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Alexie and Sophie learn about sex_(0)

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Alexis and Sophie

A requested story and I have taken the ages out of the story so put in your own.

Alexis is daughter and Sophie a friend and both go to a private girl’s school.

Alexis came home and had a look about her that meant that there was something bothering her.

“What’s the matter Alexie? You look like something is bothering you. Come over here and sit on daddy’s lap.” OH damn she is so cute in that uniform. That skirt is short, and you have such nice legs and a cute butt.

As you sit on my lap the skirt hits you at mid-thigh and has bagged over my leg so only your panties are between your butt and my pants. I put on hand on bare leg just above knee and the other arm around your back and my hand is on side just below your little mound of breast.

“So now tell me what has you so perplexed looking.”

“Well Sophie and I were in the school lunchroom in a booth and the girls in the next booth were talking about boys and sex and there was so much I did not understand. We just slunk down and listened and well it was very interesting”.

The warmth of your sweet round firm butt on my lap gave my old cock a twitch and when you wiggled to get more comfortable it pulsed and got a little hard, but only a little.

“Oh interesting was it and just what did they talk about and just how old are they?”

“Well they are all older and they know so much more about boys and such. They were talking about cocks and one girl was talking about eating but not sure what that meant. So, I know what a cock is but well they said they get hard and I am not sure what she meant. Would you explain and well I have only seen a cock in passing on the internet as one of Sophie’s brothers was watching porn once when I walked through and saw it but he shut it down, so I have not really seen one.”

She wiggles again and my cock pulses and grows. MMM damn she is so cute, and her legs are so smooth the skin so soft and inviting. My hand moves up and down the bare flesh between knee and skirt. I squeeze the inner thigh a little.

“Well just what do you want to know?”

“I was wondering if there is any way you can show me a picture of a cock; I mean just so I know what it is you must be able to get a porn site.”

“MMM will I can get a porn site up if that is what you want. Let’s go get my laptop.”

In my office there is a big overstuffed recliner chair where we sit again you on my lap and this time your skirt is up to mid-thigh and I did get a little glimpse of your white panties. I now have a hardon between my legs. I turn on the laptop and go to one of my porn sites, xnxx. As soon as she sees it she clicks on the first video and it is a woman striping and then handling a man’s soft cock. She is engrossed in the video and wiggles her butt against my now hard cock.

“Oh wow that is really something look at that cock and what she is doing.”

The woman has taken the cock and started to lick it then suck it. I speed up to where the cock is bouncing up and down just before he plunges into the waiting pussy. I turn off the laptop.

“Okay you saw a cock now you know what it is.” I put the lap top down and then you lean back, and my arm goes around your waist and a hand on your firm flat belly just under you little tit. The other hand is on thigh and I move up and down leg feeling your smooth young flesh.

“I saw the cock but oh what was she doing sucking on it and she looked like she enjoyed that. Her vagina had a funny hair strip and the rest was bare, but I have some hair all over well not much. Daddy can I see your cock?”

Wow that is a loaded question. “Well first we could get in a lot of trouble if I show you my cock, so no. Then the woman in the video was giving the man a blow job a BJ and yes some women like that some don’t. The vagina also called pussy was shaved and some women shave all, some leave a little as tease to excite men or women.”

“But if nobody knows about me seeing your cock what’s the problem? I want to see is and I can feel it up against my butt now so just let me see it please.”

Oh damn this is getting very hard to say no to her and oh man the thoughts.

“Okay but you have to promise to never tell anyone. Now stand up.”

She stands in front of me and I open my pants, not just the fly but spread them wide and reach into my boxers and struggle with my hard on to get it out. Now all 8 inches of the thick hard cock is bouncing up and down in my lap.

“Oh daddy that is so big. Are all cock that big? Is it always that big and stiff?”

“No it is only stiff at times and it has gotten bigger since ah seeing the video.” I can not tell her it is because of her sweet firm round butt wiggling on it, or the thoughts I am having about her.

Without hesitation she reaches out and take hold of the tip.

“Oh what are you doing, you said you wanted to see not touch.”

“But the girl in the video was touching and sucking and I bet she did a lot more.” With that she wrapped her whole hand around my now hard throbbing cock.

“Ah oh you are so naughty. Daddy might just have to spank you. Still if it did not feel so good I would. Now let go.” Oh god that was so great that cute sweet little hand around my oh so hard cock and I need to do something about that now.

“Ok I have to go to the bathroom.” I get up and rush out. In the bathroom I grab hold and pump my cock hard until I shoot a big load. “AHHHH yes oh you have the best hands little girl ahhh.” Oh damn I hope she did not hear me.

Now while daddy was in the bathroom Alexie opened up the lap top, which he had left on, and started to look at the x site again.

Oh my that is a really big cock and oh she is sucking it. MMMM I wonder what a cock tastes like, have to see if I can suck daddy’s.

She was getting strange feeling all over her body as she watched the video. Then the girl in the video was laid back and the man started to lick and do things to her vagina. Then he was kissing her tits and she was moaning and twisting around.

Oh man what is daddy doing in there? Sounds like he was in pain or something.

Oh shit daddy’s coming back. Turning off the computer she slips back into the big chair and pulls up her legs.

“Okay did Alexie get her answers today. I have to work on supper if you want to eat tonight.”

Looking at her in the chair her sweet smooth young legs pulled back and the skirt up high on thigh and damn I can see her white panties clearly. Oh man what a site and I am going to get a hard on again.

“Daddy what does a cock taste like?” She looked at daddy with that puppy dog look and hoped he would offer his big cock for her to taste.

“Now where did that come from?”

“Well while you were in the bathroom I looked at some more video and the girl was sucking the cock.”

MMM daddy does not seem to have a big hard cock now, I wonder. “Daddy your cock is not big and hard like before, why?”

“I took care of my needs in the bathroom and the hardon went away.”

“How did you take care of it.”

“I don’t want to explain that now.”

“But I want to know.” She put her legs out and down exposing her white pantie covered pussy as the skirt had ridden up to just below the hip.

She could see daddy was looking at her bare legs and oh yes her panties. Oh my daddy seems to be getting hard again. “Daddy you are getting a hardon again, why? Oh I remember the porn and I bet you like seeing my panties.” With that she spread her legs wide and pulled the skirt up so her full hip was exposed and the panties completely exposed.

Oh damn it that is to much. “Oh babie you are going to drive me mad doing that and you know now how it affect daddy. You are so beautiful and have such a gorgeous body. You give daddy a hard on all the time.”

“Well then let me taste it please.” Leaning forward she unzip the pants and struggles to pull the now hardening cock out. It is hard and bounces up and down until she takes hold and squeezes it. She then licks the tip with her tongue.

“Oh that is a little salty but it tastes okay.”

Oh shit she is going to get it now and I am going to hell for sure. Reaching out and taking her head between hands.

“Enough now stop I have to go and get things done.” Pull her away he heads to the bathroom again.

Shit this has got to stop but oh man it felt so good to have her little hands on my cock and when she licked the tip I almost lost it. This has got to stop well at least slow down.

Back in the office Alexie is looking at the computer again and sees it timed out so she tries to find it again. This time she gets different video with two women eating each other and sees one of the masturbating.

Oh wow that looks like it is fun. Alexie reached down pushing her hand into her panties and feels the soft hair around her very tight pussy lips. She jerks as her fingers touch the lips and then trying to do as the woman in the video is doing she rubs up and down.

A strange sensation runs through her young body and is feels very nice.

WOW that is great ohhhh yes I like this feeling. Rubbing harder and faster she wants more.

Just then Daddy comes back in. “Hey what are you doing.” Looking at her with her hand in her panties his cock twitches again. Oh shit does that looks sexy and MMM wish it was my hand.

Pulling her hand out of her panties her face turns red. “Oh daddy I was watching the video again only a different one and it was 2 women and they were touching their pussy and I wondered what it would feel like. It was so great and tingly I hope your not mad.”

“Oh baby I am not made and you can do that all you want, just go ahead and masturbate any time but only here at home okay.”

“All right. You are not mad and mmm do you masturbate too?”

“Sweety everyone masturbates just most will never admit it. Now I have to cook and you need to change clothes and help set the table.”

He went to kitchen and started to fix supper and she went to her room with all sorts of new thoughts.

In her room she took off her clothes slowly and touching her young body all over. She cupped her little tits in the bra and wondered if they would every get bigger. MMM have to ask daddy about that.

Taking off the skirt she posed in front of the mirror and thought, mmm daddy likes to see me in my panties and seems to like my legs. She turned and wiggled her butt. I wonder if he would like my butt?

MMM then she reached into her panties and touched her mound felt a tingly sensation run through her body. She let her fingers move down and touch the tight pussy lips and the sensation increased. She let one finger part the lips and then felt the top of the slit.

OHHHHH god oh oh that is sooooooo good yes. She rubbed the little clit area and started to sway and dance around. She sat on the bed and lay back and she continued to rub and the sensation built up and up and then there was a major rush of the most wonderful feeling going through her body. She bucked her hips up and down and moaned. “Oh Daddy oh daddy”.

It ended and she just lay there. Not really sure what just happened but she sure enjoyed it and was going to do it a lot more. MMMM wait till I tell daddy about that.

MMM maybe I should share this with Sophie, I wonder if she knows how to make yourself have such a great feeling. MMMM best thing ever.

She pulled her hand out of her panties slowly and felt the wetness.

Oh damn did I pee. Smelling her hand she realized it was not pee but mmm something else. Licking her finger , mmm salty and mmm not bad.

“Hey you going to set the table or what?”

“Okay be right there.” She then put on a pair of short and a T shirt without a bra. MMM maybe daddy I can ask daddy if my tits will get bigger soon.

Supper was quiet as both had things on their minds and were not ready to talk.

After supper and everything was cleaned up she went to his office. “Daddy I have a question.”

“Okay but no more cock questions tonight okay.”

“I was wonder if my tits will bet bigger soon. Sophie has much bigger tits than me and she is same age.”

“Well everybody is different and your mother had nice tits but they were not really big but very nice.”

She looked at daddy and then pulled the bottom of the T up and exposed her sweet round firm tits.

“So will they grow. I head the girls say that they got bigger as her boyfriend touched them.”

“Well I think she meant her nipples got big.”

“Oh daddy see if you can make them bigger.”

Oh shit her sweet little tits are so inviting. Reaching out he cupped one tit as best he could, actually it was just a mound and not a handful. MMM the feel of the little nipple in the palm of his hand was suck a turn on. Then rubbing the nipple until it got hard and was able to take it with thumb and finger and pulled and rolled. He saw her eyes first go wide and then close and go wide again.

“Oh daddy that feels so good, oh yes do it more. That feeling is the best. Yes keep doing that.”

That sensation in her crotch was back and the tingly feeling was running through her body again. Oh I want more more .

He bent down and kissed her nipple then covered with mouth and sucked. Oh god that is so good and she is so hot and sexy.

“Oh daddy that feels good please suck harder. Yes yes, oh yes.”

She could not help it she reached down and opened her short and pushed her hand into her panties. She felt her now wet lips and started to rub.

Oh man she is rubbing her pussy. I got to stop.

“Okay I hope you liked that. I see you like to feel your pussy so I am going to go before I do something I will regret.”

“Oh daddy please don’t stop. Why regret it I don’t understand.”

“If anyone finds out what I have done or do, I could go to jail.”

“I promise to never tell any one but please it feels so good please do more. I don’t know what it is or why but if I rub my pussy it feels the best and I bet if you did it , it would feel even better. Please”

She took his hand and pushed down over her taught smooth belly and then down into her panties.

The shorts and panties were to tight and so he pushed them down. Looking at her now naked pussy and legs he reached up and pulled the T up and over her head.

Oh man what a beautiful body so smooth and firm and oh man. His cock got hard.

He then touched each tit and move his hands down then cupped her butt cheeks and moved up and down her legs and then spread then apart and ran his index finger up and down over the tight young pussy lips.

Her body quivered and muscles tightened and then relaxed and tightened again. The feeling of excitement raced through her body.

His finger rubbed the clit area and she moaned loudly. “OH DADDY YES YES MORE”

He saw her shake and moan and realized she had just had an orgasm. Oh man that was so great but shit Iu got to go jack off again.

“MMM sweetie can get dressed daddy has to go.”

“Oh daddy don’t go keep rubbing my pussy like that I never felt that good before what just happened?”

“Well Alexie you just had what is called and orgasm, you came and you seemed to like it. That happens when you rub you pussy and clit just right. I have to go and do something in the bathroom.”

“Oh you have a really big hardon, are you going to rub it in bathroom?”

“Yes now I have to run”

“But don’t go let me see you rub it, better yet let me do it for you.” With that she opened his pants and his cock just sprang up. She took hold and rubbed up and down.

OH my his cock is so hard and mmmm I am going to make daddy have same feeling as I had. She pumped his cock faster and faster.

“Oh god Alexie yes like that yes oh god ahhhhhhhhhhhhh” With that he shot a load of cum all over her chest and little tits.

“Oh daddy what was that oh did you have orgasm.”

“ahhh oh no sweetie when men do it, the say he came and cum is what he shoots out and that is what goes into your pussy to make babies. So you don’t want any of that in there until you get much older.”

“Ok daddy but maybe you can put some in me some day” MMM I want some thing in my pussy and I want it now but guess I will have to wait. Wiping up some cum and tasting it with her finger. “Oh that does not taste so bad. The girl in video to it in her mouth maybe you can let me do that.”

“Not now and I think it is time for bed. I have work and you have school.”

Morning came and things were quiet, little was said bout yesterday. They looked at each other with knowing looks of desire and deep thoughts.

MMM daddy I sure wish I could stay home and we could do what we did yesterday. My pussy is wet just thinking about your fingers and my tits want to be squeezed and more. MMM I want to touch you big cock and mmm next time I want to kiss and suck it. MMM I think I want to taste your ahh oh cum.

Alexie gave John a very passionate kiss, the best a young girl could do, and went out the door. Her cute little butt swinging.

Oh damn she is going to drive me insane and probably get me into jail but what the hell she likes it and so do I . What a nice little body and that little pussy and her tits oh man I am going to get a hard on just thinking about that body. Well there is tonight.

Alexie went through the morning thinking all sorts of things and then meet Sophie for lunch. They go a little booth in the back of the cafeteria. Then the older girls got a table not far away and did not notice or care that Alexie and Sophie were there. They started to talk about boys and sex.

They were talking about sex education class and how nothing was new and they all knew more that the teacher, but that is what they thought.

Alexie was now a little more knowledgeable and had some idea what they were talking about but still some things were new. “Oh, wow so getting horny is when you want sex and your pussy gets wet.” Alexie was thinking how HORNY she was now. She reached down under the table and pulled up her skirt and felt her panties. There was a wet spot there and the touch sent a thrill through her body. She pressed harder and rubbed it. OHHH man that feels so good yes oh wish daddy was here to do it.

She got a dreamy look on her and rubbed more and faster. OHHH yes yes .

Sophie looked at her with a questioning look. “ What is going on with you, you look like your in another place man you look something.”

She stopped rubbing “Oh I was just thinking about what they were talking about and I got horny and well I just rubbed my pussy a little. You know it feels so good. Do you rub your pussy?”

“Well yes I have but gezze not here in the lunch room. I have seen my mother do it and so I have tried it and it is mmm really fun. I have had good time and orgasmed hard.”

“Oh I had an orgasm last night, my first one and it was good and I sure like it. So you watched your mother rub her pussy?”

“Ya she does it several times a week but she thinks I am asleep and I sneak down to her room and watch. Then I rub my pussy. Hey maybe you can spend a night and we can watch together.”

“Oh ya that would be great. When?”

The bell rang and they had to return to class. Wet panties and all.

The girls had thought that this weekend would be a good time to have a sleep over at Sophie’s house and it was done.

Friday came and the girls were in Sophie’s room after super.

Alexie was excited and horny , “So how long before you mother goes to her room and mmm does it. Oh I am so horny I want to rub my pussy now.”

“HEHEHEHE well there is no reason you can’t go ahead let me see you.”

“Oh really you want to watch?” She was getting really turned on with the idea that Sophie wanted to watch her masturbate. As they were in T shirt and panties she just pull up her T and slipped a hand into her panties. The feelings began as soon as her fingers touched the mound and then increase as the touched her tight lips. The feel of the soft fuzz around her pussy sent exciting sensations all through her body.

“Oh nice but hey all I see is a bulge in your panties I want to see your fingers and your pussy.” With that Sophie pull down the panties to the knees and then just stared at the site of Alexie’s hand and a finger between the lips. There was a glisten to the lips as they were wet with passion and desire.”

“Oh oh yes.” She rubbed hard and fast now as the feeling were getting stronger and stronger. She started to bounce up and down and it was getting difficult to stand up so she fell back into the big stuffed chair. She spread her legs wide as she could and rubbed her pussy. Her finger hitting her clit occasionally causing even more wonderful sensations. “AHHHH yes yes oh god yes.” She was going wild as the sexual desire became overwhelming .

Sophie was so turned on she could not stand it and put her hand into her panties and started to rub.

Now both girls were rubbing their pussys hard and fast and Alexie soon orgasmed and lay back and watched Sophie rub her pussy. She got up close and pulled down the panties exposing a dark haired pussy with mmm lips that were bigger and stuck out more than Alexie’s.

Alexie was turned on watching Sophie and could not stop her self when she reach out and touched her hand and then her pussy. The warm wet feel of Sophie’s pussy sent another thrill though her body and her hand moved up and caressed the smooth soft flesh of the flat firm belly.

Alexie like touching her so much that she just kept it up. Soon both hands were caressing the thighs and belly in very aggressive manner. Alexie was getting turned on again and was wanting to actually touch Sophie’s pussy.

She just moved in and pulled Sophie’s hand away and touched the wet pussy. “ahhhh yes oh yes rub my pussy. Sophie bucked up and down as she rubbed harder and harder and then her finger parted the lips and hit the clit and Sophie screamed and orgasmed. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”.

“Oh man you mother will hear us I hope she is doing her own thing.”

“If she is going at it like we did she will be making enough noise to cover up any we make. Let’s go and see.”

Sophie’s mom, Ann, was 45 and in good shape. Tall dark hair and nice body with large tits. She had been divorced for several years and had taken to using toys to satisfy her needs and she had many needs.

Ann was on her bed naked and legs bent and spread. She had a vibrator against her pussy and was moaning loudly.

The girls peaked into the room and watched as Ann first applied the big bulb vibrator to her clit and then watched with wide open eyes as they saw her take a big cock and push it between her pussy lips. They could not believe she could get such a big THING into her pussy and so deep. Both girls were touching their pussy’s now as the saw Ann squeeze her tits and moan and beg “FUCK ME FUCK ME HARD” .

Ann bounced around as the orgasm surged through her body.

She pushed the dildo in and out with such force the girls though she would hurt herself but were to enthralled to do anything but watch and rub their own pussy.

The they watched as Ann took a butt plug and pushed it into her ass.

Sophie and Alexie both gasped and looked on in wonder and thrill. They watched as Ann fucked her pussy with a big dildo and her ass with a slender butt plug. Ann continued to moan and scream and beg to be fucked. Ann had a massive orgasm and then clasped.

The girls quietly went back to Sophie’s room. “ Oh wow that was something. MMM I am really horny now and I never though of something going in my pussy let alone my ass. I sure seems to be fun at least for you mom but I am not sure I would like it.” Alexie had a lot of questions for daddy tomorrow but right now she wanted to have another orgasm and mmm she was looking at Sophie’s tits which were so nice and big. “Hey let me see your tits, yours are so much bigger than mine.”

Sophie was not put off by the request infact she was hoping to get naked with Alexie and getting very hot. “Hey lets get naked and have fun.”

Both stripped naked and then just looked at each other for a moment before touching. Taking in the view of two very sexy young girls would turn on anyone, male or female.

Back in Sophie’s bedroom they got to touching first exploring each other’s tits and nipples by squeezing and pinching and then kissing. The feel of someone sucking the nipple sent electric thrills though each girl until their pussy’s were dripping wet and then Sophie reached down and slipped a finger between the wet lips of Alexie.

Alexie moaned “ahhh yes oh that feels so good rub it rub it hard ahhhh.” The finger wiggled and moved up and down between the wet lips and then found the little bud of a clit. “AHHHHH oh yes that’s the spot yes AHHHHHHHHHHH fuck me oh fuck me.” Sophie worked Alexie’s little tight young pussy with a fast finger and then pushed it in between the lips. “ Alexie bucked up and her body stiffened and she screamed “ahhhhhhhhhhh oh god yes yes ahhhhhhhhhhh” and the orgasm surged through her body and she shook and vibrated. She then clasped with Sophie across her top pressing tit to tit and then she felt the kiss as the tongue entered her mouth. She had never French kissed before, in fact she had only kissed a couple of boys just to see what it was like. It felt so different now with Sophie and in the heat of the passion.

Alexie stroked Sophies back and side and then cupped a breast and squeezed and then pinched a nipple. Hearing her moan she moved her hand down to the hip and then pushed her over so now she was on her back and it was Alexie’s turn to finger fuck. Her hand moved over the mound and stroked the dark hair and then ran a finger up and down the wet lips. Sophie was moaning and wiggling and then as the finger slid between the lips her hips bucked up forcing the finger into the wet pussy deep.

Sophie moaned and then as the finger went deep into the wet tight pussy she screamed “Oh fuck me you little slut fuck me good , ahhhhhhhhhhh yes yes .” Sophie was very loud as the orgasm surged through her.

Both girl now lay naked with Alexie half over Sophie. That was how Ann saw them as she had heard the moan and scream and went to investigate. She did not do anything but peak through the door and the sight of the two beautiful young girls naked like that just make her get horny and then she was thinking, oh man its my own daughter. Still the two of them are having fun so let them. HEHEHE wonder what her father would say.

John had been home alone and all he could do was think of his beautiful sexy little girl and her very sexy body. He had masturbated to porn and gone to bed early.

The next day the two girl had asked Ann if maybe they could all have supper together and she agreed. Alexie ran home to tell her daddy.

She was wearing some very short shorts and her sweet butt cheeks peaked out below the bottom edge. She had not worn a bra and her tits pushed against the tight T shirt and her nipples were very visible.

Seeing the very sexy little girl running to him made his cock get hard and then as she leaped into his arms crushing her little tits against his chest his cock throbbed.

“Oh daddy I have so many questions and so much to tell you but we are invited to Sophie’s for supper her mom says its okay. Just something in the back yard by their pool, something on the grill. Ok.”

“Sure sounds like fun.” The feel of her body against him made his cock very hard and it was straining against his shorts. He reached down and cupped her little butt to help keep her up as her arms were rapped around his neck.

MMMM she has the nicest little butt and oh I want to just kiss all of it.

“Oh great I know you will like Sophie’s mom she is really nice. “ then she looked at him and though of how good it felt against his body. She kissed him, kissed him on the lips hard and then pushed her tongue against his lips.

He felt the kiss and it felt good and then the tongue and he did not hesitate long but parted his lips and let her tongue in. He squeezed her butt hard and pushed his hand to feel the crease in the shorts.

MMM ahh oh shit I want this little girl in a bad way.

The kiss broke and Alexie leaned back, “daddy did you like kissing me like that?”

“Oh yes but where did you learn to kiss like that?”

“I hope you won’t be upset but Sophie showed me.”

“OH so you and Sophie have been kissing and just what else have you done. I don’t care what you do I am just interested in what you know about sex.”

Oh man what do I tell him but I have some many questions. “We have been touching and well we have been giving each other an orgasm. But I have some questions as it felt so good when our fingers were in between the pussy lips and I was wondering if that would feel good with a cock there.”

“Well you seem to have really progressed in your sex education now and the final thing is yes the cock goes in the pussy but you will have to wait as I think your tight little pussy.” Oh man I would like to work on stretching your little pussy out.

“Would you help me get ready. I know a way to help stretch it you can get me the toys like Sophie’s mom has as they would help stretch it.”

“Wow , Sophie’s moms toys, just where did you find out about that.” MMM what did they do over there last night.

“We happened to see Sophies’s mom masturbating well we sneaked up and peaked in when she was really having a good time. She had a couple of toys that she put in her pussy and another in her ass. She had a really big orgasm and I was wondering if you can have an orgasm when pussy is played with and also when the ass is played with. Would you show me what that is like. Please.”.”

“Oh man that is asking a lot but lets see”.

Damn this is getting very hot and so she has seen a woman masturbating with toys mmm have to get her some and let her play with them and I can watch.

“Would you like me to get you some toys?”

“Oh yes that would be great and then would you show me how to use them?” mmmm daddy is going to get me toys and then play with my pussy. I hope he will play with my little asshole as well.mmm I wonder what that is like.”

“Oh daddy I am so horny would you rub my pussy and make me orgasm. MMM you seem to have a big hard on. Let me see it please.”

“Oh my little girl, daddy is so horny as well.”

He pulls his cock out and she grabs it. “Oh god that feels so good.” He then reaches out and opens the shorts and pulls them down and then rubs her wet pussy. The feel of her hand on his cock was enough to make him moan and rub her pussy hard. He then rubbed clit area and then bent his finger and push into her tight young pussy.

“Oh daddy that feels so good, do it faster deeper daddy oh yes yes.” Oh I want his cock in my pussy oh I want him to play with my ass.

“Oh daddy do more faster deeper.”

Her hand on his cock was squeezing and pulling his cock. “Oh baby pull my cock oh yes pull.”

He reached around with free hand and cupped the butt cheek. The feel of the smooth soft firm butt cheek. Squeezing the cheek hard and then slipping fingers into the butt crack and then slipping down until the index finger touches the tight little anus. Then as he pushes a finger deep into her pussy he tease her anus.

“AHHHHHHHHH yes “ both came and had orgasm at the same time. Her belly was covered in his cum.

Oh daddy your hands feel so good I want you to finger both my holes. MMM I think I will need to work on this mmmm I want daddy to fuck me but maybe I will need help. There is tomorrow night and mmm Sophie and her mom might be fun.

Tomorrow came and the supper at Sophie’s was interesting to say the least. He looked at Ann with a very different view. She was older but not that much and she looked good, hell she looked hot. She wore very tight shorts as did Sophie.

MMM I think I see a camel toe in her shorts damn she is one fine woman.

Supper was good and the girls went in and changed into swimming suits. Both girls came out in very little bikinis.

Oh damn they both look so hot and Sophie has some nice tits for a girl her age but then look at her mom there is a real nice set of tits.

He was getting a hard on just looking at the three of them.

Ann looked at John and thought, where has he been, I would like to get him in bed for sure. MMM would be a lot better than the dildo. MMM I wonder,oh my is he getting a boner. You dirty old man you are getting a hard on looking at those two girls in bikinis. Well actually can’t blame you though they do look very sexy. I guess in my younger days I messed around with females and males so what.

“John, the reason I asked you and Alexie over was to plan a birthday party. I know Alexie and Sophie both have birthdays in the same week , actually next week and I was thinking of doing a party here for both at same time if you would like.”

“I had sort of forgot about that but that sounds like a great idea. What can I do to help? It will be a special party as both will become teenagers.” MMM teenagers and very sexy ones at that.

“Well we can get together later and go over the details. I thought the girls could invite their friends, no presents just a fun party and they can all use the pool so having you here would be nice as another life guard.” MMM want to see him in a swimsuit. Wonder if that hard on would hang out the bottom or does he wear a speedo.

“Oh okay so I suppose I have to get out the swimming trunks. Been awhile since I been swimming.” Looking at her in the tight shorts and the blouse tie at just under her breasts, I want to see her in a bikini I bet she would look hot. “I assume you will be in swim wear too.” Looking at her with a very wicked smile.

“Oh not sure I should, a little to old to be putting on one.”

“Oh to modest I bet you will look great gaziantep escort in a bikini. I don’t think you look OLD at all.” I think you look very hot and if what Alexie told me you are very sexy. I think this is going to get very interesting.

Sophie and Alexie were playing in the pool and actually they had been doing a little touchy feely. Both Ann and John saw the action but neither said anything. His cock got hard, really hard looking at Alexie squeeze Sophie’s tits from behind and he was sure he could see Sophie’s hand reach around and play with Alexie pussy.

Ann said,“MMM well the girls are having a good time in the pool.” It seems the action is really turning on John, damn he has got a real hard on there. Sure wish I could get that in me.

“Oh ya , mmm they are having fun.” MMM I need to do something about this hardon soon. MMM how do I make a move on her. I bet she would rather have a nice hard cock as opposed to some old dildo.

“So do you have something to drink?”

“Oh yes lets go inside and I will make us some drinks. Girls you be careful in the pool John and I are going inside for a drink.” Mmm and maybe a lot more.

She led the way in and he looked at the nice round firm ass in the very short tight shorts. There was just a little butt cheek under the bottom edge that made her look hot sexy and a little slutty.

MMM I want to fuck this woman. Maybe a couple of drinks will loosen things up.

After a couple of drinks, well 3 or 4 for Ann, she got very friendly and put and arm around his neck and leaned in close to talk to him.

He could feel her tit pressing into his chest and he could see a lot down the front of the open blouse.

She saw him looking at her cleavage. “ MMM you like want you see there?”

HEHEH “Oh yes you have a very nice body and are well ahh well you are very you look great.”

“Oh they are real and you can touch if you want to see.” She leaned close and kissed his ear “mmm give them a squeeze.” The drinks had made her very forward and there was not stopping now.

MMM damn woman you asked for it. He cupped one tit and squeezed. Damn she has really nice big tits and mmm the nipple is hard.

He then slipped the hand in at the cleavage and under the bra and cupped the bare tit. He squeeze and felt the nipple in palm of hand get very hard.

“OH god that feels good do it more.” Shit I want to fuck him now. She kissed, tonged and then bit his ear.

Hearing her moan and beg for more he went ahead. He pushed the bra down and unbuttoned and untied the blouse. Then he pulled the tit out of bra and bent and took the nipple in his mouth sucking hard and then biting the nipple and pulling back with teeth.

“Oh you wonderful man yes suck it bit it oh yes. My bedroom now before the girls see us.”

They went to the bedroom and soon he was pulling down the shorts and the sexy black lace panties. She was shaved and had a well defined pussy lips. She pulled his shirt of and his pants down. She gasped when the cock sprang up.

“Oh my somebody has a real hardon and MMM I am going to enjoy it fully.” She then took and licked the tip then cupping his balls she ran her tongue up and down the vein to the swollen mushroom head.

“Oh god woman you are good. But let me return the favor.” He spun around on the bed and now they were in 69 position. He then spread her legs and attacked her pussy. Licking her lips and teasing her clit with his tongue.

She took the full length of his 8” cock and her head was bobbing up and down as she sucked his cock.

They were both eating the other with pent up passion, so they did not notice the two voyeurs.

The girls had seen the two in the house drinking and then notice they were gone. The got out of the pools and went to investigate. They heard the sex noises, the moaning and talk and so crept down the hall and peeked into the bedroom. They were turned on seeing the two eating each other.

Both had gotten so turned on and then he could not take it any longer and put her on her back and then held her legs by ankle up high as his hard cock hit her wet waiting lips and then pushed the swollen mushroom head into her waiting pussy.

“AHHHHHH yes fuck me, fuck me hard you bastard fuck my pussy. AHHHHH” It had been awhile since she had a man and it felt good. The feel of his hands on her body any where and the feel of his hard cock deep inside her, his hips hitting her butt and his balls rubbing her anus. She was going to orgasm soon.

“Oh you dirty slut I am going to fuck you so hard.” He rammed his cock in as deep as he could and then felt the head hit her cervix and felt her kegel muscle tighten around his cock. Oh god what a woman yes. MMM I am going to get to know you better oh god yes.

The girls were watching and so both had their hands in the bottom of their bikinis rubbing their wet young tender pussys.

She screamed loud as the orgasm ran through her body. He had moved his hands from legs to her tits and was pinching and pulling the nipples as the orgasm raced through her. He kept fucking as he was not close to cuming yet.

“Oh god yes you fuck good oh yes keep it going. OH OH yes fuck me in my ass fuck my ass like you fucked my pussy. Shot your load in my ass now.”

He was caught off guard and did not know what to say as he had not done anal before. “I don’t know if I can”.

She moved and he slipped out and she rolled over to her knees and spread her butt cheeks showing the well gapped hole.

He saw a very nice firm ass looking at him and a very tight looking anus and then she pulled her cheeks apart and the anus gapped wide. “Oh hell try it.” He drove his cock into the waiting hole and slowly the head went deeper and deeper until all 8” were deep in her ass.

“AHHH oh woman you have a really tight ass ahhhhhhh yes oh squeeze my dick you whore.”

“Yes fuck my ass you dirty bastard fuck it hard.”

The feel of the head going deep inside her ass made her body quiver and then shake as the head hit certain spots of pleasure. She contracted her sphincter muscle hard and felt him react.

“Oh god woman yes yes oh you , ahhhh oh ahhhhhhhh.” As he rammed in and out as best he could with her muscle squeezing his cock there was no holding back and he came hard and pumped a massive load into her ass.

The cum shot out going warm deep and sticky into her ass. She squeezed and the cum oozed back and out her ass as he pumped the last couple of strokes before it went limp.

He collapsed on the bed beside her. “Damn woman you are the best piece of ass I have had in a very long time. MMM hope you would like to do this again some time when the girls are not around. Oh shit the girls I hope they are not looking for us.”

He jumped out of the bed and quickly dressed and so did she only not as fast as she liked looking at the body of the man that had just fuck her pussy and her ass and filled it with cum, which was leaking down her let. “ I need to take a quick shower you go see to the girls.”

The girls were all eyes at seeing the cock go into her ass. Alexie was really turned on by seeing how big Ann’s asshole was. She could not believe it and then though about her own tight little anus. MMM this is going to require some research mmm she had her finger down over her pussy and reaching back to tough her anus when John shot his load into Ann’s ass.

Sophie was hypnotized bye the site of her mother being fuck so hard not only in her pussy but her ass. She was also looking at the hard cock and the swollen head and thinking how it would feel in her pussy.

The girls had watched the show to the end and then ran back to the pool before John was dressed.

“So, you two been having fun out here?”

With a very different look in her eyes and expression on her face, “Oh we have been having a GOOD time daddy.” They both giggled like teenagers.

“Well I think it is time to go.”

“Sophie wanted me to spend the night it that okay?”

“I suppose if it is okay with Ann.”

At that time she walked out and looked at John. “Whats okay?”

“If the Alexie spends the night.”

“Oh sure if that good with every one why not. Then you don’t have to rush home either and the girls can turn in.”

The girls went to Sophie’s room while Ann and John took up lounge chairs on the patio.

They got ready for bed putting on over big T shirts and nothing else. They both looked at each other’s naked body and all sorts of things went through their minds.

Sophie quietly went to her mother’s room and took out the dildo and vibrator and a magazine she had not seen before. It was a very graphic porn magazine and the pictures were very detailed.

“Oh wow you mother has some sexy stuff but will you get into trouble, will she miss it.”

“Oh I can get it back before she looks besides you dad is here so she does not need these things. HHEHEHE she has the real thing and not this” as she held up the dildo. “I saw her use this the other day and she used it in her pussy and her ass.

Man it is big. I just can’t imagine putting this in my ass.” Alexie looked at the dildo and wondered how it would fit in either her ass or pussy. Taking it from Sophie she lifted up her T and rubbed the dildo against her tight little pussy. The touch first made her flinch and then a tingly sensation went through her pussy and she rubbed more. “MMMM that feels so good but oh will it fit.” She tried to push the tip between her tight lips and she felt it would never fit. She was afraid to push to hard but the idea was such a turn on she moved the tip to her clit and rubbed it. “OH yes I love the feel.”

“Hey let me try it.” Sophie took hold and pulled the dildo to her exposed pussy but Alexie had not let go.

With both hold it they rubbed Sophie’s pussy hard and fast.

“Oh yes yes oh that feels so good yes I want to be fucked.” The tip of the dildo was now against her pussy lips and wiggled to part them. The tip was between her lips and then she moaned and Alexie pushed hard and it went in.

Sophie moaned loud and spread her legs as the dildo parted her now wet lips and slipped a little into her pussy.

Alexie got really turned on thinking about it going into Sophie’s pussy and so pushed extra hard driving it in deeper and deeper.

“AH Oh yes yes oh god that is so oh oh ahhhhhhhhhh no stop no don’t ahhh.” Sophies moaned and grabbed Alexie by shoulder and squeezed hard. The tip of the dildo had broken her hymen and then gone deep into her. She had first reacted to the pain but then felt a wave of pleasure surge through her.

Alexie at first stopped but then at her demand she pushed in deeper and then as Sophie got hot she pumped it in and out faster and faster.

“AH oh yes yes ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. Sophie had an orgasm and the pleasure of it raced through her body causing her to tingle all over.

“Oh man that was good but oh it hurt at first.”

Alexie had pulled it out and was looking at the blood on the rough parts.” MMM I know what this is, I popped your cherry as they say.”

Sophies took the dildo and looked at it. “MMM well you turn now lets see if it will fit into your pussy.”

“No I want to wait and well not just now, please.” She did not want to lose her cherry to a dildo but mmm she wanted daddy to take it.

Sophie was tired and spent and so did not push it but looked at her in a questing way. MMMm why do you want to wait and wait for WHO. MM bet she has a boy friend already.

John went home and to bed alone. He thought about Ann mostly but then about the two little girls in their bikinis and the shape of their sexy bodies.

Alexie came home the next day and ran into the house jumping him and wrapping arms around neck and legs around waist and kissing him with a very deep passion. Their tongues danced as she pushed her tongue deep into his mouth. His arms went around her and one up to back of head and the other down to cup her firm round butt cheek.

MMM god she feels so good and that little ass of hers is so firm.

She was wearing her cutoff jean shorts and a baggy T shirt with no bra.

“Daddy I have mmmm some questions. HEHEHEH Sophie and I peek on you and her mother and we got really turned on. MMM Daddy I want you to do that to me please. “

The feel of her little tits against his chest and the feel of her firm ass in his hand had given him a hardon and then when she told about seeing him and Ann fucking, well that was it now was the time.

“Oh baby daddy will show you everything in good time.” He carried her to the bedroom and lay down with her. His butt hand move up under the T and pushed it up and over her head. Her sweet firm little tits were now exposed and the nipples were hard as rocks. He bend and teased the nipple with his tongue and heard her moan. Then he took the tit and sucked hard, going from one to the other feeling her body tense with pleasure and hearing her moan.

“Oh daddy yes that feels so good do more do my pussy.”

He kept sucking a tit and then taking nipple between teeth, while his hand moved down and unbuttoned her jeans. Once open he pushed his hand down behind the white panties and felt the soft hair above the young tight pussy lips. He slipped a finger between the lips.

“Oh yes yes daddy oh push it in now.” He pushed the jeans and panties down so he had better access to her now wet hot pussy. She could not push them far but mid-thigh and enough that he could get a finger into her pussy.

MMMM damn she is a tight little girl but oh so nice. His middle finger went in and then he pushed in with the index and middle. His thumb was rubbing her clit and he pumped his finger in and out, The ring finger was rubbing over her tight little anal stare.

“OHHHHH daddy yes yes ohhhhhh more. I want you to put your cock into me like you did Sophie’s mom. Please ohhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh yes.” Her body quivered and she bucked her hips up as he pushed his hand deeper.

The feeling of his finger inside her and the thumb on the clit were driving her to orgasm, but the feel of the other finger over her little ass was oh so nice. She was thinking that she wanted to feel it in her like she had seen daddy do Ann. MMMM maybe daddy will do all my holes.

He had continued to suck her tit as he finger fucked “

“Oh baby daddy’s cock is big and it might hurt.”

“I don’t care I saw you fucking Sophie’s mom and I want the same. Please do it now.”

He pulled the shorts and panties off and stripped off his shorts and shirt. They were both naked and he looked at her young naked body with the sweet little tits and hard nipples the taught bely and the soft little fuzz of pubic hair about the tight pussy lips. She looked so desirable and he spread her legs wide and lay down kissing her belly and moving down. His tongue teasing her clit and pussy lips.

“OHHHH daddy yes yes oh god that feels so good more.”

He put two finger in her and then took his hard cock and rubbed the big mushroom head up and down over the lips. He pushed the head against the lips and felt them part and then the head of his cock was inside her.

“Oh daddy yes yes oh that feels good AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yes.” The feeling his cock against her lips was turning her on and then it parted her lips and was inside her. It felt so good the feeling of the mushroom head just inside her pussy and then it went deeper.

He pushed in and deeper until he felt the wall. “Oh baby this might hurt but daddy wants you to feel the pleasure of being daddy’s special little girl.” He pushed hard and deep breaking the hymen.

Ahhhh oh that hurt ohhh yes ohhh ohhhh yes that feels good.” She bucked and twisted as he took her virginity but then as he continued to fuck her the pleasure surged through her body.

“Oh yes yes daddy fuck me fuck me good fuck me like you did her mom. AHHHHHHH yes. “ She started of orgasm and felt his cock get really big and hard and then felt a pulsing and then oh yes she felt the cum shooting into her pussy filling her with warm fluid and then his cock was pumping in and out faster and faster and she bucked and screamed.

Both had climaxed and now they lay naked on the bed. She rolled on top of him and kissed him gently and wrapped her arms and legs all around his big body.

MMMM daddy had fucked me good and oh that feels so good to have all the cum inside me. MMM a little sore but maybe next time it will not hurt. She reached down and stroked his now soft cock.

The next day Sophie came over and was very upset. Because the two of them were such GOOD friends she just went to the back door and walked in.

“Alexie am I glad you’re home. My mother is mad. She caught me putting that toy back and really gave me hell. I had to tell her about you and me playing with it and about us watching her and your dad. She really freaked out when I told her we watched and then used the toy. She started to cry and scream and I just had to get out. What do we do cause she is going to talk to your dad.”

“So she knows you used it to bust your hymen?”

“Yes and I told her you didn’t but oh man she is really upset. She wanted to know why I did and you didn’t.”

“So how did you find out you had the dildo? I thought you put it back right away.”

“Well I was horny this morning and wanted to see if it would hurt but it did not and it actually felt good. She heard me and then saw me using it. I am not sure what she is going to do.”

“Well mmmm I will have to warn my dad for sure as he needs to get things straight bout who did what when. So she thinks I am still a virgin?”

“Yes, why do you say it like that you still are right?” She looked at Alexie very closely and then got to thinking. Oh man she is not a virgin but how.

Alexie could not keep the expression on her face and movement of her body from giving away her secret.

“Alexie you aren’t a virgin any more, oh so did you do it yourself or do you have a secret boy friend?”

It was then that John walked into the room and looked at the two cute girls and got to thinking about yesterday.

MMM oh boy does she look good this morning and do I want to do more with her but her friend is hot as well. MMM nice set of tits on such a young thing but then her mother has a real nice set.

He was getting a hard on just looking at the two of them.

“Hello Sophie so how are you and your mother doing?”

“Oh ah well just fine but mom is a little upset and well she might be calling you. I will let Alexie explain as I have to go.”

She leaned into Alexie and put an arm around her and kissed her neck as she whispered. “MMM looking at your dad I know who I would like to have taken my virginity, he is a real hunk.” Then the thought just occurred to Sophie. “Oh man did you do it with your dad?”

“Sophie you better go see what you mother is going to do about that problem you have.” Alexies pushed her to the door and whispered back. “Get home while I try to figure out what to do.”

“Oh you are so naughty but so lucky mmm wish he would do me.”

Alexie pushed her out the door.

“Okay so what is the big problem with Sophie and her mother and what is all the whispering about?”

Alexie tried to explain about Ann finding out about the girls seeing what he and Ann had done and then about the girls taking the dildo and about Sophie using it to take her virginity. She told him that Ann would be calling him and hoped she would have calmed down.

Sophie went home with all sorts of thoughts going through her head. Her mother was mad at her but then she had seen her mother fucking John like a wild animal in doing all sorts of things. She was sure Alexie had lost her virginity to her dad but when. She also really liked sex with Alexie but then was thinking about her dad and it made her mmm horny as well.

When she got home her mother was at the kitchen table with a bottle of vodka and seemed to be just staring off shaking her head.

“Mom are you okay? Hey I am sorry for what I did but well I don’t think it was all that bad. “

Ann had had a couple of good stiff drink and they had mellowed her out a lot. “That’s okay, I am sorry for getting so upset with you when you really did not to anything so wrong. EXCEPT spying on Alexie’s dad and me. I hope you are not upset with what you saw, and I guess you have a lot of questions.”

“Well I do have questions but not sure what to say. I mean I never thought of you having sex with someone and not like that.”

“Well mother was horny and a little drunk and John was there and he was horny and so it happened. Actually I was hoping it would happen again when I was sober as I think it would feel a lot better. “ MMM yes sober it would feel good to have that big cock in my pussy but even better in my ass. Man can he fuck good.

“Really mom you want him to do all those things again. I never though about sex like that.” MMM I wonder what it would be like to have him do all that to me. But would that big cock fit in my little pussy.

MMM I think I want to find out though. Mmm I will have to get Alexie to help but mmm if he is fucking her he will surely fuck me. Mmmm I wonder.

Her little tight pussy was getting wet just thinking bout John and his cock and then the picture of her mother and her naked body under John. With out a thought she reached down under the table and rubbed her crotch.

Her mother notices the look in her eyes. “What is wrong with you are you okay?” Then she notice the motion of the arm. “What are you doing are you rubbing your pussy now talking to me?”

She got a dreamy look and then rubbed harder. “Oh I can’t help it the picture of you being fucked by Alexie’s dad just make me so horny I can’t help but rub my pussy. Oh mom I want to use that dildo again, please oh please I am so hot and wet.”

Ann could not believe what she was hearing but it was turning her on. Hearing her daughter talk about seeing her being fuck and then getting hot was making her hot and the drinks just made her very loose.

“Oh baby come her and let me help you.” Reaching out she took Sophie by the hand and went to the bedroom. She opened the drawer and pulled out the dildo Sophie had been using earlier. “Take off you clothes and lay down mommy is going to help you have a really great orgasm.”

She watched as her daughter stripped off her top exposing some very nice firm tits and then as she pulled down her shorts and panties, she was turned on to see the nice firm belly and great legs. The tight pussy lips and the dark fuzz covering them was really to much. She pushed her to the bed and down. Spreading her legs she caressed the beautiful naked body of her young daughter. Running her hands over the smooth flesh of the legs and thighs then over the firm smooth belly and cupping the firm round tits.

Sophie moaned, “Oh mommy that feels so good do more do more put the toy in my pussy I am so horny. Please please fuck me with the toy.”

“Oh baby I am going to do more than that but I want you to really enjoy it and slow is best.”

She bent between her legs and ran her lips lightly up the inside of the thigh until she reached the now wet pussy lips.

Sophie was moaning and twisting as the desires ran through her body causing her muscles to tighten and relax and then tighten again as the thrills of pleasure ran through her body.

Ann had brought her to a very high point and then inserted the silver vibrator into the wet pussy. When she turned it on Sophie had bucked her hips high and tightened every muscle in her body.

“AHHHHHHHHH yes yes mommy yes, oh oh yes” The orgasm made her whole body convulse.

Before she was totally over the orgasm Ann had started to rub her clit and she saw her begin to get hot again. As she saw Sophie’s body tense and twist she started to tease her very tight little anal star.

“Oh mommy yes that feels so good do it do it now.”

Ann pushed a finger into the tight ass and watched the pleasure register on her daughter’s face. She then put in a second finger and turned on the vibrator to high. Her fingers could feel the vibrations and Sophie then orgasmed again even harder than before.

Ann then had showed Sophie how to eat her pussy and what some to the toys were for. She even gave Sophie a small butt plug to wear whenever she wanted to.

Then next day Sophie could not wait to tell Alexie all about what she had learned and mmm maybe have some fun with her as well.

After explaining just about everything to John Alexie figured out that even if Ann called, her father would probably just fuck Ann good and all would be well.

“So you watched Ann and me have sex and it turned you on so much that you and Sophie used her dildo to break her cherry. Well seems you both are horny little girls and like sex. I wonder what Ann is doing about Sophie. I bet , know a little about her, she might be teaching Sophie a lot more about sex. I bet Ann will be helping her with the dildo and more.”

“OH dad you really think so? You think Ann would show her more about dildos and toys and maybe about sex the way you two were going at it. I never would have thought about sex in the ass until I saw you fucking Ann’s ass. That was really kinky at first but then hearing her enjoy it so much it became a real turn on.”

She looked down and saw a bulge in her dad’s pants. “Looks like you are thinking about doing Ann again, from the looks in you pants.”

“Well it could be Ann or maybe you, you little sexy thing.” He looked her up and down and his cock got harder. “Come her.” Reaching out he put hand on back of head and pulled her to him and kissed her deep.

Their tongue danced and his hands roamed all over her young body. Cupping her firm round butt and then the small firm tits and the hard nipples.

Without much hesitation they stripped each other and she locked her legs around his waist as he carried her to the bedroom.

There he spread her legs as he proceeded to eat her pussy as his hands squeezed her tits and nipples.

She moaned as her body bucked and twisted. “Oh daddy fuck me now I need it nowwww. “

He continued to eat her and squeeze her nice firm tits. With one hand he cupped a firm butt cheek and squeezed it hard and then moved his finger to the crack and found her tight little anus. As his tongue probed her pussy his index finger teased her anus and as she neared orgasm he pushed it into her.

The orgasm started to surge through her and then she felt his finger push against her anus and then slide in.

Oh god that is so hot oh yes fuck my ass daddy fuck it good.

He pushed a second finger in as she was moaning and twisting with orgasm.

As she seemed to have finished the orgasm and was coming down he rubbed her pussy with his now hard cock. Rubbing the swollen mushroom head against her wet lips and the little clit.

She moaned as the cock head rubbed her clit. “Oh daddy put it into me I want to feel your hard cock deep inside me.” She reached down and grabbed the cock pointed it at her pussy and wrapped her legs around his back and pulled forcing him to penetrate the young wet pussy.

“AHHH oh girl you are so hot and tight I want you. “ oh god I want to fuck her so.

His cock went deep to her cervix and hard against it. His cock was bigger and hit her cervix every time he drove into her.

Reaching around and cupping her butt cheeks he spread them apart and slipped two fingers into her anus. He could feel his cockhead deep inside her pussy with his fingers.

“AHHHHHHHHHH oh god yes daddy fuck me every way yes ohhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh”. She had a massive orgasm as he pumped a massive load of cum deep into her. So much that it was leaking out as his cock slid in and out.

Her body was quivering with pleasure.

The next day John went to Ann’s and without much talking they went to the bedroom where they fuck in every way possible. John fucked her pussy and ass and then she sucked his cock as he eat her pussy and sucked her clit.

They were both exhausted in about an hou.

“So our girls are into sex in a big way and they seem to share their experiences with each other. I suppose you know I have fucked Alexie.”

“Well not exactly but I had sort of figured it out from some of the conversations I have heard, and so how is she. A tight little pussy I bet, hahaha a lot tighter than this old broad.”

“Oh she is tight and wild but hey don’t ever think of yourself as an old broad. You’re one hot good looking woman and mmm a great piece of ass.” They were both in robes, and he reached out and slid a hand in and caressed her inner thigh. “I could see fucking you for a long time.”

“Ya right but you got that hot tight sexy little girl to fuck.”

“Ah yes she is fun but that will not last as she will find a boy someday and move on. It will be a good time till then. I understand that you and Sophie have been having some very hot sexy times as well. Hey maybe Alexie would like that. I know they both have played together and I think they have given each other orgasms.”

“OH so you think Alexie might like to have sex with me and what about you and Sophie?”

John was getting a hard on just thinking about a sex party with all of the females. Two girls and one woman. “Hey why not we all get together her so a little party. We could do a pool party and then you and the girls would be in bikinis and well not much to stop things from happening.”

The next day they all gathered at the pool in the afternoon. The girls both had on very little bikinis they had gone shopping for. Ann was wearing a bikini but it cover more, still it gave John a hard on in his baggy shorts he also used for swimming. They all got in the pool and it did not take long for the girls to lose their tops.

Alexie swam over to her dad and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. The feel of her firm tits and hard nipple against his bare chest make his cock pulse. Sophie watched and wondered what it would feel like to kiss John like that and then decided to find out.

“Hey my turn, I want a kiss too.” Alexie let go and Sophie just put her arms around Johns neck and kissed him hard. She felt his tongue push into her mouth and was turned on big time. The feel of his hairy chest against her firm breast and tender nipples was a big turn on.

John could not believe Sophie’s passion and pulled her to him. Kissing her deep and then running hands up and down her back and cupping her sweet young butt cheeks. He could feel her leg rubbing his cock. Oh man I am going to fuck this hot little slut and her mother and then my daughter. Oh am I luck and with that he squeezed Sophies butt cheeks and pulled her hips to him so she could feel his big cock.

Then his hand went to her hips and untied the strings of the bikini bottoms. Pulling the bottom away Sophie was now naked and they had not broken the kiss and her naked body was tight against him.

As he was kissing Sophie with passion and caressing her back and squeezing her butt cheeks he did not see Ann come up behind him and then pull down his trunks.

Sophie was lost in the passion. Oh god yes yes suck a big hard cock yes squeeze may ass mmm oh fuck me that big hard cock fuck me now.

She ground her hip into him and then reached down to grab his hard cock that was between her legs.

She guided the head to her lips and wiggled until it slipped into her tight little pussy.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yes yes oh fuck me.

John could not believe it as his cock was between her young legs and then she guiding it to her pussy. The tight little pussy slipping around the head and then she move to impale herself on it.

Ahhhhh he moaned as her tight pussy gripped and took in his cock.

She rode his hard and forced his cock deep into her pussy and then just held it tight as her body quivered and shook with orgasm after orgasm.

She was done but john was not and he grabbed her hips and moved her little body up and down on his cock until he exploded into her filling her with his cum. I leaked out and mixed with the pool water.

Ann watched as John fucked her daughter. Seeing Alexie watching she went over and took her from behind and cupped her tits and teased her nipples.

Alexie moaned and responded by putting her head back between the nice tits of Ann. After a little time she turned and looked up and kissed Ann deeply. She reached around and untied Ann’s top exposing the nice large tits and very big hard nipples. She took one nipple in and sucked hard and bite it lightly.

Ann moaned and reached down and untied the bottom of Alexie bikini. Alexie did the same for Ann. Now they were all in the pool naked and in each other arms.

John and Sophie looked over and watched Ann and Alexie get very passionate and John was caressing Sophie all over again and getting hard again. She backed up to John and let his cock slide between her little butt cheeks.

Sophie was thinking as his cock rubbed her butt crack, what it would be like to be fucked int the ass by that big cock. MMMM maybe just maybe but I wonder if he has done Alexie?

She reached down between her legs and bending over she rubbed the cock head against her little anal star and her body quivered in excitement.

She pushed a finger into her ass and then 2 and then 3 and finally she wiggled and worked and got the cock head into her ass.

John was a little taken back but then a young naked girl was holding his cock and he was not about to complain. Then he felt her slip his cock into her ass and he just grabbed her hips and then pulled her to him so his cock slid deeper into the very tight anal tunnel.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH was all she heard as John pumped a load of cum into her ass. She felt the warm sticky cum inside her and then she had a little orgasm, not like the first one but still her body tensed squeezing the cock inside her.

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