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Aja’s Fantasy

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Scott comes in and immediately takes his shirt off. He is nicely built, toned and defined muscles on his chest and arms. “Gorgeous” I think to myself.
He doesn’t say much just gets on top of me and grabs my arms putting them over my head. I get excited; I find that I like being taken in this way.
He playfully bites my neck, shoulder, moves down to my breasts and starts to suck on them. God it felt so good. I make sounds that tell him I am liking what he is doing. He stops and looks at me he leans back on his knees and jerks me up. “Suck my cock,” and I hungrily do so. I unzip his pants and he grabs my hair and pushes my head hard down on his cock that it goes all in, my nose is tickled by his pubic hair. He holds me there and I almost gag. Then as I start to move my head to work his shaft, he tells me to just suck it and I do. Then he jerks my head back and forth, quick motions and I make gur-gur sounds, saliva is now dripping down my chin onto my chest. Big gooey mess. He stops grabs my face and throws me down. I think to myself, god he is so rude but it is so turning me on. He flips me over on my stomach, pulls my up by my hips. My ass and pussy up in the air and before I know it he is impailing my pussy with his cock. I listen to the squelching of my pussy and to him breathing. With the way he is fucking me, I start to push back on him, trying to match his rhythem. He sees that I am enjoying this and he starts to hit me harder. It’s both painful and good at the same time. I hear myself making noises, pain and pleasure. He says to me, “I Aydın Escort like hearing you talk whore.” He grabs me by my arms pulling me up, I am still facing away from him, and now I have no way of supporting myself or to push back on him. I think he doesn’t want me too. I don’t know if he wanted me to enjoy it or not. But I am. I feel my tits bouncing every time he hits my pussy then he lets go and I fall into the bed. He grabs my hip and just slams into me and grunts loudly, and I feel him ejaculate into my pussy. He pulls out and leaves. Never another word, I found it so strange. Gorgeous body but really no personality. I lay there and know that Richard is going to come in. I was hoping that he would at least give me some pleasure. Well, my hopes were fulfilled.
As I lay there, on my stomach, I feel cum seep out of my pussy. I touch my pussy. Swollen and wince a little, it hurts a bit. I hope that eventually I won’t have to tolerate this for too long. Other wise my pussy will be too big to fucked. I don’t want a loose pussy. Who would want to fuck a loose pussy?
Richard walks in. “Well well well Aja, you are touching yourself. That is a turn on for Daddy.” I roll over and look at him. I smile, “you like being called Daddy?”
“Oh yes” he replies. He is undressing when he answered me, bald and fat, gross! He gets on the bed I turn to him. Strangely so, it is exciting to me to fuck and ugly old man. I look at him and I ask “Will Daddy be nice to me and let me cum, cause I didn’t cum with Scott” Richard looks at me smiles, playing Aydın Escort Bayan with my hair and says “Of course princess, Daddy is gonna make you feel real good.” I put my hand on his hairy chest and run it down to his cock and play with it. It isn’t very long but its thick. The size of the circumference of the cardboard end of the paper towel. Sorry awful description but that is the best. He starts to fondle my tits, squeezing them, sucking on my nipples. Then he starts to kiss me and his gets up on top of me. My legs are already open and he starts to move his cock on the outside of my pussy, moving his cock on my gooey sore pussy lips. He whispers in my ear, “Daddy loves some nasty pussy, and you princess have nasty pussy. I am gonna fuck you and make you beg to stop.” He then pushes himself into me, so much for not wanting a loose pussy, he stretches me a bit but with the cum of Scott and Bob, there is no friction. He lays on top of me humping me, I feel like I have a fat pig on top of me. A furry fat pig, he even grunts like one. He tells me “I want to hear you talk to me, talk dirty to daddy.” I figure now is the time to be creative, he obviously isn’t going to make me cum, I am going to have to do it myself.”
I say to him, “Daddy let me get on top and fuck you like I fuck my other daddy, you’ll like it.” He lays on his back immediately, I get on top of him, and push his dick into me. I lean down, so that my tits are his face, “Daddy suck on my titties, baby likes that” as he sucks I start of work my pelvis in a rhythem on Escort Aydın his cock. I tell him “Oh daddy, you feel so good, you feel so good in my loose pussy.” He stops looking up at me, grabs my breasts and squeezes them, he is breathing heavy and grunting. What a pig, I start to vigorously pump my pussy on his cock. It feels so damn good when I do that. I feel myself starting to climax, I make sounds letting him know that I am enjoying myself, “Yeah baby, talk to me, come on cum.” “Oh daddy, I am cumming, oh you feel so good” and I cum, and god does it feel good. Release and it makes me feel some pleasure. I slow down for a little bit and Richard says to me, “keep bouncing on top baby, what you do feels so good.” I heed his wishes and work myself up and down, up and down on his cock, fast and vigorous for a bit then change the rhythm. I find one that he seems to loose himself in, I have my hand against the wall and move my pelvis in hard thrusts, he feels my pussy. He loves it, and I keep doing that and then before I know it he comes in my pussy, and more oozy gooey cum fills my cavity. I must say I am really liking this.
I have cum from 3 different guys and I am enjoying being used and talking dirty and hope that I can do this again. It is fun, but something is missing, I want things to be a bit more forceful, just like it was with Scott, but I want more interaction. I want to hear that I have a loose pussy and be called ugly names. Cunt, Pussy, Bitch, Whore, you name it I want to hear it. I want to be spit on, slapped, spanked, fucked really hard and unmercifully. I want to fuck as many guys as I can. I want to be a slut. It turns me on. Maybe I can talk to Bob about fucking all the guys he can get at Home Depot. Who wouldn’t enjoy that??!?!?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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