After San Diego, 3 Years Later

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It had been three years since that magical trip to San Diego where Mom and I became lovers. During a long conversation before I returned home Mom and I decided it was best if we never spoke of our tryst. At the time we both talked about wanting to repeat the mind blowing performance, but thought for the sake of our fantastic traditional Mother/Son relationship it would be best to return to normal if at all possible. We also thought it would make the next time that much hotter if we let the tension build. It turns out we were right about both.

It was amazing how easy it was to get back to normal for Mom and me. It was about a week after our hookup that we spoke for the first time on the phone, and the conversation felt and flowed just like before. We really have always had a fantastic relationship. In my mind there was nothing wrong with what we had done. There was nothing planned, it just happened. Two people in the right place at the right time sharing an unbelievable experience. I have tried to live my life in the moment, enjoying the most out of every situation. Spending three days rolling around naked with my Mother was just a continuation of that philosophy. So I guess I was not surprised that Mom and I moved easily back into the relationship we shared for 30 years before that trip. We spoke on the phone on a weekly basis and saw each other a few times each year on holidays or an extended weekend where she and Dad would come to Florida to visit me, or my wife and I would go to California to visit them. Just as we had planned Mom and I never breathed a word about the most erotic experience of our lives. The one thing that did surprise me was that I was not consumed by thoughts and images of that trip. No doubt feelings would surface from time to time, which sometimes led to fantasizing. A few times I pictured those events when my wife and I were in bed, or when I was enjoying some alone time. But those fantasies were mixed in with the rest of the things I had pictured during those private times since puberty. After a while I just assumed that what Mom and I shared was a one time thing. There was nothing to lead me to believe otherwise.

During one of our typical weekly chats about a year ago I confided in Mom that I was not happy at home. My wife Tina and I married in our early 20’s and over the last few years we had fallen into a rut and had definitely drifted apart. It had gotten to the point where we no longer sought out spending time together. If anything we actively looked for ways to be apart. We started taking separate vacations, going out separately on the weekends, and I would intentionally extend business trips just to avoid what had become a really awkward silence in the house when it was just the two of us. On the surface everything looked fine, but something was different when we were alone. I told all of this to Mom and after patiently listening she told me that it was natural to fall into a routine with your spouse after a while and that if we were going to stay together both Tina and I would have to make an effort to change things. As usual Mom provided some sound advice. What I didn’t expect was Tina’s reaction when I spoke to her a couple of days later. To make a long story short, Tina said that she had felt the same way for a long time. I expected that, how could she not feel the same way as I did. What surprised me was that she told me that she had found someone else, and that they had been seeing each other for a couple of years. The news was not Earth shattering. There had been a few times on business trips over the last 5 years where I had hooked up with a coworker, so it wasn’t like I had the right to be mad at my wife for cheating. Hell, I had fucked my own Mother during that time. Getting mad would have been a little hypocritical. During a two hour, matter of fact conversation Tina and I realized that we had grown into people who wanted different things out of life. When I told her that there had been a few women besides her over the years, Tina was not surprised. I think both of us were a little shocked that we were not really mad that each of us had cheated. It was pretty clear that neither of us wanted to continue the marriage. We decided to separate, and within a few months were amicably divorced.

Our families took the news way worse than either Tina or me. Everyone was supportive, but we had been together since college and had grown close with both sets of in-laws. It was a shock to them since we lived far from all of our relatives, and since they had heard of no marriages troubles to this point they all assumed we were the happy couple we appeared to be on our visits with them. My tokat escort Mom was disappointed when I first told her that we had separated, she definitely thought of Tina as the daughter she never had, but she was always mainly concerned with how I was doing. Our conversations increased from about once to three or four times per week, and she would ping me with a Yahoo instant message when she saw me online during the evenings. Mom was great during the whole process, adding just the right word at the right time. Shortly after the divorce was final I called Mom to ask if it was okay if I came out for a visit. “Of course baby, you know you are welcome any time” was her reply. So I took a week off from work and booked a ticket to San Diego for the following week. Even though the divorce was as amicable as possible I needed to get away to clear my head and relax.

The trip to my parents house was just what I needed. I spent 5 days pretty much doing nothing. My Dad and I played golf a couple of times, and a few evenings were spent with some of my parent’s friends. My Mom had intentionally left things unplanned for my whole visit since she knew I was there to relax. One evening after my Dad turned in early Mom and I spent a few hours talking over a bottle of wine. We talked about what went wrong with Tina and I, what I thought I wanted out of the rest of my life, and what my short term plans were since I was temporarily staying at a friend’s house through the divorce. It was a great conversation, just what I needed to sort through all of the events that had just dramatically changed my life. The wine bottle was empty and Mom suggested I open another. When I returned to the sofa Mom’s expression had changed. I instantly knew what she wanted to talk about, Mom wanted to know if what she and I did three years ago had anything to do with my divorce.

Before she started to speak, tears began streaming down her cheeks. I lifted her chin and said, “Mom you had nothing to do with this. Tina and I were not right for each other. We stayed together for so long because it was easy and comfortable.”

Mom wiped a tear and said, “I have been kicking myself for giving in to temptation since the day you first called to tell me you were not happy at home.” It took about 30 minutes but Mom finally accepted my answer that she was not the cause. I told her about the other women and that Tina had fooled around too. I hesitated on telling her about the other women because I didn’t want her to be disappointed in me. To my surprise Mom wasn’t surprised by my admission, “I’m surprised you didn’t give in to temptation more baby. Look at you, you’re a handsome, successful, fun young guy. Any woman would want to be with you.”

The conversation had flowed continuously until that point, but Mom’s compliment created an awkward pause. The same tension that hung in the air three years ago in that hotel suddenly filled the room. I began to look at Mom and undress her with my eyes. The images of those three lust filled days came flooding back. I was picturing her undressing me, and how great her body looked once her clothes were flung across the room. Picturing how her tits hung perfectly from her chest, and how they swayed as she bounced up and down on my cock. Imagining how great her mouth felt on me, and how unbelievable her pussy felt wrapped around my swollen dick. Mom must have been picturing the same scene, because neither of us spoke or moved for minutes. A random noise outside snapped us out of the trance, and suddenly I had no idea what to do. Should I make a move? Should I ask permission? I remembered that before our first time she said how much she liked that I was a take charge kind of guy. I was about to lean in and kiss her when Mom looked deep into my eyes and said, “I want this as much as you do but not with your Father in the house.” My initial thought was, I don’t care who is in the house, I want to fuck the shit outta you!!! But I realized Mom was right. As much as I wanted to pick up where we left off three years ago it was not worth the risk of our secret being exposed to my Father. Dad is a good man, what Mom and I shared is between us and for three years since that incredible time together it had not affected our family. If we could control ourselves now, and be smart with how we acted in the future there could be many more nights of ecstasy. Mom kissed me lightly on the lips then went to bed.

The next day Mom and I were back to normal, and the rest of my trip was relaxing and uneventful. I returned home and started to look for a new place. I decided to take advantage of the depressed real estate market and tokat escort bayan buy a condo in a downtown high rise. I had always wanted to live in one of the trendy downtown high rises, but Tina wanted a more traditional house with a yard and of course we settled for what she wanted. I got a great deal in a development we had actually looked at a few years earlier, and moved in to what I knew would be home for at least the next 10 years. It is a 30th floor unit with a great open floor plan and a tremendous view of the city, especially from the wrap around balcony. When I found the place I was very excited and emailed pictures to my parents and a few other family members.

Mom called later that day and was raving about the view and how amazing the place looked. Then she said something that instantly made me hard, “I’ll have to come out there and help you decorate.” On the surface it was an innocent comment, but both Mom and I knew it was an excuse for us to be alone in my house. I told Mom that I was scheduled to close on the house in three weeks and since I was living with a friend had no reason to rush into moving, so anytime shortly after I closed was fine with me. Mom said, “okay, I’ll talk to Dad and let you know.” It was the tail end of a brief conversation, but those few sentences were burned into my brain for days.

The following week I was on a business trip to Chicago and in my hotel room winding down from a long day and late dinner. After getting out of the shower, I was sitting at the small work station mindlessly checking my personal email and surfing the web when a Yahoo instant message popped up from my Mom.

“Hey there, what are you up to tonight???” was Mom’s message.

“Not much now. I’m in Chicago and just got back from dinner with clients.” was my reply.

Mom typed, “I really don’t know how you do all of that traveling baby. You’re always on the go, I worry that you are going to burn yourself out.”

As a national sales rep for the last five years I have spent about 30 weeks of the year crisscrossing the country. I like the travel, it’s a lot of fun to get to meet different people and to get to know different parts of the country. “You know me Mom, I don’t like to sit in one place for very long. So what are you up to? Where is Dad?” as soon as I typed that I wondered why I asked where Dad was. That was completely out of character for our normal conversation. Maybe subconsciously I was asking permission to get a little flirtatious in our chat.

Mom replied, “He’s at the club playing poker tonight. You know how those guys are, they’ll probably be at it until after midnight.” It was just after 8PM her time. Mom continued, “Why? You hinting around that you’d like a web cam show or something?”

I read that message three times before it actually registered. With my jaw still on the floor I typed, “Are you kidding?!?!? You’d really do that?”

Mom replied, “Why not? Its not like you haven’t seen it before.” I couldn’t believe my eyes. Then she added, “And you’re going to see more of me in a few weeks. I spoke to Dad and am planning to come out to your house at the end of the month after you close on your place…that is if you still want me to.”

Even though we had spoken about Mom coming out to help me decorate my new condo, and not long ago we told each other that if we got the chance to be alone we’d fuck each others brains out, it didn’t hit me until that moment that I was actually going to get to fuck my Mother again. And even better, it was going to happen in just a few short weeks. I must have been silent for too long because Mom typed, “hello, you still there??? Cat got your tongue???”

I was still trying to process whether Mom was serious about me getting to see her on the web cam tonight when she told me that she was going to come out to my new house to break it in the right way. With an enormous smile on my face I said, “Yep…just trying to process the fact that my Mother just told me that not only is she going to let me see her sexy body on her web cam tonight, but that she is coming out to help me christen my new place.” That certainly escalated the conversation very quickly, but I figured that I had better take my shot since Mom was obviously in a frisky mood.

As Mom typed, “So you’d really fuck your own Mother… again. You ARE a bad little boy” a window popped up with a grainy image that after a few seconds turned into the stunning image of my Mom sitting topless in front of her computer. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Everything was moving very fast, yet at the same time it was all familiar and comfortable. My hand escort tokat instantly went to my cock, which was already at half mast.

With the one free hand I typed, “Damn, you are so sexy!!!” Mom replied, “So are they still what you remember after three years?” Holy crap this was intense. I had BEGGED my ex wife for years to do something like this or to send me sexy pics, or phone sex, but she always said any of that would make her feel self conscious. And here was my Mom voluntarily showing me her tits and starting an erotic chat. My head was spinning. It was all too good to be true.

I typed, “God I want you. I want to suck and lick and kiss those tits. I want my hands all over them as you ride the shit outta me”

“Oh baby, I can feel your mouth on me. Sucking my nipples until they could cut glass” was Mom’s reply.

I couldn’t quite see it, but I could tell Mom was working her pussy at about the same rate I was working my now fully hard cock. My mind was racing with thoughts of what we did three years ago, and of what we were going to do when she came to visit. I asked Mom to lower her web cam so I could see her body. A second after I hit send the image adjusted to a full view of mom from her neck to just above her knees. She was rubbing a slim vibrator all over the outside of her pussy. I smiled when I saw she was totally shaved, and quite wet. “Shit that is hot!!!” I typed while staring at the little window watching my Mom masturbate as I did the same.

I was completely caught up in the moment, feeling that familiar sensation in my balls starting to build, when my cell phone rang. My first thought was, damn, who the fuck is trying to interrupt me? Then after the third ring Mom typed, “So are you going to answer my call baby?”

Again it took me a couple of seconds to register what was happening. Once I did, I flew over to the night stand and picked up the phone. As soon as I answered the call Mom said, “I thought you’d want to hear what you’re doing to your Mother,” then let out a huge breath and moaned very loudly. Those familiar sounds put me over the edge.

I sat back down in front of my laptop as I said, “Oh god Mommy, you’re gonna make me cum.”

Mom began working her toy faster and faster over her pussy and said, “Good baby, I want you to cum. I want my baby boy to shoot his load as he watches and listens to his Mother get herself off.” That was it, those dirty words sent a shock wave through my body that was the most intense feeling I have ever experienced. I grunted and moaned and told Mom I was cumming as the first stream flew from my cock. Mom kept working her pussy and her voice was cracking as she said, “Oh baby I’m gonna cum with you. That’s it baby, cum for me. Cum for Mommy. Let that big hard dick explode into my pussy baby. I want to feel you cum inside of me over and over!!!” Listening to her while watching Mom’s orgasm rip through her body as an amazing sight. Mom’s whole body shook as she held the toy steady and ground herself into it. She was moving her hips and ass as if she were on top of me as she slide her toy inside her pussy. Mom screamed into the phone, “Oh god baby, I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Holy shit…holy shit…fuck meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!”

It took at least a minute before either of us could speak. I sat there panting, looking at my Mother’s beautiful body and listening to her trying to catch her breath. I was totally satisfied. It was such a thrill to think that I played a role in giving my Mother so much pleasure. It really makes a man feel like a man when his woman cums that hard. It is also a great feeling to know that once a woman does cum that hard with a man, she will want to do it over and over again, chasing that amazing orgasm that has been burned into her memory.

Finally I managed to say, “Holy crap Mom, that was amazing. I’ve always wanted to do that but Tina wasn’t in to it.”

Mom replied, “Well baby, as long as we have privacy you can have that any time you want. And yes it was amazing. I haven’t cum like that since we were together last. You are truly an amazing lover.”

We talked for another 20 minutes or so, mostly working out the details of when she should come to my place and how long she should stay. Mom booked her trip to my house while we were on the phone. She was going to fly in to town on a Friday in about three weeks, and was staying for 10 days. I was going to be in town that whole time, and when I am in town I typically only have to be in the office a few hours each day. I also told Mom that I would take a few days off while she was there.

When we were saying good bye Mom said, “I really do love you baby. I think we have proven that adding a physical aspect to our relationship does not have to change what we have always had as Mother and Son. I really did enjoy tonight and I am especially looking forward to being with you at your place in a few weeks.”

To be continued…

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