After Room 117 Ch. 03

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Weeks passed since that time in the theater. I suppose a mixture of guilt and being seen there by friends kept me away. I had also met Linda on campus. Linda was a striking redhead who was one of those women who looked great whether she was all dressed up for a night out or lazing about her dorm room in sweats. God, she was gorgeous. Looking back, I guess it was my adoration of her that kept my other, secret desires on a back burner.

When spring break came, Linda went back to her hometown back east. I stayed in town still working at the mall. I had an opportunity to go to South Padre with a bunch of my buddies, but I needed money more than I needed to party. Having a hot girlfriend can be expensive. Linda wasn’t high maintenance or anything like that. It was just that I was so smitten by her that I wanted to take her out to eat. Hell, I wanted to be seen with her on my arm. That costs money, so I used the week of no classes to put in a ton of hours.

Back at the dorm, even though I had finally gotten a roommate, the break meant that I literally had the dorm to myself. Well, there were a couple of RA’s there, but the floor was mine. It was a great time to shower, as there was plenty of hot water which was an absolute rarity during classes.

Also, having the shower to myself, I did what most young men just ten days shy of their 19th birthday do under such circumstances. I spent a particularly extended amount of time making damned sure that my cock got good and clean. As the hot water poured over my slender, muscular body, I soaped my cock into a thick lather.

My hand began to move up and down the throbbing eight inches, as thoughts of my lovely Linda danced in my head. Linda bent over, wearing those spiked heels that I loved. Her thick mane of red hair tossed to the middle of her arched back, as I pushed my cock in and out of her.

Soon, as my orgasm neared, all sorts of nasty fantasies filled my head, as they are often wont to do. MY mind flickered back to the theater and “Daddy”. His thick cock driving in and out of me, while my mouth was filled with one cock after another, as mouths licked and lavished my body. The sensation of Daddy’s hot cum splashing on my back sent me over the edge. I sent a long, thick stream of white spunk onto the tiled floor. My body was wracked by my climax so that I found I needed to brace myself against the shower wall.

As I caught my breath and the tiled world about me stopped spinning, I found myself feeling the pangs of guilt once more. Why had my mind been drawn to that theater and that sixty-something man, when I had Linda? Linda was all I had wanted in a girl. She was smart, funny and ungodly attractive. What made me think of cocks rather than her?


I got off work that evening just after 10 p.m. Being that I ardahan escort was not due back at work until the next afternoon, I hit my favorite sleazy titty bar for a few beers before heading home. It was not so much that I felt the need to see naked women (though that was a plus); I just needed to have a few beers to relax. Just as always, there was no ID required. I drank myself to near oblivion.

I was absolutely wasted, as I drove to the theater. How I got there safely, without killing myself or someone else, I will never know. All I know is that I ended up at the place just after two in the morning. I staggered in, paid my way into the theater and slipped inside the darkened screening room at the end of the hall.

Not much was going on in the place. There was one guy standing near the wall and a couple more men sitting on the back row on one side. I slid into a seat on the opposite side of the tiny, dark room. On this side, there were only three seats to a row; I took the one nearest the wall. On the screen, there was a large-breasted blonde getting it in all three holes by three long, thick cocks. Surrounding the foursome were a bunch of other men presumably waiting their respective turns at the blonde.

I sat there for several minutes. On the screen, cock after cock exploded in pornographic brilliance onto the blonde’s tanned, tattooed body. Though I had begun watching thinking of sliding my cock into her lovely, open ass, I soon found myself wanting my mouth filled with cock. This time, I was far too inebriated to worry about what these thoughts might say about me. This time, I wanted that of which I had been fantasizing.

My attention moved from the screen to the row of seats across from me. Both men were older, but it was the one in particular that caught my attention—”Daddy”. Sure enough, though my senses tried to tell me it was the alcohol making me conjure his image, it was most certainly that older man who I found myself wanting as I came in the shower 20 hours before.

When I glanced over, his eyes met mine. He sported a wide grin, as he stroked his cock. Instinctively, I ran my tongue over my lips, as I smiled back. Oblivious to the other men in the theater, Daddy stood, cock in hand and sauntered over to me. His cock bobbed in the dim light, as he stepped over to where I was sitting. His hands, which had been gripping his khaki trousers, released them, as he stood between me and the row of seats before me. They dropped to his ankles, as his cock bobbed in my face.

“Daddy’s missed his baby boy.” He said, loud enough that I knew the rest of the theater could hear over the soft, muffled moans of the blonde. “You’re letting your hair grow out, I see. Daddy likes that, baby.”

I looked up into his eyes and nodded. ardahan escort bayan My own blonde hair was now approaching shoulder length. I had let it grow for Linda, but something inside me found immense pleasure that it pleased this old man, whose cockhead danced, glistening with precum an inch from my lips.

“Now, be a good boy, and suck Daddy’s hard dick,” He moaned, as he painted my lips with his precum. My eyes never leaving his, my lips parted in silent invitation to his manhood. Slipping his fingers into my soft, blonde hair, he pushed his cock into my adoring, waiting mouth. My tongue greeted the underside of his stiffness. I felt his cock jump a little, as I slathered my tongue under it. “Oh fuck, yes, baby boy. You know exactly what daddy needs, don’t you?”

Moaning on his cock, I replied by pushing my lips all the way down his shaft. Somehow, I relaxed my throat muscles so that I was able to take him deep. I took his cock so deep that I felt his pubic hair tickle my upper lip. My hand reached down and caressed his balls. They were cool and heavy in my hand, as I drew my lips back slowly. My eyes closed to slits, as I moved my mouth on Daddy’s stiff meat. I savored every inch, every vein and every pulse of his blood engorged cock. My free hand slid up under his shirt and played at a nipple.

The flesh of his chest was soft and supple under my hand. I pinched his left nipple. Daddy let out a soft moan and pushed the head of his cock hard to the back of my throat. I stifled my gagging reflexes somehow, as he started to fuck my mouth with more and more force. My hands moved to his ass, drawing him to me. I wanted to tell him to fuck my mouth with all he had, but soon I found that he knew—Daddy knew.

Drool covered balls slapped at my chin, as I gobbled the old man’s heavenly cock. His hands tossed my hair like I was his bitch. Indeed, I suppose I was. I could feel Daddy start to tense at my face, as his strokes became shorter but increasingly faster. I could hear him panting and grunting.

I wanted to swallow all he had to give me. I wanted to be fed. He was pumping his hips at my face furiously, just as he had taken my ass all those weeks before. Then—then I was rewarded. Daddy came hard. His cum was a geyser, as it splashed the back of my needy throat. I gulped it down. He held me tight to his pelvis, as he pumped his load into my mouth. Just as I was beginning to think he might not release me, his grip eased.

I pulled back from his cock to catch my breath, a rivulet of his warm, salty semen trickled out of the corner of my lips and onto my cheek. His finger pushed it into my mouth, as he smiled down at me approvingly. He leaned down and kissed my cum-covered lips before sitting in the seat beside me. Our tongues escort ardahan met in our first kiss. There was a power there. It was that hunger I had felt when I had been with Mark all that time ago in Room 117.

“I was afraid I wouldn’t see you again,” he whispered in my ear, pushing my hair aside and sucking on my earlobe. I moaned, as he teased my ear with his tongue. His hand found my hardness at the crotch of my jeans and unzipped them. “Now, Daddy must return the favor.”

As his mouth descended down my throbbing shaft, I placed my hand on the back of his slowly bobbing head. His mouth was glorious. His soft lips sealed at the base of my cock, as his tongue bathed my cockflesh. I called out to him, “Oh yes, Daddy. Suck that young cock. Just like that.”

Looking to the side, I saw two men standing a few feet away stroking their cocks, as their eyes followed our every move. My hips were starting to move of their own volition at the old man’s hungry mouth. The thought of being watched—being enjoyed—set my body on fire.

One of the men stepped towards us for a better look, his cockhead purpling in his stroking hand. The sound of Daddy slurping my cock was echoing about the room, as the movie ended leaving silence and darkness. Only the dim, red exit signs offered any reprieve from the darkness, yet the old guy’s mouth kept working on me.

I started to moan loudly into the darkness. I felt a cock brush the left side of my face. I turned and offered it my mouth. I had not even noticed the man slip over to that side, but I took what he offered me. Daddy’s saliva dribbled over my balls and onto my inner thighs, as he sucked. And, as he sucked, I too sucked. I sucked that anonymous cock in the darkness. Soon, I was moaning onto it, as my orgasm neared. I stroked Daddy’s bobbing head, as I pushed up to his mouth.

The cock in my mouth gushed out its succulent load, as I exploded into the older man’s mouth. As Daddy milked me dry, the cock in my mouth pulled away and disappeared into the darkness. Finally, Daddy let my cock slip from his lips. He kissed the underside, and then brought his lips back to mine.

“Your cum tastes so good, baby boy. I could suck that all day.” The old man said upon breaking our kiss. His lips were soft on mine. I found myself wanting his kiss again and pressed my lips back to his.

Before we left, I followed him to his car. I was surprised to find that it was an expensive BMW. He scribbled his cell number on a sheet of paper and smiled as he said, “Don’t lose this one, okay?”

Laughing softly, a little self-conscious, I replied, “Well, I kind of have a girl—”

Before I could finish, he interrupted with a wry laugh, “Hell son, I have a wife, two kids and three grandkids, but I still need that cock of yours whenever I can get it. So call me. You keep my secret, and I’ll keep yours.”

As he drove off, I somehow found myself feeling much better about my own secret. Here was an obviously successful, apparently happily married man who had experienced the same desires as I. Maybe this part of me would not be so bad after all.

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