Alex’s Angel

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So this is my first real attempt at a story. I’ve always wanted to write something for this site but never knew quite what to say. I will try to post on a weekly basis if this first chapter is liked.

Also I would like to know what you want to see in this story. I don’t promise to include all of your suggestions but I will include the ones that inspire me.

Standard disclaimers: All characters are fictional any resemblance to real people is purely coincidence. All characters are 18 or older. Finally, if you are under 18 or it is prohibited by law for you to read this please leave now.

And without further ado…

Alex’s Angel – Chapter 1: The Beginning

It was once said that to steal an angel feather would bring great misfortune on a person.

—70+ Years Ago—

“THIEF!!!” The voice boomed,

“No…no…I was…I…I found it! I didn’t steal it.”

“You stole what was to be given. You almost had The Gift but impatience has ended that. You and your family are cursed.”

“No, please I thought you loved me?!?”

“I did,” said the voice sadly, “because of that love your descendents will have a chance at forgiveness. A boy of your line will find forgiveness for your family. But you…you who have stolen will die never knowing that forgiveness. Farewell Alexander.”

—Present Day—

“Wake up you piece of shit” The fog in my mind started to lift when I heard those dreaded words. I knew that if I couldn’t get myself up I’d be kicked, but it was to hard to claw my way out of the fog.

“Hun your food is ready. I’ll get him up.” ‘That’s mom’s voice’ he thought thanking whatever god took pity on him today.

“Fine, get your boy up and out. I’m not dropping him off if he misses the bus. He can walk.”

She crouched down near my mattress and whispered, “Alex, love time to wake up. I hid breakfast sandwiches for you and Tommy in your bag. Hurry or you’ll miss the bus.”

Finally awake he gave his mom a hug. “Mom, why are you here? I thought you had to work mornings all this week.”

He caught her wince even though she tried to hide it, “I’m not gonna work as much from now on love. Mr. Walters said he couldn’t afford to keep me on at the hotel.”

“Oh mom…”

“Don’t worry about me.” She cut him off handing him a newspaper wrapped bundle. “Here a late birthday gift. I know it’s late but Bill would be to suspicious if I had given it to you any closer to the day.” He realized then that he had been 18 for more than a month… At least he hasn’t kicked me out yet. he thought.

She artvin escort bustled out of the small room with only a glance back when she got to the door.


“Dude, your mom makes the best food!”

“Tommy you say that no matter what she makes.” Tina laughed.

“Cuz it’s always true.” Tommy and Alex had been best friends forever. They first met in kindergarten when Tommy had walked up at lunch and handed Alex half his sandwich. Alex’s dad had just died and they didn’t have enough money for food and a house. Since that day Tommy had taken care of Alex.

Tommy was the star of the baseball team and had carried the team to the championships the last two years. At six three he towered over most of the school, Alex included. He came from money, had a steady girlfriend since eighth grade, and was the golden god that every girl in the school wanted.

Tina, Tommy’s girlfriend, could have passed for his twin. She was the tall blond captain of the cheer squad and swim team, and she was Alex’s other best friend. The three of them were inseparable.

Alex unlike his two best friends was small and dark. He had met Tina when he joined the swim team in seventh grade. She had immediately decided he needed her protection. She had even gone up against Tommy, to Alex’s embarrassment, when she saw him waiting for Alex that first day at the pool.

At five foot five and maybe a hundred and ten pounds soaking wet Alex was tiny compared to his friends. Add to that that he had too long black hair and eyes that could have rivaled storm clouds and he just stood out, but he loved his friends and they were the reason he was still alive.

“So love, did Bill give you any new bruises over the weekend?” asked Tina.

“No.” He responded shamed that his friend knew to ask.

“Dude, you know you can’t lie to us. We know you too well for that.” Tommy said glaring out the windshield on the way to school.

“Show me.” Tina ordered turning around in the front seat.

Alex glared at his friends and lifted his too tight shirt showing the bruise on his left side.

“Well he didn’t hit the ribs and it does look better than most of the rest he’s had.” Tina commented to Tommy as if Alex wasn’t sitting there in the back seat.

“How can a cop be that much of a shit?” Tommy asked as he pulled into the school lot. “Maybe he’ll get shot in the line of duty…would serve him right for what he’s done to Alex.”

“Come on guys he’s not that bad. He just gets mad at me sometimes when he’s drunk. Besides he let escort artvin me and mom move into the trailer with him.”

“Alex he only did that because your mom agreed to marry him after you two got kicked out of that apartment.”

“Well he could have just let us be homeless.”

“Stop defending him Alex, is he still planning to kick you out in two weeks?” Tommy asked.

“Yup he keeps telling me about it. As soon as I’m eighteen I’m out.”

“You know maybe your granddad was right about his dad bringing a curse on you guys. You and your mom have had nothing but bad luck. And didn’t he die by getting hit by a bus? If you ask me maybe he wasn’t as crazy as we thought.”

“Tina he was a crazy old man. He broke out of the home and tried to run across a busy street. My granddad was stupid, crazy and superstitious. No curse involved.”

“Tina, Alex is right the old man was seriously off his rocker.”

Their conversation ended as they reached the front steps of the old brick school building. Alex still couldn’t believe they were finally seniors. Just as they reached the top of the steps they heard an engine roar into the parking lot behind them. Turning around they watched the motorcycle park on the sidewalk at the bottom of the steps. The guy that got off took Alex’s breath away.

All Alex saw was amethyst eyes as the world went dark around him and he felt himself falling.


As Alex slowly came back to consciousness he heard his friends talking, “So who was that guy on the bike?” Tommy asked.

“Christianus Angeal” Tina responded, “He just moved into the house next to mine last week. His parents travel a lot or something so it’s just him and his family’s butler there.”

“He’s that rich?” Tommy asked.

“His family’s wealth puts my grandparents to shame, and you know how rich they are.” Tina responded with a note of awe in her voice.

“Hey look lover boy is waking up. Dude, when they say fall for someone they usually don’t mean literally.” Tommy laughed walking up to the sick bed.

“Well good to see you awake Mr. Jackson.” The school nurse said as she walked into the room. “Your mother said that you could decide if you felt well enough to attend class for the rest of the day. And Ms. Hall please keep Mr. Harris from making anymore stupid jokes. Now both of you get to class you can see he’s alright and I wrote you both notes so get going.”

“If I knew how to do that Mrs. Wilcox I would have a long time ago.” Tina said giving Tommy a look.

Tommy had a look artvin escort bayan like he was going to say something else when Tina dragged him out of the room.

“So you want to go to class?” The elderly woman asked handing him a cup of water. “By the way don’t think I missed that new bruise on your side. What’s the reason this time? Did you trip again?”

Alex blushed and drank his water in response. Mrs Wilcox knew exactly how he had gotten this bruise and every one before it. She knew exactly what his step-dad was like seeing as the man was her nephew.

“Since I know you’re not going to tell me the truth, I’ll just say this. Be careful. Now off with you, you’re already late for Physics if I read your schedule right.”

“Thanks Aunt Aggie.”

“That’s Mrs Wilcox when you’re in this room.” She said with a smile giving him a hug. “Now get to class. Missing your first class is not a good way to start your senior year.”


Alex was glad he had Honors Physics first. He already knew his teacher and could easily make-up anything he had missed. He made it through his first three classes of the day without any more issues, and after met his friends so they could sit together for lunch.

“So you’re the kid that passed out on the front steps this morning. Right? Glad to see you’re alright.” Alex nearly jumped out of his skin at the deep voice behind him.

“Yeah that’s our Alex always making a dramatic first impression. You’re Christianus right?” Tommy responded. “I think you were in my English class second period.”

“Call me Chris, and yeah I think so.” Chris responded still looking at Alex who was trying his best to not choke on the bite of sandwich he had just taken.

“Well, I’m Thomas Harris, call me Tommy. My girlfriend Tina Hall, and of course our fainting friend Alexander Jackson IV.” Tommy responded with a mischievous glint in his eyes. It hadn’t escaped his notice that Chris was staring at Alex as if he was a good meal.

“I know exactly who Alex is our families go back a ways.” Chris said looking up from Alex for the first time. “Could one of you tell me where Honors Government with Mr. Devernow is? If I’m not mistaken the bell is about to ring.”

“Alex can help you he’s in that class with you. Aren’t you Alex?” Tina volunteered even though she knew they all had that class together. “Show him the way.” She ordered giving Alex a shove in the right direction.

“Ok.” Alex squeaked as Tommy shoved his bag into his hands.

“Here I’ll carry that.” Chris said pulling the bag out of Alex’s arms. “You just show me where we’re going.”

Tina and Tommy grinned at each other as Alex walked off looking as if he was completely lost.


Well that’s the first chapter. Please be honest in your comments. This is my first attempt at writing something like this.

All my love,


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