Alantico and Pacifica

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When she took him to the fountain his eyes got wide and the growing smile on his face melted her heart. She walked around the parameter of the granite foundation, and as he followed her, he realized Atlantico and Pacifica were as big as she had promised they would be.

Set in the speckled brown toned granite foundation, were duel oval shaped basins, forming a circle about 20 feet across. Erupting from the center was a pedestal holding a large 15 foot wide dish from which clear cool water over flowed into the basins below. The entire structure was made of black marble with an occasional streak of sparkly white running through it.

Reclining in the opposite directions, therefore facing each other, were Atlantico and Pacifica; the Lovers. Though both were naked the water splashed about their darkened brass bodies, distorting any indiscretions. They were holding hands. And they were larger than life.

The two basins descended in steps that caused the water falling into them to splash about. The bottom level, though an oddly shaped oval, was more than twice the size of a large bathtub.

At least that’s what he was thinking when he sat on the edge of the basin and looked over his shoulder at the splashing water behind him. She walked up slowly, standing before him, placing her hands on his knees and moving them up his long strong thighs. As his muscles tightened, her whole body became the antithesis. Then he turned toward her.

“Thank you for bringing me here,” he said. He wanted to say so much more, but her warm lips on his mouth stopped him. She had eased his legs apart and was standing between them. Her petit stature made it easy for him to slide his gently moving hands along the length of her outer legs to her hips. As her kiss became deeper, more playful and searching… He considered making love to her right there, under Atlantico and Pacifica. He pulled at her hips as he squeezed them, and without her sweet lips leaving his, she eased her each leg on either side of his lean body and began to grind into his lap. She wanted this too.

She had told him a long time ago, that upon his next visit, she would take him to THE Fountain. “You’ll love it!” she promised. Every once in a while she would mention some small detail about the fountain in their subsequent chats, but never was there a full description. “You’ll see,” was all would say when pressed.

It was late and the below street level courtyard of her office building was long ago deserted. Atlantico and Pacifica were its centerpiece, though enough trees surrounded the courtyard that any passerby on the street above would not have noticed two small figures embraced in passion below the two larger figures in the fountain above. Or at least she was pretty sure they wouldn’t be seen when she had scoped out the spot last week before her lover was due to arrive in town. It had all been planned out. The dinner downtown, the nice walk along the bright city streets. “Up this hill is my office, wanna go see the fountain?” She would say. All part of the plan.

Even her skirt, which she usually didn’t wear for evenings, was part of the plan. It was a multi-colored gypsy type of affair she normally wore with a peasant shirt and sandals. But it was long and full and could easily hide any public indiscretions.

As she was slowly and repeatedly thrusting herself into his lap, her never-ending kiss driving him crazy, he struggled with what seemed like miles and miles of skirt to find her bare leg. Ok, there’s her knee, he thought, shit, stockings… oh wait… they stop at bahis firmaları her thigh… nice.

As his second hand combated with the fullness of the skirt, he first caressed the bare skin of her upper thigh and rump. Her arms were about his shoulders and her hands entangled in his hair. She needed something to hold onto while she pumped her groin into him. She loved to tease him by simulating sex. And it worked. And his trials with the skirt, though highly entertaining for her, were rewarded with the discovery of thigh high tights (the kind that stay up by themselves) and nothing else. She finally broke away from her eternal melting, grinding kiss with a little giggle to herself. Ahhh, the plan.


His eyes searched her face as his hands searched under her skirt. She has settled with a small gap between her opened legs and his belly. Just enough room.

“What?” he said again, less concerned with an answer as his fingers danced about her inner thighs, her mound, and beyond.

“What?” he said a third time, now giggling as she had been. But she wasn’t giggling now; she was beginning to pant faintly and her eyes widened.

As his fingers began to probe and tease, the ever moistening folds of delicate flesh hidden under her skirt, hidden between her legs, he said, “What?” a fourth time, but with much more power in his voice.

Her head bowed and her moans were audible. Her arms clung to him. Her body began to shudder. Just as her kiss would not stop, neither would his fingers inside her.

He turned his head slightly, so that his mouth was against her ear. This “What?” was more of a growl, a demand.

The burning, tingling sensation began at her feet and like a fuse igniting, it ran up her legs. When it reached the top of her legs, between her legs, inside of her… her head threw itself back and everything except the fire radiating from his hands was gone. The city was gone, the courtyard was gone, the splashing water—gone. Atlantico and Pacifica – gone. Only the fire… and his voice… strong, demanding, waiting, wanting….


“Pleeease…” she answered in a breathy wail.

With his free hand he tapped the marble fountain edge next to him. Just a little more of her world came into focus. Panting hard, she moved away from him, his other hand leaving her. She gasped.

She sat slowly where she had been told to sit. He stood and without taking his eyes off of her, he slowly, teasingly began to remove his pants. As he lowered them past passed his thighs, he jumped out at her. His size and enthusiasm remained in her mind as she closed her eyes. Soon he would be inside her. She waited eyes still closed, for a signal from him to rejoin him on his lap so she could ease him inside her. What she had said please for.

But there was no signal. Was he trying to get his pants off over his shoes? She was hoping this moment would not be spoiled by a comedy of errors. She heard a noise on the other side of the fountain, like a little splash out of sync with the rest. She opened her eyes.

The rest of the city was coming into view, in its place… except for…

She saw the pile of clothes before her but nothing else. Another odd, out of place splash and then his voice from the other side, “Come on, I thought you said, ‘please.’ It isn’t that cold.”

She walked around Atlantico and Pacifica to find her grown man, her lover, jumping about the fountain, now a laughing like a little kid. The grin on his face was endearing and without considering the consequences, she kaçak iddaa removed her clothes and gingerly made her way down the steps. As she did so, he moved back into the recesses of the fountain next to the pedestal, passed where the water from the dish above splashed into the basin. He watched her naked body lower into the pool of the fountain and become drenched, as she ducked under the wall of water that now hid them away. He was enraptured. This time she was the one who said it.


He reached out his hand to her, she took it. He pulled her closer to him and she bent down to her knees before him; water all around. He placed her hand on his engorged cock. Even in the cool water, it would not lie down. His eyes were huge as she stroked him with more and more squeezing pressure. This time it was his turn to pant. The gaze between them did not break as he slid down to the next step so there was enough room for her head. She moved onto his lap guided his cock inside her.

The want of his love and the want of his sex became the same as she rode him. His eyes showed her everything all at the same time. In this moment, she knew all that he was; every flaw, every perfection.

Love welled inside her erupting with her body as she came. And again. And again. He would not let her stop. Could not let her stop the series of orgasms that shook her with increasing force as the next one griped her body beginning and ending at the very point he felt himself enter her. Through her, he could see that love and sex could be the same, should be the same. Were the same.

She was clinging to him like the only piece of drift wood on the open sea; panting… finished. She didn’t think she could to it again. She wanted to whisper, “Please come inside me now.” But the look in his eye told her she would come again and again before he was ready.

But then he did something surprising. He eased her off of him. “What?! That’s it?!” She had wanted it to stop… but knew he wouldn’t and now he was leaving her body? “What?”

He moved her around, so pliable and willing. He had placed her on her knees on the step under the water, leaning her forward, resting her head gently on her folded arms along a shelf at the base of the pedestal under the fountain. He moved to the basin floor on his knees behind her. He played with her damp hair and lightly scratched her back while she rested. When the panting subsided, he let one hand ease along her back; the other wrapped itself around her waist to rest on her belly. Using each hand, he angled her body so that she had an extreme arch in her back and her backside rose out of the water. He loved putting her exactly where he wanted her.

“This is where I want you,” he would say, and if she moved, there would be lovely consequences. And if he made her come enough, she would do exactly what he wanted.

He began slowly, though he had already so carefully and completely primed the pump, to tickle and tease her ass with his fingers. Her knees weakened and her body lowered, but he put her back where her wanted her and started again. When she would stay put with the light touches, he became more adventurous. Something about her plump ass lifting out of the water before him; her legs open and the arch of her back, the view he had of opening and fold between her legs… enticed him to want to tease, to make her beg for him. Her body, and how it was presented to him right now, was begging him. “Please fuck me,” it begged. He wanted to make her say it. To hear her voice beg him; just as her body, her ass, her kaçak bahis open legs, her pussy were begging him right now.

He edged his knee between hers and widened her legs even more. She was exposed and she knew he could see everything. This made her so wet, and wanting. She felt his fingers dip into the wetness, and she moaned. Then they slid up the back line between her cheeks and found another hole. They gently circled that opening and made it moist as well. He did it again using the wetness of her pussy to tease the opening of her ass.

He repeated the process again teasing her more and more, by not pushing his finger inside but just pressing and caressing the outside. She bit her lip. She wanted to scream. She waited. He pushed in just a little… not even that, less than a little. But it was already too much… a loud moaning gasp escaped her lips.

“What? What baby, what it is?” he whispered in mock innocence over the sound of the splashing fountain, as he eased the tip of his finger in and out; with torturous slowness.


She found herself wailing again, as his finger went in a little deeper and a little faster with every pushing in.


This time her voice was much louder and much more desperate.

“Please what?” he said, pulling his finger out slowly, then ramming it in as much as it could go with greater force.

“Please, oh gawd, please,” she was panting.

“Yes baby, I heard you, please what?”

He put another finger in her ass and was fucking her with them vehemently. She was coming hard, and she wanted it bad, but he was gonna wait until that innocent little girl in her grown woman’s mind came forth and begged for it. He tightened his grip around her belly and moved to her side so he could properly ram yet another finger in her ass. He gripped her tightly against his belly, because she began to buck, and she wasn’t going to get away.

She was screaming and crying and wanting; the passion and desire fighting inside her. She came again; the thrashing violent and wild. But he held her to him and would not let up.

“Gawd-dammit, please fuck me!” she growled like an animal.

“I am fucking you baby,” he said in a sweet, calm voice, but his body was strained against hers, struggling to keep her tightly against him as she came again.

After the last orgasm subsided he slowed down taking one finger out at a time, gently caressing her hair and back with the hand that had been so tightly wrapped around her. She came again slowly as the last finger eased out of her in a deliciously lingering way.

He sat next to her and lifted her onto his lap. She completely melted into him, the animal of a few minutes ago had become a quiet girl, shy and innocent; but he knew this grown woman sitting on his lap was still wanting.

She nuzzled his neck with her face, surrounded by his arms. She could feel he was still rock hard beneath her. Her words came in his ear soft and deliberate.

“Please fuck me. I want to feel your cock inside me. Please fuck my pussy… I need it. Please, please, please fuck me.”

This was what he had been waiting for. For her to need it. To be fucked. Yes, she loved him, he knew that. And yes, she loved to be made love to by him. But when her desires went beyond love and beyond animal sex, and became pure NEED; that is what he waited for. He knew in that moment it wouldn’t even matter if it was him. She wanted it to be him, but the need was just to be fucked. To be well fucked. And that NEED is what made him love her.

Gathered up in his arms, he turned and placed her on the step beneath him. Without guidance or adjustment, he slipped between her legs and right inside her body. And he gave her what she needed. He fucked her.

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