After School Session Ch. 04

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Continuance of chapters 1-3. I’d really appreciate feedback & critique..

All characters are 18+!



When I came back, the house was in perfect condition, especially after I lit some of the sweet smelling candles then subtly dimmed the lights. It was 4:15 and I was putting the finishing touches on our romantic dinner, which included, saut├ęd chicken with bow tie pasta and a side of red wine. I set the table with the nice candles, table runner, crystal wine glasses and china plates, used for mom and dad’s business dinners. The food was artistically placed on the chinaware and I delicately folded silverware into cloth napkins. I was determined to make this special, for me and her. So when she arrived at 4:52, I was ready to welcome her into my home. Of course, she was impressed by the house and surprised at the table settings, “hey, Lily! Wow, your house is stunning! I didn’t realize it was so formal, I would’ve dressed up,” I had already noticed her longer, floral patterned skirt with a plain matching blouse, “but I’m shocked that you went through so much trouble for me, the help must’ve cost a fortune.”

“Are you kidding me? You look fantastic! And it didn’t cost much, I didn’t hire anybody.” I said with another look over her outfit and smirk on my face.

Her eyes widened in amazement and exclaimed, “you did this all by yourself!?! I’m really flattered and the food looks wonderful,” as she finally saw the food on the picturesque table. While she looked over the food, I took the opportunity to looker over her stunning body.

“My mom used to teach me how to cook, so I hope it tastes as good as it looks. But honestly, Ms. Wilson, you look absolutely beautiful!”

At this she blushed, “stop, Lily, you’re making me blush! But thank you, and look at you,” she was pointing at my short black pencil skirt and flowing blouse, “I love your outfit! It looks really nice on you! Oh and by the way, I think under the circumstances you should call me Michelle, at least when we’re together?” I only nodded in agreement.

I reached for her hand and led her to the dining table, where we talked while eating the especially delicious meal. I enjoyed her conversation so much that when dinner was done, and I took our plates to the kitchen, I asked her to sit on the couch with me. She cautiously agreed then we made our way to the living room; I walked behind her and couldn’t resist checking her out and making note of her toned calves and perfect legs all the way up to her swinging hips and small waist complimented by a muscular back and silky hair. I knew she was more than just a hot piece of ass, but aside from her intriguing self, she really was an attractive woman. When we sat down I scooted closer to her, our legs touched sending a tremble up my spine. We spent a couple minutes in awkward silence, but luckily she was the one to first speak, “I hope you don’t expect sex from me tonight, just because I came doesn’t mean I’m spending the night.”

I understood her attack in need to defend herself from my seduction, after all I was the one that started all this, but I knew she understood that she took part in this and I wanted to be clear what I did kocaeli escort expect from us. “I didn’t invite you over for sex, I wanted to try and make you more comfortable with me. It wasn’t my intention to take advantage of you, but I did want us to explore each other, emotionally.. and maybe physically. Of course, not immediately but in time that we might test our own boundaries and fulfill our desires through each other, whatever happens just happens. We don’t really need to figure it all out now, but I do need to know if you want this, too. And if not, that’s alright, no hurt feelings or holding grudges.”

She gulped then continued, “you know I want this, I’ve wanted you for a long time and now that it’s all happening I can’t lie and say that it’s okay. I understand you want some answers, but I can’t definitively give them to you right now.. Other than that you make me feel wanted and beautiful a-and respected all at the same time. I love that and I think I love you, but I don’t know!”

I was surprised at her directness and wanted to try to let her KNOW that I would not betray or abandon her! “Michelle, I don’t think you know how much I care for you, if you did, none of this would be a question. But I get you’re scared, because I am, too. I want to let you know that I’m not going to do anything that you don’t want me to.. Whenever you want this to end, that’s when it ends.”

She smiled at me, and walked forward to be wrapped in my arms. I fell on top of her, onto the couch, looked in her eyes and kissed her, our tongues danced for at least 20 minutes. When I groped her left breast, through her shirt and she pulled back with wide eyes and let out a startled giggle. She started backing away from me and I spoke in such a panicked voice, “I didn’t mean to go so fast! I was just going with the moment and please don’t leave!?! I swear I won’t do anything unless I’m sure you’re ready for it.”

She gave me an apprehensive look then a forgiving smile and moved closer to me, but not quite as close as we once were. “Lily, I didn’t mean to pull away so fast but you surprised me. But as long as you promise we can take it slow, I’ll stay.” I must’ve shown how happy I was because she took my hand and placed it on her knee before we started talking about anything and everything. I was amazed at just how much in common we did have and I fell in love with her personality even more within the hour that we got to talk. Though she looked much more relaxed than when she arrived, she still looked tense and a little stressed.

It wasn’t long after that I became restless and asked, “would you mind if I gave you a neck rub? You’ve just been such great company and I’d like to thank you, and you also look a little tense in your shoulders.” She was taken back at my offer and maybe my observations, too. Despite the troubled look, she finally agreed to have me massage her, on the agreement I would stop whenever she said so. With that I ran around the house to find some good rubbing lotion, a towel and other items I’d need for the massage of her life. I don’t know what it was about my tense teacher that gave it away, but I was sure she’d never been truly pampered and I was determined to spoil kocaeli escort bayan her unconditionally tonight.

When I, at last, gathered all the necessary materials, I set to work on relaxing my beautiful teacher/lover. And as soon I began touching her skin with the lotion, she inhaled at the coldness. We laughed at this, then I continued to rub the lotion into her supple skin and I complimented her smooth skin, she didn’t respond with words but I could see she smiled. Then I took it one step further, after a few minutes of my rubbing her neck and shoulders, I bent over to her ear and in a raspy voice whispered, “do you like it?” She moaned and nodded her head, which I took as encouragement and proceeded to whisper on the same voice, “would you mind if I did your back, as well?” She froze then after a moment or two nodded her head and began to lie down on the towel I was lying on the floor. I then straddled her lower back, or maybe upper butt, she seemed surprised at this, but gave no verbal objection.

I squirted some more lotion on my hand, as she took off her shirt and bra, though I only had a view of her back, she was so damn sexy and her curves were in all the right places to throw me into desire. When she settled onto the towel, I began lightly kneading it into her shoulder blades slowly going down her lower back, she gave a slight whimper when I stopped just short of her butt, and worked back up. I spent a little extra time on her neck and when I moved back down I “accidentally” went too far and touched her breasts but quickly moved away to her lower back and lingered at the border of her back and butt. Every so often I was rewarded with moans and groans, even a couple words, “that feel sooo good,” and a few, “ooooh! Right there!” I mean she had to be teasing me! And the funny thing about that is this was meant to tease her, but she somehow managed to turn the tables.

Though I wasn’t sure, until she wiggled her bottom and sent shivers up my thighs. I couldn’t hold back my own moan and decided two can play that game. So I started paying special attention to the sides of her breasts and would slip a finger or two under the elastic of her skirt. She tensed up a bit when my fingers caressed her firm butt, she picked up her head, only for a moment, when I lifted my legs over and swung them to her right, and she gasped when I grazed my nails over her thighs. I couldn’t help but laugh; she whipped her head around and stuck her cute, pink tongue at me then giggled, “you tease!”

I continued to laugh then retorted, “I can’t help it with your sexy physique! I mean honestly, I’m the victim to your tight stomach, firm ass, and those legs that go on forever.. and well your perky breasts and hot moans!” Her only response was to blush and look back down at the ground. She looked down and we sat in silence for what felt like forever. Finally, I spoke up to ask her, “I’m sorry if I’m too blunt about this, but are you spending the night? I really would love for you to, but I understand if you’d feel uncomfortable about it,” and I anxiously awaited her answer until she finally stood up, grabbed my hand, then after pulling me up, she led me up the stairs izmit s─▒n─▒rs─▒z escort in silence, to my bedroom.

All in silence, we kissed lightly at first then the silence quickly left the room as we our gentle pecks became fiery kisses that left us breathless and huffing. We were speechless, even still, our hands continued to search every crevice and form of our bodies. DAMN she was so beautiful! I couldn’t believe what was and about to happen! I just wanted to be as close to her as possible, whether by rubbing my body onto her, becoming one in our truly exceptional kisses or if I’d have the chance to ravage her body. I cherished the way her body responded to my touches, she whimpered under my kisses, gasped at caresses and shivered when my hand made its way down her torso to that mysterious area of my forbidden lover.

She nearly screamed when I sunk a single finger into her, I wiggled it around until I found her G-spot and when I bent my finger up and gently stroked her, she went wild. She wrapped her arms around my neck and almost had all her weight on me as she went into her first orgasm. After only a few short minutes, I felt that jerk in her tummy that forewarned of an imminent orgasm. I didn’t have to wait long until she spasmed and screamed, “I’m cumming! OHHH GAWD!!” She closed her mouth around mine, though it wouldn’t be called a kiss, it was passionate nonetheless. And when her body finished convulsing, she had a few more jagged breaths that ended in her soft sobs into my neck. I couldn’t believe how easy she was! Not that she was a slut, but her body was seriously deprived of the pleasure she so desperately needed and deserved.

I guided her to the edge of the bed and lowered her down, her head on a pillow and legs spread wide open. She stroked her stomach and pinched her nipples, dripping in anticipation. And when I bent down I nibbled on her thighs and crawled up to her mouth. I reached for a breast and lovingly kneaded each breast while my other hand was reaching into Ms. Wilson’s hair lightly pulling, each time she lifted her head up, allowing me access to her neck. I licked, kissed and bit at her slender neck, but no matter how much I tried I could never get enough! Meanwhile, my hands slowly departed from her tits to grip her thighs and I was met with thrusts of her hips. I squeezed her tight ass then continued to lower myself over her body.

I blew onto her exposed pussy lips, I slipped two fingers into her drenched cunt, I rubbed my thumb over her clit then watched as her body quivered. I, myself, was drenched by her sounds and body alone, but when she stroked the top of my head I grunted and applied more force to my already busy hand. In a few short moments, Ms. Wilson was once again spasming under my touches. Her insides were closing around my hand and soaking my fingers with her sweet juices. When she was done with a loud, violent orgasm she yelled, “Ohhhh! I didn’t know I could feel like this! I’m so tired, but want to run a marathon at the same time! Mmmmmm! But I don’t think I can take another..” I cleaned up her cunt, at least as much as I could, and licked my fingers clean before going up for a deep kiss. “Mmmmmmm! Is that how I taste? I must say I really like it.” With a wink she went for another kiss.

“Ooooh! Tell me about it!” I smiled and went for, yet another, kiss. For the rest of the night we held hands while talking, drifting into light naps, and waking to kisses and cuddling.

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