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Allison pulled her phone out of her purse and glanced at the time. Seven fifty-nine. Melissa had told her she would meet her at eight. She leaned back against the cool metal of the library shelf. She had no idea why Mel had suggested they meet here, in this tucked-away corner of the library basement, surrounded by stacks of ancient looking biology journals. She’d arrived almost half an hour early and had not seen a single person the entire time she waited. “Only for you Mel…” she muttered under her breath.

Suddenly she felt arms wrap around her waist from behind and a warm whisper in her ear. “Hey there, pretty lady,” Allison recognized Melissa’s voice and turned around.

“Hey yourself. I was starting to think you were standing me up,” she laughed.

“Never,” Mel replied, leaning in and placing a soft kiss on Allison’s lips.

“Mel!” Allison whispered, “Not here! Someone might see us.”

“Have you seen a single person in these stacks since you got here?” Mel asked, with a smirk.

“Well, no…” Allison said.

“Exactly,” Mel looked smug, “And you never will. I’ve scoped out this section thoroughly. No one comes back here, except the library staff, and they stop their checks at five.”

Melissa place her hands on Allison’s hips and pushed her back against the shelf. The corners of Ali’s lips twitched up into a smile. This time, when Melissa kissed her, she kissed back.

Melissa and Allison were both in their second year of college. They’d met as freshmen, when Allison got cornered by a predatory senior at a frat party. Melissa had “accidentally” dumped her drink on him, causing enough chaos to whisk Allison away to safety. They’d been inseparable ever since.

They made a striking pair. Melissa was tall, with long dark hair and chocolate brown eyes. An athlete in high school, her body was toned and slim with curves in all the right places. Allison was also tall, but that’s where the similarities ended. She had shoulder length blonde hair, blue-green escort bayan eyes, and a willowy figure.

Melissa slipped the tips of her fingers under the hem of Allison’s blouse, skimming them across the soft skin of her stomach. Allison let out a gasp, parting her lips just enough to let Melissa slip her tongue into her mouth. Melissa couldn’t believe her luck. When she and Allison had kissed at a party a month ago, encouraged by too much tequila and a dare from some stupid boys, she had liked it. When Allison kissed her two weeks later, in her dorm room totally sober, she was over the moon. They’d been sneaking around ever since. Neither girl considered herself a full-blown lesbian, but neither girl wanted to stop either.

Melissa started to trail kisses down Allison’s jaw and over to her ear. She caught the lobe between her teeth and started to kiss and suck the soft flesh. “Mmm…” Allison moaned. She had such sensitive ears. Melissa dragged her teeth across the ridge of Allison’s ear relishing the way her body tensed and squirmed in response. She slid her thigh between Allison’s legs and smiled when she felt Ali start to grind her hips against her.

Melissa continued to lick and kiss, moving from ear, to jaw, to throat and back. She wanted Ali to be so absorbed by the pleasure she was feeling that she wouldn’t get shy about the fact that this was all happening in a relatively public setting. Mel started to move her hands further up under Ali’s shirt. She stroked her sides and stomach softly, moving towards her breasts. Finally, she cupped Ali’s B-cup breasts in her hands. Ali jumped, but she didn’t pull away as Mel brushed her thumbs over her nipples. They immediately stiffened and became incredibly, deliciously sensitive.

“You like that Ali?” Mel whispered.

“So much,” Ali panted.

Melissa continued to brush her thumbs side to side. Ali’s back arched, pushing her breasts against Melissa’s hands. Melissa pulled one hand from underneath Ali’s shirt and licked izmit eve gelen escort her thumb and index finger. Sliding her hand back into place, she grasped Ali’s right nipple between her wet fingers and gently rolled it. “Aghh…” Ali cried out.

Mel froze, “Too much?” she asked

“No,” Ali said, “I like it…it just surprised me.”

Mel licked her other hand and started to play with both nipples. “You’re so fucking sexy, baby.” Ali responded by grabbing Melissa’s hips and pulling her closer as she ground her crotch against her thigh. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes.

Suddenly, there was a heavy thud, like a book falling off a shelf. Ali’s eyes snapped open, “What was that?”

Anxious not to ruin the mood, Mel glanced around, “Nothing, we’re still alone,” she reassured.

“Are you sure?” Ali asked, still looking around.

“Yes, baby,” Mel leaned forward and kissed her, pulling the focus back to her body.

“Mmm…” Allison moaned, distracted from the sudden disturbance. She chose to believe Mel, that they were alone, because anything else meant they would have to stop. She leaned back against the shelf and closed her eyes.

Melissa was feeling brave now. She continued to roll and pinch Ali’s nipples for a few more seconds. With one hand still on Ali’s breasts, she pushed the hem of her blouse up an inch and bent down to kiss and lick her exposed stomach. She blew softly over the trail of saliva, making Ali shiver. She pushed up another inch or two. More kisses, more shivers. She pushed the rest of the way, exposing Ali’s beautiful, perky breasts. She nuzzled them, taking a hard, pink nipple in her mouth.

Oh my god…Ali thought. I can’t believe this is happening. This is so wrong. Someone could see us, see me. My tits are out in the library, for fucks sake! She felt Mel’s warm, wet mouth close around her nipple. Mmmm…but it feels so good.

Melissa flicked her tongue over Allison’s nipple. izmit otele gelen escort “More,” Ali moaned, “Harder.”

Harder? Melissa licked her lips, covered her teeth and pinched Ali’s nipple between them. Ali tangled one hand in Mel’s hair, “Yes,” she hissed, “Like that.” Mel pinched and rolled Ali’s nipples, moving back and forth between her breasts. She paused for second, then exposed her teeth and grazed them across the hard little buds.

“Oh, god,” Ali breathed, “Do that again!”

Mel continued to graze Ali’s nipples, feeling her back arch and her muscles tense. “Baby, don’t stop,” Ali moaned, “You’re gonna make me cum.”

Ali’s grasp on Mel’s hair tightened. Mel’s teeth kept grazing over and over her right nipple, while her fingers pinched and rolled the left. Ali could feel the herself approaching the edge. She bit down on her lip, willing herself to keep the volume down, as she exploded. “Mmm…” she moaned, “I’m cumming Mel!”

Mel eased the pressure off Ali’s nipples and nuzzled her breasts. She stood up and took a step back to admire her handiwork, smiling as she saw Ali’s flushed face and the dazed look in her eyes. She hadn’t even bothered to pull her top down. Mel adjusted the blouse to cover her and leaned in for a kiss. “Can you believe we just did that?” she whispered in Ali’s ear.

“Honestly, no,” Ali replied, “But it felt so good…I just couldn’t stop.”

“I noticed,” Mel smirked, “I didn’t realize I was so irresistible.”

“Shut up,” Alison laughed. “You better leave first, I need a minute to compose myself.”

“Ok,” Mel said, “I’ll meet you out front.” She turned and walked down the aisle, winking over her shoulder as she left.

Allison took a deep breath and let out a tiny shriek…that was so fucking hot! She couldn’t believe that she had just done that. She wasn’t exactly a prude, but semi-public, semi-nudity, wasn’t her usual Friday night, let alone cumming in the stacks of a college library. She started to leave and had reached the end of the shelf when she heard a sound, like someone clearing their throat. She looked around frantically and was about to decide she was hearing things, when a man stepped out from one row over.

“Well,” he said, smugly, “that was entertaining.”

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