After the Funeral

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After the funeral we were all invited back for the wake, the reception and get together being at the family home. I had decided it wasn’t something the rest of my family should endure, my wife not being really one of Mum’s favourites, to put it mildly. In fact they were effectively sworn enemies since we had informed my mother and father of our marriage, after the event. They had assumed it was because Janet was pregnant. But that wasn’t the case. Janet had been urging us to marry for about two years. Eventually, I went along with it. I was quite keen. But I had always had a roving eye at possibilities with other colleagues, (we worked in the same organisation), and amongst women I knew in politics as well as neighbours.

Anyway, we suddenly decided to get married one day by special licence. I informed Mum afterwards and she went apeshit. Furious with me, but more with Janet, she told us not to expect a wedding gift. We hadn’t and didn’t get one. Nor did we see much of them after the wedding day either. A few years passed. I yielded to my roving eye, but secretly, within the marriage, we had a child Laura and I saw little of Mum. My father’s death was a surprise. He and Mum had been very close. I had remembered their affection for each other in my childhood and adolescence as well as her affection for me. It was mutual.

So now in the kitchen, she and I were ensuring that Mum’s guests were fully stuffed and filled with alcohol in the living room. They were mostly older than Mum and came from his side of the family. There were a few of Mum’s friends there and with their husbands. Her neighbour Dawn was the centre of some attention, being the only other single woman at the wake.

Everyone was dressed appropriately for a funeral these days. Mum did wear black, though it was a fairly tight fitting dress up to her neck with sleeves to her wrists and the hemline to her knees but not below. For fifty-one she still looked good. She was not a thin one but with full hips and a very reasonable bosom, held up I was sure, with a very firm bra. She wore low heels and hose. Her hips may well have had some support too as her tummy was well tucked in. I broke protocol by not wearing a tie but an open black shirt with a white t shirt underneath.

We had both been busy serving and now were alone in the kitchen having a stiff whisky each, more for reward for our efforts than anything else. Suddenly Mum put her glass on the table moved to me and held me very close.

“Ian, I know we’ve been so distant these years and it’s mainly my fault, but I can’t bear it any longer and need to see more of you now.” I had been leaning against the edge of the sink and she leaned completely into me crushing me hard. She was about nine inches shorter than me. She sobbed into my shirt giving in to her grief after being so stalwart at the funeral.

I just held her close whilst she gave vent to her sadness. I could feel much of her soft yet yielding body as she held me really tight. It was a very emotional moment for us both. Dawn’s voice broke the connection as she entered the kitchen with empty glasses. Struck by our posture, she apologised and instantly retreated with a clear blush on her cheeks. Mum quickly disentangled herself from me but didn’t appear embarrassed by Dawn’s unexpected entry. She reminded me of her request and I reassured her that I would see more of her and would be staying a few days anyway. Later mixing with Mum’s guests, Dawn made her way to me. I hadn’t known her that well before today and took her in visually as she descended upon me. She was a bit older than mum, mid-fifties perhaps but hadn’t lost her femininity. A dark fullish blouse and tight skirt held her shapely body nicely proportioned with what appeared to be, and were, seamed stockings that were quite unusual these days. She clocked my visual of her and did the same, I thought, to me.

“It’s good, at last, to meet you Ian. Oh I’m sorry that was a bit bitchy wasn’t it?”

“I didn’t take it that way Dawn. Don’t worry about it. I’m glad you’re so close to each other.”

“How did you know Ian?” Again she put her foot in it but soon realised I meant about being neighbours.

“Let’s start again Ian shall we?” I moved to more neutral ground as she gradually let go her blushing. Eventually she relaxed and we sat together on one of Mum’s couch for an hour filling each other in on our lives. Married, divorced, departed, adult children, she now lived alone happily and, she let me know, liberated by those life changes.

At last guests departed leaving just us three. Mum sat opposite on the other couch and kicked off her shoes, tucking her legs under her dress, but not without my noticing that she too was wearing stockings having revealed her soft white thighs as her stockings ended just above her knees. Still, I clocked it but didn’t think about it. She and Dawn filled each other in on the other guests she hadn’t met and I just listened enamoured of their easy escorts in london warmth with each other.

Eventually I made my excuses and departed upstairs, slightly the worse for wear from the day’s turmoil and the later drinking. Showering and then collapsing in my old room, I had noticed how little had changed in the room since my departure years ago. I lay on my bed reminiscing about the day, with just my light dressing gown on and open. At that moment a part of me just started to grow all on its own. Then I nursed it so it stood stiff and high as I reflected on the events that appeared to have caused it to stiffen. Mum and her crushing embrace, Dawn’s embarrassment both then and later, the sheer lushness they both exuded, Dawn’s seams, Mum’s white thighs and stockings, her fullness and firmness in my arms. I began to foster my feelings by attending to my stiff by gently stroking the head of my cock.

Was Mum trying to say anything else apart from her need to be closer to her son? Was she sexually aroused? Was she having an affair with Dawn? Did I fancy my mother? Dawn?

Getting up, I crept to the door and opened it quietly ajar. Mum and Dawn were now on the same couch talking softly with Mum’s head on Dawn’s shoulder and her arm around Dawn’s waist. Nothing suspicious in that. I retreated and closed my door. Back in bed, the drink took its toll. My cock diminished of its own accord and I fell asleep.

I dreamt. I was eighteen and coming home one night a bit passed it for the booze. I slipped in the back door as quietly as possible not to waken anyone. A small light came from the living room. Cautiously, I moved to towards the light. Mum. Not alone. With her colleague from work whom she had brought home before. Where was Dad? She was lying back on a chair. Her friend Joan was kneeling on the floor between Mum’s thighs. Her eyes were closed. Joan was deep into her cunt sucking for all she could obtain. Mum was in heaven. I quickly retreated to avoid disaster.

I wake in a sweat. It wasn’t a dream. It was a reminder of an actual event which I had blocked in my relative innocence. It came to me in an instant. Dawn may well be Mum’s lover. Was she fully lesbian or bisexual? I decided to tread warily round my mother. Going downstairs in my dressing gown to the kitchen I was met by Mum at the sink washing some of yesterday’s glasses, too delicate for the dishwasher. She was wearing a beige nightie that came down to her knees.

“Hi Ian just clearing after yesterday — such a mess. Sorry if I disturbed you.”

“No Mum not at all. I just woke with a hangover that’s all.”

She got me a fizzy to settle my head. When I’d drunk it and put the tumbler down, she again came to hug me like yesterday, though dressed very differently. She pressed herself against me.

“Ian, it’s so wonderful to have you home. Can you really stay awhile?”

Her free breasts were tight against my chest and her hips hard into me. I started to swell under the gown. She may have noticed for she gradually withdrew so as not to embarrass her or me.

“Love, I’m sorry, I feel so needy, never felt like this before. I want you here to hold me whenever you can. Will you?”

“Of course mum, whenever.”

“So, that’s a deal then. I have to go to see Dawn too, as I think I may have upset her as well.”

“Mum, I’m sure you didn’t she’s very fond of you.”

Nevertheless she went next door dressed in the same nightie with just a dressing gown.

I took my breakfast back to my room to read the paper. However, I became, again, preoccupied with thoughts of mum. She had cuddled me once again, without any reservation with only her nightie on. Stiffening once more at the thought of her softness and apparently unwitting sexuality revealed by her not wearing a bra and maybe no panty.

Suddenly, I heard a door slam and Mum returning more quietly in our front door. The slammed door was obviously Dawn’s. What had happened? Downstairs I found Mum slumped over the kitchen table weeping profusely. Standing beside her, I placed my arm round her shoulder and gave her a hug to console her. She turned and hugged in return with her face in the lower part of my tummy, frustratingly just above my crotch.

“Hey what’s up Mum?” She continued sobbing and them,

“Oh Ian, Dawn’s upset with me and threw me out.”

Eventually she calmed. Aware of movement in my groin, I lifted her to her feet and drew her to the living room to the couch and sat her down with me beside her.

Cuddling her round her shoulders again I pressed her to convey the problem to me. Slowly she found her tongue.

“I really can’t say.”


“No Ian I can’t.”

“Was she angry with you Mum?”


“What made her angry then?”

“Sorry, I can’t go there Ian.” So I tried another route.

“Did you try to console her?”

“I did but she just pushed me away and told me to go. She slammed Escort in dubai the door in my face after hauling me there and told me to never see her again.”

Mum was definitely withholding from me.

“That must make you very upset and hurt.” At that she lost some of the tension in her body as if it was a kind of release that hit the spot. We held each other very close for awhile in silence. She put her free arm round my waist, her head cradled against my neck, her breasts pressing against my chest, holding me as if to acknowledge her release. Inwardly I was wondering how the row could have started alongside enjoying her physical closeness and feeling a faint stirring below. Then I wondered?

“Did Dawn coming into the kitchen and seeing us have anything to do with it?” Mum unconsciously jolted in my arms but didn’t reply. I had an intimation of what had happened at last and waited.

“You felt rejected by Dawn, Mum.” A tighter hug followed.

“Sounds like a bit of jealousy to me.” her body recognised my comment so I continued,

“I can understand her being jealous, but she’s no reason to has she?”

“Only that you’re my son, otherwise no.”

“Shall I go and see her Mum?”

“Let her cool a bit before we do anything Ian.” I assented to that. We were still sitting very close when she gave a big squeeze with her enveloped body still in her dressing gown but the hem had slipped revealing her thighs up to her stocking tops. I found the sight of her covered thighs and beginning of her soft white flesh exhilarating. The effect was a sudden fullness in my cock and its unwitting rise. She didn’t see my emerging hardon fortunately. Her pressure against me did have the effect of pushing her breasts against her open neckline of her gown, giving me a delightful exposure.

“She has to get used to your being around — I’m not going to let her come between us whatever happens.” I wasn’t entirely sure what she meant but was beginning to lose my cool at that moment.

“I’m so glad you’ve come back to me Ian.” She was looking into my eyes when she moved her lips up to mine and ran her lips across mine, slowly in a very unmum like way. I reciprocated as we went into a kind of trance with our lips. Her mouth opened slightly and I let my tongue slip in the gap at the same time as running my hand down her back to her hips as I began to slide it over her buttocks. Realising my move I stalled my kiss. Mum backed off my lips and returned to my chest. She must have looked down for she noticed her cleavage but then glanced further down. Her reaction to the pyramid of my gown was instant. Shocked she withdrew with “Oh god Ian what now? What have I done? What a bloody mess — oh shit.

She tore herself away from me and ran upstairs to her bedroom, shutting the door behind her. Creeping slowly upstairs I listened outside her door and could hear her crying and sobbing. I felt callous but could do nothing at that moment I was sure and retreated to my bedroom. I let my dressing gown fall open and casually stroked myself, letting my thoughts wander over the highly frustrating previous hours.

I decided to phone Janet, who could often get a bit sexual with me with phone sex, but she was out, fuck it. I decided to give Ruth a call. Bingo the phone rang, she was home, she lived alone and knew I was here for the funeral. But we had a thing going for us for over a year and she was as lewd and dirty as I was and always seemed willing to go there even on a Sunday morning. Very soon, I had her wanking with me over the phone about the whipping I had given her last week at her place whilst watching a particularly hard German video about a fifty year old woman getting a hard caning and anal fuck whilst tied. She was on the floor that day with her fingers in her cunt whilst we both watched the video and I beat her reddening arse with the whip we had bought together in a second hand shop.

I was voicing our highs from that occasion when she started to cum in a crescendo over the phone. Fortunately I hadn’t the speaker on for at that moment I started cuming to letting her hear me at the same time when my bedroom door opened and Mum stepped in, still in her nightie with no gown on and in her stocking feet. In the moment before she saw me, she looked becalmed but then she looked in horror at the sight of me shooting my day or two’s spunk all over my semi-naked body. Silently she fled back to her bedroom banging the door again. This time I could hear her screaming and wailing even more than earlier.

When Ruth came down from her high, I relayed what had happened, and was sure I heard a slight guffaw at the other end. We parted on intimate terms and promised to meet when I returned home. She was happy with the arrangement we had as she knew from the outset of my marriage, even though Janet didn’t.

I decided to face Mum this time and rose, cleaned off my residue with a tissue, tied my gown and went to her door. She Dubai Escorts had quietened down somewhat. Slowly I opened her door. She had the wit to not lock her door, thank goodness.

She lay on her double bed on the sheet with no cover, still crying quietly. She looked askance when she saw me sit beside her but said nothing.

“I’m sorry Mum you weren’t meant to witness that.” At the same time I lay my hand and arm across her lower back on her silk nightie. It felt good doing that and she didn’t attempt to deter me but let it happen. I slowly soothed her softness. She kept her eyes closed as if ashamed of what she’d seen.

“My fault Ian for coming in without warning. It’s just my bad luck Ian to make things even worse than they are. Ian could you close the curtains, I must still have a hangover, and it’s so bright in here.”

I closed the curtains as tight as I could and returned beside. She had turned over on her back, still in her nightie. The darkened room made it much more intimate and cool. Taking my hand again she placed it on her tummy as if for comfort. She asked me if it was Janet on the phone. I could honestly say no. She looked relieved for god’s sake.

“Can I ask who it was then Ian?”

“A friend I’ve known a year or so, Ruth actually.”

“You haven’t mentioned her before Ian. She must be nice. Is she? What’s she like?”

“About thirty, single and enjoys it, likes good fun and doesn’t want to get involved — at least that’s what she tells me.”

“I can see she likes fun Ian. Oh I am sorry I intruded Ian. I was just coming to make peace and have a cuddle that’s all.”

“You still can Mum.”

“This is nice but could you stroke my tummy like you were doing my back.”

“Sure Mum.” I had forgotten I had been doing that earlier. As I started she looked so much more relaxed and closed her eyes again. She went silent on me as I moved my hand in circles round her navel. Her tummy was slightly plump from motherhood and woman years. I could see the outline of her breasts slightly flattened by her nightie and her years as well. Nevertheless, I felt a slight stirring down below. What a weekend so far.

Widening my hand circle, I came into contact with her suspender belt. A note of caution or another awakening on my part, let alone her. She was saying nothing, but I could tell she wasn’t going to stop me so far. About ten minutes passed. I noticed her thighs and legs relaxing from their earlier tension. Her nightie was around her suspenders and were on show. Ruth you just took the first flush, I’m feeling horny again.

“Ian, that’s lovely darling, don’t stop, it’s just what I need.”

“I won’t stop Mum, as long as you like what I’m doing.”

She settled further down the pillow so her head was more aligned with her body. In doing so she had let the nightie ride up further, showing her white flesh above those stockings. She must know she’s having a sexy show for me.

Continuing my circular movements I slowly moved to a wider circle taking in her lower chest just below her lovely tits and just above her hairy mound. She visibly relaxed even further. She seemed to be encouraging me to continue. I was so glad she asked me to shut the curtains. I had never been this intimate with her in my life and I wasn’t sure where this would end, though I could imagine it.

I started to concentrate on her lower waist just above her hairs and well below where I had started. She started to reciprocate my movements with her own. It was if this care had never happened before. I decided to go for broke. Lifting her nightie above her hairs, I ran my hand round her mound very slowly and softly. She let out a great sigh but I couldn’t hear any word. I was glad I was on her right side as, being left handed, I could be more dextrous and responsive to her. I slithered my hand in her hairs in small circles, gradually descending to her still closed slit.

With her still silent, I slipped my finger into and along her cunt between her oh so wet labia and found myself where she wanted me to be, I was sure. Concentrating on her wetness I ran my fingers, now two along the crevice as I took in her vagina, and up to her surprisingly large clit where I concentrated my attention in between short hops lower down. But always back to her clit, where it was obvious she wanted me to be.

She responded by widening and lifting her thighs now with her knees bent. I loved the sight of those stockings and suspenders holding them up. Fucking gorgeous. I decided to definitely put my own needs aside as I increased the tempo on her clit. I could feel her building up to her high, but then I would slide back down to take off the pressure but then return. I was now getting on this side of cruelty in stemming her inevitable need so I decided to go for it and returned to that swollen nub more directly by running my fingers along the sides rapidly.

At that moment she let out a pent up scream. Lifting her hips to prevent me escaping I helped let loose her cum, an unrelenting cum that seemed like weeks of frustration suddenly let go.

She collapsed but lifted her arms to envelop me in obvious gratitude.

Where do we go from here? I wondered.

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