Amelia and the Tutor Ch. 02

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The last lesson before the university clearance test and he walked up her drive with a huge smile on his face. His satchel was a little fuller than usual. He was freshly showered and his clothes were ironed, a part of him realised how pathetic he must seem, a grown man dressing as if on a date for the first time. He rang the bell and there was no answer, he rang patiently for five minutes. After another twenty minutes he began to sag, his shoulders dropped and creases began to form in his blazer. He was about to leave when Amelia’s blond hair bobbed into view over the top of the hedgerow. She jogged onto the drive and slowed to a walk when she saw him. Her hair was tied into a pony tail and she wore a tight black lycra top and black lycra shorts. A passing car lost control and skidded onto the curb as she sashayed toward him.

“I forgot you were coming.” She said with no hint of apology, a mere statement.

She was slightly out of breath and sweat glistened over her body.

“Sorry.” He blurted, his confidence shattered by her appearance.

The car in the street started up again and slowly drove away. He followed her into the house, gulping in eyefuls of her bottom wriggling through the lycra. Her calves curved out with graceful power.

“I’m not quite sure why my mother booked a lesson for today, the essay is due Saturday and I nearly have it completed.”

“Oh, well perhaps I should look over it.” He offered.

“I have to say I’m not quite sure why my mother thought I would need a tutor. But the university does have a silly little rule about gap year students having to pass an extra test, despite my excellent grades.”

Amelia rounded on him. ” There were times, at the start of our lessons, when I could have burst out laughing. Some of the things you said, your reading of the play, were just so dull and half baked; sometimes you even quoted York notes as a source. And you have the nerve to charge my mother for it? Not to mention the majority of the time you were trying to see up my skirt, looking at my breasts. The lack of understanding and the lazy recycling of ideas and you pass that down to young people and make a living from it. I think that’s why I first decided to sit on your face, just to shut you up.”

He was shaking now, she stared at him with her brown eyes burning, reddish hazel, she dabbed at her face with a fluffy towel. He shoved his hand into his satchel and held out the phone; he had wrapped it with a bow. She took it from him with little interest.

The doorbell rang, a large shadow across the frosted glass.

“Answer the door.” She said.

A tall, handsome man stood at the door. He stared at the tutor and saw Amelia over his shoulder. He pushed Mr Daniels to one side and stepped into the house.

” Richard?” Amelia said. “My mother’s away.”

“I’m not here for her.” He said gruffly.

“Oh?” Asked Amelia and coyly bit her lip.

“Who’s this?” Asked Richard, gesturing at Mr Daniels.

“My tutor.” Said Amelia, playing with her hair and giggling, she became girlish and flushed.

“Well tell him to get lost, I can’t stop thinking about you, all week. You got me so worked up when I stayed over last weekend, wriggling past me in a towel while I tried to eat breakfast with your mother.”

He pointed at the present in her hand. “What’s that?”

“Mr Daniels has been buying me nice things; he knows how to treat a girl.” Amelia put her hand on the tutors shoulder, who cowered by the bannisters as the man studied him.

Richard leered at Amelia and grabbed his crotch. “I know how to treat a girl.”

She giggled and jumped on him, wrapping her legs around his waist. He grabbed her bottom and swung her around and they kissed long and hard. Mr Daniels started to the door, tears in his eyes.

“Wait.” Called Amelia, the cold authority back in her voice. She was still in the clutches of Richard, who was nuzzling her breasts and groaning.

She released herself from the man’s clutches and slid down him,

“Wait for me upstairs, I have to deal with my tutor.” She breathed at him, rubbing the bulge in his trousers.

“I’ll take you here and now.” He snarled.

“I’m all sweaty from my run.”

“Good, don’t shower, I want to sell you on my skin for the rest of the day, and I want my wife to taste you later when she sucks my cock.”

“Wait for me upstairs.” She whispered, kissing him softly. He grinned at Mr Daniels, the triumph of an alpha male, and the lesser man stood bright red and trembling. Amelia smiled as he walked upstairs, and then rolled her eyes.

“Such an alpha” She said. “Frightfully dull.”

She wrapped the tutors tie around her hand and pulled him close.

“Useful though.” She smiled cruelly, “I remember when I was a little younger, eighteen, and tired of playing with boys and I came home from college. It sounded as if my poor mother was being murdered, I rushed up the stairs to her room and there she was, her legs in the air, her eyes rolling back in her head bal─▒kesir escort as he ploughed her with the biggest cock I have ever seen. She didn’t see me, she wouldn’t of noticed if the entire roman army marched through the room, but he did, looked right at me and fucked her even harder, and the next chance I got I was bent over that bed. Don’t let him intimidate you though, I have him under just as much control as you, it’s just that with a gorilla like him you can’t let them think they are controlled, their egos simply won’t allow it, and I do need him to function. Be careful though, he is a jealous type, even to know you have had a sniff of me would be enough to set him off. I remember the poor nervous boy I took to the prom, as a favour to my mother’s best friend, the beating he gave him, and the poor skinny boy was squealing and begging me to help. I must have absentmindedly told him I would be in that hotel room alone, and when he found that boy there, nervously fondling my breasts, well, that was a long night. Timmy was unconscious for a good part of it; it was only our rather athletic fucking that bought him round. Poor Timmy, never been quite the same, sworn to secrecy of course, helps that I have some rather embarrassing photos of him.”

“Shall we reschedule the lesson?” Was all he could think to ask. He wanted to leave now, all elements of a game were beginning to fall away to something sinister.

Amelia smiled at him, her face close to his. She kissed him lightly on the cheek, and looked upstairs, the shower was running. “No.” She said finally, “Why on earth would I want you to leave?”

Richard walked into her room with the steam from the shower pouring off him. He folded his clothes over a chair and stood with a towel wrapped around his waist. She sat on the bed watching his muscles.

“I do wish you would let me shower first.”

“Believe me, you look perfect.”

She twirled her hair in her fingers and looked away.

“But my mother is always so manicured and perfumed when she…receives you.”

The bulge in his towel started to form, she glanced casually at it. He picked up a stuffed bear from the dressing table and sneered.

“A little old for this sort of thing aren’t you?”

“That’s Mr Wriggles, he’s my oldest friend.”

“Jesus Amelia. You are so fucked up.” He grabbed his crotch.

“Are you jealous of my bear?” She teased.

He grabbed each end of the toy and started to twist the head, Amelia feigned horror. She pulled the towel from his waist and his erection sprang up. On her knees she sank her lips around the head and pushed her head forward until it made her gag. There was still enough room for her to wrap one hand around the base and she started wanking him into her mouth, fondling his balls with her other hand.

He threw the bear into a corner and grabbed at her ponytail, as if to take control of the act. He made groaning animal noises as he came close to cumming, Amelia pulled her head back and he pushed it back down on his cock. She squeezed his balls and he jumped back.

“Fucking hell, be careful woman!”

She looked up at him and licked her lips.

“You were losing control.” She said in a matter of fact tone as he stare down at her in anger.

“And I want to fuck.” She held his stare and he looked away, breathing out slowly

“Well I’ve got more than one in me; you know I like to do it in the moment.”

“Of course you do, but I don’t want to wait around for you to get a second wind, my tutors waiting downstairs.”

“That odd little man is still here? What’s his deal anyway, a tutor who buys you presents, Amelia don’t tell me…”

“Of course not, do you think I would lower myself to a grubby, penniless little beetle like him?” She kissed his cock and brushed her thumb along the base, he grabbed at her head again and she ducked out of the way.

“I like real men, alpha males with big cocks and lots of money, but if he wants to buy me things and dream a hopeless little dream, well it would simply be cruel to deny him such a simple pleasure.”

“And it wouldn’t take me any time at all to get my second wind.”

“Well you’re hardly a young man anymore are you?”

“Tell me if any of your young men can do to you what I’m about to.”

He threw her onto the bed and pulled off her shorts, she was naked underneath and he dived between her legs. She took off her top and lay back, grabbing handfuls of his hair and gasping. She looked down at him and smiled to herself, thinking how reluctant he had once been to use his tongue on her, but now he loved every second of it. She patted him on the head and he mumbled through her pubic hair. She thought about all the things eventually he would come to love, when the training path he had unwittingly stumbled upon lead them there. For now she enjoyed the tantalising sensation that soon, he would be fucking her, hard and angry. He was firmly under the belief that she was another cock hungry young girl waiting to be told bal─▒kesir escort bayan what to do by a man. He started to suck at her breasts and clumsily finger her, she moaned and bucked and affected a little tremble as she raised her hands to stroke his face. They kissed, she tasted herself all over him.

“If he ever got the wrong idea……she whispered in his ear.”

“Who?” He panted, his eyes glazing over in lust. She ran her hand along his bicep and bit her lip. “The tutor, if he ever tried anything.”

“He wouldn’t dare.” Snarled Richard.

“But if he did, make an advance, or suggest I lead him on by letting him buy me things. Does it make me a bad person?”

He put his cock between her legs, pressing the head against her glistening lips.

“If anyone paws at you, then you simply call me.”

“What would you do?”

He rubbed his cock against her. “I’d rip him from limb to limb, and you have no idea. What I did to your little prom date would be nothing compared.”

“Poor Timmy.” She giggled. “Didn’t he squeal? I suppose the tutors harmless enough, he does buy me nice things.”

“I’ll buy you things.” Gasped Richard as he entered her, she closed her eyes and put her head back, her golden hair spread out around her.

“You deserve jewels.”

“Oh yesssssss…..Oh Richard……”

“You deserve it all…”

“Give it to me Richard; give me all of it…..”

He ploughed into her, her legs wrapped around him. The bedsprings groaned and Amelia screamed, the mattress bounced up and down. They changed positions, she sat on top of him and rode hard, as if she was determined to break the bed, he whispered her name, she squealed in delight, the bed hung on for dear life. They finished on their knees, him taking her from behind and fondling her pert breasts as he was inside her, she leaned back and rested her head against his chest. He pulled out and roared as he came all over the length of her back and it ran down between her buttocks. She lay on her front gasping. He picked up the towel from the floor and offered it to her.

“I made a real mess of your back.”

She was flushed, but still smiled brilliantly at him.

“Be a darling and mop it up for me? I don’t think I could reach it all.”

“Okay.” He said frowning at the task, and set to dabbing his cum from her back. It had dribbled in large amounts into her buttocks but when he started to dab at them she pushed his hand away.

“You can leave that bit, I like to feel it harden and crack in my panties, especially as I’ll be having dinner with mother later, my delicious secret.”

“You are so fucked up.” He slapped her bottom and laughed.

“So says the man fucking his mistress’s daughter.”

“Don’t tease me Amelia, I don’t like it, especially not from a girl.”

“Ohhh sweetie, you don’t like being teased by girls?”

She crawled on top of him, he tried to push her off but was tired from their arduous fucking. She put his hands on her breasts and grinned at him. She was rubbing herself against his cock and it grew beneath her.

“You do like being teased after all.”

“I haven’t got time to go again, I’ve already been here too long.”

“Will your wife be suspicious?”

She flicked the tip of his penis and he flinched.

“Amelia I have to go.”

“All this talk of second winds Richard?”

“Fine, you little bitch.”

He pulled her down to him, and pushed his cock into her. She laughed and started to ride on top of him. When he tried to change positions she pinned his arms above him and rode harder, he did his best to keep up and when he finally came inside her she continued to fuck him, grating his hips deep into the mattress, he was sweating and trembling now, his strong thighs started to feel empty and his arms could no longer fight her grip. His cock grew soft and she cooed and teased him, until finally she arched over him with a loud orgasm. When she climbed off him he was too exhausted to be angry, but she made an effort to soothe his bruised ego.

“I knew you could fuck like a teenager.” She said, and he laughed in relief between frantic pants. She kissed and nuzzled him like a ravaged woman and let him reclaim some of his masculinity as he held her and listened to her coo with pleasure.

Eventually Richard got up to leave. For a fraction of a second he thought his legs would fold beneath him as he started down the stairs. Amelia followed him down and they kissed at the door.

“Are you really going to make your wife suck your cock before you shower?” She asked.

“I want her to taste you on me.” He said

“You’re so naughty Richard, what if she notices?”

“I’m tired of hiding, fuck it all. You know in a couple of months I’ll be away at a conference for a whole week, up north.”

“How ghastly.”

“Not if we bunkered down in a hotel room together. I only have to attend the first day, and then we have the whole week together, fucking and ordering room escort bal─▒kesir service.”

“Shouldn’t my mother get first refusal?”

“I can’t keep stealing the odd hour with you; you’ll be off to university soon.”

“Worried you’ll lose me to a younger man?” She kissed him.

“Huh.” He scoffed. “Come or don’t, I don’t think I’ll have much trouble finding someone to keep me company in my four star suite.”

“Four stars? How sumptuous.” Mocked Amelia, “I’ll bear it in mind.”

She got up on her tip toes and kissed him on the lips. She grinned at his efforts to stride to his car, wobbling slightly and pretending to kick at a divot in the path. He drove away and she closed the door and sighed. She tightened her short silk robe and went to the fridge, taking a long drink of juice from the bottle. The sky outside had turned grey and rainy. She smiled at this, such a dreary scene and yet her life was so much fun. She sauntered back upstairs and into her room. She picked up Mr Wriggles and kissed him on the nose.

“Did the mean man hurt you?” She asked and a muffled grunt came from beneath the bed.

She laughed and set the bear down on the side. She rearranged her pillows and bed sheets and looked around the room, she gathered up her jogging outfit and dropped it in her laundry basket. When she was satisfied the room was tidy she walked to the end of the bed and reached underneath it, grabbing a pair of ankles. She dragged the tutor from beneath the bed and laughed at the ridiculous spectacle he made. He looked up at her with bulging eyes, his wrists securely fastened together with her sweaty sports bra, his ankles tied together with his own neck tie, and best of all her thong balled up and shoved into his mouth to serve as a gag. He mumbled something at her and she laughed when she saw the imprint of the bedframe across his cheek and forehead. He was dazed and sore, as she had intended the mattress had crushed and pounded into him as he felt the full force of his princess being fucked by a superior man. She pulled the thong out of his mouth and he moaned.

“Princess, I think I have a concussion, and my eye feels bruised.”

She examined him and agreed. “That’s going to come up as a real shiner.”

“What will I tell my wife?” He whimpered.

“Tell her the truth, one of your students enslaved you simply with a sniff of her arse, and now you are a toy to her. Or perhaps think of something else? But don’t burden me with your problems, I just treated you to front row seats to quite a show, and all you can think to do is complain?”

“Sorry princess.” He mumbled.

She looked at him and in one quick movement stamped barefoot on his crotch. He sat up in agony, his cock had been stiff the whole time he was under the bed, almost crushed beneath the mattress.

She grabbed him around the neck, gone was the coy nineteen year old, here was the woman who had enslaved him.

“You’re only sorry.” She said with her eyes burning into his, “When I make you sorry.”

She let go of him and he fell to the floor. She stood over him and dipped her toes into his mouth; he set about cleaning each toe, salty with sweat. She dragged her feet one at a time against his outstretched tongue from heel to toe.

“You’ve been spending all of your pennies on me haven’t you?”

“Yes princess!” He gasped, almost able to see up her robe. She picked up the little paper bag from her table and clicked her fingers. She glared at his confusion.

“That means get on your knees.” He shuffled and wriggled, limbs tied together until he was up on his knees. She tied her hair back into a ponytail and stood over him while unwrapping her gift. He watched her face carefully, desperate to make her happy. After what he had just experienced he felt like he was floating, released from all pretence of masculinity, it was the most humiliating experience of his life and yet the most liberating, and a smile on the face of Amelia was all the reward he needed. She turned the phone over in her hand, her face not revealing anything.

“Does it have all of the newest features?”

“The lady at the shop told me it was the latest one.”

“How many gigabytes of music can I have?”

“Thirty two, Princess, she said that was a lot.”

“A girl at my gym has sixty four, that is the standard, and I don’t like the colour. Black is so boring.”

“I put some extra covers in the bag princess.”

She looked. “Oh yes, so you did. Hmm, the red one is okay I suppose, put it on for me.”

“My hands are tied.”

“Yes I can see that. You really are useless.”

“If you untie me, then….”

“No, I want you tied up for a little longer, so black will have to do for now, and that sounded awfully like an order.”

She slapped him hard across the face, and then pressed her thumb into the mark the bedsprings had left in his forehead.

“How many calls can I make on this thing?”

“Unlimited, princess.” He howled as she dug her thumb into the sore groove. “And if it goes over I just pay a little more.”

“So the bill gets sent to you?”

“Yes princess…”

“Does your daughter have this model?”

“No.. Last years…”

“See it stays that way, save yourself some money, she can’t have the same phone as me do you understand?”

“Yes princess.”

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