Alene Raven’s New Life Ch. 27

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Terror filled Alene’s heart, the last thing she needed after last night was this. Jen stood at her doorstep, the woman who turned her life into a living nightmare.

“Jen? What are you doing here?” Alene asked. While her body wanted to escape, her mind was still fuzzy with last night’s alcohol. She knew she should run but as last night came back to her she remained locked in place. “I deserve whatever you’ll do to me, I’ve been foolish and ruined our lives.” Alene said in a voice that came to terms with what was going to happen.

For a moment the girls’ eyes locked, Jen’s blue eyes pierced Alene’s soul. “Do it, punish me, I deserve it.” Once again Alene encouraged Jen to act. For an eternity the girls were frozen in their places.

Jen was the first to move, the moment she started Alene reacted. She closed her jet-black eyes, turned her head and lifted her hands to protect herself from the incoming attack, she waited for the pain to come…

No pain came, she returned to her former position and saw Jen, she was on her knees, looking at the floor. For the first time in two years she heard her former lover’s voice. “I cannot start to make up for what happened, I do not expect you to forgive me, I just want to say that I come in peace…”

Alene couldn’t believe what her ears were hearing, she had a hard time processing the words into an understandable sentence. “Are you for real? Am I dreaming?” Alene pinched her arm, she didn’t know if there is any truth to the concept of a pinch waking you up from a dream, but she had to try. It hurt her, this was no dream. “You cursed me,” Alene started recounting her pain, “you got me into trouble with my boss, you RAPED my friends and threatened us. I am calling the cops right now!” Alene walked inside to look for her phone, but Jen’s voice stopped her.

“I did… Everything was my work, I have brought you so much pain, I have no intention providing you with excuses so you could forgive me. I deserve to be punished, if you want me to I would kill myself right here and now.” As Jen spoke she pulled out a knife and placed it over her wrist.

“No…” Alene shouted when she understood Jen’s intentions, “please, no more… Come in.”

Jen got up and walked in, she was clearly as shocked as Alene was. She closed the door behind her. Alene walked to the kitchen and took a seat, she gestured Jen to join her at the table, which Jen did.

“it’s been two years…” Alene started, “two years of constant fear, for you and from you Jen. Why are you even here? Didn’t you promise you’d leave us alone if I undid your spell? I stopped using magic…”

“I promised, but I am a fool Alene, I am a stupid bitch and I made so many mistakes…” Jen paused, “How do I even start? It was a fucked-up plan just showing at your door and asking for redemption…”

Jen remained silent. “We both made mistakes…” Alene admitted, “please start from the beginning, I need to know what happened… I need to hear it…”

“It was a bad idea, asking for a cock like yours, it was too much, you were right, you were trying to protect me from this, but I didn’t listen. After I left I traveled to France, stayed there for a few weeks… one morning I woke up with something I never thought possible…”

“A cock…” Alene whispered in amazement.

“No… The cock was no surprise, I saw yours after all. I woke up with a sexual appetite… I never thought someone could crave sex on such a level… I was rock hard, and every inch of my body yelled for sex, I couldn’t even think.” Jen took a deep breath, “I fucked so many people while making my way back here. I can’t even remember how many…”

“That is what happened to Paula’s husband…” Alene felt the pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place.

“Who is Paula?” Jen said, snapping back out of her memories.

“Never mind, please tell me what happened next.” Alene implored.

“I don’t know, I just know that at some point I started thinking again, I understood what was going on, I understood that you cursed me with this… I was not thinking clearly, no. I wasn’t thinking at all… I fucked a girl and left her at your house to let you know I got back. I don’t remember it too clearly, I just remember leaving her here.” Jen pointed to the point where she and Nadia found Nicky.

“What happened next?” Alene understood that the scene that filled all her nightmares over the last month was coming up.

“I lost any grasp I had on common sense Alene, I won’t sugar coat it, I raped your girls, I just wanted to stop feeling the sexual need for a moment, for a nano-second. I told them to deliver a message, to tell you I want you to stop my spell.”

“I stopped Jen, just like you demanded, no more magic, you see?” Alene lifted her skirt and exposed her lower region to Jen, “no cock, no magic!”

Jen got up and peered into Alene’s soul, her movements were slow and deliberant, “then please tell me Alene,” Jen lifted her own skirt up, “why do I still have this?” Jen’s cock dangled below her knees, it was canlı bahis a flaccid monster.

Understanding dawned on Alene’s face, “You are my guardian…”

“I don’t understand Alene, it just won’t go away,” it was clear Jen was confused, she started crying. “It just won’t go away, I can hardly walk down the street with it. You stopped using magic but it’s still here. I tried everything, I came, I fucked, no matter what I do it’s still here!”

Alene inspected the woman before her. She was slim and tender, about Alene’s height. Her hair, a shiny brown, fell down her shoulders and stopped mid-way down her chest where a pair of massive breasts heaved with each shuddered breath. Even after everything that Jennifer black put her through she couldn’t help but see the poor, confused and frustrated woman before her as she cried.

Elpis’s words came back to her from last year, she knew what had to be done. Against her better judgment she opened her mouth, “Jen, I am so sorry to see how things turned out. You brought me a world of fear and pain… I can’t believe I am doing this but please come stay with us.” Both girls were shocked with what Alene said.

“I can’t, I raped your girls Alene. How could I look them in the eyes?” Jen cried, lost and confused.

“You can’t, and that is why we need some help. Just please, before I do this, give me your word that we are done hurting each other.”

“You have my word Alene, I swear, I am done hurting you or anyone. I just want to go back to the way things were.”

“Very well, come with me, we need to go see Sabrina.” Jen was confused, “she is my shrink, if anyone can help us sort this out it is here. Let me just make a call and we’ll be on our way.”

Alene picked up her cell and called Sabrina.

“Hi Alene, how are you doing?” her soft voice came through the earpiece.

“Ahmmm… well, like everything in my life, it’s complicated… I need to meet you.”

“Sure, are you free Sunday?” Sabrina wondered, it seemed to Alene she was used to this type of calls.

“No, no, I mean now. Can you meet us now?”

“I am sorry Alene but now is not a good time. how about Saturday?”

“I’ll pay you triple…” Alene had no idea where she found the audacity to say what she said but after a moment of silence Sabrina spoke again.

“It’s a real emergency, I don’t usually do this but come over, I am here and free for the next three hours. No need to pay me triple…”

“Thank you, Sabrina, we’re on our way.” Alene smiled to herself.

“Drive safely. By the way, who is we?”

“You won’t believe this… it’s Jen.” Alene was said in a rushed voice.

“The Jen?” Sabrina asked, she was clearly surprised.

“Yes, I’ll explain everything when I get there.” And with that Alene ended the call, she turned to Jen and noticed she stopped crying. “Come with me Jen, the car is outside.”

Jen nodded in silent compliance. The girls walked to Alene’s car and drove off to Sabrina’s clinic.


“Thank you for accepting us on such a short notice Sabrina.” Alene said as she opened the door to the office. “Jen is outside at the moment, I want to get you up to date before I call her in.”

“That is reasonable, please come in and close the door behind you.” Alene did as she was told and took a seat before Sabrina. “Listen Alene, I want you to know you are safe here. I remember what Jen did to you and your girlfriends,” Sabrina pulled a remote control and showed it to Alene, “This controls my office, just say the word and I’ll get the police here. We’ll be safe, she won’t even know we call the cops until they get here, just say the word Alene.”

“No, Sabrina, there’s no need for that, it’s quite the way around, I think Jen want to amend for what she did.” Alene felt like she needed to get things back on track, “ok, please hear me out Sabrina. Last night I had a fight with Nadia and was just plain stupid, the girls left me for now but don’t worry about that, I’ll solve that issue by myself. This morning Jen came to my door, she wants to make amends. Could you please help us with that?”

Sabrina was a bit shocked, she had experience with couple therapy before but a story like Alene’s was something new to her. “Ok, I’ll do it. Just take the remote Alene, if for any reason you feel in danger click the button with the bell, it will get the police here in 60 seconds.”

Alene nodded at Sabrina, “Jen, please come in.” She called out.

The girls waited a moment before the door opened and in walked Jen. “Good morning doctor.”

“Please call me Sabrina, how are you feeling Jen? Please sit down.” Sabrina pointed to a chair, making sure she and Alene won’t be physically close.

“Alene said I can be honest with you, I feel like I want to die.” Sabrina had experience under her belt, she took notice of Jen’s soft, submitting voice as she said those harsh words. Alene is right, this woman is not here for a fight.

“Please, Jen,” Sabrina tried to calm her down “I understand what you are saying, but please bahis siteleri give me a chance to help you, don’t you want to fix the situation?” Jen nodded yes, her eyes started to tear up. “Please start from the top, I want Alene to hear your side of the story.”

“I was stupid, that’s my side of the story. Did Alene talk to you about her magic and what it did to us?” Jen asked Sabrina.

“I did,” Alene answered the question, “I told her everything.”

“I envied her body, what she could do, I wanted to be like her… I was stupid, I have no excuses.”

“Envy is a natural human reaction, you have no reason to be ashamed of it.” Sabrina attempted explaining the human nature with the hope it will encourage Jen to open up.

“Envy is normal, blackmailing your lover to get what you want is not, it’s fucked up and that’s exactly what I did.” Jen started outright crying. Sabrina felt like this cry was an honest call for help.

“Alene told me I should drop it, she told me I don’t want it and she was right, but I was too foolish to listen…” Jen went silent for a moment, she sobbed and went on, “I fucked my life, I fucked her life. I’m a damn rapist just because I didn’t listen.”

The room was shocked by Jen’s words, yet she moved on. “I thought that if the magic went away I would get better, I was wrong again, I was stuck with this…” she lifted her dress a little and exposed her giant penis. Sabrina couldn’t help but look at it with awe.

Alene brought Sabrina out of her shock, “Sabrina, I want to do something that might seem like the most witless idea.”

“Please don’t judge yourself girls this clinic has no room for judgement, Let’s hear your idea Alene.” Sabrina took control.

“We both made mistakes, big mistakes… but what happened cannot be changed, I want us to open a new page Jen, leave everything behind and start over.” As Alene spoke her eyes started filling with tears, Sabrina could tell she is being brutally honest. “Don’t you want to start over Jen? Get things right this time?”

“I do Alene, more than anything,” Jen looked at Sabrina, “but do you think it’s a good idea?”

“Well,” Sabrina felt strangely comfortable with the girls, “you can do it, but you have to set rules if you hope for this to work. Any relationship is based on an unwritten ruleset, yours shouldn’t be any different. Pick a neutral place and start from there…”

Jen thought for a moment, she looked Alene in the eyes, right into her soul. “Please let me fix the problem I created Alene… please… let me treat us to an hotel I know, it’s called Sunset Cabin, I can pay if you want, your invited as well Sabrina.”

Alene smiled, “I’ll go, but on one condition Jen, we split the bill.”

Jen smiled back, it was the first smile Alene saw on her face since they parted. She turned to Sabrina, “will you join us?”

Sabrina was content with the achievements of the meeting, “I have other patients, but I’ll drop for a visit tomorrow.”

Alene paid Sabrina and the girls left to the car. “can we start with lunch? I’m starving.” Jen asked.

“Sure thing, Pasta? I have the perfect place” Alene offered.

“After everything I put you through you still remember my favorites… Pasta please.” Jen smiled.

Alene drove them to a place she knew Jen loved, the girl sat down and had a decent meal.

“Where did you live all this time?” Alene asked, trying to fill the gap.

“Basically, on the street. I spent the nights either on the street or at the houses of people I fucked.” Jen was opening her cards like there’s no tomorrow.

“Must have been a nightmare.”

“It was, I hardly remember most of it, I just remember the sexual need.” Jen admitted, “you didn’t have an easy time either right?”

“At first when you left life was good, but soon enough I learned what happened to you and I have to say I found it scared me. I was afraid you’d rape me like you did all the others…” Alene looked at the table, “I am still afraid of it.”

“I know we fell out and you have no reason to believe me, but I promise Alene, I will never rape you, never!” Jen felt like she couldn’t convey the message clearly enough, “Let me rephrase that, I will kill myself before I think of raping you Alene Raven…”

The words that left Jen’s mouth had unbelievable power, Alene and Jen looked into each other’s eyes and silence filled their world. Alene felt like Jen was telling the truth and did the unexpected.

“Jennifer Black, can I take you on a date tonight?” Alene offered. It sounded crazy, but she felt like it was the right thing to say.

“With pleasure.” Jen’s face filled with a smile, her cheeks lifting up,

“Now,” Alene tried to lighten the situation, “I want you to know I never have sex on the first date.”

“I know for a fact you’re lying Alene, I remember the first time we met, you fucked me and Nadia like the world was ending.” Jen reminisced

“Too true, well, shell we go?” Alene offered, and the girls were off again.


The sunset colored bahis şirketleri the world around Alene and Jen shades of gentle red and loving pink. The girls walked along the shore and talked about everything, catching up on the life they missed.

“So, I am your guardian?” Jen tried to understand.

“Right.” Alene confirmed.

“And that is why my cock is still here even after you stopped using magic?”

“100% correct,” Alene answered.

Jen stopped in her tracks, “Now that things changed, that I no longer want to harm you, will you go back to magic?” she asked.

“I… I…” Alene found it hard to answer the question, “I don’t know, I haven’t thought about that.”

“It’s getting dark,” Jen mentioned the world around them, “We should head back to our hotel.” Alene agreed, and the girls walked along the shoreline to their hotel as the sun cleared the sky and the moon took her place.

Once they reached their room and closed the door behind them Jen led Alene over to the window, on the 15th floor they had a view to the sea and the best part was that this was a one way window, the girls had all the privacy they needed.

“I should change,” Alene thought out loud, “I’ll use the bathroom.”

“You can change here, we saw each other naked before, it’s no big deal.” Jen offered but saw Alene was Hesitating, “look, I’ll go first.” And with no other warning Jen unclipped the shoulders of her dress and allowed the green garment to succumb to gravity. Within seconds She undid her bra and was naked before Alene.

“Umm…” Alene was a little surprised but snapped out of it, “ok… You know what, I’m game, you promised not to hurt me, and I believe you.” Alene started undressing. She slowly removed her dress and tossed it at the corner of the bed, she had no need for a bra, with no magic in her life she was flat as a board, she remained in her white panties. Jen was mesmerized by Alene’s figure. “You are so different from the last time I saw you…”

“Well, you saw me with magic, this is the real me… the real, simple, factory default Alene.”

“You are amazing,” Jen muttered. Alene noticed the girl’s cock started to stiffen and grow.

“I’m turning you on, aren’t I?” Alene asked.

“You are, but please don’t think anything of it,” Jen reached out and grabbed her expending rod with both hands as it reached an awe inspiring size, ” you never have sex on the first date, right?”

“well, I… I think I broke that rule a long time ago…” Now Alene took her turn to gaze at the beautiful woman before her, “besides this isn’t our first date.”

“I want you, it’s not something I can deny,” Jen motioned to her cock, “but I really don’t want to pressure you into doing it.”

“You aren’t… Can I please touch it?” Alene wondered.

Jen didn’t speak, she just motioned her head, letting Alene know she can. The girl closed the distance between them and placed her hand on Jen’s warm cock, its skin soft and gentle, she had no veins running along its length. She felt it’s mass drop onto her as Jen let go of it and looked down at her lover. Alene looked back and started moving her hands across the penis. Her pace was slow, she took her time and looked for Jen’s reaction to her movement: did she moan when Alene’s hand cascaded from her tip to the thick base? How she reacted to the little kisses she placed on the head. Every little movement was noted, and soon enough Jen was wailing and moaning with pleasure.

Jen backed away suddenly. “Did I do something wrong?” Alene wondered.

“No…” she gasped, “I am close to coming,” her cock started leaking lightly.

“I wanted you to come,” Alene protested.

“I know but I can’t come more than once, I guess in that aspect I’m more like a man…”

Alene walked over to the bed and rested on her back, “Want to fuck me and unload inside me?”

“Are you sure that’s what you want Alene?”

Alene smiled at Jen, “More than anything in the world.” Jen walked over and placed the tip against Alene’s dripping lower lips, she was burning with need. “Just be gentle with me.” Alene asked

“Promise.” Jen said as she started pushing. Alene’s body showed no resistance, her lips parted, inviting the giant pole into her love tunnel. Alene was horny, her sexual need was oppressed for too long and suddenly it was free, more and more of Jen entered her and soon she felt it. Her body locked, and electricity fried her brain, Alene was coming hard.

Jen couldn’t remain ignorant to the sight of the divine girl that shock around her pole, Alene pushed and squeezed with no control. Jen knew she was going to lose. Her body locked as well, and a primal scream escaped her lips. Her cock spasmed and deposited a pool of pearly white cum into Alene’s depths.

Once both girls came down Jen leaned to kiss Alene, she was greeted with a warm hug and a kiss of passion. “Thank you, Alene, I’m done, you were amazing. I’ll get out of you in a few moments.”

“You were serious, one round and you have to rest?” Alene asked and saw Jen nodding in admittance. She thought deeply for a moment while savoring the moment.

Jen started pulling her cock out when Alene stopped her, “No, I need more, I know you can’t do more, but I can.”

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