasts and rubbed her crotch. Maybe a swim in the pool would cool her off.

She heard the doorbell. Who the hell was that? It took a second to remember the note from Mom about the electrician. She put on a pair of cutoff shorts over the bikini bottom and grumbled as she went down the stairs to the front door. She pulled it open. The annoyed frown on her face disappeared and her mouth fell open.

“I’m here to fix the wiring,” he said.

Pam blinked, and blinked again.

“Ub-Ub …” she tried to say. Her tongue refused to work.

He smiled. It was Tony Sanchez. His eyes glanced down, checking out her body. Pam blushed and smiled.

He was tall, taller than she remembered. His hair was a bit longer, and he had rough stubble on his chin, but he was still as good looking as the first time she saw him, when he took his helmet off on the sideline of the football game in high school, over a year ago.

Pam stared. Tony looked uncomfortable and cleared his throat.

“Can I come in?” he said.

“Oh. Yeah. Yes, sure.”

Pam backed away, holding the door open. He stepped inside and Pam caught his smell for the first time. Her head felt light.

“What are you doing here?” she said.

“I’m here to fix the wiring?” he said, and held up his toolbox.

“Oh yeah. You said that,” Pam said, and giggled. She led him into the kitchen and picked up the check. “My Mom left this for you.” She waved it like a flag.

“I’ll get that when I’m done. Where’s the basement?” he said.

“Over here.” Pam walked over to the basement stairs and flicked g├╝venilir casino on the light. Tony brushed past her and went down the stairs. Pam’s eyes went to his ass and she bit her lower lip. God, he looked fantastic. No one ever looked better in a plaid shirt and jeans.

At the bottom of the stairs, Tony looked back and smiled, and disappeared around the corner. Pam squeezed her legs together, rolled her eyes and fell back against the wall. He was so hot. She’d love to have sex with him, but that would never happen. She sighed. He would never want a girl like her. She wasn’t pretty enough.

Pam sat at the table in the kitchen. Her legs kicked under the chair and her fingers twisted together. She still felt the buzzing between her legs. Her knees rubbed together, her hands gripped the arms of the chair, she closed her eyes and moaned. She spread her legs and stuck her hand between them, rubbing her crotch through the cut-off shorts.

He would see her like that if he came up the stairs right then. She wished he would. She wanted him to catch her rubbing herself, then he would have to know what she was feeling. She would ask him to love her, she would plead with him, and how could he refuse?

She squealed between her clenched teeth and slapped the arm of the chair. Nothing good like that ever happened to her. Debbie was the one guys went for. Only she could get a guy to love her like that.

She shoved the chair away and stood up. Tony Sanchez was still working downstairs. He would never know how bad she wanted him. She didn’t know what to do, other than go swimming. She took off the shorts, thought about taking them up to her room, and decided to leave them on the floor by the chair, where Tony might see them.

She went out to the deck off the back. The sun was warm on her skin. The tips of her fingers grazed her chest. Maybe if she was lucky Mr. Thorn would be home and he would slide his thing between her legs. She felt like she would die if she didn’t get something soon.

She crossed the yard in her bare feet. The cool blades of grass tickled between her toes. She opened the gate to the Thorn’s backyard, went through, and quietly set the latch. She tiptoed up the steps to their deck. The cool water in the pool sparkled. The sun glared off its surface and she shaded her eyes.

If Mr. Thorn was home, maybe she would ask him to rub lotion on her back. She was sure he would do anything for her.

The house looked quiet. She walked around the pool a couple of times, hoping Mr. Thorn was in there and would see her and come out. Nobody came out. She went up to the sliding glass doors and leaned close, cupping her hands to the sides of her face to shield the sunlight. The house was empty. Pam sighed.

She stepped back and noticed her reflection in the glass. She put her hands on her hips and turned each way to check herself out. She ran her hand down over her stomach. Her body wasn’t as skinny as before. Her new bikini top was already a bit tight on her boobs.

She turned away from the glass, held the ladder railing, extended her leg out to the water and touched it with her toe. The water was nice and cool. She lowered herself in and swam across to the other side, moving slowly with even strokes.

The water was soothing. She ducked her head under, paddled to the bottom of the deep end and came back up. The tingling between her legs wouldn’t go away. Floating on her back, she slipped her hand into the bikini bottom and pushed her finger between her pussy lips. She paddled with her legs and one arm, trying to stay afloat, but couldn’t rub her slit and keep her head above water at the same time.

“Damnit,” she muttered, and slapped the surface of the water with her open palm. The water splashed back in her face. She rolled over and swam to the edge. There was nothing else to do but go up to her room and please herself while she thought about Tony Sanchez, or Joe Molino, or even Ethan.

She lifted herself out of the pool and slicked back her wet hair. The neighborhood was silent. The only sound was a bird in a tree somewhere and the drip of water on the warm cement. She held the straps of her bikini bottoms at her hips and pulled them up, wiggling her hips. The back of the bikini wedged between the cheeks of her ass like a thong and the crotch pressed against her slit. She adjusted the bikini top over the mounds of her breasts and pulled the front of the cups down to the edges of her nipples, which were as hard as rocks.

She heard a cough and looked up. Tony was on a ladder at the back of her house, working on the wires, looking right at her. For a minute, she couldn’t move. He had removed his plaid shirt and was checking her out.

The wet bikini clung to the curves of her body like it was painted on. She could feel the tiny pieces of cool, wet fabric on her sensitive parts. Tony’s body dripped with sweat. The annoying tingle between her legs shot through her whole body and she thought she was going to pass out.

She walked down the steps from the Thorn’s deck, through the gate and across the yard. She felt Tony’s eyes on her the entire way. She stopped at the bottom of his ladder and put her hand on the rail.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hi. You didn’t tell me your name,” Tony said.

“It’s Pam.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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