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American Dream

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American Dream

Or, April Foo-Lee’s Career Kickstart

© 2023 Chloe Tzang. All rights reserved. The author asserts the right to be identified as the author of this story. This story or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author except for the use of brief quotations in a review. If you see this story on any website other than Literotica.com, it’s been copied without the author’s permission.

And here’s that little note from Chloe that you always get: I started writing “American Dream” for the 2018 April Fools Day competition on Literotica, didn’t make it, put it on hold, missed 2019, had another try in 2020 and didn’t make that, and then did the same again in 2021. Missed 2022 completely. This time round, for 2023, I went what the heck, I’m just going to finish it and submit it, and after all, if I don’t get it in soon, Gavin won’t be topical for too much longer, and he’s too good to waste before he turns into history.

So thank you, Laurel and Manu, for providing Literotica for us all, and thank you, dear readers, for reading and enjoying my little stories…hopefully, you enjoy the humor and the sex in this one, as much as I enjoyed the writing. Also, before you start. “American Dream” isn’t short. It’s 70,000 words, about 20 Literotica Pages, so if you only want a short read, you are warned.

And I do hope you enjoy all the other stories in the April Fools Day Story Contest 2023 that this is part of…LOL…Chloe

I used to see you on every T.V.

Your smiling face looked back at me.

I used to see you on every T.V.

Your smiling face looked back at me.

Then they caught you with the girl next door

People’s money piled on the floor…

“American Dream”, Crosby, Stills & Nash

* * *

“Take my cock up your virgin pussy, you hot little slant-eyed slut, you know you want it,” Raoul grunted, flipping my pleated school uniform skirt up around my hips and out of the way.

“Come on, squeal for me.” He thrust hard, making sure I did take it. All of it. I squealed too.

“Owwww…ohhhh…ohhhhh…owww…oh god…oh god yes…yes…yes yes yes…oh god, yes…you’re so big…soooo big…it hurts…it’s so good…don’t stop…please don’t stop…,” I moaned, fingers clutching at the high school student desk I was bent over, face up, staring blindly ahead, squealing and sobbing, the way a hot slutty virgin schoolgirl would when her cherry had just been popped and her tight little virgin pussy was taking its first big hard cock and she was loving every inch of it.

It helped that I did love every inch of Raoul’s cock.

Behind me, Raoul wrapped one fist in my ponytail to keep me looking up towards the back of the classroom as he rammed his cock into me, those wet slapping sounds a rhythmic accompaniment to my moans and squeals, and Jesus, his cock was so big my toes were curling, and he was fucking me so hard my boobs were quivering.

It took a lot to make my boobs quiver like that. Raoul was making sure that they did.

“Fuck…” Raoul grunted. “Fuck, oh fuck yeah, you know you want this, so squeal for me while I fuck that tight little pussy hard, you hot little cock-tease.”

His other hand, the one that wasn’t wrapped in my ponytail and pulling my head back, flipped my school uniform skirt back up around my waist again, exposing my butt, and his hand cracked down hard on my exposed skin.

“Owwwohhhh…” I squealed for him, and I squealed and bucked like a noisy little slant-eyed cock-teasing slut who was bent over a desk and loving being fucked hard for the first time should squeal when her butt was slapped, jerking hard against the desk, legs spread wide, feet sliding on the floor, because he really was doing me hard, and that slap to my butt had been hard too. The feet of the desk scraped shrilly across the floor as it moved, that ghastly metal scratching sound that sent shivers down my spine, so that my pussy squeezed down hard on his cock.

“Owwww, fuck,” the sound technician yelled, ripping his headphones off. “Fucking fuck fuck fuck.”

“Oh Jesus fucking Christ,” Raoul groaned, thrusting hard as I pushed myself back onto him, and I knew he was close to losing it, and so was I, and we were both really into this scene. He didn’t want to stop, and neither did I, because by now neither of us were really acting. I’d been here with Raoul before, and we both knew that, and we both wanted what was coming soon. Sometimes I really got to enjoy my work, and this was one of those times.

“Cut!” Paul said, loudly. “Cut, fuck it…get it out, Raoul, we need you hard, dude…get an ice-pack on him, Marco, quick. Before he loses it.”

“Jesus, fuck,” Raoul groaned, getting it out, and I really didn’t want him to.

“Jesus, cool gaziantep escort it down and turn it off, April. Raoul almost lost it there…Okay, take a break guys.” Paul looked around as Marco tossed Raoul an ice-pack for his cock.

The film crew parked the cameras and the microphone, and cut the lights, and I just sort of collapsed face down on that desk, panting, all sweaty and hot, wanting Raoul’s cock back.

“Where’s Eddy?…there you are. Hey, Eddy, get some felt pads on the feet of that desk will ‘ya? That really sucked when it scraped across the floor.”

“On it, boss,” Eddy said, handing me a tube of wet-wipes, because that lube was running down my thighs now, and I didn’t really need it, because, well, Raoul. He wasn’t gay, and he sure did it for me. I never needed lube when it was Raoul. I didn’t really need lube at all, most times, because I did enjoy what I was doing, and I’d been doing it long enough to know.

“Take a break, April,” Paul said. “You might as well do that interview with that HDK guy now, unless you want to take a nap or something.” He checked his watch. “Don’t clean up, though. We need you looking all sweaty and messed up for the next take. We’ll give Raoul a bit of time to cool down and then try and wrap this scene up next. We’ll go over that pickup scene from Social Studies later this afternoon, that’ll give Raoul some recovery time, and then by end of day, we want to shoot that last scene in the principal’s office and wrap this one before we call it quits for the day. Gotta get this one done and out the door now-now. We need the cash flow.”

“Okay, yeah, sure,” I managed, because I was still breathing hard. I did enjoy my work a lot, and I enjoyed Raoul even more. My toes were still curling, and Jesus, I’d been so close to a real one, and Paul would’ve loved that, because the real ones always came out looking totally hot on film. They actually looked even better than they were in real life, and believe me, they were really good in real life.

With Raoul, they were really really really good.

I mean, I could fake it if I needed to, but with Raoul, I never needed to, and I loved working with him. As for Raoul, well, let’s just say he had a thing for Asian girls, and he loved working with me. This’d be our fourth movie together, and I was totally looking forward to the next one. I’d tried to persuade Paul to give him the lead in Social Studies too, but Paul, he’d been pretty adamant about that one.

“Nah, we need some blonde Nazi preppy looking WASP guy for the lead, April. Raoul’s just too Hispanic, even if he’d shave his head, and you know he won’t.”

Raoul liked that ponytail of his. He liked Aikido too, he sort of thought of himself as the porno version of Steven Seagal. Paul had had to watch a couple of those old Steven Seagal movies with me before I figured that one out, and yeah, he did look a bit like that dude, when he was younger anyhow, before he got all porky and went Russian Nazi, and we were thinking maybe the movie after Social Studies, we could work in some martial arts stuff. I’d started going to this Taekwondo school when I had some free time, which wasn’t that often these days.

Between university, filming, and personal networking, I just didn’t have that much free time.

“You okay, Raoul?” Paul asked, because Raoul had one whopper of an erection, and it wasn’t going down, even with that ice-pack. Paul looked at it, like he was real concerned Raoul wouldn’t be able to stop himself from jerking off or something. That was always a problem with the guys in these movies. They could only get it up and cum a finite number of times in a day, and if you wasted shooting a load, well, that was it as far as filming went until he could get it up again. Besides, you needed cum for the cum-shots and it had to be a good load to be worth filming. He could fake an orgasm easily enough if he kept his cock in. You could fake cum easily enough, but faking an actual real cum-shot, that was a lot harder and we weren’t big on special effects. Not yet, anyway.

Me, I wasn’t too worried. Raoul, he had a lot of self-control. I mean, if you were the guy co-starring in a porn movie, and you were fucking a girl that looked like me, and you liked Asian girls, you needed a load of self-control to stop yourself from losing it, and keep following the script. Unless you were gay, and then the big problem was getting it up, and keeping it up. Raoul managed, every time, and he wasn’t gay, either. He had a lot of staying power, and I couldn’t stop looking at his cock.

I wanted it, and I half-wondered if he’d like to date outside of work. I did know he was married, because we did talk off set. It’d be great to do it with him without everyone standing around filming and everything, but I guess he was married, and I shouldn’t. It sucked having to stop when I was that close though, and I didn’t know about him, but I was still hot and shivery.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine, Paul,” Raoul said, a bit hoarsely. “I’ll take a cold shower and put my feet up until we’re ready to start again.” He gave me a grin. “Out of sight of April.”

Eddy chuckled.

“Grab some food everyone, the catering service just dropped everything off. We start shooting again at eleven and wrap this one before we break for lunch, okay?” Paul looked around.

That chorus of “Yeah” and “Sure” and “Okay” came back, because we had about half a dozen people here besides Paul, Eddy, Raoul, and me. Paul nodded, wearing that really serious expression I’d been getting used to since we started doing these movies. This whole film directing career thing was really making him a lot different from the guy I’d started dating a few months ago, back when we’d met a few months after I started that last year of high school here in San Francisco. Mind you, I was a lot different from the fresh-off-the-boat-from-China girl I’d been almost a year ago too.

“I’ll make the call to that HDK dude with the tits and movie blog for you, April,” Paul said, as I followed him through to the office at the back of the old warehouse we’d leased. “Make sure you flash him some boob, and I’ll email him a few tit shots for his blog. He gets a lot of views, and we can ask him to include links. That’ll drive a few more sales.” He grinned. “HDK’s got a lot of readers. It’ll drive quite a lot more sales if he gives you a good review.”

There was another office off of Paul’s which doubled as my dressing room, with a large rattan day-bed we’d picked up for fifty bucks from that used furniture store down the road. I used that for taking naps. Came in really useful when we were filming late, or when I had to do interviews, like with this HDK dude, because these days, my schedule was kind of full. Full? I didn’t have a spare minute in my days.

Or my nights. It was hard to keep up with my studies sometimes.

I missed my mom, too, and maybe I should try calling her again. Screw my dad. Asshole. Maybe he’d gone back to China, and if he had, I knew my mom would probably talk to me. She might still be mad at me, but she’d talk.

“Hey, John,” Paul said, a couple of minutes later, and I had that uniform off and my panties back on, along with a loose tank top, because it was a hot day outside and it was an old warehouse. No air-con.


Comfortably boring white cotton bikini briefs, not the little red g-string I’d been wearing for the shoot. I’d drunk half an iced tea as well, so I was feeling a lot more on the ball. Those lights were hot, as well as bright, and what with all the sweating when Raoul was doing me, I needed that hydration. Probably needed a shower too, but I was supposed to be looking all sweaty for the next take, so I wasn’t going to spoil that one.

Continuity’s always a bitch when you’re on a tight shooting schedule, and making the movies we did, on a real tight budget, because we were shoe-stringing our way into the market with a bare minimum film crew, two guys to knock up the sets, and a scriptwriter who mostly worked from home so that all we saw of him were the emails. I did my clothes and makeup myself, although we were going to hire a girl in a few weeks, but right now I wasn’t going to screw around and waste everyone’s time, although yeah, I knew I’d enjoy Raoul getting me all sweaty again, and Raoul would too.

“April’s here, John. I’ll leave you to talk to her, okay. Got about an hour.” Paul gave me a grin. “Make it good, April. HDK’s a good guy. Flash him some nipple and tit, and he’ll be your slave for life.”

I nodded, and sat down at my desk, pushing my university study assignment out of the way and smiling into the webcam as I slipped the headset on.

* * *

“Hi, Miss Foo-Lee. I’m John, you know, HDK from Red Hot Movie Reviews…,” the guy said, from out of my display. Blinking. Rapidly.

He wasn’t bad looking for an older guy. Sort of guy I would never have been interested in dating, back when I was at high school, before I met Paul, and thought that a guy in his early twenties with long hair and earrings was kind of old and really mature and totally cool.

I mean, Paul was in his early twenties with long blonde hair he wore in a ponytail and earrings, but Paul was a way different kind of cool. Now? Well, I’d dated quite a few older guys the last few months, the ones that could afford me, and this HDK guy seemed kind of attractive. John. That was what his name was. I better remember that. His blog had a lot of readers, and he wrote these really hot stories on that Literotica website we stole a lot of our movie plots from. I’d been reading through Social Studies earlier, just to get the feel of the story again.

“Hi John, and do call me April,” I smiled that smile that made guys forget everything, lips slightly parted, looking at him breathlessly, my eyes widening just a little, like he meant the whole world to me. Him, and only him. My entire world was him, and he looked a bit stunned. He looked even more stunned when one strap of my loose tank top slipped off my shoulder and down my arm, almost exposing one nipple.

I licked my lips, slowly, and he actually groaned out loud.

Actually, right then, he did mean the whole world to me. I needed interviews. I liked interviews. Like I liked having four and a half million followers on Instagram and about the same on Tik Tok. Hit a million back when me and Gavin hit the news. Hit three million months ago, and I was heading for five now. Maybe when this movie went out I’d hit it, and really, the next step after that was ten.

You get a lot of free stuff and promotional deals when you have that many followers, and there was that promotional deal in the works that was gonna double what I was making. Fame? It’s fun, but you always need to keep working on that social media presence. The moment you slack off, that’s when you start to lose ground, and I’d put a lot of work into building my social media profile and growing followers organically.

It still surprised me what a few hot bikini shots would do. Every time we uploaded a few new ones, the hits and the followers jumped.

Okay, enough fun. Time to take pity on him.

“Your email said you’d like to do some background, John. You know, like for your blog post on my next movie, or something?”

“Yes,” he said, real eagerly, and I guess if I was an old guy like him interviewing the hottest new Asian porn movie starlet in North America in person, or at least in person online, I’d be real keen too. I mean, I read my own fan emails, and my reviews on IMDB and the comments on Pornhub and everything. I knew what I did to guys. I actually rather liked it. There’s something about knowing that four and a half million guys are jerking off every night watching and thinking about you that’s just…inspiring.

It’s rather exciting, too.

This guy? HDK? He wasn’t that old. Older than me, of course, but then again, I was nineteen and in my first year at university, so just about everyone who interviewed me was way older, and I’d never been interviewed by anyone younger than about sixty before, because most of these guys that reviewed porn movies were these old dudes that did it for fun, because it wasn’t like it paid anything at all.


One of those old guys had jerked himself off while he’d been interviewing me. That was a few months ago, when I was starting out, and I’d needed all the publicity I could get, to help move sales along, and build some ongoing market visibility, because Gavin was only a one-time thing, and I needed to keep myself in the public eye. Lose that attention, and you just fade away. You need to stay in front of your audience all the time, so I’d blinked when that guy started jerking off, because, really? I was going to cut the interview, but Paul had gestured to go on, so I had.

Any publicity’s good publicity, right?

Paul’d recorded it, and worked the whole scene into one of my next movies. The whole interview scene, and I’d laughed myself silly. It was funny. Credited him, too, by nickname anyhow. I loved it. I mean, it wasn’t like I hadn’t seen guys jerk off, right? I mean, I starred in porn movies, even if it’d only been half a dozen behind me back then. Guys had jerked off in my movies, and most of it ended up on me. I mean, porn, right? That’s what a lot of guys like to see. Girls too, it turned out.

None of those interviewers had done that again, though. Didn’t want any actual parts in my movies, I guess. Especially that part, because that old guy’s “part” hadn’t been that big. He’d really cum though. The volume had been impressive.

“You said you wanted to talk about my next movie?” I prompted him. He had that slightly glaze-eyed look that a lot of guys got when they talked to me.

John blinked, and he did look a bit confused, like he was trying to remember what we’d been talking about. “Social Studies, right, April? That’s what Paul mentioned your next film was going to be?”

“That’s right,” I smiled, and I did try to dial it down. “We’re shooting it next, after Teacher’s Pet.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, okay. I knew he’d talked to Paul. Paul had set up this interview, and Paul, he’s my agent, as well as directing all my movies. Used to be my boyfriend, but he’s my agent now. For movies. Mainly because he directs them as well, and he’s not actually my boyfriend now, even though we’re really close, because it felt kind of weird having my boyfriend directing a film crew filming me, well, fucking, because that’s what it was, however fluffy you make it sound, and it was never him that was fucking me, because he was too busy directing.

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