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Alex from Marketing

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“Would you look at him?” Bianca took a deep breath and just sighed as she watched the tall suited man walk across the office floor. She leaned against her arm and fanned herself with a spare manilla folder. “He’s so hot, Emi. Come on.”

“Wasn’t Kay from IT enough for you?”

“Is that how you remember people?”

“Yes, you’re Bianca from Corp Sec.”

“Oh, come on. Anyway, my boyfriend doesn’t count,” Bianca laughed it off. “Besides, apples and oranges. Look at him. He’s massive! Do you think he still does sports? No one has that much muscle without working out.”

“I swear you’re somehow worse after you got attached,” Emi rolled her eyes but glanced at the colleague in question. Of course, it was Alex from Marketing. Or as she liked to call him, Aleksander. She had done that once when she asked him a question about some compliance to an obscure financial procedure and he had raised an eyebrow at her.

“No one’s called me ‘Aleksander’ since I was 10,” he told Emi as he stood up and pulled up a seat so he could explain things a little easier since he would tower over her if he stood and he didn’t feel like making her stand while he sat. Emi had been warned that Aleksander was a complete gentleman. To say the man was handsome was somehow right but also failing terribly at describing him. He had sharp features, slate grey eyes that reminded her of an oncoming storm and hair that was so dark, she wondered if he would ever become one of those sexy silver foxes.

Emi remembered shrugging slightly at that remark. “I know far too many Alexes,” she told him. “This way I know ‘Aleksander’ means ‘the guy from Marketing’.” It was a lie, of course. She just liked the way it sounded – Aleksander. The way it rolled off the tongue with the hard consonants. She couldn’t explain it. He was a tall fucker with broad shoulders and a strong chest. He was also well-mannered and exceedingly considerate of people but one didn’t shit where they ate and so Aleksander from Marketing was going to remain a fantasy until one of them decided to quit, she supposed. Emi realized Bianca was staring at her. “What?”

“Alex,” Bianca repeated. “Do you think he’s single?”

Emi chuckled and shook her head. “A man like that? No. Definitely not. Not that it matters,” she fished a printout and neatly stamped it before passing it to Bianca. “Here. There’s the approval you needed and I need to get this pile of shit done.”

Bianca smiled and got what she came for. “Are you coming to the office party?”

Emi winced. She wasn’t one for these occasional gatherings but she had cancelled on the last two and these things were a huge thing in the company culture. “I suppose,” she replied. “When is it?”

“Friday after next,” Bianca supplied as she walked away.

Emi pursed her lips and decided to pencil it down. She tapped a short note into her phone, sitting primly at her desk, legs pressed together before she got back to processing the rest of the procurement requests. “What’s this?” she frowned and glanced at the paperwork. She bit the inside of her cheek trying to wrap her brain around it. Sighing, she walked over to the larger marketing department, tapping the forms against the flat of her palm as she tried to find someone to talk to.

“Looking for something?” she heard and turned around abruptly only to bump into a large chest. The flat of her palms pressed against his middle, sending the papers she held to the floor.

“Oof-” she sputtered. So much for dignity, she thought, recognising the cologne. Aleksander the devil himself was there. She nudged her glasses back into place with a gentle tap of her knuckle and crouched down to gather her papers. He naturally helped and Emi tried her best to keep her knees together so as to not flash him inappropriately. It was a miracle she didn’t totter over and trip on her heels. She exhaled in embarrassment as he passed her the rest of the forms and helped her up with a gentle grasp of her fingertips. His hands were large and she felt positively miniscule. Ah, a thin golden band on the ring finger glinted at her accusingly.

“Aleksander from Marketing,” she blurted.

“Emi from Finance,” he echoed, looking at the relatively new hire. She was rather sweet-looking and apparently friendly, if a little distant. She only came up to his chest with wavy black shoulder-length hair, tanned skin with almond shaped eyes and apparently, from Jakarta but had spent some time with the Osaka office before making the move stateside, according to the grapevine. She had full hips and a proportionately narrow waist and reminded him very much of a living doll. Her lips were pink and currently pursed tightly as she gathered herself.

“I’m sorry about that.” She smiled civilly, regaining her composure. “Yes. I was hoping to talk to Steve about these claims he filed. I think we’re missing a few receipts. It’s a little urgent.”

“He’s on a work trip in Maine.”


“He’s under me so what can I help you with?”

She tried not to stare at him for too long, keeping her gaze carefully on the spot between his eyes instead of looking istanbul escort directly at him as she pulled her hand away. She felt herself split into two – professional Emi was explaining why a consolidated credit card statement didn’t fly as proof of purchase for reimbursement while personal Emi was imagining climbing Aleksander’s frame, running her hands over that broad chest, slipping her hands under his shirt-

“I see,” he frowned and took the form from her. He had crouched slightly so that he could see what she was talking about. “Mind giving me your number? In case you can’t get him. I’m sure there’s an explanation for this.”

She could see the dark 5 o’clock shadow on his sharp jaw. Gods. This man. Emi broke into a bright polite smile as she looked up at him just as soon as she gave him a missed call. “Thank you.”

Aleksander gave his usual slightly friendly expression. “You’re welcome. Nice shoes, by the way.”

She glanced at her classic black pumps and blushed a little. “O-kaay,” she replied, looking up at him quizzically before adding quickly, “I mean, thanks. Yes. Classic pumps. Can’t go wrong.” She took a step back and flashed him another polite smile before she turned on the balls of her feet and walked briskly back to her seat. The hell was that about? No. Classic overthinking, she told herself and decided to try and forget it.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully, the way Emi liked. Still he thought these ratty old pumps were ‘nice’, eh? She took them off once she got home and after some deliberation, decided to polish them a little. If these shoes helped the people from Marketing be nicer to her, who was she to deny their magic, right?


Emi liked a boring work life. She saved all her excitement for her travels, the hobbies that she never shared beyond a few select colleagues and kept to the time. Work was work. She stood at the photocopier, perched on one foot as she scanned some items. Her other foot rotated her ankle to ease some of the stress of wearing those said black high heels. The marketing people vacated the meeting room and Emi pressed herself closer to the machine so as to stay out of their way. She kept her eyes on the scanner, suddenly very interested in the little LCD screen that spat numbers at her. It didn’t take long before a large shadow fell over her, lingering over her like a cloud.

“Emi from Finance,” he greeted, his voice low enough for only her to hear.

“Aleksander from Marketing,”

“Is the issue with Steve settled?”

“Yes, we’ve sorted it out. No harm, no foul. Thank you,”

“Good to know it’s all done.”

She nodded appreciatively and watched as he followed the rest of his colleagues back to their cubicles on the far end of the floor. She blinked and exhaled, enjoying that woody, slightly musky cologne he wore. Gods, she thought, what a man. Her phone buzzed as soon as he turned the corner.

“‘Nice shoes’?” she read the text. Emi blinked and stared at the name of the sender. Surely not? Oh no no no. Emi thought. No way. She pursed her lips and tapped one foot against the other as she pondered the text. No. It was just overthinking. She took a deep breath and suddenly looked up. Towards the direction of marketing. Aleksander was speaking to someone, his large hand playing with his phone as he shot a glance at her.

Emi felt her ears grow hot. Gods, she thought again. She exhaled and shoved the phone back into her skirt pocket, turned and walked away.


“What’s your excuse this time? Intermittent fasting?” Bianca asked as Emi refused to go for lunch yet again.

She shook her head. “I brought my own lunch and I’m not hungry yet so you guys go on ahead. Catch me up on the hot gossip later.”

“Pity. Alex is buying. Apparently, Marketing scored some huge deal and they’re giving Finance a treat since you guys helped them out.”

“How did you get roped into it then?”

“He asked me along since you and I are friends?”

Emi nodded, adjusting her skirt, running a hand over her bottom to flatten out the creases. “Ah, just get me a coke on the way back then.”

“Okay but don’t cop out of the party. Seriously,” Bianca rolled her eyes and walked back to the group. “Emi’s brought her own lunch. She told us to head out.”

Emi heard the group chat among themselves and she busied herself by clearing her tasks, ignoring the hunger in her belly, eyes fixed resolutely on anything but the large figure at the corner of her eye.


“So are the office parties this crazy back in-” her colleague shook his head, snapping his fingers as he tried to remember where it was that Emi came from.

“Bali,” she supplied helpfully, downing a beer and blinking away the haze. Around them, all their colleagues were joking, laughing and drinking like there was no tomorrow. A few were hogging the karaoke machine and some were dancing.


“No. But I can tell you that the parties in Japan are wild.” She sighed and rubbed her neck as she relaxed with her friends. “They drink a lot more than you guys, honestly. But istanbul escort bayan they were always fun.” She looked at the other tables and noted who sat with who and saw Aleksander sitting with the other managers at the table across from hers. He nursed some wine and smiled politely at her over the rim of his glass. Emi nodded and turned back to her friends. She suddenly became aware of her appearance. She wore a black dress but changed her shoes from sensible ballet flats to a pair of red high heels. It took some maneuvering but she got used to it. Her shoulder length hair was brushed to the side and kept off her face with a simple hair clip. Classic but effective.

Just like Aleksander’s dark blue suit and tie. Gods, the man could wear anything and look good. She watched as he finished his wine and got up to make his rounds around each table. Someone had put on music and the dance floor was open. Emi swallowed her words as soon as he came to theirs.

There was a cheerful chorus of ‘hey Alex!’ as he sat down next to her.

“Emi from Finance,” he greeted.

“Alex from Marketing,” she nodded and became determined to not look at him.

He raised an eyebrow at that before they both fell into conversation with the group at large. “Your hair looks nice,” he said to her once there was a natural lull when another round of drinks came.

“I didn’t do anything different,” she said, downing yet another can of beer.

“Maybe it’s the light. Those shoes are a nice change too.”

“Mmhmm, you got any other words besides ‘nice’?” Emi replied as someone suggested a group photograph, thereby squeezing all of them together. She sat up and sat back down only to feel a large set of knuckles under her ass. “Oh gods, I’m sorry,” she blushed deeply and looked at Aleksander who only pulled his hand away.

“It’s all right.”

“Picture time!” somebody yelled. The group pushed them together as she felt a hand steady her waist. A large palm landed lightly on her lower back as her side was pressed against his. She melted a little as the photograph was taken. God, he was comfortable. All muscle and steel under the cloth. It took all her control to not nuzzle his chest and press herself against him more. She didn’t even know him, what the hell.

“Damn, they drank a lot, huh?” he leaned forward and whispered softly in her ear, lips brushing against her skin.

Emi felt a flush of heat go through her. It pooled in the depths of her belly and culminated in an involuntary leak of wetness between her legs. She sighed and looked up at him, eyes a little glassy from the drink, nipples hardening against the fabric of her bra. “Yep. I could use some water to sober up, to be honest.”

Once the picture was taken the group dispersed and she pulled herself away from him, injecting normalcy back into their dynamic. He seemed to get the message too and kept his attention off her. Perhaps, it had all been in her head. “Well, It’s late,” she blinked and stifled a yawn. “I’m going to ride… I mean, get a ride home.” She paused and blushed as she moved past Aleksander again, her ass right at his eye-level as she moved. “God. See you all on Monday.”

She spent some time at the door of the restaurant, a little less drunk and a lot more sober as she fiddled with her phone. “Fucking Grab,” she swore under her breath and momentarily considered returning to the restaurant and perhaps depend on the kindness of her colleagues to get a ride home. She turned, only to see Aleksander walk up to her. “Are you leaving too?”

He seemed surprised to still see her. “Yes. It’s getting quite late. I thought you left.”

“No luck getting a driver and I left the car at the office,” she sighed and bit the inside of her cheek, eyes slightly wide as she looked at his chest and shoulders before finally settling on his eyes; naked desire apparent for a fleeting second. “Could you do me a solid and give me a ride home?”

She saw the tip of his tongue run over his left upper canine as he gave it some thought. “I can give you a ride.”

Oh fuck, she thought but nodded. Beggars can’t be choosers. “Okay, then,” she smiled politely and walked with him as he fished his car keys from his pocket. She climbed into his mountain of a car and secured her seatbelt, pulse racing.

“So, where do I drive to?” he asked as he turned on the GPS and waited for her instructions.

“Umm,” Emi frowned. “I know this sounds silly but I suddenly cannot remember where I live.” She checked her phone and flashed him the address. “I know the shortest way there is to drive along Rosetta Avenue until we hit the junction. We take a left and then another left at the next junction after that one. My apartment building is the first compound on the right.”

He glanced at her, able to clearly see the route in his head. “You’re good at giving instructions.”

“I’m also good at taking them,” she replied, a little faster than she had intended. She sighed and shook her head. “Thank you again.”

“Don’t mention it,” he smiled politely and started the engine.

Emi took a deep breath escort istanbul and crossed her legs. It was all in her head, was it not? She was attracted to an image of him. The tall, handsome, athletic, most-probably-married beast of a manager from Marketing. She cleared her throat and felt her pussy drenching itself. How long had it been since she got any? She didn’t want to think so she kept quiet and held on the seatbelt, knees pressed tightly together, her nipples screaming to be pinched. He parked the car at an empty guest lot and turned off the engine. Emi bit her lower lip. It was now or never. “Do you want to come-” her voice grew breathless suddenly as he turned to her, grey eyes running over her body.


“-upstairs, I mean,” she finished as he leaned in towards her.

“I don’t quite care as long as I get to fuck you,” he replied, pulling her in for a kiss, one large arm nearly pulling her out of the passenger seat. Somewhere in the background, she heard her bag hit the floor. She tasted of wine and all things free and delicious. “Say my name properly, Emi. None of that Alex bullshit.”

“Aleksander…” she smiled into the kiss. “Aleksander from Marketing.”

He chuckled into her mouth, tasting her fully as large hands ran over her slight shoulders and down her front. One large hand on each breast as her small hands caressed his thighs and stroked his hard cock through his pants. “Fuck, touch me.”

“Upstairs now,” she pulled herself away reluctantly and got out of the car. With some urgency, he took her hand, laced his fingers in between her and followed her into the elevator. The door barely closed when he pulled her to him, briefcase in one hand as the other crushed her small body against his. She whimpered as she held onto him, their mouths open and urgent. A few times, she felt their teeth clashing in their desperation to taste the other. Once on her floor, she led him to her apartment. Alone in the hallway, she felt his hands go up under her skirt as he stood behind her. Grunting slightly as he fumbled with her underwear, he managed to push aside the damp panties and slipped a cool, hungry finger into her already dripping cunt. “Aleksander… no…”

He leaned down and nipped at her neck, ignoring her as she fumbled with the keys. His fingers continued to please her, as Emi bit down on her lip to keep quiet. “You’re so hot,” he breathed into her neck as she moaned, pressing her forehead against the door. He began to pump a long finger into her wet cunt, enjoying the way it clenched around his digit.

“Fuck,” she breathed and finally got the door open. She pulled him in somehow and tossed aside her shoes and bag as he dropped his own bag and coat at the door. Emi threw her arms around his neck, one hand snaking a palm to sit flat against his chest. She had imagined this for so long and it felt almost perfect.

Aleksander carried her easily, his large hands cupping her round ass as he guided her legs around his waist. He tossed her gently against the couch and pulled her to the edge. He knelt in between her knees as she breathed hard, skin flushed and damp. He reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties, rolling them off her ankles. They felt damp in his hands and he sniffed them before grinning. “Spread those legs, princess.”

She blushed but did as he asked, feeling so vulnerable as he watched her offer her pussy up for him. She had a neat little cunt, pink and with only a little patch of hair on the mound. She gasped as he planted an open mouth that swallowed the entirety of her needy pussy. Bucking her hips, she sought some ease by riding his tongue as it lapped away at her. His large hands went to hers and pressed them down, making her unable to touch him. She groaned. “Let me touch you.”

He laughed, his breath hot as he licked away at her clit, making her squirm deliciously under him. She was so tiny and he had always loved the difference in their height. “Say please.”


He released her hands and felt them go immediately to his head as she began to guide him on how to please her best. He undid his belt, kicked off his pants and undressed as much as he could while he lapped away between her legs. “Such a sweet cunt, Emi,” he spoke in between long licks, opening his mouth wide enough to encase her entire pussy. That seemed to drive her wild. He inserted a finger and watched as she whimpered and groaned over it. Her little tanned body, made from sunlight and heat, trembled as he lightly sucked on her pink clit.

She looked at his head between her legs, his handsome face devilishly grinning at her as she laid vulnerably before him. “You’re the worst,” she breathed. “I hate you so much.”

“You love it,” he replied dismissively and straightened up, his hands on her knees to keep her from putting them back together. “Be a good girl and keep these open. I love seeing that pussy. I’ve been thinking about it for ages.” He undid the tie and unbuttoned his shirt as she shimmied out of her dress as well. He stood up and pulled her towards him, his nakedness pressed against hers. His cock raged between them and he sighed as she rested her head against his chest. She was far too small for them to do a proper 69, he thought but was cut short when she slid to her knees, eyes wide as she opened her mouth and used her tongue to flick at the sensitive, turgid cockhead.

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