An Afternoon With Denise Ch. 02

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“You know, I just realized I’m out of baby oil” the voice on the other end of the phone said matter-of-factly, as if this were the middle of a conversation and not the first sentence out of the phone.

“What? Who is this?” I sputtered to the strangely familiar voice.

“Baby oil, you know lover, its clear and slippery,” she giggled, and then I recognized Denise.

“Jesus, warn a guy before you do that” I said, glancing awkwardly at the student sitting in my office who had been discussing his academic future. My uncharacteristic response drew his attention, so I carefully chose my words from then on.

“So when can you drop that by?” she continued after a pause, clearly relishing my discomfort.

I glanced at the calendar on my desk blotter, “uh, Wednesday afternoon?” I offered, my loins tingling at the memory of our first rendezvous last week.

“No, too risky,” she said, “It’s gotta be a morning.”

Shit, I thought. “Ok, how about Friday around 9:00,” I responded, “but I work out early and then I’ll need to go home to clean up.”

After a pause she said, “No, you won’t. Just bring a change of clothes with you. We’ll take care of you here,” she added.

“Ok then. Friday it is,” I offered finally, trying to return my attention to my student.

“Perfect” she cooed, extending the ‘r’ into a purr. “Friday is Brian’s root canal day” she laughed. “You are up for a root canal, aren’t you” she asked, posing the absurd question as a double entendre.

“Of course, Darling” I said. “We all need to take care of our teeth” I continued, knowing that my student wouldn’t know the difference between my wife and my affair.

“I’m partial to the unscented kind. Friday then, ” she finished, as if she had just made a tennis date rather than an appointment for hours of screwing, and then hung up as abruptly as she had begun.

I finished the conference with my student, only barely paying attention to what he was saying. Baby oil? This will be interesting. The hard part will be waiting all week until Friday, I thought, but what a way to begin a Monday. Denise turned out to have some kinks that I don’t think even she was aware of until last week, and I could only guess how far we could take them. Time would tell.

Friday finally arrived, a clear day but cold as hell for late fall. I went to the gym as I usually do, spending 45 minutes on a recumbent bike and another 30 doing a light workout on the weight machine. Since I never use the locker and shower facilities, always preferring to shower at home, showing up in my shorts and a sweatshirt was normal. But not going home afterward felt odd as I trotted to my car in my workout clothes, wet-sweated from my exertions.

I parked a block away from her house and walked a roundabout path to her door, the large bottle of baby oil conspicuously heavy in the breast pocket of the leather jacket I threw over my sweatshirt, my change of clothes swinging in a bag at my side.

Denise answered the door in an ankle-length, maroon terrycloth robe with her hair pulled into a ponytail behind her head. Her eyes were electric and animated. Pulling me inside, she kissed me long and full as she reached under my jacket to encircle my waist with her arms, not wasting time at coquettish seduction after last week when we had thoroughly broken the ice. I don’t believe she was wearing anything under the robe. Her boobs felt bare and firm and her nipples stabbed my chest through the bulky cloth of the robe. Her ass as well seemed panty-less under the terrycloth as I kneaded her exquisite backside.

She palmed my nascent erection through the thin material of my nylon shorts. Then she dragged her fingernails up my bare thigh and slipped her fingers under my shorts to tickle my balls through the sweat-soaked briefs, pulled tight against my body from the cold weather. I thought my locker-room ambience would deter her until I cleaned up. I was wrong.

“Miss me?” she asked.

“What’s not to miss,” I responded as I managed to kiss her once more as she pulled away, my lips left kissing the air.

“Make yourself at home ‘till I’m ready,” she teased. “ I won’t be long.”

I removed my jacket and hung it on an antique oak coat rack, the sole interesting piece of furniture in the front room. Then I sat on the couch and surveyed the sterile décor of a short and narrow living room. A taupe couch, matching chair and a coffee table were the only furniture, while a floor to ceiling, wall to wall mirror at the room’s end enhanced the sense of space in the undersized living room, and that curiously was blocked by the ill-positioned chair in front of it. In an area remarkably free of knick-knacks, only a ceramic candy dish sat on the table. Remembering from last week the chain on the front door, I entertained a surge of paranoia and for a small sense of security arose to slip it into the notch. I was glad the house was warm, as I was chilled in my wet clothes.

She was right, bahis firmaları she didn’t take long to return. My jaw dropped when she slipped quietly into the doorway, wearing a fluffy, long sleeved sweater and translucent patterned panties. Both were white, and the panties barely peaked out of the base of her fluffy, oversized sweater. Her hair now freely spilled over her shoulders.

The style of her panties was new to me I realized as she spun once runway-model style, boldly holding up the hem of her sweater to give me a clear view of them. Their flat, straight, low-slung waist barely covered the top of her trimmed pubic hair or the start of her crack at the base of her spine. Viewed from the back they were an enticing frame for her luscious ass, as they left bare and accentuated the bottom roundness of her cheeks as they tightly hugged her form, digging deeply into her tender fissure from front to back as if they were body paint and not clothing. Boy shorts they are called, and they highlighted her stunning rear assets with their semi-transparent lace that more than alluded to what they scarcely concealed. White open-toe sandals with a short narrow heel rounded out her outfit and added to her height by emphasizing the long and luscious stretch of smooth, bare legs in between. My cock packed stiff with blood as she made her way to the couch.

Mounting me as if she was throwing a leg over the saddle of a horse, she came to rest on my lap, facing me and straddling my thighs. Her muscular legs pushed mine together, uncomfortably squishing my balls, with her ass neatly balanced on my knees.

“You like?” she asked as she ran a finger in a circle in the whorls of my left ear, giving me goose-flesh. She then gently kissed both of my eyelids. Her sweater smelled faintly of perfume, but a musky hint of arousal hung around her, as if she had been pleasuring herself before I arrived. I massaged her backside and stroked my fingers up and down the splayed fissure of her ass, the fabric of her panties so thin and form-fitting that I could feel the contour of her puckered dimple and considered violating their flimsy veneer with a well placed stab of my finger. The crotch was already damp and clinging to her swelling pussy.

As I stroked her split she started to breathe deeply and closed her eyes to get her bearings as she began to lose herself in the sensation. She asserted control and took my hands in hers, holding them momentarily to her face to kiss them, and then our fingers interlaced as she kissed me intensely as her tongue flicked deeply into my mouth, suggestively fencing with mine. She finally let go of my hands and cradled my face in her hands.

“One thing,” she said out of the blue, the phrase hanging in the air in need of a complete sentence.

“Yes?” I responded, not exactly knowing what she was going to say as her hand absent-mindedly traced circles on my chest.

“Ok,” she smiled, pausing for a moment with her eyes scanning the room as the tip of her tongue perched on her upper teeth. “I want to fuck you in every room of the house” she burst out laughing.

“Today?” I asked seriously, aware of two late day meetings that I could not miss.

“No silly, eventually. But let’s say today’s living room day,” she announced with mock seriousness. “It’s got a nice mirror,” she continued, her eyes still surveying the room, “but not much else. I never really do anything in here” she giggled, “so I’ll do you.”

As she returned her eyes to gaze at me she reached aside and under her and through the crotch of her panties, returning with her middle finger soaked with her clear juices. She dabbed a viscous finger on my mouth as if she was applying lip gloss, the clean scent of her pussy rising like a drug to my brain. She eagerly kissed and sucked her sap off of my lips, ending with a playful bite.

“Ok?” she concluded assertively, with a question needing no answer.

She backed off of the couch and went to the coffee table. Turning away from me and bending over, which further dug the material of her panties into her crevasse, she picked up a pink lozenge from the candy dish. She turned and offered it to me, sliding it along my lips. I tried to take it with just my lips, but she only wanted to tease me with it, and after I had wet it with the tip of my tongue she withdrew it. Straightening and planting a foot on the couch, posed to display for me the outline of her pussy under the material, she inserted two fingers sideways into the crotch of her panties and, closing her eyes, appeared to part her lips and maneuver the candy into her damp gash. She then inhaled her scent and licked her fingers clean as I stared dumbfounded.

“I really hope you like raspberry,” she smiled, her breath growing huskier as she curled cat-like next to me on the couch, with both of her legs draped over mine. As I leaned into her for a kiss, she crossed one leg far over the other and rotated her torso onto her side, doing her best to point kaçak iddaa her ass into the air and slightly away from me. She breathed more heavily as her hand lazily meandered up and down the channel of her own rear.

Finishing her little show, she again slipped her hand into her panties and removed it. She put her fingers into her mouth and savored her taste, as much as she relished the look of raw lust in my reaction. After sucking on them she dragged them roughly over my lips, wet and pungent with her scent, tinged with the faintest aroma of fruit, and then leaned in to kiss me. I fondled her breasts as we kissed, feeling her nipples hard beneath the sweater, first teasing them gently with my thumbs, and then harder as her passion rose with each kiss. She moaned softly and ground one knee into my crotch as she reached under my sweatshirt. No longer sensing she wanted tenderness, I firmly twisted her nipples through the sweater and more forcefully massaged her breasts.

After she pulled off in one motion my sweatshirt and tee-shirt, she lowered her head to lick my nipples, now nearly dried, first gently, but soon she was enthusiastically sucking and licking them, her low moaning reminiscent of a cat purring. “You did work out today,” she said as she inhaled deeply from my chest and ran her hands through the triangle of hair in the center. Her head now bent further, I held it there with my fingers entwined in her hair and stopped her attempt to rise and kiss me. She read my intent, and pulling her knee out of my crotch she teasingly licked her way down to my navel, essentially French kissing it over and over.

Slipping a hand between my shorts and briefs, she combed her fingers through my wet pubic hair and freed my rigid cock so that it stood straight. “Hello” she softly spoke, as if she were speaking only to herself.

She licked the head, first cleaning the slick precum from the tip, and then circling and swishing her tongue around the head, her saliva freely bathing my shaft. She asked me to stand as she kneeled on the floor in front of me as if she were about to meditate.

“Mmm, you taste salty,” she announced. “And I really want to suck your cock” she added coarsely, her eyes dilating as she pulled down my shorts and briefs to my ankles. “Sit back now and get sucked,” she continued, and proceeded to remove my sneakers and socks.

She bent prostrate to the floor and kissed the tops of my toes, dipping the tip of her tongue between each to bathe me with her saliva, purring and breathing heavily through her nose, apparently relishing the ambience from my workout.

She pushed my legs far apart and kissed and nibbled her way up the insides of my thighs to my knees and then more slowly to my balls and the base of my member, now perceptibly throbbing in time with my heartbeat. Placing her hands behind my knees, she pushed my legs up onto the couch and then tried to pull me forward to better service my exposed balls.

Glancing at the mirror, I suddenly felt inspired. “Wait,” I stopped her. “I want to watch your ass in the mirror while you suck me.”

Smiling and cocking an eyebrow, she stood and pulled me up standing, kissing me with one hand behind my head as she dug the fingers of her other hand into the walls of my crack, still wet from over an hour of exercise. We repositioned the large chair to about five feet from the mirror but now facing it. I sat, drew my legs up and draped them over the padded arms. From our last rendezvous I knew what she wanted and sliding forward brought my bare asshole and balls to the very edge of the chair. She again kneeled in front of me and bowed slightly as she spread her legs to give me a fantastic reflection of her bottom in the mirror. She slowly wiggled her hips and drank in my reaction with a grin. Her eyes darted back and forth from mine to my crotch as she tickled with her fingers my sweaty balls and ass.

“I’m glad you like my butt,” she said with a twinkle in her eye as she brought her hand between her legs to touch her pussy and continued to undulate her hips. “How can you tell I really like yours” she asked, before I could respond to her first statement.

“Lick my ass before you suck me” I demanded in a guttural voice as I pulled her head toward my crotch, “you know that’s what you want.”

A barely audible “Yes I do” was all I heard as she first drank deeply of my scent and then began to kiss and suck the loose skin behind my balls while her hand continued to taunt her own sex through the crotch of her panties. Her purr became more pronounced and higher in pitch as she nuzzled my asshole and first covered it with light kisses, her nose planted between my balls. Soon her kisses became wet and frenzied as she slurped my back door with the deft sensuality she had used on my mouth, rimming me in a circle and then plunging her tongue home, dipping in and out of me for one dark kiss after another.

She began to pine softly like a young girl, her voice kaçak bahis still pitched high and needy as she was obviously consumed with what she was doing. “Neecie is a dirty girl” she finally said in an odd sort of little girl voice, her tongue continuing to service me all the while. “This is all I could think about all week” she then added in her normal voice, “I about wore out my fingers thinking about it. Brian was asleep, and there I was in the shower, frigging my ass with shower gel.”

“You like being my little slut, don’t you babe,” I added as I took one hand and clenching her hair, forcefully held her face in my crack. She continued to circle the ring of my anus and stab her tongue as far as she could reach into my murky tunnel. I started flexing my ass muscle around her tongue, which only served to encourage her to go deeper, as if I were trying to deny her my depth, and she was not to be denied as she scraped her nails over my thighs for emphasis.

I released the pressure on the back of her head, and as she licked her way up my balls and my cock, her tongue finishing like a minute paint brush, she tilted her head downward and took two thirds of my throbbing member into the moist warmth of her mouth. Sacrificing the hand that was stroking her pussy, she encircled my cock at the base with her index finger and thumb and consumed all of me that she could fit, gagging slightly on every third stroke as the head thrust into the back of her throat, her tongue wiggling to add to the sensations I felt. I sensed a familiar tingle behind my balls as she slipped a finger into my ass and began to match the rhythm of her finger to that of her mouth.

“Pull off your panties” I said to her huskily, and she quickly pulled them down to her knees and returned to sucking me. “No” I said, “take them off and give them to me.”

She slipped them off and proceeded to arch her back and spread wide her legs for me. The image I saw in the mirror was breathtaking. A stunning ass bare of even a wisp of hair in the crack framed a tiny tan and pink dimple without the slightest hint of a gap, sloping into her scrupulously trimmed pussy, visibly swollen but with the lips still tight. She gave me her panties with a look of need and curiosity. A pink circle stained the damp crotch from the dissolved lozenge. I hung them like a ring toy around the base of my cock.

Aware that my first orgasm was soon not to be denied, I stopped her and sat up with my knees folded on either arm of the chair and my ass spread between, creating a space below for Denise’s hungry mouth. Needing no prompting, she turned to face the mirror and leaning back slipped her head into the space, burying her tongue in my puckered hole even before I lowered myself onto her face, reveling in the musky fluids of my crack while I gingerly stroked my cock, now primed to explode with the image of this gorgeous woman in heels and a sweater, her pussy bare and her head obscenely lodged between the chair and my nether region, her panties now draped over my balls and dangling down to her chin.

Now the only question was where to cum. Ever the gentleman, I asked her. She pulled her head from under me and panted, “in my mouth, where else.”

“Hold it open for me” I demanded, politeness giving way to need. “Wider my little tart” I added as she tilted her lovely head back even further, her eyes heavy lidded and surveying my meat, looking at me upside-down, her tongue flicking about snake-like as if searching the air for the impending gush of cream. I admired the graceful slope of her neck that descended to her covered breasts. “Take off your sweater” I panted, feeling the surge of cum about to erupt.

The scene was erotically perfect as I gazed from the woman to her mirror image, from mouth to boobs to pussy, now wearing only her heels, just waiting for me to shower her nude body. “Open those luscious lips” I again panted, as she had closed them after removing her sweater. She wet her them with her tongue and parted them to receive my spunk, her hands lightly playing across her breasts to tease her nipples.

It was all I could take. I opened up with three thick streams, followed by an endless dribble and a paragraph of undecipherable groaning. The first shot laid a solid ribbon of cum across her face, lips and chin, down her neck and between her heaving breasts. I remember thinking that I hadn’t shot such a long wad of cum since my twenties. The second briefly spun in the air like a creamy bolo before landing on her lower lip and chin, partly running down her neck. For the last I consciously aimed downward. Like a squirted projectile it found its way directly to her gag reflex, causing her to wretch and swallow and tilt forward her head. Then the endless dribble spattered throughout her hair, the little pearls of cum nestled in her red curls.

She quickly regained her composure and apologized, tilting her head back to take me in her mouth. The position was not conducive to deep-throating me, so she turned to engulf me. She sucked with her whole throat, mouth and tongue, not just with her lips, the suction constant as she swirled saliva around my member, one of her hands still stroking her moist slit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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