After the Wedding

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It started after I got married. I was the last of my siblings to do so. Two years ago, almost to the day. My brother is three years older than I am and has a wife and two kids. My little sister is 5 years my junior. She got married in 2016, and 3 years ago she and her husband adopted twin babies at birth. I finally got hitched in 2019 at 31 to a 23 year old student/waitress with a fiery personality and a smoking hot body to accompany it. My siblings and their spouses are all attractive, fit people, but my wife Anna is a straight smoke show.

Due to our age difference I was used to they eye rolling and all that but I wasn’t expecting it to get any weirder than that. But it did. Much weirder. The first time I noticed was during the reception while I was dancing and drinking and feeling pretty great. My sister, Ariana, was sitting down looking tired or bored or something, so I enthusiastically reached my hand out and gestured towards the dance floor. She forced a smile and followed me to the front by the speakers and I spun her once or twice to a Michael Jackson song before it changed quickly into John Mayers Your Body is a Wonderland. I pulled her closer and we made eye contact.

“Shouldn’t you be dancing with your hot college girl to this one?” Ari quipped.

“I’ll have a special kind of dance with her later tonight, sis. After I take that dress off! I want to dance with you right now!”

“Sorry my body isn’t a wonderland like hers. Since she’s almost three years younger than I am. Are you gonna be OK dancing with your old boring sister?”

She seemed genuinely bummed. I was caught off guard. I’d always found Ari very nice to look at. I had actually kind of had a crush on her for years if Im being honest, but obviously kept those thoughts to myself. I tried cheering her up.

“Your body is great, Ari! Jacob is a lucky man to have you. How many housewives have such a squeezable bum? You’re still as cute as ever!” I playfully patted my hand on her butt and squeezed gently.

“Easy, big bro. I’m a little old for you to be getting handsy with, aren’t I?”

She rolled her eyes in a joking manner, but seemed more serious than she intended. I joked back at her, trying to make her smile.

“You’re actually in my prime age zone, sis. It’s not your age that matters. Or your body for that matter. In another dimension where you weren’t my little sister I may have swept you off your feet with my charm! But I’m glad you’re my sister and not just a girl I hooked up with and broke her heart!”

“Shut up, Henry. You don’t have to pretend I’m hot to make me feel good. You’ve always had your type. I’m sure you’ll have fun with Miss Double D or whatever you call her.”

I don’t know if it was the booze or what, but I put my hand behind Ari’so neck and whispered into her ear.

“Last year at mom and dads house I accidentally saw you changing in the bedroom. I only saw you for a couple seconds, but I saw you naked.”

I paused briefly and brushed my face against hers as I got closer.

“You have great tekirda─č escort boobs and I had to fight to look away. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s so sexy to see a woman with pubic hair, too. I even asked Anna to stop shaving and trim now. Don’t sell yourself short. You’re a beautiful woman. Just as hot as Anna.”

“Oh my god!” she looked me in the eyes, her face blushing deep red. The song was almost over.

“IfJacob doesn’t rip this dress off you and go to town until you tap out in exhaustion in the hotel room tonight then find someone who will.”

“Congratulactions once again, Henry,” she stuttered as I kissed her forehead and let her go as the song changed.

Anna grabbed my hand and pulled me in to dance to an old Lil John song. As she was turned away from me bent over grinding against my partially erect cock I looked over to the table where Ari sat with her family. She was staring back at me. I grabbed Anna’s hips and danced as dirty as I could, practically humping her. I saw Jacob take the kids away and Ari get a glass of wine and mingle with other family members. I wondered how much of my boner was due to my wife and how much was from the memory of my sister’s naked body and the secret intimate encounter we just shared.

The night tapered down over the next hour, and around midnight I took my bride to our suite on the top floor. She stumbled out of her dress and fell onto the bed, giggling drunkenly. I took my clothes off and pulled her lace panties down and licked and fingered her trimmed pussy for a few minutes until she was just begging me to fuck her. She was a flop, barely reciprocating as I pounded her until she came. She rolled over and I got behind her, guiding my cock between her legs.

“Mmhh,” she groaned. “I’m so tired.”

Once it became clear she was done and started quietly snoring I gave up. My dick was hard as a rock still as I stood up and looked at my naked wife lying on her back now. The sheet covered her, but I pulled it aside so her bottom half and one breast were exposed. My horny mind acted on its own as I took out my phone and snapped a picture of her. Her legs were spread enough to show her pink inner labia and clit between a neatly trimmed bush. I thought about what I said to Ari earlier.

“Fuck it,” I said out loud, as I found my sister in my contact list.

“Miss Double D couldn’t hang :(“

I pushed send, then sent the nude picture right after. I saw the text bubble appear then disappear. I stroked myself knowing she saw it. Just then, I got a picture from her of Jacob and the boys asleep on the bed with barely any room left.

“Asleep when I got back to the room smh!” She said.

Before I could reply she sent another text.

“By the looks of it, at least Anna got off before she passed out! This old maid is gonna have to take a cold shower and sleep on the floor it looks like.”

“Haha how boring! There is a hot tub and a sauna up here. Im gonna pour some wine and try to wind down. If you’re up for escort tekirda─č a glass of Malbec feel free to join.”

“I don’t need to bother you, Hen. I’ll be okay,” she replied.

“I wouldn’t mind some company,” I texted.

“Ok. Are you sure?”

“I’ll crack the door. Room 1101.”

My cock was still half sprung as I put on my boxer briefs and white tee, closing the bedroom door and turning on the bubbles in the hot tub. I cracked the door and walked into the sauna and sat back with my eyes closed.

“Knock knock,” Ari whispered.

I opened my eyes and she was standing in front of me. She was wearing purple pajama shorts with a matching top. It was silk or satin or some shiny soft looking material that left her midriff barely exposed, but covered her body modestly. I got up and poured two glasses of a 2014 vintage I spent almost $800 on.

We did a cheers, and she said “Welcome to marriage, big bro! It’s mostly good, by the way. And this wine is almost good enough to make up for being left unsatisfied in bed!”

She giggled. I looked her in the eye.

“It’s great wine, but even my right hand can’t make up for that, and I’ve been practicing much longer than this wine has existed!” I felt my dick twitch, aroused by how suggestively I was talking to my own sister.

“Thank God for Bachelorette parties!”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Let’s just say the kiddos aren’t the only ones that play with toys!”

I walked towards the hot tub and discarded my shirt and stepped in. The water was scalding but I tried lowering myself to hide my erection. She walked to the side of the tub. I was partially submerged but my dick was clearly outlined through my underwear. There was no way she didn’t notice.

“Not fair,” I mumbled. “I eat out the bride until she comes, pound her as she just lays there until she comes again, and the poor old groom gets blue balls! Even his little sister gets to use her toys to get some relief! At least everyone else is happy.”

She tested the water with her hands, so I told her to step in.

“I didn’t bring a bathing suit,” she said.

I stood up and told her I could check Anna’s bags.

“No, no don’t do that,” she said.

I noticed her glance down and I looked down at what she was looking at. My shaft was down my left leg, almost peeking out the leg of my underwear. She had a good look at the outline of my 7 inch member, which kept getting harder. I sat back down, reached underwater and took the underwear off and tossed them.

“Much better.” I splashed some water on her. “Don’t be a prude. Hop in!”

She turned away and pulled her shorts off, then lifted the top over her head. She spun around and looked at me with her hands over her naked breasts and skimpy white panties covering her crotch. As she stepped in the water splashed her front, making the panties almost see through. Her dark pubic hair was visible. I took her beauty in as I looked at her face. As she lowered herself she uncovered her breasts, tekirda─č escort bayan and I saw her dark nipples once again before they disappeared under the bubbles. We sat there in silence.

“I didn’t bring any toys with, by the way. You’re not the only one that didn’t get off,” she said quietly.

I pushed the button to turn all the jets on. She shifted a bit until she found the right spot, and I stared into her eyes.

“Are you sitting on the jet?”

“That would be inappropriate,” she said.

“If my little sister is gonna get off in a hot tub with me, she better do it properly.” I paused. “Take off your panties, Ari.”

“Make me.”

I didn’t hesitate. I glided to her side and reached until I felt the hem of her panties, then pulled them slowly down her legs as she lifted her ass. I took them off her feet and tossed them aside as I slid between her legs. My hand found her breasts and I felt her rock hard nipple as my other hand slid under her ass. She looked towards the bedroom where Anna slept and as she turned back I kissed her. Our tongues found one another and we began passionately making out. I picked her up and sat her on the side of the tub with her legs straddling me. Her plump lips opened to show her tight pussy and I buried my face in her. She whimpered as I slid a finger inside her while my tongue lashed her clit. She leaned back and almost fell, but I caught her. I stood up and led her to the sauna, and she pushed me onto the bench and got on her knees.

“Fuuuuck,” I grunted as she took my cock in her mouth. I was in heaven, but I fought to keep myself from coming. I pushed her head off me and we locked eyes.

“I’m gonna fuck you,” I said matter of factly.


I stood up, picked her up and carried her to the couch. She was on top as I sat down and guided my cock inside until I was completely enveloped by her tightness. She bounced on me and I watched her tits bouncing as I grabbed her ass. My finger found her ass hole and slowly slid inside up to the second knuckle. She was panting as I guided her off me and onto her knees. I got behind and shoved myself back inside and resumed playing with her ass, which she didn’t object to. I felt her body tremble with orgasm and kept pounding. After she got ahold of herself she turned back to me.”

“You can do whatever you want,” she said sheepishly.

“Tell me to fuck your ass if you want it.”

“Fuck me in the ass, Henry!”

I pulled out and guided my dick into her ass hole, slowly but surely driving deep inside her. I was on the edge of climax and pulled out and had her lie on her back. I grabbed my phone and took a video as I tugged my dick and shot ropes of cum on her breasts and face. Suddenly we herd shuffling in the exhaustion bedroom. I gathered her pajamas and she snuck into the sauna as I hid the evidence under a towel as Anna emerged, still drunk. I stood naked still rock hard. Anna giggled and ran and jumped into my arms and started kissing me.

“Fuck me, daddy!”

I pulled her onto the couch and slid inside her. My sister crept out of the sauna and looked at me fucking Anna before grabbing her pajamas and silently leaving the room. Anna climaxed, and I pretended she was Ari and blew inside her. She opened her eyes, looked on the floor then back at me.

“Where did those panties come from?”

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