Kas 20

Amor Prohibetur Ch. 03

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What Really Matters

It had been one of those nights, Jim sighed, as he took in the crowd of well-dressed and mature socialites in the crowded living room. All of these people were in their forties and fifties, including his mother and father, who were both out there mingling among the rest of them. For Jim, at twenty-four years of age and with a healthy social appetite of his own, it was more like torture to sit there.

His sister Amy, all of twenty years of age and sitting beside him on that same couch, was equally unimpressed. “You know, we should have left when all the other young people did. Now, all we’ve got left is old farts.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” Jim sighed. He was wearing a gentleman’s tuxedo, as were most of the men in the room. He hated such black tie functions, but it was part of the game his father was grooming him for. Jim was being taught how to hobnob with the people who might one day become his clients in his father’s investment firm.

“We can still leave.” Amy persisted. “We can take mom’s car. Dad can drive her home whenever he feels like it. We don’t have to sit here all night.”

“You’re right, okay.” Jim acknowledged. “Let’s give it five more minutes. I think mom’s had about all the alcohol she can handle.”

“Oh, my god, will you look at her?”

Jim scanned the various bodies until he spotted his mother. She wore a black and elegant evening dress, and enough jewelry to blind a jeweler. Her earrings, necklace and bracelets radiated with diamonds and matched the sparkle of her eyes and smile. Jim could admit to himself that his mother was a very attractive woman. Regardless of her beauty, Jim didn’t like it at all when she was inebriated with wine. While his father was out trying to secure new funds from the speculators, his mother would do her part and gather a throng of men around her. She did this in order to lead them over to her father later. His mother’s ploys were also part of the game, but she tended to get carried away sometimes. At that moment, for example, a very rich, and also stout man had his arm wrapped around his mother’s waist, while his mother had her arm up on the man’s shoulder. They were smiling at other rich men as if they were a couple, even though Jim’s father was just across the room from them.

“Mom’s a prostitute.” Amy decided. “I know she wants you and me to follow in dad’s footsteps and add to the family fucking fortune, but I’m not going to let some creep put his hands all over me like mom does. I will never do that. Do we really have to stay here and watch this? It’s gross!”

Jim blew out a long breath. More than once, he’d seen some asshole fondling his mother’s ass at such social functions. “Let me go find dad and tell him we’re leaving.”

It took Jim a few minutes to pry his dad away from the commodities discussion he was engaged in with other speculators. “Dad, Amy and I are taking off. And you’d better do something about mom, because she’s this close to getting felt up again.”

“I can’t leave right now.” His father grimaced. “I’m in the middle of making some deals here. As a matter of fact, you should hang around and listen. These people know what they’re talking about, Jim. There is a lot of money that could potentially change hands as a result of this discussion we’re having.”

“No, dad. Amy doesn’t want to be here, and I don’t want to be here. We’re taking mom’s car because I have her keys. All I’m telling you is that you should keep an eye on mom. She’s drunk enough that she might follow some random guy into a bedroom.”

Jim caught the calculating look in his father’s eyes, and he detested the man for it. His father was more interested in who his wife might sleep with from the perspective of future wealth, than he cared anything about adultery. In fact, Jim suspected that his father actually encouraged his mother to attempt to seduce wealthy men for potential profit. Amy was probably right, when she suggested that their mother was in fact a prostitute.

Absently, his father shrugged. “I’m too busy to watch her. Take her home.”

That was it, Jim knew. The end of the conversation. His father went back to his associates, while he went over to peel his mother away from the fat man trying to hoard her. Amy watched his progress, her arms crossed and her face wary. If Jim didn’t set their mother free quickly enough, he would probably demand that the fat man take his hand away from their mother, in order to embarrass the man away. Luckily, their mother was easily detached. Jim helped her stagger along, for the woman really was drunk and had likely been leaning on the fat man to keep herself upright. In the meantime, Amy cleared the path before them to the front door. A minute later they were outside and taking in the cool night air, which was a little chillier than had been forecast.

Jim’s mother was giggling, as Jim passed the woman over to his sister, before he hurried off to find the car. It was a silver Mercedes SUV, mid-size and very expensive. Once the car was quietly humming on the wide driveway, Jim hurried escort bayan bursa around and helped Amy put their mother into the back seat. Jim and his sister both took the front, with Jim behind the wheel.

“Who was that man, mother?” Amy asked icily, as Jim put the car in drive.

“What man, dear?”

“That fat one that was slobbering all over you.”

Their mother laughed. “Oh, that was Charles. He has a property out in Bonita some place, where he keeps horses. He’s invited all of us to go out and visit his ranch, so we can ride his horses. I said we’d be delighted to come.”

Amy glanced over at Jim, who watched as Amy rolled her eyes.

“No thank you, mother.” Amy shifted around in her seat and crossed her arms. “I will not be riding Charles’ horses, and neither will Jim.”

“But it might be fun to ride Charles’ horse.” Their mother said, which set her off in laughing again. “You’ll never know until you try it!”

Jim couldn’t help but chuckle. His mother was out of it, all right.

Undoubtedly, the remark had pissed Amy off, because Amy always became pissed off when their mother spoke so lewdly. Amy turned on the car’s radio and set it on a classical music station, both because the music would soothe her, and because their mother wouldn’t complain about it. Resignedly, Amy sat back into her seat.

“Did your father secure any commitments yet?” Their mother asked.

“No, Maxine.” Amy replied. Now Jim knew his sister was angry, as she only used their mother’s first name when she wanted to distance herself. “Dad was still working on it.”

“Oh, what a pity.” Maxine commented. “If I’d gotten Charles over next to your father, I’m sure I could have enticed him into browsing through your father’s portfolio.”

Amy huffed, but apparently Maxine didn’t catch it, or otherwise ignored it.

By the time they reached their residence, Maxine was spouting gibberish about riding Charles’ horse again, and irritating Amy even further. Jim helped his mother out of the car while Amy went to unlock the door. Together, they helped get Maxine down the hall of the large house and over toward the bedrooms.

Amy pulled away. “I’m going to make some phone calls. Maybe we can still find a party somewhere.”

“Yeah, sure.” Jim said, as he lugged his mother’s weight through the doorway of the master bedroom. For a second, his hand fumbled out along the bedroom wall, until he found the light switch.

“We were just at a party, dear.” Maxine commented.

“Shut up, Maxine.” Amy snapped.

“Did you just disrespect me?” Maxine asked. Right after she let loose a long bellow of laughter. “How cute!”

Usually, Amy could handle criticism. She was always up for a good argument with her mother, but she could not tolerate being laughed at. As a result, the young woman turned and stormed down the hall. Women, thought Jim, as he walked his mother over to the edge of her bed.

“Here, let me take my heels off.” Maxine said. She wavered slightly, as she raised her leg up and removed first one, and then the other.

There was a moment of imbalance, where Maxine’s heel caught on her toes. This caused Jim to pull his mother toward him, to keep her from falling on the floor. At the same time, Maxine tried to right her own body in the same way, with the result that she and Jim tipped over onto the mattress.

Jim kept his hold around his mother’s waist, in case she might still fall. Thanks to her squirming, he ended up brushing his hand against her ass. Jim moved his hands to his sides and away from her body, and waited for her to shift away from him, but she didn’t. She just lay there on top of him, drunk and giggling because she’d almost fallen down.

Maxine caught the scent of Jim’s cologne, and she drew her nose closer to her son’s throat to smell it further. She bumped her head against Jim’s chin, which prompted a giggle from her, before she raised her head and gazed into his eyes.

“Excuse me, sir, but I would like to elicit your opinion on the current state of steer futures?” She asked. “Will they rebound in the coming months, and if so, how much are you willing to stake on that? Did you catch that? I said stake, but I also alluded to steak, as in prime rib!” A moment after, and she was laughing all over again.

This entire time, his mother had been lying on top of him, and Jim hadn’t budged an inch. When she’d landed on him, his first impulse was to shove her aside, but she was drunk and he didn’t want to jostle her too much. He waited for her to move apart from him, but she still hadn’t and perhaps he waited too long. Now Jim didn’t want his mother to move away from him at all.

You see, Jim was catching that radiance and charm from her, that caused men to gravitate to her at social functions, and to hover around her even though such men had their own wives to attend to. He discovered his mother to be… sensuous. There, he’d thought it. His mother was sensuous, and alluring even. She was lying on his body and directing her charms, bursa sinirsiz eskort not at any number of strange men in someone else’s house, but solely at him. Jim looked into his mother’s sparkling eyes. In them he saw not his mother, but a fine example of a woman. One might say this was the very first time Jim had ever seen his mother in such a way. He couldn’t help but look into her soft, welcoming eyes, even as she gazed into his.

Maxine brought her head down to his throat, giving Jim the idea that she might be taking in his cologne again. Instead, the woman began planting quiet kisses on his flesh. This caused Jim’s flesh to break out in goose pimples. He shuddered when his mother’s lips traveled along his jaw, and next on his cheeks. He turned his head, away from her mouth, but those tender touches from her lips only found a broader plane to work their magic on. Her hand found the side of his face. She prodded his head to turn toward hers. Her lips skimmed over his, briefly, before they settled there and kissed him.

Jim brought his hands to his mother’s waist, half-intending on pushing her away, and of retreating from her bedroom right after. It was her allure that held him back, that stopped him. Jim found that his mother had a scent of her own. She smelled of subtle perfume. She was giving off a tremendous amount of heat from her form. Instead of using his hands to remove her, Jim slowly brought his hands lower on her body, and set them over his mother’s ass.

Jim wondered for a moment, of how many men like that fat Charles had touched his mother this way. Those thoughts were suddenly wrenched away from his mind and replaced by more scintillating thoughts. Maxine was pressing her tongue into his mouth and exploring him. Jim returned her fervor with his, because everything else in the world no longer mattered. Also, she spread her legs to either side of his. Jim’s hands could feel how her ass shifted about when she did this. Her dress was taut; Jim squeezed his mother’s ass through it. This caused her to lift her head and moan softly into the empty air beside them.

“Again.” She murmured.

And so, Jim groped her again. This time, when Maxine’s lips returned to his, he found more energy there. Their mouths were colliding, their tongues darting and sloshing against one another. His mother began to squirm over him and to rub her chest against his. The heat between them was becoming volcanic.

Jim pulled up on his mother’s evening dress once, and then twice. His hands cupped the swells of her ass. To his surprise, he found not a slip or a more conservative set of panties, but a thong and a broad stretch of bare flesh. Before, it had been unthinkable for him to imagine having his hands on his mother in this way. Now, he was hard-pressed to remove them. This was his mother, Jim thought, but still his hands refused to budge.

He did move them, when his mother sat up and straddled his waist. She stared down at him with her hair mussed, and her want deeply evident in her face.

“You’re so unlike your father.” She said, softly. “You have so much more passion.”

All this time, Jim had wondered just how drunk his mother had been. Now, he discovered that much of that stupor had ebbed away, possibly because the growing heat between their bodies had made it evaporate.

He watched too, as Maxine gripped the sides of her gown. She pulled it up and over her head. Her bra and thong were both black, he saw, and formed of thin straps of fabric. Much of this woman’s mature body, a body of forty-five years, was evident to him, and much of it was pleasing to his eyes.

Maxine ran her fingers over her son’s clothing. As she began to unbutton his shirt, she said, “Tuxedos are so boring.”

She loosened his tie and pulled the ends of his shirt apart, before running her hands over the white shirt Jim wore underneath. Tenderly, the woman helped Jim undress from the waist up. She leaned to kissed his chest, and next his abdomen and his sides. Her next pause came when she undid the front of his pants.

Jim grunted, when his mother swept a portion of his cock into her mouth. He groaned when she began bobbing on him, and when she held his cock against him and licked all across the shaft. There was no stopping her, Jim thought, and at this point, no stopping him either.

He allowed his mother to remove his shoes and pants, and his socks and boxers. He scooted up further on the bed when his mother prodded him to. When she climbed back on the bed with him, she was as nude as he was.

Maxine hovered over him on her hands and knees, letting her son gaze over her soft, creamy flesh and her hanging breasts. Jim placed his hands on them, causing her to purr. He touched them, squeezed them, and other parts of her as well.

His mother sat on his waist, feeling his hard shaft behind her, and rubbing it against her ass. She shifted up, gathering his thickness in her hand, and keeping it steady as she brought her body up on top of it. Her cleft escort bayan widened for him. It was with a slow precision that she allowed her son’s cock to slip into her. A tender bounce she started up, as she smiled and made eyes at her son below her.

Jim watched the soft wobble of her breasts, as he coursed his hands over his mother’s thighs and up the sides of her body. He’d barely cupped them, when his mother leaned back and propped herself on his knees, as if she were deliberately teasing him by keeping her breasts away. No matter, her son thought, he still had plenty of other places to roam across. Her bounces became faster and more pronounced. Her moans were louder and full of steam. She’d found a good spot to rub herself on, it seemed.

Jim wondered about his father, and of what sort of ruckus would arise if the man chose that particular moment to return home. The young man also recalled how the door to the bedroom was wide open, while his younger sister was out and about somewhere in the house.

These worries were shattered, when his mother announced her orgasm to him. Her face looked to tighten, as a flood of grunts and squeals tore out of her. She sat up, close enough for Jim to snare her and bring her forward onto his chest. He held her tight from her back, lifting his hips and pushing his cock into that very wet tunnel of hers, until he felt his own desire rising within him. It was the angle, he decided. His mother’s pussy was putting much pressure on the underside of his cock. Every rub against her soft walls increased his pleasure. When Jim could take no more, his entire body trembled. His cock trembled most of all, spurting out his hot goo and further drenching what his mother had already wet for him.

Maxine made no attempt to move away from him, as she lay there in her son’s arms. She merely kept her face next to the side of Jim’s head, breathing hard. After a few minutes of this, she started breathing normally again.

“You’re nothing like your father.” The woman said, before she rolled off the bed and stepped into the master bathroom. She closed the door behind her, as if the encounter was officially truncated. Not too long after, he heard the shower starting up.

He’d just had a one-night stand with his mother, Jim realized, in her own bed. He put on his boxers quickly. He gathered his things into a bundle, and scampered out of the room.

His sister was standing in the darkened hall, watching him with wide-open eyes.

“What did you just do?” She whispered.

“It just… it just happened.”

That was all he could think of saying, before Jim abandoned his sister and made his way to his room.

It was a few days after, when the man of the house made his attempt to herd the entire family off to another one of his social ventures. Maxine put him off, pretending to have some sort of headache or other such thing, and so the father went off in search of his offspring. Jim flatly refused, while Amy simply hid from him. In the end the man went of in search of future capital all on his own.

Amy and Jim were in the kitchen, laughing over how Amy had hidden under the bed of the guestroom, when Maxine came in and saw them both.

“Jim, I meant to ask your father to move some things around, but he’s already gone for the night.” The woman said. “I would like it tremendously if you could come and help me… move some furniture about.”

Maxine was looking directly into Jim’s eyes when she said this, but her gaze merely skimmed over her daughter. Having said all she came to say to them, their mother turned and walked away.

Jim glanced at his sister, seeing the look on her face. It was a look that said volumes. Not bearing to see that look for very long, he turned his eyes in another direction and took a long sip of the drink he had in his hand.

“I knew she would come and seek you out.” Amy admitted. “You’re her new flavor of the week, aren’t you? She won’t let you go until she’s had enough of you.”

Jim had nothing to say, and so said nothing.

“What would father say?”

Upon hearing this, Jim chuckled. “If it were any other man but me, he’d put a prospectus in mother’s hand and tell her to hand it to me. He doesn’t love mother; he loves money.”

“And are you going to help… her… to move furniture?”

Amy couldn’t even bring herself to say their mother’s name anymore, Jim observed. In ordinary circumstances, Amy would say ‘mother,’ and when angry she’d refer to her as Maxine. Now, their mother was simply ‘her.’ He did smirk, however, when he thought of moving furniture around. In this case, it would be the bed that would be getting jostled.

“Are you?” Amy repeated.

Without uttering a word, Jim set his drink on the counter. He left the kitchen and his sister behind. His mother was like a fine, aged wine, he considered, with a strong and seductive quality to it. He’d become intoxicated with his mother. Jim could no more refuse her advances than the sun could refuse to rise in the morning.

Maxine came to him, when he entered her bedroom. She wrapped her arms around Jim’s neck and kissed him. She allowed her son’s hands to roam freely on her back and ass. It was Maxine who undressed him, and later who undressed herself. It was Maxine who set her mouth on Jim’s cock, and who licked him and teased him and warmed him with her lips.

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