Actually, I’d Like To Join You

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Laura’s heart was still beating fast and her mind was a blur of emotions. She felt hesitant, almost scared but at the same time she felt excited and curious. But the feeling that now came to the fore was sadness. She looked over at Kelly who was in the bed on the other side of the small cabin from her. Laura felt bad that she had withdrawn from Kelly’s advances. She had allowed things to get steamy, allowed her lips to touch Kelly’s as the two were about to kiss but she immediately reeled away, unsure if she really wanted it and what Kelly’s intentions were. She hoped that Kelly wasn’t too upset or disappointed.

The two young women were on a university field trip for biology and had signed up to stay together in the cabin while many of the others on the research trip had elected to stay in tents closer to the beach they were investigating. The cabin itself was basically just a wooden hut with two beds on either side of the room and a large window on one wall, which allowed the glow from an external light to illuminate the room quite brightly. A cupboard in one corner near the door was the only other structure in the room. This meant that privacy wasn’t an option but neither Laura nor Kelly minded as they had been friends for a long time and had made use of public showers together at their local gym on numerous occasions in the past so getting changed in front of each other wasn’t a big deal.

But now that Kelly had taken a step beyond their regular friendship, Laura wasn’t sure what to think. She had been laying there still for some time thinking about it and now rolled over to look at Kelly who was lying on her back with just the sheet pulled up to her shoulders. As she looked over, she noticed Kelly’s hands under the sheet seemed to be moving around near her waist. As Laura watched on, she suddenly realised what Kelly was doing, she was obviously masturbating! At first Laura thought about turning away embarrassed, but her curiosity was taking over and her heart fluttered with excitement. At that point, Laura realised that Kelly had obviously been serious when she made advances toward her and she must have been still turned-on by what had almost happened.

Laura could feel herself getting aroused as she watched so she gave into the feeling of curiosity and allowed her apprehension to drop. She slid one of her hands down to her crotch and inside her shorts. She was amazed at how sensitive she was and felt a jolt of pleasure run through her as she gave her clit a few soft, gentle rubs. All the while she never took her gaze off of Kelly who now was biting her bottom lip as her hands moved quicker.

“I can’t believe how turned on I am!” Laura thought. “I can’t just lay here and watch Kelly after I had rejected her. It doesn’t feel right.”

A final feel of her now moist pussy was enough to make up Laura’s mind. She wanted to join Kelly. She wanted to experiment with her, having never been with another girl before, curiosity took over. Silently, she slipped out of her bed and crept closer to Kelly’s. She stood looking down on Kelly trying to think of how she could interrupt her without startling her. Laura was fully illuminated by the light outside and it accentuated her lovely soft curves and the flowing locks of rich brown hair which hung over her shoulders. She was only wearing a white singlet top, her small nipples clearly visible through the thin material, and soft, pink cotton boxer shorts which were slightly crumpled but, combined with the top, she could be unquestionably described as cute and rather girly despite being in her early twenties.

Kelly still hadn’t noticed Laura standing there and was still pleasuring herself when Laura finally made a quite noise, almost a moan. Kelly’s opened her eyes and looked up at Laura who stood there smiling at her with a sheepish, awkward look on her face. Instinctually she stopped touching herself and pretended she wasn’t doing anything when Laura had interrupted her.

“Oh Laura, I was um, do you want something?” Kelly stammered as she tried to gather her thoughts and her breath. She was somewhat annoyed that she had been interrupted at that point as she had been drawing closer to orgasm, the first in weeks for her and one that she felt she desperately needed after the wait since last time.

“Sorry to disturb you Kelly but I wanted to ask you something.” Laura asked shyly.

“What is it?” Kelly replied.

“I feel a bit bad bursa yabancı escort about what happened earlier and had been thinking about it some more. Actually, I was wondering if I could join in your, um, fun?”

“Fun?” Kelly asked with a slightly embarrassed tone.

“Well I had been watching you for a few minutes sorry and it looked like you were, you know, touching yourself. At least that’s what it looked like to me.”

Kelly was about to deny it out of sudden embarrassment, but she stopped herself and thought for a second. Laura hadn’t asked her to stop masturbating but had just asked if she could join her. She had been so horny, so overcome with emotion when she had made advances to Laura earlier in the night and the feeling of disappointment had been strong when Laura didn’t respond as Kelly wanted her to. But now, she was taking the first step towards her and Kelly knew she wanted this more than anything in the world right now.

Kelly had only had one experience with a girl before and while she enjoyed being with guys, she always found herself fantasising about other women when she masturbated. Kelly had always fancied Laura, though she knew Laura was straight. She had such a gorgeous body and always had an innocent playfulness about her which Kelly found intoxicating. As she lay there, one hand still inside her panties, she looked up at Laura and felt her heart begin to race with excitement.

“Um, yeah you caught me. I was have a bit of fun before I went to sleep.” Kelly finally replied to Laura. “And I’d love it if you joined me.”

Laura smiled and nervously got into bed with Kelly, the sheet covering them both as Laura laid on her back looking at Kelly while Kelly rolled over onto her side to face her.

“So do you do it much?” Laura asked, trying to think of what to say.

“Only when I don’t have someone else to take care of me.” Kelly responded cheekily.

Both of them giggled at the comment and lay staring into each other’s eyes for a few moments. Kelly couldn’t hold back any longer, she moved closer and kissed Laura who didn’t hesitate or withdraw this time, she instead kissed Kelly back passionately, their tongues now probing into each other’s mouth. Kelly slipped one hand back down inside her pants and gently rubbed herself while she hugged Laura with her other.

“Oh my god, that was the best kiss ever!” Laura smiled as they broke off their kiss. She laid back and looked down Kelly’s body, noticing that her hand was back at her crotch again.

“Can I watch you do it?” Laura asked.

Kelly simply smiled and threw the sheets off so the two could see their whole bodies. She was wearing a pink singlet top and no bra with light blue, lacy panties. She had a slightly more shapely build than Laura and her bust was much larger but being someone who enjoyed the beach and hence bikinis, she kept her figure well. The light filtering into the room reflected off the pale yellow sheets to accentuate Kelly’s bronzed tan.

She moved her hand slowly over her still highly aroused clit, rubbing it through the fabric of her panties. Her other hand now was under her top and sliding over her breast, each time she brushed her nipple she felt a slight surge of pleasure. She closed her eyes and slipped her hand inside her panties and pushed a finger deep inside her wet pussy, followed by a second finger which slid in easily.

Opening her eyes again, she looked over at Laura who was watching her intently, gently biting her lip in excitement as she watch. One of her hands seemed to idly tease her nipples through her top while the other pressed into her crotch, barely moving aside from a slight circular movement.

“I usually masturbate naked. You don’t mind if I take my pyjamas off do you?” Kelly asked Laura who managed to break her gaze away from Kelly’s hands.

“Yes please! I mean, if you want to that’s ok by me.” Laura stammered in reply, betraying her desperate desire to see Kelly naked and to watch her slip her slender fingers into her pussy.

Kelly smiled and sat upright and looked at Laura as she slowly pulled her top over her head, her tits gave a slight bounce as they popped out from the confines of the fabric. Laura’s mouth opened slightly in awe as she stared at the large breasts now only inches from her. Kelly gave her nipples a quick pinch and smiled at Laura as she laid back once more and lifted bursa sınırsız escort her legs towards the ceiling before pulling her panties off.

“Mmm, that feels a lot better.” She moaned as she spread her legs wide apart, resting one on Laura’s legs.

She licked the tip of one of her fingers and used it to rub and tease her nipples which responded immediately by hardening slightly. Her other hand began rubbing her clit rapidly in quick circles as her breathing quickened and soft moans escaped her throat.

“If you want, you can play with yourself also. It would make me super turned-on to see you touching yourself also.” Kelly said.

“Ok, but I also do it naked if you are ok with that.”

“I wouldn’t want it any other way!” Kelly answered, still amused by how timid Laura was even though she was now watching her masturbate right in front of her. Her innocent manner only made Kelly more aroused.

Kelly sat up and spun around so she was facing Laura from the other end of the bed and she easily shoved two fingers deep into her soaked pussy, a small gasp escaping her mouth as she now fingered herself deep and fast.

Laura hesitate for a second as she grabbed the bottom of her shirt, not quite sure if she was ready to go the next step, but the sight of Kelly’s fingers sinking straight into her pussy was enough to make the decision for her. She quickly pulled the white singlet up and off leaving her small, round breasts exposed for Kelly’s gaze and her puffy pink nipples hard with arousal.

“Oh wow, you have the cutest boobs Laura!” Kelly remarked while continuing to thrust her fingers into her snatch.

Laura smiled and replied, “Thank you, but your boobs are even more amazing Kelly”. She felt her inhibitions dropping after Kelly’s compliment and she now quickly slipped her panties off, wanting to be fully naked and on display for Kelly as she was already.

Laying back, Laura closed her eyes and spread her legs wide apart for Kelly to see her neatly trimmed pussy, while using one hand to spread her pussy lips and the other to begin circling her clit rapidly. While she considered herself very conservative in her sexuality with others, Laura had always enjoyed masturbation and had been constantly experimenting with different techniques ever since she had first tried it in her late teens. She knew what made her feel good and could get herself off very quickly when she wanted or she could take her time and enjoy the experience. But right now, her heart was racing and she had never been this aroused in her life so she wasn’t going to hold back. She rubbed her clit as fast as she could and slipped two fingers between her wet pussy lips, teasing her sensitive opening with small, quick movements.

Laura opened her eyes and saw that Kelly now had three fingers thrusting in and out of her pussy and her other hand was a blur as she rubbed herself. Both were moaning, their breathing shallow and their body motions spasmodic as the pleasure shot through them. The two young women came at the same time, Kelly gave a small scream of delight while Laura released a deep groan as she felt a stream of moisture leave her pussy and saturate her hands. When Kelly caught her breath and looked over at Laura, there was a rather sizable wet patch in front of Laura testifying to how hard she had orgasmed.

“Oh my god, that was amazing!” Kelly sighed as she licked her fingers, tasting herself while watching Laura regain her composure.

“I’ve never had an orgasm like that before! I can’t believe how horny I was watching you!” Laura replied.

“You look so wet down there. Do you mind if I touch you?” Kelly asked.

Laura smiled, lent towards Kelly and kissed her and whispered in her ear, “I want you to do more than just touch it.”

Kelly kissed her once more then gently pushed her back and spread her legs apart. Pausing at her tits, Kelly licked and sucked on her nipples, the attention causing them to harden at her touch and each gentle bite she gave resulted in a soft gasp and moan from Laura. She continued to alternate between each nipple as she ran her hand over Laura’s thighs, occasionally brushing her clit teasingly. After a few minutes of teasing, she was satisfied that her efforts had got Laura well and truly aroused again so she began to kiss her way slowly down her stomach to her warm, wet pussy.

Using just one finger, görükle escort Kelly ever so slowly rubbed Laura’s clit in tiny circles causing Laura to thrust her hips forward in an attempt to get more pleasure. Keeping it up for a few more minutes, Kelly had wanted the response she was getting, she wanted to see Laura desperate for more, to have her almost beg for her touch to be more purposeful. But she wasn’t going to make her wait any longer.

In a quick motion that caused Laura to gasp and jump slightly, Kelly drove two fingers deep into her warm hole before withdrawing them and slipping in a third. She now placed her mouth over Laura’s clit and began sucking and licking it as fast as she could.

Laura was moaning loudly as Kelly fingered her pussy with long, fast thrusts, exactly as she liked it and after being teased for so long, her pussy ached to be filled and pleasure surged from her crotch to all parts of her body as Kelly continued to lick her clit. She was almost writhing in pleasure now but wanted one more source of stimulation. Normally she would not have said anything about it, but she was too aroused to control her thoughts.

Laura cried out, “Oh yes, please keep fucking my pussy! Please Kelly, can you shove a finger in my arse? I love it when my arse is fingered.”

Kelly was amazed, the timid young woman, who at the start of the night had rejected her advance, now had three fingers buried in her cunt and she was now begging her to finger her arse. She could hear in Laura’s voice how much she wanted it and Kelly wasn’t going to disappoint. She herself didn’t mind some anal stimulation but usually that was only if she could convince the person she was with to give her a quick rimming. So the chance to give rather than receive excited her.

Rolling Laura onto her stomach, Kelly again slid the index finger of her left hand into Laura’s sopping wet pussy to lubricate it before moving it up to rub her arse hole. She then slip two fingers of her right hand deep into Laura’s pussy, before slowly pressing her finger into the tight hole of her arse. She expected to feel resistance but Kelly was amazed when, with just a little firm pressure, her finger sank all the way in. Obviously Laura enjoyed this type of stimulation regularly. She decided to see if she could push it a bit further so she pulled her finger out and instead positioned two fingers at the entrance. She carefully spat some saliva onto her fingers to add extra lube before gently slipping them back into Laura. While a bit slower this time, her fingers once more disappeared deep into Laura’s anus.

“Oh fuck yes, that feels amazing!” Laura groaned as Kelly slowly began to thrust her fingers in and out of both of Laura’s holes.

Increasing the speed, Kelly fingered both holes as fast as she could to which Laura gave out a stifled cry of pleasure. After a few minutes of the double penetration, Laura could feel her orgasm building and began bucking her hips backwards to meet Kelly’s thrusts. She couldn’t stand the feeling any more, she was overwhelmed by how much ecstasy she felt as her friend fingered her in a way no one had done before. Her orgasm hit like a wave through her body and she gave in completely to the sensation, abandoning all other thoughts and emotions crying out loudly in sheer pleasure.

“I’m coming, I’m coming, don’t stop!” Laura called out.

Kelly could feel Laura’s pussy begin to pulse around her fingers and her arse hole clenched tight onto the fingers of her other hand. A sudden gush of moisture flowed over her hand that was fingering Laura’s pussy and as she looked down, Kelly could see the juice dripping off her hand as Laura came so hard that she had practically squirted.

“Oh wow, Laura! You are so fucking amazing! I’ve never seen a girl come like that before.” Kelly remarked to Laura who didn’t really hear it. She was trying to control her breathing as her body continued to spasm involuntarily as a series of smaller orgasms followed her first, each one triggered as Kelly slipped one finger at a time out from each of her holes.

“That was incredible, I haven’t felt anything like that before! Thank you so much Kelly.” Laura stammered.

“I think we’ll need to go get washed up and I also think I’ll be sleeping in your bed for the rest of the night.” Kelly laughed as she looked down at the bed. Her hands were slick with Laura’s juices, both of the girls’ were glisten with moisture and the bed sheet had a large wet spot in the middle of it.

“I think so, and sorry about your bed.” Laura chuckled in reply.

“And I think it is my turn tomorrow” Kelly added with a playful smile and a wink.

Laura moved closer and kissed Kelly before replying, “Absolutely”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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