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Amys first time with Anal as a bonus

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Amy’s first time

Hi, are you Amy?” I asked as I saw her standing looking a little lost under the clock in Woodhouse centre all blonde hair and blue eyes with too much mascara in her black miniskirt and silver jacket looking, the perfect little Lolita, just more grown up than she looked on Face-book.

She looked up at me and I saw confusion in her sweet little thirteen year old eyes, “Yes,” she replied uncertainly,”I’m waiting for my boyfriend,” she explained.

I smiled knowingly, “Yes John, he sent me,” I lied, there as no seventeen year old high school athlete John, only balding overweight forty three year old me. I was the John off Facebook and she had already shown me her perfect hairless vagina and little titty buds on the web cam and now she was here all raging teenage hormones just crying out to be fucked.

Who are you?” she asked.

“John sent me, he’s been delayed, his train is late, he sent me to fetch you.” I explained.

“Who are you,” she asked again.

“Trevor, Johns uncle,” I explained, “Shall we go.”

“No!” she said, “I want to meet John here, I don’t want to go and see him, just tell him I’m mad.” she said.

“Amy,” I said, “He said he’s really sorry and that’s why he sent me.”

“No,” she said, “Go away!”

“Amy,” I said, “He said to remind you about the video.” She stared in horror.

“What video?” she said anxiously.

“The video where you showed him how much you loved him,” I explained, the ones she took with her web cam and I recorded where she showed her tiny bud like tits and the one where she showed her little mound before and after she shaved off all the fluffy little hairs because John asked her to. The one I sold on line at ten quid a throw.

“John said remind her about the video if she won’t come,” I lied, “Her mum wouldn’t like it if she found out.”

“That’s not fair!” she said and she went to run off but I caught her by the arm.

“Stop sruggling!” I ordered, “John said to bring you,” I insisted as I squeezed her tiny arm in my big hairy fist, “You are his girlfriend aren’t you?”

“Yes,” she agreed, “You’re hurting me!”

“Then don’t struggle,” I suggested.

“Ok,” she said, peering at me with those delectable little virgin 13 year old eyes, my tool grew hard just thinking about her nakedly slipping down onto my cock or maybe walking round the bedroom with her clinging to me while she rode it.

“Good, He might be home already,” I suggested.

“He could have rung me,” she said, but he couldn’t because I couldn’t get the voice right.

“Does he ring you often?” I asked.

She shook her head, her long blonde hair swished across her shoulders, “Ok,” she agreed, “I’ll come with you,” and she followed meekly as I led her to the car park and she climbed into my Toyota Avensis.

I wanted to make her take her knickers off there and then and drive home with her skirt up and her egs spread so her cunt was on display but she seemed so jumpy that I thought she might do something stupid or make a run for it so I just played it cool.

I took her to my place, the house is only small, I down sized when Josie divorced me when she found out about me grooming a girl over the internet after twenty odd years of marriage, but it has a built in garage which you can get through to from the house and the garage door is electric so I just press a button and it opens, and so I opened the door with the remote and we drove in.

“Where is he?” she asked uncertainly as the door shut behind us..

“There is no John, just you and me, and you’re doing what I say or Mummy gets copies of the video and all those stills you posed for.

“No!” she said and tried to make a run for it, but I was too quick and strong.

I held her and got my hand under her skirt and eased down her panties revealing Ankara escort that hairless pussy, she screamed but the place is soundproof so it never worried me, “All that talk of fucking that was me little girl.” I said, “You feel my big fat cock.”

“What?” she said, “No John!” she started to cry, making her dark eye shadow run.

“No, just you and me, so get your knickers off ok?” I demanded.

She looked for a way out, there wasn’t any, “No please.” she said pleading like a puppy dog.

“Or I’ll take them off.” I added.

It was the moment of truth, but she lifted her little skirt and peeled down her dark pantihose and white panties revealing her little peach like moist cunt.

“Good girl,” I said, “I’ll take you to Mc Donalds afterwards.”

“What?” she asked.

“We’ll go upstairs,” I said, she started to pull her knickers up.

“No, shoes and tights off,” I said, “Leave them here, I’ll carry you.”

She was a good little girl and put her shoes neatly by the door and stepped out of her pantihose and panties.

I picked them up and took them through to the kitchen, she followed.

“Do you like ice cream?” I asked, “And Strawberries?”

“Yes,” she said, “We’ll have some afterwards,” I agreed, “You want to get naked?”

She stared, “Undress,” I added.

“Where can I hang my Jacket?” she asked.

“On the chair back now get naked.” I suggested, and she peeled off her silver jacket revealing a black top and then uncertainly she slipped the top off that curious crossed arm way girls do to reveal her perfect little titty buds in her crisp white bra.

“Stop while I get a picture,” I insisted, she shuddered with fear, but she stopped while I fished out my Camera phone and snapped away, “Now lose the bra,” I added, “Sit on the table come on don’t be shy!”

She climbed onto the stripped pine kitchen table facing me, her nipples were a disappointment, tiny shrivelled like a boys, I should have had her lose the skirt first, sod it, I took some pictures upskirt, using a flash, the guys paid well for upskirt, then I had her lose the skirt.

“You fucked a courgette before?” I asked as I rummaged in the refrigerator?

“No,” she said and added, “Its too big!” as I handed the ten inch long green vegetable to her.

“Go on,” I said, “It’s smaller than my big fat cock, it’ll loosen you up!”

She took the vegetable and spread her legs wide and forced the tip between the hairless lips of her perfect hairless cunt, she was too tight, I got a picture of her expression of pain, it was not working, she was too tight, my tool strained, I loved busting too tight virgins, leaving them all floppy and fucked afterwards.

“We’ll fake it,” I decided, “Give it here.”

I chopped the end off and put a taper so it looked like she had it right up her cunt when actually it was only nuzzled a half inch between her lips, “Hold it there and look like you’re enjoying it!” I told her, I had to do it maybe four times getting shorter every time so it looked like it was all the way right in her except the last inch, like just an inch of green showing.

I was hard, gee I needed that warm wet cunt wrapped around my dick, christ how I needed her, my cock was like steel, “Can I use the bathroom?” she asked innocently.

I weighed up the options, maybe she could pee in a fruit bowl, gee.

It was too much, suddenly I was cumming, fuck, warm wet cum pumping down my tool uncortrollably, thick creamy cum that should have been in her warm wet twat wasted, cum that would have loosed her up and lubed her for later on wasted.

“Sure, top of the stairs on the right,” I said, she slid away off the table and bolted upstairs.

I dropped my pants, dropped them on the floor and stepped out of my shoes pants and shorts, and threw them in the washing machine, Ankara escort bayan then I grabbed a tea towel and wiped my tool clean.

She could suck me back to being hard I decided so I went upstairs, naked from the waist down.

She had the bathroom door locked, bolted.

“Don’t be stupid Amy, don’t make me mad, don’t make me bust the door down.” I said firmly.

No answer. “You got five minutes,” I told her and I set to getting the lights set up around the bed, sorting out the baby doll night dress in its pink Teddy bear cover and the furry handcuffs and big pink dildo I thought we could try on her when I’d fucked her sweet virgin pussy and loosened her up.

“Come out!” I shouted, “There’s no escape, you can’t stay in there all day.”

She kept quiet, so I went down and put the kettle on for a Coffee.

I heard someone outside, “Fuck!” I said and then suddenly the front door just exploded and flew wide open.

“Thanks lads,” this bloke I knew from the television said and he handed one of those door breaking battering ram things the Police use to two policemen he had with him and then I saw Amy was with him, little Amy all deliciously naked except for a policeman’s jacket, my tool reared up when I saw her.

“That’s him!” she said, “That’s him, will you hang him for me please Mr Allthwaite.”

“Sure Princess!” he says and he rushed at me, I only had my shirt on, “Councillor Johnno Althwaite, at your service squire,” he said and he hit me smack in the face, he just smashed his fist into my jaw like I was just a sack of shit and my jaw snapped with a dull cracking noise, “You fucking Pedo,” he said.

“No you god it tall wrong,” I spluttered I thought he had broken my teeth but then I realised my jaw was bust.

“You’re fucking warped!” Allthwaite said and he kicked me in the bollocks, I doubled up in pain and he kneed me in the nose busting my nose bone and making it bleed.

“Are you pigs going to let him beat me to a pulp?” I asked.

“Looks like it Harry,” Sgt Fforbes said, “What about you Mulholland?”

“It’s up to you sarge, we could always watch telly.” Mulholand added, he was in shirt sleeves since Amy was wearing his jacket, “You need any help Johnno he asked.

“Yeah hold him down, where’s Al?” he said.

“Having a piss,” Al said and he came out the front room zipping his fly up, “Whats up.”

“Whack his bollocks he’s got a hard on,” Allthwaite said and this Al bloke takes hold of my bollocks and as Allthwaite dragged me to the table he crushed my balls with the battering ram thing.

I must have passed out because I was tied to the table when I woke, bent over the table and tied by my wrists and ankles to the table legs.

“You awake Pedo, you like anal?” Althwaite asked.

“No!” I said and but his accomplice, Al hit me under my ribs knocking the wind from me.

My ass was all cold and wet and then I felt something pressing against my ring, “It’s nice busting virgins ent it Pedo?” Al asked and suddenly they were pushing something in my ass.

“Use your boot Al, kick it in,” Allthwaite said.

“Want to borrow a truncheon?” Mulholland asked.

“Nah,” Allthwaite said, “Amy is a very brave girl Pedo, she could have bust her neck jumping from the upstairs window, and she had to run down the street stark naked but she remembered my number Pedo,” he said.

“She said Mr Allthwaite, do you hang Pedos,” Allthwaite said. “Only if there’s nothing good on telly, then she said, this man made me take my clothes off and touched me ad took photographs, is he a Pedo?”

Allthwaite smiled, “That’s what makes it worthwhile, when I see a beautiful little girl about to be fucked and treated like shit by a piece of shit like you, that’s when its worthwhile!”

They kept battering my ass hole, it hurt like hell Escort Ankara and must have been bleeding and then quite suddenly with a pain worse than when you been constipated for a fortnight the thing slid up my ass and suddenly it was like a bomb going off, bright white lights in my brain total agony you wouldn’t believe the pain.

“Have the hooks popped out,” Allthwaite asked, “You got the torch Al?”

“Can’t see, give it a yank,” Al said.

I saw the Allthwaite Ass Hook on TV, it was like a dildo but when it went right in they could release six razor sharp two inch spikes to punch through the bowel wall so it couldn’t come back out.

Allthwaite pulled the thing and the pain was unbearable and I passed out.

I woke face down in na hospital bed, a doctor was standing by the bed chain smoking, the Policemen were there and my hands were cuffed behind my back.

“Am I going to die?” I asked.

“Yes, ah, Harry, we don’t waste valuable resource on Pedos,” the doctor casually explained. “The Allthwaite ass hook lacerates the bowel so it’s virtually certain that you’ll die of peritonitis, especially since we had to drag it out for evidence, it takes a fortnight usually, horrible way to die,” he said, “Do you want an overdose of morphine, speed it up?”

“Please,” I said.

“Ah doctor, be careful,” Sgt Mulholland cautioned.

“Well tough, a long slow lingering death is a useful warning for other pedos,” the doctor added, “You could try jumping off the roof?”

“Right,” I agreed, and I passed out through the pain.

I woke a while later, “You know you get a lighter sentence if you’re up front about admitting stuff,” Mulholland said.

“Right,” I agreed, “Morphine right?”

“You’re on ten times the maximum safe dose of painkillers,” the doctor said, “Your ass is ripped to shreds but Allthwaite needed his ass spiker back and those six sharp two inch spikes did a massive amount of damage when the two coppers held you down whie Allthwaite and me ripped it out of you.”

“So spill,” he said, “So I made this statement of my own free will.”


A hush fell over the court as the Cerk finished reading the statement.

“Mr Townsley, is that a signed statement.” The Judge asked.

“No sir,” Mr Townley said, “But it was on the deceased body when it was found on the pavement sir.”

“Cause of death?” the Judge asked.

“Smashed skull consistent with falling from a seven story building at least three times sir,”

Townley added.

“My Weasley as counsel for the prosecution have you anything to say, Mr Weasly the Pedophiles friend of 12 Waterside Park Wallasy,” the Judge added, “You are either very brave or very foolish Mr Weasley, why you might get beaten to a pulp if Cllr Allthwaite is convicted.”

“No sir, if it pleases the court we wish to withdraw all allegations against Mr Allthwaite,” Weasly saidin his weasley manner, “It is clear from the CCTV that the officers and Mr Allthwaite were merely trying to help the Pedophile by fitting him with an expanding ass hook and they in no way materially assisted his suicide by dragging him unconscious back to the roof three times.”

The Judge stood.

“My Apologies” the Judge said, “Mr Allthwaite, this sham trial must have been a particularly unpleasant time for you, I order that your costs be met from the public purse and that compensation in the amount of ten thousand pounds be paid to your personal account and a further ten thousand to the Allthwaite foundation for the eradication of Pedophillia and Pedophiles, and that you leave the court with no stain on your character.”

The End.


I bet some of you had your tools out wanking away when Johnno smashed his way in to the story.

I bet it was a shock

Not as bad as if it happened in real life so check their ID, if they ain’t over 16, 18 in some countries, don’t fuck them, OK?

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