Alessandra’s Gift

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My wife and her cousin were sitting at the bar as I walked in I noticed that they both looked half drunk already and it was only 6pm. My wife hardly ever drinks so the fact that she was half lit after only a couple of drinks was of no surprise to me. Her cousin (Alessandra) was a bit younger and had made it known that she goes out often with friends drinking so to see her already loaded was quite a surprise to me.

As I joined them, Alessandra stood up and gave me a big hug. Her breasts pressed against my chest was the first think I noticed. I then noticed that she was whispering something into my ear. I didn’t know what she said. She kissed me on the cheek as she pulled away and I looked at her quizzically. She smiled and sat back down.

No before I go too much further please allow me to describe my wife’s cousin. She is 5’7″ about 135 lbs. She has light brown hair with slight highlights in them. She is very attractive and at 25 (I’m 33) something I could only wish to have — even for just one night. She had beautiful green eyes, a tiny waist, thin legs, and a nice chest. Not that I paid any attention to her or anything.

My wife in her drunkenness got up and gave me a hug as well. We sat down at the table. The waitress hurriedly came over to see what I wanted to drink. I ordered a beer and let out a deep sigh. It had been a long day at work and all I wanted to do was have a couple of drinks, some dinner, and a good night sleep.

The talk at the table was more of “how was your drive in” and “how was your day” type of stuff as we decide what we want for dinner. My wife excused herself to go to the ladies room. It was then that Alessandra leans over and asks if I had any objections to what she asked me earlier. I looked at her and said, “Yeah I guess but honestly I don’t even know what you said.”

She laughed and as she put her hand on my knee says to me, “Well as long as you didn’t say no then you will have a good time.” I thought she was talking about our trip to the mountains the following day that we had planned.

My wife gets back from the restroom only to inform us that she is bahis firmaları going to go home. I was a bit irritated with this but at the same time felt it best for her since she was already loaded. Alessandra said that she was going to have one more drink and was going to go back to the house. Well, having only had one drink and still hadn’t eaten yet I said I was going to be a while.

As Elizabeth (my wife) leaves I look at Alessandra and see this evil grin on her face. I ask her what she was smiling about. She says to me “all in due time.” I don’t like mind games so I just shake my head and go back to looking at the menu. Our round of drinks shows up and Alessandra says she doesn’t want any dinner and I put my order in.

While we sit there at the table Alessandra and I have some small talk. I swear she is giving me this devilish look but I have no idea what it is or why she’s giving it to me. At one point I could have sworn she was rubbing her foot up and down my leg.

Well she finishes her drink and gets up to leave. She kisses me on the cheek — which seemed strange since my own wife hadn’t done that — and tells me to hurry home. With these thoughts filling my head I hurriedly down my dinner when it arrives. I quickly pay the check and rush home trying to figure out what in the hell she was talking about.

I get in the door and I hear the shower running. I figured it was my wife and went upstairs to change out of my work clothes. I walk into the bedroom and realize my wife is in bed. No worries — I change clothes and go to one of the spare bedrooms where the computer is setup to check my email. The shower shuts off and the door behind me — where my wife’s cousin was showering opens. I don’t turn to look as I am reading an email.

I hear, “Well, how do I look?”

I turn around and there is Alessandra standing there dripping wet and naked. I instantly become red in the face as for the last 5 years I had hoped that I would get to see her naked sometime. And as I sat there taking her nakedness all in I realized that my cock had begin to stir in my shorts.

“You look hot and kaçak iddaa flushed what’s wrong?” she asks as she walks closer to me. I try and back away slightly but her beauty keeps me from going to far. She caresses my face and says “Relax, I don’t bite. It’s almost like you have never seen a naked woman before.”

To which I state, “It’s been a very long time since I have seen a woman as beautiful standing naked before me.”

“You know, for as long as I have known you,” she began, “I have always wondered what it would be like to have you kiss me and touch my skin. I have dreamt of your big arms around me and you deep inside of me. It was at Easter that I decided that I must try to have you at least once.” She ran her hand down my chest, my heart racing faster than I have ever felt it race before.

I begin to stand up — she grabs my wrist and asks, “Kiss me please, one time.” Before I knew what I was doing my right arm goes around her waist and pulls her close to me. I look into her eyes and kiss her with such passion that I forget that my wife is only a mere 20 feet away.

I push her away, “I can’t!” I proclaim. “You are my wife’s cousin it wouldn’t be right for me to do the things that I want to do.”

Her hand grabs my cock and I let out a sigh as she looks at me and says “It looks like your cock doesn’t listen to your head. I just want one night with you” And as she finished her sentence she drops to her knees and my shorts as well. My cock, which is harder than it has been in months, springs from my shorts and stands before her.

She looks up at me and smiles as she grasps my cock and says “Just one time….” Her lips part and the head of my cock enters her inviting mouth. My wife no longer gives me blow jobs — in fact she stopped doing that just after we got married so to have my cock in a beautiful woman’s mouth was a thrill.

I let out another sigh as she takes the entire length of my cock into her mouth and swirls her tongue around my shaft. I shake my head and come to my senses and place my hands on her head and tell her to stop. Not because I wanted her to stop but kaçak bahis because I knew it was wrong and knew that if we were caught all hell would break loose.

All the while I am telling her why we shouldn’t — rather couldn’t continue she strokes my cock and play with my balls. I feel them tighten up. As she looks up at me I take my hands off of her shoulders. She takes this as a sign of me giving in and quickly gobbles my cock into her mouth. This time I don’t restrain her. I allow her to continue.

She sucks and licks my cock so eagerly so wildly — like I have never felt before. She does this with the precision of someone who loves to suck cock. She plays with my balls as she alternates from sucking my whole shaft into her mouth to just licking the head.

I feel my balls tighten up again but this time I know that I am ready to cum. “Alessandra I’m about to cum!” She looks up at me and takes me deep into her mouth as I try to pull out like I am used to doing. She looks at me and continues to bob her head on my cock. “I am going to cum!”

And with that I release a load that is probably the largest I have let out in some time. At first she gags on its size but allows it to slide down the back of her throat and continue sucking all of the life out of my now slightly limp cock.

She kisses my cock one last time as she stands up. I lean down to kiss her more passionately than earlier. “Come to bed with me” she states as we break our kiss. “I would love to but how do we ensure that Elizabeth doesn’t hear us?”

It was at this time that I hear the other bedroom door open. I quickly pull my shorts up — Alessandra runs to the bathroom and I sit back down at the computer. Elizabeth walks in and says, “Honey, its time fore bed.”

Alessandra opens the door and acts surprised to find both of us there in the spare room. She is clothed but in a tiny top that barely covers her perky breasts and a pair of “boy shorts” — it’s the hottest she has ever looked in my eyes. Her nipples sticking out through the fabric made my cock twitch again in my shorts.

Elizabeth overts my eyes and gives Alessandra a mean look. “Its time for bed, come along” she states to me as she grabs my hand and leads me out of the spare room. As I look back Alessandra gives me that devilish smile again. I wonder what she’s thinking.

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