An Awakening Desire Ch. 06

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I awoke two days later after having been washed, cleansed and oiled while I was out following my and Stephen’s adventure. My skin was tingling from the oils they’d used. I was naked under the blankets in the low light of the fire. Outside the wind was again howling, which I would learn was a near constant reality at this altitude. Apparently my recovery from the teleport and DNA therapy was still taking a toll as was my session with Stephen. The fact that I was not sore after my first penetrative anal sex in over a year was a pleasant surprise. I wondered, groggily, if the DNA therapy the aliens had done to me had something to do with that.

It was then I felt fatigue envelop me once again. This time however it was very slight but enough to discourage me from getting out of bed. The warmth of the blankets also helped to convince me to stay as well. Looking around I found I was alone of course I had no idea it had been two days since Stephen last unloaded his cum into me, the memory of which was pleasant and lingering.

There were no clocks anywhere for me to tell me what time it was or calendars to tell me what day. But that was not something I was concerned about as I watched the storm rage outside. In the distance I watched as the hurricane force winds blow snow over the peaks. Skies were grey, bleak and heavy with moisture that would fall as rain then turned to snow. God, it looked cold as I snuggled into my warm blankets and faded once again to sleep.

When I woke again several hours later it was to the knocking on my door followed by a very slight creaking as it was pushed open. Expecting either Josh or Stephen I was surprised to see Calista step through the door wearing a monks robe as was the normal attire for men. When I had last seen her she had been wearing richly embroidered robes which denoted her position among the alien leadership. “Hello’ she said handing me a coffee. ‘I was hoping we could talk for a bit. Is that alright with you?”

Sitting up I nodded my assent and sipped my coffee. Unconsciously I made an approving moan as the coffee tasted wonderful. Smiling she said “I’m glad you like it. We too have coffee on our planet only we have refined the growing and brewing of it beyond what you have so far achieved, but it isn’t coffee I am here to discuss. When we were introduced, your friend Stephen offered to let me watch you and he umm…have sex. I declined as we had pressing issues to attend that did not allow me to indulge in that observation…initially.

As it turned out the issue was quickly resolved with little drama, at least not violent drama. It was to be a ‘purge’ which is what we call what we did to you, which was explained as a method of allowing events to unfold as they would only without contaminating the offenders DNA for future generations. Basically we prevent the violence by removing the target. Seldom does the ‘offender’ ever take up violence again. However, this time the purge was not needed as the target we were supposed to purge seduced his attacker. They are currently in a sort of confused love affair in which the attacker is now struggling with what happened. It is safe to say that he will no longer be seeking to kill the ‘target’.’ She paused smiled and then continued. ‘Anyway, it was after you were already heavily engaged that we were able to ‘observe’ your activity. It was while you were moving to the wall next to the bed that Stephen noticed us…and invited us to watch more closely. When you were being suspended I was the one holding your left knee so I could watch more closely as Stephen fucked you.”

I was shocked. She had been one of the monks who had held me suspended in midair while Stephen fucked me. “Did you like what you saw?” I asked.

Calista moved to the bed and sat down next to me. “As you know it is not an uncommon thing on our planet as it is a means of population control. But I have never witnessed it as it happened before, rather, I should say, not so closely. It intrigued me enough to visit our gender reassignment chamber. It is a chamber that allows us to experience the joys of both sexes from the giving end as well as the receiving. Meaning if you wanted to know what it is like to be a woman…you could have a temporary vagina placed where you now have a penis. It is only temporary though…it is not meant to in any way alter the structure permanently. It is merely for temporary use and will usually reverse itself after 48 hours if you do not revisit the chamber before then. Only if you just let it terminate without the chamber…reversion can be painful…not damaging mind you but the pain is well worth avoiding.

Anyway, I have done this when I wanted to experience the male experience with a woman. You see I normally prefer what you call lesbian sex but we have the technology to temporarily reassign our genitals so I can please the women I am with who may like a little of both.” Her lips curled in a smile as she uncovered a growing erection which when fully erect would be nearly 10″ long. “I have never done what Stephen did to you however. I would like to try…with you. I hope you don’t mind.’ She said then added ‘I’ve already balıkesir escort spoken to Stephen and Josh about it and they were more than agreeable.”

Moving in to kiss me I gave in to Calista as she was a woman after all so kissing was not at all difficult. Though I will say that over the years of being with Stephen and Josh the occasional kiss did occur from time to time, most often while Stephen was about to shoot his cum into my ass, something he initiated most often. Breaking the kiss Calista whispered “I’d like you to use your mouth on me”. She moved onto her back and let me see her body which was that of a voluptuous, curvy woman…with a perfectly formed, erect cock between her legs. Rolling over to my side I moved in and took her cock into my mouth which provoked from her a gasp of apparent approval. I then pulled her over so that I was lying face up and she was straddling my head as she shoved her cock down my throat and started to pump her cock into my mouth where she stayed for the next ‘forever’ as she slowly buried her very feminine looking cock into my throat.

This positon was fatiguing to her so she moved off the bed and stood next to the bed forcefully yanked my body to the edge, let my head hang low…and shoved her cock back down my throat.

She then drove it deep and proceeded to fuck my throat with regular, deep thrusts until she was grabbing my face and fucking me savagely until she came shooting cum down my throat. However, instead of being spent Calista was now on fire with an even more fierce need.

She was unable to speak…so she wrenched my wrist and rolled me over so that I was now face down…crawled between my legs…lubed up my hole…using her fingers…probing with one…two…three fingers…and eventually four. My approval was expressed with a moan and a raising of my ass to give her better access. Panting with lust and her own fascination she whispered “You like this don’t you?” My answer was a moan and an arched back as she rotated her hand driving her fingers deep into my ass. “I’ve done this with many women but I’ve never done this with a man before” she whispered as she placed her thumb at my hole and began working her hand back to the knuckle. Leaning into my ear again she whispered…you are too tight for me to get much more…but maybe I could, one day…get further…if you wish?” All I could do was moan as she pushed and twisted her fingers into me…all five of them to the knuckle…I wanted more and she knew it by the fact that I was pushing myself against her hand…but she wanted something else…she wanted to fuck me…but she had to recover first, something she found irritating when brandishing a male appendage as her female need did not match the limitations of her temporary cock.

After a beautiful eternity…I felt her crawl between my legs and her hands grasping my hips…pulling my ass to her waiting, temporary cock…and without any preamble…hesitation…or any indication that she encountered any resistance…shoved her cock into me to the hilt. The sensation was anything but painful as I felt her shaft invade my depths.

“Ohhh yes…yes…god your cock feels so good Calista!” I moaned. But she was lost in her own sensations as she gasped in surprise at the tight sensation of my ass enveloping her cock.

“I’ve, I’ve…never done ‘this’ to anyone before…it’s magnificent. Ohhh…yess…I can see why Stephen likes doing this to you. I hope they are into sharing…because I want to do this again…and again…to you…” she moaned as she pressed her pelvis hard against my ass cheeks. Holding herself steady I could feel the tremors in her body as sensation of having her cock buried in my ass shook her to the core. When she was ready she pulled out…inch by inch until she was about halfway out…and shoved in deep again forcing our skin together in a muffled clap. Again she gasped as the sensation of our connection drove her to new heights of pleasure.

I was not far behind her as I was enjoying her attentions as well. The girth of her ‘temporary’ cock was magnificent as was the length. Everything fit perfectly well. What I had not expected was the rising sensation that she was encountering the more she moved inside me the more sensitive her cock felt…which drove her over the edge to new heights…every time she drove her hardened flesh into me. However, where most anyone would have lost themselves in orgasmic bliss she was in control of her orgasm…moving slowly into and out of my ass was the key to this control, motion she kept up for the next blissful eternity until I was no longer able to hide my own bliss and cried out…for her to fuck me. That act was the catalyst for what can only be described as an explosion of lust from her.

Gripping my waist with surprising strength she started to fuck me with full length strokes that caused both she and I to howl in bliss as she increased her pace until the wind outside was drowned out by our wails of ecstasy and the slapping of our skin. What took me by surprise was the strength of her thrusts…and the depth they were achieving the balıkesir escort bayan harder she fucked…the deeper her shaft went. Before long I was certain the head of her cock would exit my mouth…but there was no pain from what had to be organ displacement…bliss was all I was feeling in that moment when my entire body tensed up unexpectedly…arched my back…as I shoved my ass onto her cock…and exploded with such intensity I was sure to black out…only I remained fully awake and conscious…as I came howling her name “Calista!!”

My calling her name was the trigger for her own orgasm and she dug her fingernails into my skin and exploded inside me…shooting jets of cum into me…jets and jets…and jets of it. Her howl was lost in my own as I again came…and again…with each spasm she had…each ejaculation…I came…again…and again. I was sharing her orgasm…and she mine. Somehow the orgasm we were both having was the same one…a mingled shared orgasm…double the intensity…double the release. Soon I was lost in a darkened mist…as one last orgasm pulled us both into darkness.

Hours later we both lay naked under the blankets as the never ending storm raged outside the window. She lay in my arms…breasts bare to my skin with her ‘added’ appendage laying limp over my thigh. She was asleep and I was once again exhausted. Night fell as she and I rested.

When she finally did awaken I had to ask what happened to bring our orgasms together like they had done. She smiled and kissed me tenderly. “With the gender reassignment machine we can program the ‘sensitivity’ to either be independent of the other person or to share the sensitivity and thus control when we each orgasm. You see with my ability to mentally control my orgasm…by connecting to you physically…with my new appendage here…I can control both of our orgasms…you share what I am feeling…and I share what you are feeling…and when we both come…as you call it…we come together with double the intensity. However it only works on genital coupling not oral…I’m afraid. I was trying to do that when you were sucking my cock’ the term fell from her lips awkwardly as if she was not used to saying it and smirked liking the taste of it on her tongue. “I think it would be nice to see if you could come from giving me oral pleasure. Perhaps I’ll look into that” she said snuggling into my chest where she remained for the next several hours.

Days later I began to wonder about Stephen and Josh. I had not seen Josh since arriving and Stephen had stayed away for several days. I had been in this mountain top retreat for nearly a week and I had experienced sexual gratification like never before. Guilt, shame and dogmatic doubt were long erased though I did remember them as a vague and pointless memory. Already my past life was fading and my new life of new experiences were exciting me and the sadness I’d felt initially at having to say goodbye to those I once knew was also fading. I then remembered that my disappearance was for the betterment of mankind, rather the soul of the young Taliban who was supposed to kill me and had been denied his target. Not only were my emotions becoming more balanced my intellect was more keen.

The DNA therapy had amplified my neurology to the point where I was now more aware of things around me more cognizant and able to ‘think’ clearly, do math much more efficiently etc. I would be given lessons on how to address my new intellect and exercise it and amplify it further. I was changing day by day and I liked the change. But I was still missing Josh and Stephen.

I decided to go exploring after Calista showed me the reassignment chamber and had her physical state returned to normal. She then said her goodbyes and left me to explore. It had the feel of a Tibetan monastery but lighter and older…yet ageless. According to Calista the Monastery had been there nearly a thousand years built on an inaccessible mountain which was both too high to fly any helicopters to reach and the cliff faces were simply too sheer for any climbing, a feature the ‘visitors’ had seen to centuries before and kept monitored for any attempts at climbing to ensure that they remained undiscovered.

I saw nobody for nearly an hour as I wandered the facility…but I didn’t feel alone. There were halls and living chambers apparently built at random but clearly planned. It was a circular building I discovered when my wanderings brought me to my room again. Only I didn’t want to go inside…not yet I’d spent too many hours there, granted in ecstatic bliss but the need to explore was taking hold. So I decided to go toward the center and there I found a sort of meadow, an indoor Garden of Eden. The room was massive and full of life with trees, grass and flowers at a perfect temperature. I could have easily wandered the meadow nude and not be cold…or I could have kept my robes on and not be hot. Off to the far side of the meadow the dome that kept the vicious wind outside…terminated at the edge…and I could look down over the vastness of the mountain range.

After watching from the escort balıkesir window for what seemed a very long time…or not…I sensed I was no longer alone and turned around to find Josh and Stephen. Josh was smiling…with red eyes…in a rare show of emotion. “I’m sorry I wasn’t here sooner. I would have loved to have been there for you…but I was needed elsewhere.” I could feel the tremor in his voice as he was coming to grips with the fact that I was actually there. Turning me so that my back was to him he pulled my back to his front…kissed my neck…and ground the unmistakable erection he had into my cheeks. Josh’s lips caressed my neck as I pressed myself against him. “Stephen wants to watch me fuck you and fill you with my cum’ he sighed ‘I have missed you…we both have.”

It was then I learned of the split in the robes as Josh parted them and placed his hands on my ass and squeezed. His touch had always been gentle, soothing and warm…I had missed his touch…badly. Stephen pulled us through a part in the bushes into a small clearing where Joshes hands once again parted my robes and then my cheeks. He kneeled down on his knees exposing his cock which was as lovely as I had remembered. I was turned around so that I was facing away from him. As I came to rest on the ground…the head of his cock parted my cheeks…and came to rest against my hole. Apparently his want to be with me was such that he couldn’t wait, not that I minded. I was eager to feel the warmth of his cock penetrating me again.

The pressure was divine as I centered my hole over the tip of his cock. It was then I realized that he was already lubed up and ready. I pushed my opening against his cock and opened myself to him and he gently pushed into me. There was magnificent warmth as for the first time in three years I felt Josh cock sliding into me. I moaned my pleasure doing nothing to keep it quiet. If anyone found us…I did not care…all that mattered was his cock…his divine, lovely cock.

This time was different however. Even though I had recently been with Stephen and Calista the tension was as if it was my first time taking a cock. Only the pain associated with such tension was not there. Also I could feel the head of his cock as it penetrated me. Instead of a vague pressure I could feel his flesh against mine as inch by inch his cock slid into me. Calista would later inform me that the ‘connection’ from our recent encounter would leave my rectal cavity much more acutely sensitive to such intrusions not to mention more pleasurable. In time it would become permanent, if it was done often enough, which I didn’t think would be a problem.

Stephen held onto my wrists as I slid down onto his Joshes cock. The intense pleasure I felt was expressed on my face as I felt every pulse, every vein ever ripple of flesh as I slid onto his beautiful cock. When my cheeks touched his pelvis…I let out a howling moan as my insides exploded with a totally new sensation though I remembered the feeling of his cock…the sensations were explosive and fucking intense. I was now on my knees facing Stephen who was now naked and standing directly in front of me with his cock hardening and perfectly aligned with my mouth.

My mouth opened as his cock touched my lips and his beautiful cock was once again sliding into my mouth and down my throat. I usually gagged as any cock slid passed my tongue and down my throat initially. Only after a few strokes did the gag subside but this time was different as the gag was totally gone. Of course there was the normal feeling of a hard cock sliding into my mouth and down my throat but no discomfort was to be found…at least not on my end. As such both my ass and mouth were full of cock with nothing but ecstasy and pleasure at having the two men in my life fucking me as they had done so often before. My hands found Stephens hips…and his hands found my head as he slowly fucked my mouth with long slow and deep strokes gently pressing his pubic bone to my lips then pulling back out. Josh had his hands on my hips and was slowly pumping his cock in and out as I rocked back and forth.

I was in a kneeling semi upright position with Josh kneeling behind me and Stephen standing in front. It wasn’t long before we found our rhythm and I had both Josh and Stephen alternating in and out of me. As Josh pushed in Stephen pulled out with my body in the middle rocking back and forth in time with their thrusts breaking the rhythm only when I had to breathe. Even that was a minor barely noticeable endeavor. Being that this was the first time we were all three together in nearly three years…no words were spoken…only the purest expression of passion we each had for the others. It was perfect and soon I felt a surge of emotion…a surge of loving passion as I was with my two men…my men…I thought and the tears began to stream from my eyes as I savored their touch the attention, their love…It was my tears that provoked Stephen to break down in tears as well and said…through his own impassioned sobs “Yes…Rick…Yes…we are together again…we are together at last…all of us…and we love you so much” he sobbed as he came forcing his cock down my throat as he shot his cum down my esophagus. When Stephen pulled out…I leaned forward giving Josh a better angle to fuck me in. He grasped my hips again…and began slamming his cock into me as his own orgasm approached. The more intense his need the faster his hips slammed against me.

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