Amy Applies To Work For Mrs Potter

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Amy had got back from university and desperately needed to find a summer job. Her mum’s best friend Jean Potter owned a ladies shop and she asked whether she might have a job for her for a few weeks. Jean Potter had known Amy ever since she was a baby and asked her to pop into see her and they would have a chat.

Jean suggested she called in after the shop had closed the following evening. It was a nice summers evening and Amy was dressed in a t shirt, short skirt and sandals when she tapped on the door of the shop. Jean opened the door and let her in before locking it up again.

Amy held out her hand and said, ‘Hello, Mrs Potter, it’s good of you to see me.’

Amy had been bought up to call adults by their title, Mr or Mrs and had always called Jean, Mrs Potter.

She replied, ‘It’s good to see you Amy, how are you?’

Jean said, ‘As you know I have a fairly exclusive ladies underwear shop. My ladies are ‘ladies’ and like to be addressed and treated like ladies, and that’s why they come here. I’m afraid the clothes you’re wearing now are not at all suitable. I also need to see what sort of underwear you have, would you mind taking your top off please?’

Amy lifted her arms and took off her t shirt. Jean was surprised by what she saw. Amy was wearing a half cup red lacy bra which only just covered her nipples.

Jean said, ‘Oh Amy, what a lovely bra, however, it’s not at all suitable for wearing here and the colour is rather slutty. I insist that all my staff wear the sort of underwear that my ladies are likely to buy and to tell you the truth I don’t think any of my ladies are likely to buy a red lacy bra like that.’

Amy replied, ‘Oh that’s fine Mrs Potter, I’m happy to wear whatever you think is suitable. To tell you the truth, my boyfriend bought it for me, he likes me to wear it, he likes me showing my tits off and when my nipples get hard they show through the bra and my t shirt which really arouses him. To tell you the truth I like acting like a slut.’

Jean was shocked at this confession, but at the same time sort of aroused too, she liked hearing Amy telling her this intimate information.

Amy reached behind her and took her bra off. Jean loved the look of Amy’s young breasts and the slight hardening of her nipples.

Jean said, ‘I think you’re probably a 36 C or maybe even a D. I think I’d better measure you.’

Jean found her tape measure and held the tape against her. She found herself brushing her hand against Amy’s nipples as she made sure the tape was in the right place. It was a while since she had felt a young pair of breasts, in fact it might even have been when she too was at university and had been in a very intimate relationship with another young female. Nowadays she was measuring much more mature ladies. bahis firmaları Jean’s mind was suddenly racing back all those years and she felt herself getting aroused.

She said, ‘Yes, you’re a 36 but I’m unsure whether you’re a C or D cup.’

She put her hands on Amy’s young breasts and loved the feel as her palms brushed against her nipples, she wanted to reach down and suck but knew she absolutely couldn’t do that.

Amy said, ‘Normally I’m a D cup.’

Jean took her hands off and said, ‘Yes, my dear, I think you’re right.’

She went away and found a large white bra, 36D and helped Amy put it on. It was a full cup that covered her whole breast. Jean couldn’t resist checking it. She reached up and caressed both Amy’s breasts, she squeezed them and rubbing her nipples, all the time saying, ‘Yes, I think that’s a perfect fit, what do you think Amy, dear?’

Amy replied, ‘Well it’s not something I’ve ever worn before but, yes I think it fits perfectly.’

‘That’s good, now let’s take your skirt off and look at your panties, Jean said.

Amy unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor and stepped out of it.

‘Oh my goodness, whatever are you wearing?’ Jean asked.

‘That’s my thong,’ Amy replied.

‘But it’s not even covering your, you know, your, your mound,’ Jean said.

‘Oh Mrs Potter, don’t be so prudish, lots of young girls wear thongs,’ Amy replied.

‘But, your hair, I can see your hair poking out the side of and at the back, well, it’s just a thin strand that’s going up your bottom. It must be so uncomfortable,’ Jean replied.

‘Not at all,’ Amy said, ‘You should try wearing one.’

Although Jean didn’t like the look of it she did like seeing Amy wearing it with her ‘mound’ as she liked to call it clearly on show.

Jean asked, ‘Does your boyfriend like you wearing a thong?’

‘Oh yes, definitely, sometimes we have sex while I still keep it on, he just pushes it to the side and we do it,’ Amy answered.

Jean was now getting quite aroused and could feel her nipples hardening and getting warm and damp between the legs.

She said, ‘When I called that part of your body, your ‘mound’, it amused you didn’t it?’

‘Well I’ve never heard it called that,’ Amy said.

Jean asked, ‘What do you call it?’

‘I guess mainly my pussy,’ Amy replied.

Jean felt herself blushing as she braced herself to ask next, ‘Do you ever use that very bad word that begins with a ‘c’?’

‘You mean cunt, don’t you, of course I call it my cunt, particularly when I’m really horny. My boyfriend likes me using it too, he likes me talking dirty, it turns him on,’ Amy said.

‘Whenever do you use that word with your boyfriend?’ Jean asked.

‘Oh he’s a dirty bugger, he likes to watch me kaçak iddaa playing with myself and describing in details what I’m doing, like, Oh darling look how wet my cunt is, look how easily my fingers slide in and out of my cunt.’ Amy said.

Jean was getting very aroused. Like Amy’s boyfriend she was enjoying hearing her say things like that. She knew she was getting very damp between her legs. She asked, ‘Does he want you to say it at other times?’

‘Yeh, when we’re fucking, I often say, oh fuck my cunt, stick your big cock all the way in my cunt, or if he’s sucking me I say, suck my cunt, stick your tongue in my cunt.’ Amy said.

Jean knew she had to calm the situation as she was so aroused.

Jean said, ‘I think I need to find you some panties.’

Jean went to a rack and found some. They were quite large but the sort that her ladies often buy. She went back to Amy and helped her put them on. Jean made sure they were up tight against her and said, ‘Part your legs slightly so I can feel they fit well.’

Jean was now breathing quite heavily as she rubbed her hand up and down the gusset of the panties. The movements were definitely slow and deliberate and there was no intention whatsoever to see how they fitted, it was purely for Jean’s pleasure.

Amy soon realised this and although she too was enjoying it said, ‘Oh Mrs Potter that feels very nice, I think the panties fit well, don’t you?’

‘I just need to make sure they fit well everywhere,’ and started rubbing Amy’s firm bum. Amy parted her legs even more and said, ‘Are you sure they fit well between the legs?’

This was all Jean needed to hear and her hands went straight back to Amy’s pussy. Jean could feel her getting damp and warm and said, ‘Oh Amy that feels so nice, is that what your boyfriend does to you?’

‘Yes, and other things,’ she replied.

‘You know I really think these panties are a good fit, just let me feel again between the legs,’ she said.

Jean was now stroking Amy very provocatively all around her pussy and up and down, gradually exerting more pressure. She could feel the heat and dampness coming through the panties too. Amy was now breathing quite heavily as Mrs Potter stroked her so intimately.

After a short while Jean said, ‘Well I think the fit is excellent but I need to have a close look at them, come over here and stand in front of me.’

Jean sat down on a chair and Amy stood in front of her. Jean parted her legs and pulled Amy closer to her. Jean’s face was now only inches away from Amy’s pussy. She inhaled and could smell Amy’s juices. Jean adored the smell of pussy, alas these days it was only her own that she smelt after one of her very frequent masturbation sessions.

Jean said, ‘Yes Amy they seem fine, no stray hairs poking out kaçak bahis from the side.’

Then without saying anything else, she lowered Amy’s panties. Now her pussy was only inches away from her mouth, she pulled her closer and started licking the young girl’s pussy.

Amy cried out, ‘Oh Mrs Potter that’s wonderful, put your fingers inside me while you use your tongue on my cunt lips. Oh yes, that’s it, finger fuck me, finger fuck my cunt, oh that’s wonderful. Oh Mrs Potter you’re going to make me cum.’

Jean pulled Amy tighter against her mouth. She had two fingers inside her as she licked and sucked on Amy’s clit and within no time at all Amy’s cum was gushing all over her face. Jean adored the smell and taste of Amy’s cum and she savoured every last drop.

Then Jean said, ‘As many of my ladies insist on personal fittings of their underwear I think you need to check on my undies for me.’

Amy replaced Jean on the chair and unzipped her skirt which fell to the floor. Jean was also wearing tights and Amy eased them down her legs. Jean was very horny and stood with her pussy only inches away from Amy’s face, her legs were wide apart

Jean said, ‘Feel how my panties are against my mound and arse.’

Amy rubbed Mrs Potter’s arse before moving round to the front of her. She glanced up and saw that she had her eyes closed and had a look of pleasure on her face.

She slowly rubbed her hand up and down Mrs Potters pussy, she was now sighing with pleasure. Amy eased her panties down.

‘My, Mrs Potter, what a hairy pussy you have,’ she said.

Mrs Potter opened her legs even wider.

Amy said, ‘You want me to slip a finger inside, don’t you? Ask me then.’

Oh yes, Amy, please, finger me,’ she panted.

‘Use that word, that very naughty word then,’ Amy replied.

‘Finger my cunt, oh please, darling, finger fuck my cunt, she pleaded.

Amy slid a finger inside her and slowly eased it back and forth. She was amazed how wet Mrs Potter was.

‘Do you want more than one finger?’ Amy asked.

‘Oh yes, my darling, put two fingers in my big wet cunt and fuck my cunt,’ Mrs Potter begged.

Once again Amy did as she wanted and she sensed Mrs Potter was about to cum.

‘Do you want me to kiss and lick your cunt, well you’d better ask me, Amy said.

‘Lick my cunt, suck my clit, oh yes darling make me cum, lick my cunt, use your tongue in my cunt,’ she gasped.

Amy leant forward and with her fingers still inside her she licked and sucked her clit. Mrs Potter’s orgasm was enormous, her whole body shook and shuddered as Amy gave her the most intense of pleasures.

Mrs Potter literally collapsed on the floor and took minutes to recover. Amy sat looking at her and realised how much she had enjoyed, she felt she had passed the interview.

Eventually Mrs Potter recovered and said, ‘Well Amy, the interview went very well and I’d like to offer you the job, I suspect there may be quite a lot of late night working too.’

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