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Amber’s Plan

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Amber’s Plan

“I don’t know anyone who’s going to be there.”

“Who cares? There’s going to be a bunch of really hot guys.”

Amber’s friend Jessica said as she slid her shirt down over her jeans. Jessica and Amber were best friends and were in a lot of the same classes in college. They were both big party girls and were always at clubs and parties on Friday nights.

This evening was a similar one as one of Jessica’s friends had invited them to a house party. The two 19 year old girls were busy getting ready and trying to find the perfect outfit to wear for the evening. Jessica picked a low top with jeans. Amber picked out a black pair of yoga pants and a blue tank top. When the two of them had finished they got into Jessica’s car and started driving to the party.

“So are you going to find a cute guy to take you home tonight?” Jessica asked.

“I’m hoping he’ll find me it’s been at least 3 months since I’ve gotten fucked and I need to find a guy who can satisfy me.”

“That won’t be to hard girl, you’re beautiful.”

Jessica was correct. Amber was 5:4 122lbs with long brown hair and brown eyes to match. Her 36C cups were shown off well by the blue tank top but the most pleasurable part of Amber was her ass. Amber did the Two Hundred Squat program where you start at 30 squats every day and eventually work up to 200. Amber also did dead-lifts as well as Hot Yoga classes at the college gym. This routine ensured that Amber’s butt was beautifully shaped and tight. The yoga classes also helped to improve her flexibility and because she did hot yoga she would be perfectly cleansed and have clean smooth skin.

However, at her root Amber was a bad girl who enjoyed sex and the increasing gap between boy friends had caused her to get increasingly horny.

The house party was crowded as all college house parties are. And the two girls had to wade through the crowd to get to where the kegs were. After turning 19 the two were now legal to drink in Canada and had been exercising their right to drink quite a bit. And as Amber drank out of her red plastic cup she looked around the room. There was a game of beer pong going on and the males at the party were seriously getting into it. One of the guys was doing particularly well. However, it wasn’t his beer pong skills Amber was paying attention to. He was dressed in tight grey t-shirt and blue jeans. He obviously worked out but he wasn’t too big which Amber preferred.

“Hey Amber!”

Amber turned around to see her friend Kim. Kim motioned for her to come out onto the balcony. Amber walked out and greeted her friend and they embraced.

“This is a nice place. Are you having fun?”

“Maybe later on. Who’s that guy in the grey shirt playing beer pong?”

“That’s James, he’s in my anatomy class. And speaking of anatomy I hear görükle escort his anatomy is extravagant.”

“what do you mean?”

“I mean he has a dick this fucking big.” Kim held up her hands a good distance apart and Amber’s pussy twitched as she imagined such a big member ripping her up.

“I need that babe I am SO fucking horny.”

“Do you think you can get him?”

“I know I can get him.”

Amber walked in and nudged her way through the crowd until she was next to James. The opposing player bounced the ball into a drink and a small bit of beer went onto Amber’s top. James looked to his right to see who it was and was met with Amber’s beautiful 36Cs as Amber bent down to wipe her top. James liked what he saw and could feel his dick start to harden in his pants. Amber bent back up and caught James staring at her breasts.

“Caught you looking you naughty boy.” Amber smiled and pushed her hair behind her ear. She continued to smile as she turned around and headed away from the table. As she walked away she could sense James following her and she loved it. As she stopped at the door to the bathroom she bent herself as she leaned into the door. She took her time with it to ensure James got a perfect look at her ass. As she stepped through the doorway she turned back and sure enough James was following her.

She played it cool and talked to him about her classes and other small talk till the end of the party and just as she planned at the end of the night they exchanged numbers and agreed that they should go to a movie some time soon.

The next day Amber was home by herself and she was getting wet thinking of James and his large member. She texted James and said it was about time for that movie seeing as it was a Saturday. Of course Jessica knew all about Amber and James and was excited when Amber texted her to tell her that James was coming over. Amber went to her closet and picked out a white pair of yoga pants this time but raised the stakes by wearing a black thong. She then laid herself on her bed and waited for James to come. Half an hour later James arrived and was surprised and excited when Amber texted him telling him to just walk in. When James walked in the door and called out Amber told him to come down the hall as she was in her room. Amber had planned this very carefully and had angled herself on the bed so her perfect. Ass was facing the door.

“Come on in don’t be shy.” Amber said as she turned her head to James. “Do you like what you see?”

“Oh my god, I don’t mean to stare but my god you are beautiful”

Amber smiled “you can touch me if you want. I could use a massage.”

James wasn’t going to say no to that and was quickly rubbing Amber’s shoulders and back.

“mmmmm that feels good. Can you massage my ass?”

“Absolutely.” escort bayan James said as he placed his hands on her beautiful butt.

“mmmmm harder” Amber said. “Yeah that’s good.”

All of a sudden James took one hand off and after a few seconds stopped massaging with the one. As Amber was about to turn her head to see what was going on she felt the head of James’ shaft go into her pussy through her pants.

Amber’s pussy tightened with the shock her head flew up and back and her mouth formed a big “O” as she responded to James entering her. “oh my god wow…slap it on my ass.” James formed a rhythm where he slid just the head of his dick in and out of Amber’s pussy. Then he would pull it out and slap his cock on her ass.

After a few minutes of that Amber couldn’t resist the urge to suck Jame’s cock. “Oh my god James…I want to suck your cock…please let me suck your cock.” Jame’s pulled his cock out of Amber’s pussy and told Amber to get on her knees. This was the first time she’d seen how big James’ cock really was. Kim’s rumors had been correct. James’ cock was just over 8 inches and was impressively thick. Amber took it in her hand and kissed the head. She then wrapped her lips around his cock and began to suck. Amber licked the bottom of his shaft causing James to groan. His abs tightened and his head went back with the sensation.

He laid down on the bend opened his knees to let Amber continue with her mind blowing blowjob. Amber was trying to take all of him into her mouth but it just wasn’t going to happen. She went halfway, gagged, and then came up to jerk his cock.

“Are you ready to get fucked baby?”

“mmmm yeah are you ready to fuck me?

They both got finished getting undressed and then held each other in their arms as they made out.

“On the bed baby…face down…hold your legs.”

James got Amber to lay on her stomach at the edge of the bed, and then reach back to hold her feet back by the ankles. He then positioned his cock toward her opening and began to slide his cock into her pussy. Amber’s pussy was tight and James loved the sensation as he went deeper and deeper into her pussy.

“ooh ooh ooh okay…wow…I’m not used to a cock that big.”

James placed his hands around Amber’s waist, gripped, and as he pulled backward, began thrusting into her pussy.


“Don’t let go of those ankles. If you let go of those ankles it’s going in your ass.”

James grabbed a handful of Amber’s hair and continued to pound her pussy. Amber could feel herself getting weaker as her impending orgasm came closer and closer. “I’m going to cum! James I’m going to cum!” “yeah cum on my cock!” “Ahh…ahh…ahhhhh…oh fuck I came.” James stopped pounding, gave two deep thrusts then pulled out.

Amber settled bursa escort down a bit and let go of her ankles and let her legs fall. James pulled her closer to the edge of the bed then slid the head of his cock up and down her slit. He then made his mark an inch higher and slid the head of his cock into Amber’s ass. “I told you I would put it in your ass if you let go of those ankles.” “ooh easy I’m sorry.” “do you like my cock in your ass.” “yes James.” “Do you want to get fucked hard?” “Yes!” “Ask me to fuck you hard.” “James please fuck me hard.”

James put his hands on either side of Amber’s body and proceeded to push his cock halfway in, in short hard thrusts. “Oh my god James I’m going to cum again.” James then changed from short hard thrusts to fast thrusts. “Yes that’s it…don’t stop I’m going to cum…yes…yes…yes oh god…FUCK!”

James waited a few seconds then pulled his cock out of Amber’s ass. James lay down on the bed on his back. “I want you to ride my cock baby.” Amber knelt down, grabbed the top of James’ cock and guided it into her pussy. She then placed both hands on either side of James chest and began thrusting herself onto his cock. As she continued to ride him her arms bent and she slowly lowered her chest towards his. As James felt her pussy start to tighten he put both hands around her waist, lifted her up, and then quickly started pounding her pussy. “James don’t stop…don’t you fucking stop…oh my god…ahhhhh!” Amber came for the third time.

James could feel the cum in his balls moving up, and his cock was beginning to twitch. “Do you want me to cum Amber? “Oh my god, yes!” “Yeah, are you going to eat up all of my cum?” “yes I’ll do whatever you want just please cum.” “Get on your knees baby…now I want you to suck my cock until I cum.” Amber wrapped her hand around the base of James cock and then took the rest of him into her throat. She proved she was a good girl and cupped his balls with her other hand. Every few seconds she’d take him out of her mouth and jerk his cock for a few seconds before putting him back in her mouth.

James had given Amber three orgasms and he could feel his own about to happen. He pulled his cock out of Amber’s mouth and began to stroke it long and fast. “I’m about to cum baby open nice and wide.” Amber opened her mouth and leaned in. “Here it is baby ahh…ahh…AHHHH!” James first two shots went into Amber’s mouth. The third went slightly left and streaked her cheek. The fourth was far weaker and landed on Amber’s breasts. Amber then took his head in her mouth and jerked his cock to suck out any more cum. She then pulled his cock out with a loud pop. She wiped the cum of her cheek as well as her breasts and swallowed that as well. “Wow, that was a lot of cum.” “Next time I’m going to shower my cum all over your ass.” Amber stood up and continued to jerk his cock as she kissed him.

“Oh yeah well I’m going into the shower right now. Think you can get hard again?”

End of Part 1
This is my second story that I’ve written. I hope you all enjoyed it.

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