An Amazing Neighbour

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(another part may follow based on the response…)

The bus came to a stop outside the house. The doors opened and a middle-aged, plump woman got down. As the bus drove on, sending dust and smoke in the air, the woman brought her hands forward in full view, her forearms encased in the straps of her crutches. Planting the crutches firmly in front of her, she swung forward, hip after hip. As she crutched towards her street, I watched from the window. It was the fourth day I watched this maneuvre.

I had moved into this house as a paying guest just last week. It was closer to my college, though the rent was higher. The advantages were clear: it was by the streetside and right opposite the bus stop. I could reach the college in about 15 minutes and save a lot of time and energy.

The first evening as I had sat resting in my room by the window, I had observed this woman get down from the bus and then move along on her crutches, swinging her lower body in a peculiar gait. I was curious to know more about her, but as I was new in the locality, asking questions would be tricky. I decided to observe. I found that she always rode on the bus that reached our stop at 7pm. It left the town centre at around 6:30pm. Also she travelled every single day, even on the week-ends.

I went into town on the next week-end to look around and as luck would have it, I spotted her coming out of a corner street to the bus station. I joined the line for the bus, just a couple of people behind the woman. I could observe her up close now. She was in mid-forties, good looking and a little stockier in build. Her face was oval, with dark, intelligent eyes watching the surroundings. She wore a sleeve-less blouse and a skirt that reached her ankles. It prevented me from looking at her legs, but it provided me ample chance to look at her upper body. She was built well, as if she had been lifting weights for years. Her strong arms and hands confirmed the same. The tanned skin was flawless. Her hair was cropped just below the neck, which suited her rather masculine body. As the bus arrived, she turned around to glance at the station, probably an idle glance. I caught site of her boobs. I was eager for a glimpse of some toned up build up jutting out of her thin blouse. But her breasts were not fitting with her general build. They were smallish, hidden from view by her muscular arms.

As the doors to the bus slid open and people filed in, she placed her right crutch in her left hand and gripped the rail inside the bus door. Then she lifted herself slowly up the ground and onto the footboard. Using the rails on both sides, she moved up the second step and into the bus. Then she seated herself into the seat near the door, securing the crutches into the special fasteners on the side of the seat. I managed to get a seat across and behind her, so I could watch her in profile. The bus started and I pulled out a pocket book. Occasionally I glanced over the book towards her. A couple of times, as she adjusted her legs and skirt, I caught a glimpse of heavy leather sandals. The bus came to a stop outside my place. As she got up to get down, I followed close behind. With a skill that comes with practice, she maneuvred herself back out of the bus, using the rails to move herself down the steps. On the last step, she unfastened the crutches, placed them on the floor and used them to swing herself out onto the sidewalk. Then noticing there was someone behind her, she crutched herself aside and made way for me to get down.

The bus left and I used the dust it had thrown up as an excuse to rub my eyes and buy a few more moments to stand still. As she turned and left, I glanced at her. As she swung her lower body forward on her crutches, I noticed the sway of her large, round hips. It was fascinating. Throwing all caution to wind, I stared at her swinging hips for a few moments. I felt a hard-on between my legs, dreaming of placing it between the luscious round hips swinging before me. Then I realized I would be in an awkward position if someone spotted me like that, I moved. Being careful this time I moved in the opposite direction and cut across the lane after going round a couple of houses. This way I would be intersecting the path she had taken. And sure enough I spotted her crutching ahead as I turned the corner. I was amazed at her speed. She was moving as fast as a normal person would. She had also managed to put a good distance between us, so I felt safe to follow at a leisurely stroll.

As I reached the corner of the intersection, I glanced left and then to the right. She was there, opening the gate to a lawn. My heart skipped a beat. I continued my stroll along the street and crossed her. From the corner of my eye I saw her moving inside the house, climbing a ramp. I turned the next corner and almost jumped with joy. As I entered my residence, I hurried up to my room and locked the door from inside. I then moved to the bathroom window and parted the curtain to a slit. I could see the bart─▒n escort house across the street. A light came on in a room on the ground. Probably the kitchen. For a long time then, there was nothing worth notice. After a long and painful wait, however, the light went off. After a full two minutes, another light came on in the first storey room. It too had one side towards the street. I watched as a silhoutted figure moved about in the room. After a while the light went off. It was dark outside. The moonlight shone on the curtain of the window opposite. A few moments later I sensed the curtain had been parted. But it was dark inside. Disappointed, I left the bathroom and went to bed. I had been in there for a full two hours. My legs were aching, my eyes were sore, but the hard on remained. I tried to douse the fire by hand.

Next day I was up early and at my watch in the bathroom. But I was out of luck. The curtain was pulled across the window and I couldn’t see anything moving inside. My heart was a little heavy as I left for college. Whole day I kept thinking of the image of this woman. She was quite mature for my age, but she had created such a terrible attraction I couldn’t get her out of my mind. As soon as the lessons were over, I rushed out, without waiting for friends, and hurried back home. It was late though, and I missed the bus at six. I was again disappointed.

Over the week-end, I saw little of the lady on crutches. Come Monday, it was unbearable to me and I decided to investigate the matter thoroughly. Monday evening I went to bed early. Tuesday morning I rose at 4am and was at my watch. The lights in her house came on at 5 and in about an hour I saw her crutching out. There was no bus at this hour and she walked with her swinging gait till the main road. I follwed her at a safe distance. She paused at the crossing in the main road, as if waiting for something. I hid behind a telephone booth in the side street. A car came up and stopped at the kerb, feet away from her. She crutched to the car and opened the door. Placing her crutches inside, she turned around and sat backwards into the passenger seat. Bending down a little, she placed both her hands under her knees and lifted her legs inside the car. Then she pulled the door close and the car took off. I had a hunch she was headed to the same place from where she left. Since I knew the street where she had emerged from the other evening, I decided to walk there.

As I reached the side street near the town centre I checked the boards of the different establishments. There was a book library, a video game parlour, a gymnasium, a cafe and a clothes shop. This was a surprise. At that hour, the gym was the only place that would be open. I knocked on the door and an athletic man admitted me inside. I enquired about the admission, trying to look around. No luck spotting her. I got out with the admission form in one hand. At least I could be in the vicinity and keep an eye on where she went! I registered at the gym the same day.

Next morning onwards the same routine followed. I could never determine exactly where she used to go, but it could only be the gym. But then what could a crippled woman be doing in a gym? As I visited the gym, I noticed it had separate sections for men and women. So there was no way to find out for sure. I decided to use the time to work on my physique.

A week was gone like that and one day I struck gold. I was up very early and instead of chasing the lady, I decided to leave for the gym earlier. As I changed into the gym clothes in the changing room, I heard a clanking sound in the adjacent room. I looked around. The place was virtually deserted. There was a wall to the right, beyond which was the women’s area. I listened carefully. The sound came again. And it was unmistakably from the other side of the wall. I looked around. Near the door, up in the wall was a ventilator. The ventilator was common for both the doors to the men’s and the women’s sections. Getting hold of a foot-stool, I raised myself up on it and near the ventilator. Peeping through the small slit, straining my eyes I tried to locate the source of the clanking sound.

I couldn’t see her at first, she was out of my line of sight. But soon she came to the door and I saw her. She too was wearing a gym outfit, with a sleeve-less tight t-shirt and shorts. And I almost lost my mind watching her. Her beautifully sculpted body swayed as she swung herself on the crutches. The smallish breasts were firm in the t-shirt, quivering a little with each step. The strong muscular arms moved in practised motions to carry her body forward. The most amazing sight was to watch her legs. Her enormous hips jutted out from the metal rods that encased her legs. The slender legs were obviously shorter in height compared to her well-developed upper body. Also they were limp. The feet, bound in the thick sandals, dragged on the floor as she moved. It was obvious they offered her little support bart─▒n escort bayan to rest her body on. She seemed to be dragging them ahead, by swinging and pulling one hip anead of the other and then using the momentum of the swing to bring the other hip forward. The voluptious melons under her waist swayed about erotically, displaying the full might of the rolling globes of flesh. But under them, the thin legs dangled, a burden on her otherwise powerful body.

I watched as she moved through the door and out into the corridor. Getting down from the foot-stool, I quietly opened the door of the room and peeped outside. She was disappearing into the women’s gym. I caught sight of the firm buttocks swaying about as she swung inside the doors and shut them behind her. I was crazy.

That night I decided to do something that was to change my life. I couldn’t bear the sight of the crippled woman crutching every day and provoking the hardest of the hard ons I had experienced in my life so far. Something needed to be done and needed to be done at the earliest. It was almost like do or die, or now or never if you want. As the night wore on, I slipped out of the room, clad in dark clothes. Gently pushing open the back door through the kitchen, I slipped out of the house. Tiptoeing across the patch of grass, I sneaked out of the gate and crept towards her house under the shadows. It was nearly 2. After waiting for a full minute to make sure nothing stirred, I sneaked across the lane into the garden on the other side. The gate was well-oiled and did not complain as I pushed it aside. The real problem now faced me. How to enter the house. I circled the walls carefully, silently, for a full five minutes, checking for any possible entry points. But there were none. Just then I heard some sounds from inside the house and stood still under the shadows, scarcely breathing.

After some time, when I couldn’t hear the sound anymore and decided it was safe to carry on, I moved to the front of the house. I tried the door. And found it unlocked! Was this woman crazy, to leave the door open in the night? Or was it the luck favoured the brave?

I pushed open the door, making sure to make the least noise. And then I crept inside, slowly pushing the door shut. I could make the outlines of the shapes inside. The house was not furnished much, so it was not much difficult to find my way around. The moonlight which trickled inside through the slits in the curtain showed me the stairs. The stairs were strange. Along both edges of the staircase ran a ramp, as if the stairs had been created in the centre of the ramp. I took to them and reached the upper landing. The door to her room was open and I could see her lying in bed, breathing softly.

I took my position behind the door, near a heavy wardrobe which shielded the light coming through the window and so offered the darkest of the places in the room. I looked at her. She appeared much younger and more beautiful while in sleep. She wore a thin, short night-dress, which revealed much of her body. I watched as her smallish breasts moved in tandem with her breathing. Her body below the waist was almost naked, with her short dress revealing blue underwear. Surprisingly her legs were free of their metal and leather casing. The limp, thin legs looked delicate, the tender flesh a shade lighter than her tanned body. As I took in her half-naked body, I was startled by a shrill sound. My heart stopped. Then she got up, reached with her hand above the headboard and switched off the alarm clock. I almost sighed in relief.

She got up in the bed and I realized it was the start of another day. I had been standing there for over two hours, dreaming about her. She yawned, raising her hands behind her back and her breasts jutted out of the low cut dress. She caressed them with her hands, squeezing them and moaning a little. Then she pushed them back inside. Looking about herself, she spotted her crutches and reached for them. But in her haste, or probably she was still drowsy, she lost the aim and her body, off balance, slid off the bed. She came down with a thud and I winced. It was not pretty to watch. But she seemed unaffected. With her crippled legs tucked under her big buttocks, she sat there for a few moments. And then with some decision made, she started moving. Not towards the crutches but towards the bathroom. It was directly opposite me and I had a fantastic view of the beautiful mounds of flesh heaving and rolling on the floor, as she pulled herself over the floor to the bathroom. Her useless legs dragged behind her body, swaying about helplessly. It was slow work, but she seemed used to it. Her powerful arms and hands pulled the unwilling legs ahead with regular motions. She disappeared in the bathroom and I was faced with another problem. When she came out, I would directly be in her line of sight. She wasn’t going to dress in darkness. I had to find another hiding place, and fast. I looked around and escort bart─▒n settled on the best choice I could make, which was to turn out the worst choice I could have made.

As the bathroom door opened and she crawled out, dripping with water from the bath, a towel wrapped around her middle, the white, firm but small breasts heaved up and down with her movement. She dragged her naked body towards the bed. From under the bed I could see her approaching, her face set upon reaching her objective, whatever it was. It was a beautiful sight. And then she reached the bed. I could smell her fragrance, feel her body outside the thin bedsheet that was draped over and reached the floor. And then, incredibly, she thrust her hands under the bed! With a horror I realized her artificial legs, the metal and leather braces were kept under the bed, and I had crawled up next to them! She groped for them and I slowly pushed the nearest one out towards her hands. She pulled it out and then started groping for the other. I pushed it out too, slowly. She pulled them both out from under the bed and then, with practised effort clambered up over the bed. She must be putting them on and I had a terrible urge to watch her do it. As I lifted the curtain of the bedsheet a notch and peeped out from under it, I saw the braces were lying in front of the bed. She was nowhere to be seen. Just then, a poke from behind jolted me. I turned to look and bumped my head on the underside of the bed. The bedsheet had been lifted from the other side and she was peeping down. Her face was cold. I had no option but to crawl out. I stood before her, her towel-clad body fast losing the attraction as I thought of the consequences. To make matters worse, my hard on was visible through the clothes I wore.

Fixing her eyes on me, she reached out and put a strong hand on my crotch. “So you have been the peeping tom, eh?”

I could see my effort at following had been pathetic at best. I could only nod.

“And you watched me change in the gym?”

Again a nod.

“Why are you following me?”

Of course I couldn’t really answer that. Her grip on my crotch had placed me in a not so comfortable position in our argument.

“Do you like me?”

At this I looked at her, in her dark eyes. For some strange reason I nodded. And then, as the grip on my crotch tightened, I closed my eyes and clenched my teeth to fight back the scream. When I opened them again, I found the grip had loosened and had turned into a pleasurable massage! I looked at her. She was still watching me. “Do you really like me?”

I replied, verbally this time. “When I saw you first, swaying your hips as you walked, I was fascinated by you. I have dreamt about you ever since.” It was a gamble, but I felt safe playing it. She was surprised to hear that. She stared at me for some time. Then releasing my crotch, she jerked the towel away from her body, revealing everything. “Do you really like me, now?” she asked, obviously referring to her limp, flaccid legs. I was captivated by the sight of those paralyzed limbs. Sitting down on my knees, I held them in my hands and stroked them. Her delicate feet, soft calves and smooth, silky thighs aroused me to an extent I had not known before. My hard on was throbbing, eager for a contact with her ripe body. I closed my eyes as I lifted her legs up and wrapped them around me. Her thighs were parted and I thrust my hard on deep inside her thighs. The moist, hot receptacle parted its full lips and accepted the thrust. Her whole body shuddered as the tip of my shaft penetrated her soft, tender inside. The touch of her vaginal walls was hot but tender, and as she rocked back and forth, the tip penetrated deeper and deeper within. As she moaned under the gentle thrusts, she brought my face closer to hers. “Tell me, do you really like my crippled, paralyzed body?”

“Yes, I like your crippled body. I want to fuck you and make you happy,” I replied as I held her thighs fast around my waist and swayed back and forth, responding to the movements of her body. She squeezed her inner walls around my hard on, caressing the shaft and pushing against its hot tip. It was too much for me. I came inside her, the hot fluid shooting deep inside her. Her vaginal lips sucked it all in eagerly. But she was a seasoned hand. After I emptied myself, she smiled. Caressing my limp penis, she said, “You are good. But you are impatient. You should know how to please a lady.” She then pushed me aside and got down from the bed. As she started crawling towards the bathroom to clean herself, I could see up close her voluptous buttocks swaying wildly as she dragged each useless leg behind her. I went after her, my flaccid penis erecting its head for another encounter. This time I pinned her down on the floor and mounted her from behind. The soft inner cheeks of her buttocks enfolded my entire length warmly. They held me firmly in place. The buttocks were so deep I couldn’t reach her crevice even after the erection achieved full length. She then started crawling further, with me straddled onto her buttocks. As her crippled legs swayed, her hips thrust themselves against my penis. The hard on was being massaged by her fleshy buttocks from all the sides and as I came within them, I lay spent on her back.

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