After a Hard Day

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I stood at the bar sipping my red wine. I probably should have gone straight home, drinking on your own isn’t always the best sign. It wasn’t a regular occurrence though, the crappy day I had just experienced had made it a necessity.

I looked around the bar, slyly getting a few good looks at those around me. It would be nice for a distraction tonight, someone to take my mind off work. I knew my luck today was pretty shitty though, so wasn’t holding out much hope. This bar was normally quite fruitful though.

I spotted a couple sitting close to each other, looking my way. They were whispering whilst their eyes met mine.

They were a great looking pair. One had short dark hair. A tight red t-shirt showed off his muscular arms and chest. The other had longer blonde hair, styled perfectly. He was cute. His body looked pretty fine too. From what I could see anyway. I suddenly realised I was staring and looked away.

I occasionally looked over as I carried on drinking my wine, catching them glancing my way. I smiled a couple of times, they smiled back. My heart rate increased. I knew I was being too hopeful, but sometimes I just couldn’t help it.

My hope increased when they stood and came my way. I wasn’t wrong about their bodies, they both looked hot with clothes on. I couldn’t help but wonder how they looked without.

“Hi. You looked like you could do with some company,” the dark haired one said. “I’m David.”

“And I’m Tom,” the cute one said.

“Russell,” I replied. “Company would be nice.”

The rest of the evening flew by from that point. We chatted and laughed. Lots of flirting too. They were a couple, but that didn’t stop the obvious signs from all parties.

When the bar was calling last orders I wasn’t overly surprised that they invited me back to theirs. Overly horny, but not surprised.

In the taxi I ended up in the middle, with David and Tom squashed on either side. David stroked my knee and lent in, his breath made me tremble as he spoke.

“Wait till we get you back,” he whispered. I smiled back at him. The journey felt like the longest ever.

Back at theirs we got drinks together and sat on the sofa, still chatting. The sexual tension was now thick between us. We knew what was going to happen, and I breathed a sigh of relief and desperation when David made the first move.

He leaned in and we kissed. His hands running over my body. I groaned as Tom joined him, more hands roaming. We all traded kisses.

David stood and stroked his obvious hard on under his trousers, I watched eagerly. Desperate to see what he unearthed from his underwear. He pulled his t-shirt over his head. His hairless torso was toned and hard. Bumps in all the right places.

Tom started undoing my jeans. His hand sliding into my boxer briefs, and fishing my 6 inches out. I was raging hard. I groaned as Tom wasted no time and pushed my cock deep down his throat, feeling the tip squeezed inside him.

David pulled his hard throbbing cock out right in front of my face. It was magnificent, 7 inches long and thick. I took it in my hand and stroked it, running my hand up and down. Feeling the warmth and hardness in my fingers and palm. I touched his hard abs with my other hand, his body was stunning.

Tom g├╝venilir bahis was really doing a number on my own cock and it was hard to concentrate. I leant forward and ran a tongue up David’s member, tasting him.

I sucked the bulbous head into my mouth, feeling the veins throb on my tongue. There was nothing better than sucking a hot, hard cock. I forced him down my throat till I gagged, coming back up for air, and then repeating. David moaned as I sucked him off. It was hard to concentrate with Tom doing the same to me.

I had to be careful or I was going to shoot my load way too early. I stopped on David’s for a second, and pulled Tom’s head up and kissed him. It was hard and frantic, tongues searching.

“Too much,” I said into his mouth. “You’ll make me cum.”

“Maybe I want to,” he replied. He looked up at David. “He wants to cum for us.”

They both knelt down in front of me, Tom resuming his sucking whilst David watched, waiting for his go.

“Oh fuck,” I groaned. I had no chance with both of them. David lent in and I watched them kiss. Then they swapped. My cock now swallowed by David, whilst Tom stroked my torso, watching intently. David forced me down his throat and I moaned loudly, unable to stop myself.

“Oh god. I’m going to cum,” I groaned. Two hot men sucking my cock was too intense.

David pulled his mouth off my cock. “You did most of the work,” he said to Tom. “You have it.”

Tom smiled and started on my cock again, wrapping his lips around me. His head bobbing up and down. I was soon brought to climax.

I orgasmed hard, cumming in his mouth, my cum spraying the back of his mouth as he let it pool in his throat. I groaned and my thighs shook as the ejaculation continued.

David and Tom kissed, swapping my cum between them, some dribbling out over their chins. Then it was my turn. We took it in turns kissing, sharing my jizz between the three of us. It was hot as fuck.

“Let’s see that tight little ass of yours,” David said to me. I was moving straight away. I stood, took my t-shirt off, and dropped my jeans. My boxers and socks following. My cock was still hard and tall, there was no way that was going anywhere.

I kneeled on the sofa, facing the back, sticking my ass out. I wanted both of them to take me. I felt a tongue run over my hole and moaned. It was David, because Tom was climbing on the sofa, naked, sitting on the back and waving his hard cock in my face. He was roughly my size, it was a gorgeous specimen. I took the hint and took him in my mouth. Tom had a good body too. Not as toned as David, but you could tell he looked after himself too.

As I forced Tom down my throat I felt David lubing my ass hole, and squeezing my bum cheeks with his hands. Spreading me open to push his tongue into me and work the spit in. There could have been lube too, but I wasn’t sure, I was too busy sucking dick. And what a dick it was too.

The thick girth filled my throat as I tasted his precum on my tongue. I loved the taste of cock, it never got old. I forced him down my throat till I gagged, trying to take him all in. I nearly succeeded. I kept trying till it made my eyes water.

All of sudden my cock sucking was interrupted by the tip of David’s cock entering t├╝rk├že bahis my asshole. I felt the tip stretch me open, forcing my tight ass open. I winced as I felt pain, clenching my teeth and groaning. He eased off and then forced himself in further, my ring protested and then gave in. I groaned loudly on Tom’s shaft as David slid inside me.

“Fuck! That feels so good,” I moaned. Pushing back onto the cock embedded inside me, forcing it deeper.

“Looks so fucking hot,” David said. I could hear the two kissing above me as they spit roasted me.

David started fucking my ass slowly as Tom gripped my head and started fucking my face. I couldn’t concentrate, an overload of pleasure assaulting my body.

I grunted with every thrust from David, his hips hitting my bum cheeks as he buried himself fully in me. It filled my insides perfectly. My cock raged hard as it dangled below me.

David reached round my hips and started stroking me as he fucked me. This continued for a while and I loved every minute.

I was moved to all fours on the sofa, David pulling out. Tom now kneeling in front, again his cock in my mouth. David roughly entered me again and I cried out. The noise must have turned him on, because he pulled out again, sliding back in hard. My ass gaping and eagerly taking him back in. He did this repeatedly till I was desperate to be fucked again.

“Fuck me,” I moaned. “Please.” Neither of them said a word, but thankfully David started pounding into me. I tried my best to suck Tom off.

They fucked me for some time like that, I lost all sense of time.

They swapped at one point. Tom’s thick cock stretched me wider, making me cry out loud in pleasure. He fucked me gently and I found myself pushing back onto him, wanting it harder.

They swapped back and Tom was again by my mouth. This time he was stroking himself as I watched, desperately wanting him to cum. His moans told me he was close.

“I’m cumming,” he moaned.

He brought himself to the edge and then without warning shoved his cock in my mouth. He exploded down my throat and I gagged. Cum ran out over my chin. I recovered quickly and swallowed the rest, feeling the thick liquid slide down my throat.

David pulled me up against him, still fucking me as cum dripped from my chin. His hand was around my throat. He angled my head back and kissed me, tasting Tom’s cum in my mouth.

David pulled out and sat on the sofa, he manhandled me backwards so I hovered over his lap, reverse cowgirl, my back towards him. He held his penis in position as I lowered myself down. This time his cock entered me easily and I let myself drop, his cock filling me once more. My cock bounced hard in front of me as I started moving up and down.

Tom was to the side watching, his hands behind his back. He turned and I saw that he was preparing his own asshole with lube. I didn’t want to give up my go.

Turned out I didn’t have too. He positioned himself in front of me, sticking out his perfect firm ass. He stretched his bum cheeks, exposing his puckered and lubed asshole. He slid a finger in, then two, fingering his ass in front of me. Then he was moving back. David stopped as he watched Tom over my shoulder, lining up my cock against him.

I moaned loudly g├╝venilir bahis siteleri as Tom forced my cock inside his tight hole. His own moans filling the room with mine. He pushed back hard and I popped through into his ass. He started moving straight away, his weight forcing me down onto David’s shaft as he rode my rigid cock.

Tom was so tight on my shaft, the feeling of David inside me and my cock inside Tom was so erotic. As I leant back I got a great view of my cock sliding in and out of him. My cock glistened in the light as the lube coated my shaft.

I couldn’t really move. Tom doing all the work. If I hadn’t cum already I never would have lasted long. We continued for a while until Tom got off and David was moving me, again.

He moved me onto my back, lifting my legs up for more access to my already well fucked asshole. He leant over me as he slid back inside me, making me cry out.

He looked down into my eyes as he started quickly pounding down into me. Not holding back.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck,” I groaned. His whole weight forcing himself deep. The look of pure lust in his eyes had me melting.

My legs were now up around my neck as David pounded down into me. His thrusts hard and frantic. Tom just watched now as his boyfriend fucked away.

I was moaning with every thrust now. Lost in my own lust and ecstasy. The smell of sex filled the room. I didn’t want it to end but knew my ass would only take so much. David kissed me hard.

“I want to fill you with cum,” he said. The first words since we started.

“Oh god yes,” I groaned.

David manoeuvred me again, pushing me backwards over the edge off the sofa, my shoulders resting on the floor. My legs were up in the air as he spread them open. He towered above me as I looked up over my slender toned body, my cock flapping rigidly above my face.

I groaned as David again entered me. He pushed down with all his weight, his cock sliding deep inside me. He started fucking me hard.

“Cum in me,” I begged. I wanted his cum filling me up. David smiled, pumping down into me harder.

Tom took my cock and started wanking me off above my face. His hand squeezing me tight and moving fast. Again it was all too much and I was soon cumming, my sperm hitting me in the face and splashing over my chest.

“Fuck,” David groan. The sight finally pushed him over the edge. He buried his cock far inside my bowels as he ejaculated. His cum splashing against my inner walls as his cock spasmed and twitched inside me.

I was moaning softly, my stretched out legs trembling. My well fucked ass throbbing constantly.

I looked up to see Tom hadn’t finished, he was stroking himself frantically above my head. His groan announced his climax just before his cum hit my nose and chin. He pushed his cock into my mouth from above and I eagerly drank the rest in.

We stayed that way for a while. David slowly moved in and out of my stretched hole, milking his cock dry. Tom doing the same to my mouth. Eventually they pulled off me. Leaving me exposed and covered in cum.

I managed to get up. Not very elegantly. David’s cum ran out of me as I stood. They were both sitting on the sofa, next to each other.

“That was amazing,” I said, now feeling slightly self conscious, but still glowing from the sex.

“It certainly was,” David said.

“I agree,” Tom said. “Might have to make this a regular occurrence.”

I smiled. I liked the sound of that arrangement.

The End.

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