Ağu 31

An Amalgamation of Events

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Thank you to all who offered constructive notes/positive comments on my first venture into this kind of incest story. They allowed me the courage to attempt this second venture when the concept came to me. Hope you enjoy.

Heading toward the storm, the GPS showed 76 minutes to their destination. Then the black clouds were overhead, the windshield wipers were slapping back-and-forth, and traffic slowed. It didn’t take long for the estimated travel time to change to almost two hours. Two-and-a-half.

“We’ll just have a late dinner,” Krissy said, half to herself.

“It’s ok.” Tom muttered from the passenger seat, barely looking up from his phone.

She was taking him to his first semester of college. The school itself was another half day’s drive, but they had reservations at an upscale hotel for the night. Although Krissy could already taste the expensive wine she planned to splurge on with dinner, the storm soon had her thinking about opening one of the cheaper bottles she had brought with her, right there and then.

Traffic coming to a complete stop, an endless line of brake lights shimmered through the rain and the accident symbol soon appeared on the GPS. As it then started looking for a new route, Krissy expected it to tell her to get off the highway and fell in line to follow others taking the nearby exit ramp.

“Oh shit,” she grumbled, seeing what the recalculation showed.

They were far enough on the outskirts of the city for there to be no easy routes anywhere and the storm had every road congested. Confirming this, she barely turned off the ramp before hitting backed-up traffic.

“The hell with it. We’ll just stay here tonight.” She grumbled, indicating one of the mid-range motels her company utilized at the next light.

When she got a chance to pull into the parking lot, the line of cars from other motorists having the same idea kept her from pulling under the overhang. Fearing that all the rooms would be taken, she grabbed the small umbrella from the pocket behind her seat and told Tom to get behind the wheel.

The umbrella keeping her top half dry, the wind-driven rain soaked her jeans’ legs during the dash to the lobby. Inside, the line of semi-wet and completely drenched people resembled that of the cars. Politely taking her place at the back, she crept toward the counter as room after room was taken. Other travelers adding to the line behind her, when the guy right in front of her stepped up to the counter and the clerk looked up, Krissy knew from his expression that nobody was going to like what he had to say.

“Folks, I’ve only got two rooms left,” he announced, holding up a pair of fingers. “Two rooms.” Then he turned his attention to the man at the counter. “How many rooms do you need, Sir?”

Ignoring the people behind her grumbling and cursing, Krissy listened for the answer.

“Just one,” the guy said.

Ok. Ok. So, there’s one room for me and Tom. Krissy thought. One room. Do I take it? Or do I head back out into that traffic and see what I can find?

While it wasn’t ideal, she and Tom had shared a room many times over the years. Being a single mother, that had frequently been the first step she took to save money on vacations. She had simply planned separate rooms this time in recognition of Tom being an adult and on his way to college. So, while it would be a little disappointing not having the excursion she had planned, it would be acceptable considering.

Her mind running through these thoughts, she didn’t hear the clerk ask the man if he wanted the single or the double, nor the guy’s answer. Then, while the room rental was being processed, she was distracted by a sign advertising that the hotel had its own restaurant and trying to get an idea of the menu.

“Good evening, Ma’am,” the clerk smiled when she stepped up to the counter. “I don’t know if you heard, but I only have one single left.”

“A single? Oh shit.” Krissy almost gasped. Sharing a room with Tom was one thing, sharing a bed was something else. They hadn’t done that in years.

“You takin’ the room or not?” A burly guy who had waited behind her grumbled.

“Um… Uh… What size bed?” Krissy asked.


Feeling the clerk’s patient gaze and the burly man’s frustrated eyes on her, she frantically thought through her options. If she didn’t take the room, they would have to deal with the weather and traffic. And for all she knew more accidents had bottlenecked everything even more during her time waiting in line. She could try back-tracking, but the storm was slowly rolling in that direction, so it could be just as bad.

“Ok. Yes, I’ll take it,” she sighed, pulling out her credit card.

“Ah, fuck,” the burly man cursed, turning to walk out.

By the time she finished checking in, the line of cars had dispersed and Tom had pulled theirs under the overhang. Walking out the automatic doors, she couldn’t help laughing at how soaked his clothes were from running around to switch seats.

“Your seats awfully wet, too,” he Didim Escort smirked in response.

“It’ll be ok,” she smiled, not wanting to think about it. “We got a room, but it’s a single. I hope that’s alright?”

“If it means we don’t have to deal with the traffic in this.” He waived a hand to indicate the still pouring rain. “GPS is showing a lot of red.”

So, I made the right decision. Krissy happily told herself.

After they got their bags into the lobby, Tom parked the car and used the umbrella to limit how much wetter he got walking back. On the way up to their room, Krissy told him about the restaurant and they agreed to eat there. Since it was only her jeans that had gotten wet, she would simply do a quick change first, but he needed to shower and change clothes before dinner. When he disappeared into the bathroom, Krissy poured herself a glass of wine and sat thinking about how life had brought her to this point.

When she had gotten pregnant as a college freshman, Tom’s father had tried to be there, even proposed. But she had never been the kind to dream about her wedding day and knew he wasn’t the one to change that for. She had been right. He had had too many inner demons and disappeared a couple of years later. Fortunately, her supportive parents had helped her get through college while also holding her to her responsibilities, forcing her to miss out on a lot of the partying that usually accompanies an education. After school, she had found a good job where she had done well and now she was an independent woman who was able to put her son through college without him having to miss out on all that entailed.

Although she had dated over the years, again she hadn’t been looking for anything permanent. And it just hadn’t worked out with the couple of guys she had considered giving it a go with. The only real downside to this was that she had currently been without a partner for–.

Shit. Five months. The thought struck her.

It wasn’t that she hadn’t been asked out during that time. Men seemed to be attracted to her classically pretty face, bright blue eyes, and full lips, not to mention her petite frame with its D-cup breasts and round little ass. She had just been too busy with work and helping Tom get prepared for college to put in the time that would have allowed any of them to bed her. Still, while she had no regrets about that, five months was a long time.

Especially with the weather ruining her plans.

Between her career and being careful about bringing men around Tom, she had developed a special appreciation for motel sex. There was something freeing about it. Something tantalizing. Something naughty. The nicer the room, the more luxurious the sex. The cheaper, the dirtier. And this attribute carried over to masturbation, something she happily indulged in when her and Tom did get separate rooms. That had been the plan for tonight, at the fancy hotel where they had reservations. A comfortable bed, high thread-count sheets, her wine, and her toy. All while lightning and thunder split the sky outside. Thunderstorms always heightened her sexual experiences, whether with someone or solo. And knowing that the current band of storms would likely put one over them at the fancy hotel during her time alone had stirred a familiar warmth within her. One that continued stirring even now with the plan being ruined.

“Oh well,” she sighed, finishing her wine. Hearing Tom opening the bathroom door a moment later, she popped up from her seat. “Ready?”

“Yea. Let’s go,” he nodded. “I’m hungry.”

“Me, too.”

Happy to find that the restaurant offered a few high quality wines, Krissy ordered a glass. About halfway through it she could feel its alcohol combining with that of the glass she had drank in the room. If this had been a date or business dinner, she would have slid the glass away and waited until she had food in her before finishing it. But since it was neither of those, she continued sipping and ordered another when their food arrived. This indulgence led to her being a bit tipsy by the time they headed back up to their room.

Although the buzz wasn’t enough that Tom had to help her walk, it did cause her to forget to take clean clothes with her when she headed for the shower. Turning on the water and waiting for it to get hot, she stripped naked and causally checked her reflection in the mirror. A few inches above five foot, her curves were in all the right places, and the warm areolas at the front of her ample breasts were relatively small. Looking at these, a surge of playfulness made her brush a finger across them, making them tingle.

Washing her hair in the shower, she enjoyed the feel of the hot water cascading over her body. When she began running a soapy washcloth over her body, the slight buzz kept her from initially noticing an ache pulsing within her tits and electricity sparking through her nipples.

“Oh shit,” she chuckled when she did finally notice, realizing that she had been running the washcloth over and Didim Escort Bayan over her lush mounds. Her body’s warmth had dimmed during dinner, but it obviously hadn’t died. And, coupled with the months alone, it had caused her to unconsciously start something she couldn’t finish.

Sighing in resignation, telling herself that she would just have to be patient and take care of things the next night, she moved on to washing the rest of her body. Wishing the shower had one of those heads on a flex hose so she could hold its pulsating water to her clit, she soon finished and started drying off. Even the mundane task of wiping the water away making her flesh tingle, she again thought about the following night and the motel room she had reserved near the school.

That could work. She smirked, thinking how Tom would be busy getting settled into his dorm, leaving her alone to maybe find some college hunk to invite back to the room.

Holy shit! The smirk turning into a proud smile, she realized that her son was now one of those college hunks. She had always considered him handsome, but now she recognized that he was also good-looking. Tall and athletic, he had his father’s strong features and her dark, wavy hair.

It wasn’t until she went to get dressed that she realized her mistake. Laughing at herself, she wrapped a towel around her and walked out into the room.

“I’m so silly,” she commented, feeling a little self-conscious without knowing why.

Sitting with his back against the bed’s headboard, Tom glanced up from his phone to chuckle at her. He had changed into just a pair of gym shorts and, after her epiphany, Krissy couldn’t help noticing the definition of his shirtless torso.

Not expecting the current situation, she hadn’t packed proper sleeping clothes. But she did have one undershirt and a pair of short-shorts that would do. Taking these back into the bathroom, she couldn’t shake the feeling that she had caught Tom looking at her funny. Not in a ha-ha funny way, but in a grown-up way. Like he had been checking her out in the towel and maybe got a little more of a view than he should have when she had unthinkingly bent over in front of him to dig through her bag.

You’re just imagining it. She told herself, slipping into the shirt.

With its deep V-neck providing a little more than a teasing glimpse of her cleavage, the top’s thin material did nothing to confine her breasts’ fluid movements. Nor did it hide the obvious outline of her areolas and semi-erect nipples. Thinking that she would need to find something to wear over it, she slid on the shorts. These were what she usually wore over her bikini going to and from pools, and they were so snug that she had to be careful when removing them.

Going back out into the room, she looked at her bag for a moment, wondering what she could put on over the shirt. But then she glanced over at Tom, who seemed disinterested in her even being there, and decided against the discomfort another layer would cause. Taking her bottle of wine and glass over to join him on the bed, she propped her back against the headboard as well.

“Anything you wanna watch?” She turned on the TV.

“They got Netflix or Hulu?” He smirked, his phone holding his attention.

“Let’s just rent a movie.” She went to the pay-per-view screen.


Picking out a movie that neither had seen, they settled in to watch it.

By this time the storm had moved far enough away that its thunder rumbled in the distance. Yet, Krissy felt each and every one of those distant rumbles remind her body of its lingering warmth and the persistent ache within her breasts. When the movie came to its obligatory sex scene, her mind wandered to the next night and the possibility of finding some young hunk to quench her body’s thirst. This leading her to thinking again about how Tom now fit that simplified description, her lips curled into another proud smile. Her mind continuing to wander, minutes later she realized that she was unintentionally gazing at the bulge in his shorts.

Jerking her eyes back to the TV, she grew self-conscious as she struggled to keep them from straying again. And within that emotion, she thought that she caught him glancing at her. Becoming acutely aware of her ample breasts jiggling under the shirt’s thin material every time she lifted her glass to take a sip, the emotion grew. Her nipples standing at the center of her areolas, poking at the material, she started shifting uncomfortably in her seat, which made her overly mindful of just how tightly her shorts hugged her hips.

All of this making her more and more self-conscious, she was glad when the movie ended and they agreed that it was time to call it a night. Setting her glass down next to the empty bottle, she crawled under the covers and rolled onto her side facing away from Tom.

Fuckin’ great. She cursed as a fresh rumble of thunder announced that a new storm was rapidly approaching.

Trying to ignore the unwanted tingles this and the Escort Didim following rumbles created, she eventually dozed off to drift from dream to dream. Some of these amusing, some odd, and some erotic, it was during one of the last types that she started crawling toward reality. Sleepily disoriented, she thought she was in bed with Ray, the last guy she had dated. He was spooning her with one arm draped over her, his hand cuffing her side, and his hard cock snuggled against her ass. Having started rubbing herself against the manhood in her sleep, the vibrant waves of warmth this created made her continue as she slowly crawled closer to reality.

Oh shit! Waking fully and remembering who she was actually in bed with, her ass instantly stopped its actions. Putting together what must have happened, she figured Tom had innocently cuddled up to her in his sleep, his erection nothing more than a condition of him being eighteen.

Lightning suddenly filling the room, its loud clap of thunder right overhead made her jump a little and her ass inadvertently pressed firmer against his erection.

He should do well at school, she smirked, unintentionally gauging its size.

Insisting that she was only doing it because it felt good in the way it should and nothing more, she luxuriated in the feel of him holding her for a few moments.

What are you doing? She chastised herself with the sudden realization that her ass had unconsciously started rubbing against his erection again. Stopping it, she then noticed that his hand’s proximity to her one breast was making the ache within both mounds quietly vibrate.

Although this should have made her do something to put space between them, she still insisted that there was nothing wrong with him holding her. That it was comforting and natural as long as she kept her ass still.

Remaining in place, she listened to the storm outside and soon fell into a kind of trance as the sounds conjured memories of some especially satisfying experiences during such nights. Floating through these, she failed to notice when her ass started wiggling against the tantalizing erection again. The ache within her breasts growing to a pulse, her body’s warmth turned into a cascading heat and, somewhere between it and the memories, a thought formed. The kind that a mother should not have.

Oh no! The inappropriate thought snapping her out of the trance, her body stiffened.

Realizing that she had to do something, she scooted forward to put a few necessary inches between her ass and Tom’s erection. Taking a minute to push that thought deep, deep into the background and scold herself for ever having it, she closed her eyes and tried to fall back asleep.

Ooh God! Her eyes shot open as Tom shifted forward to cuddle with her again, renewing the pressure of his cock against her ass. Her body’s cascading heat flashing, she couldn’t help reflexively rubbing herself against the hard manhood. Nor could she stop it for a long, long minute.

When she finally did, she laid there trying to sort through her ricocheting thoughts. There really was nothing wrong with him holding her. Again, it felt natural and comforting in the way it should. Even his hand, despite its proximity, felt this way. But because of his erection and the pulsing ache within her breasts, these things also felt improper. Sinful. Dirty.

And that was the real problem.

Krissy loved feeling naughty with men. Loved feeling like she was doing something improper, like she was being used. And, even if it was innocent, it being her son’s cock snuggled against her ass was quite unseemly. As was his hand’s proximity to her breast.

Worse, her thinking about the immoral implications of these things was feeding her naughty cravings. Fueling her body’s tropical heat, its sultry winds having fanned the smoldering embers within her loins to make her pussy damp with desire.

It also pulled the inappropriate thought back out from the shadows.

No. No-no-no. No! She pushed it back there again.

Thinking she should do something to ease her body’s growing need, she wondered if she could get her toy out of the suitcase and take it into the bathroom without waking Tom.

What would it matter? She asked herself, figuring that he would simply roll over and go back to sleep if she did wake him.

But his erection against her ass feeding her naughty desires made her start playing out a different scenario. One where he woke up enough to ask her what she was doing and her being blatantly honest in her answer. Why she would do that, she didn’t know. Not until the scenario played out a little further, developing into something it shouldn’t.

Ok. Enough of this. The scenario giving her the necessary determination, she rolled onto her back, pushing Tom off her and onto his back as well.

Staring up at the ceiling, she wondered what to do. With only a few hours of night left, she could try to go back to sleep and take care of things the next night. Maybe with that hypothetical college hunk. Or she could get her toy and risk waking Tom. The scenario resurfacing to scare her with its implications, she decided to try the first option. Rolling onto her other side so that he couldn’t snuggle up behind her again, she closed her eyes and searched for sleep once more.

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