Actual Sorority Sisters Pt. 03

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Dear Reader: You are entering the third part of the longest piece of writing I have ever completed. Continue to enjoy it in good health. The novel (and yes, it is an 88,000 word novel) has been split into four sections, this being the third section. The entire book is already completed, the first two sections are already up, and I will be releasing the remaining section soon. So if you like this, keep your eyes open for conclusion.

With that said, this book is not for everyone. It will be too long for many people (no shame in that, it’s a big time investment). It is also somewhat extreme, having some of the more intense and bizarre sexual scenes I have ever written (though for some of you faithful readers, that will be the appeal!). Further I warn you that not every section has incest content, though there is a lot of that in here, as well as other kinds of taboo. The first section was a bit of a slow but now the sections are wall to wall erotica. With that said, I think the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and, if you go back and read the whole thing, you will not be disappointed. Enjoy!

And please let me know what you think.

Recap: In section one, our hero Ellie (or Lizzie) Abood decided to pledge the same sorority as her older sister Lily. Lily was extremely upset, but Ellie couldn’t figure out why. Eventually, the hazing started at the sorority and it had a definite sexual feel. All the pledges, like Ellie, are required to be naked at all times. Further, at the end of the first section, Ellie had a mutual masturbation session with one of the juniors (which she was a bit reluctant about). Last time, things got more intense, as Ellie had a shocking experience with Lily, performed an impromptu sex show for the sorority, and heard two very sexy stories from her roommate Lori. At the end of the section, Ellie and Lori (as well as the other freshman girls) were directed to make an erotic movie in a public place. If you want more, read the story.


Chapter 5: Pledge Week Day 5 – Second Group Meeting

The next day was one of the strangest of my entire life. I won’t get bogged down in the details (trust me, anything you want to know I will explain later). I went to class, I worked on my “homework” with Lori, and then I went back to the house. I know that sounds mundane. But trust me, it was absolutely not. I don’t want to get into it right now, trust me, everything will become clear in time.

Anyway, around six-thirty an announcement was made that everyone was supposed to go to the dining room. Everything appeared just as it always did: a naked group of freshman girls in the middle of the room, a circle of older girls wearing their clothes, and a sense of ritual and arousal. But there were two differences. In the front of the room where Heather, Carrie, and my sister stood there was a computer and a projector sitting on top of a small table and, on the opposite side of the room, there was a screen.

As I was looking at the projector, my eyes sort of caught my sister’s. I felt a little bit nervous about putting my “movie” up on the screen. I mean, I knew that my sister had seen me eating out Adrianna. Hell, she had eaten my asshole! But that didn’t make any of this feel normal. Actually, I think what made me feel the weirdest was how little I’d thought about her since talking to Lori the previous morning. Even when she watched me with Adrianna, I wasn’t really thinking too closely about her. It seemed like the deeper I got into the sorority, the more alienated I became from her. I wondered if my childish attempt to hone in on her sorority would be the thing that finally broke our bond. What if watching this video, seeing me in this way as exposed and adult as possible would break the very last bond connecting us. We would be in the sorority together, but as adult strangers, not sisters.

“Alright pledges,” Heather said, breaking me out of my thoughts, “Welcome to movie night!” There was a lot of whooping and cheering from the surrounding girls. I felt butterflies rising up in my stomach.

“Everyone please had your memory cards to me,” Carrie said. Lori had our camera and she quickly pushed out the memory card and handed it to the Vice President. The other girls followed suit. Carrie put them all in a hat and set them down next to the projector.

“Alright everyone. Our pledges this year have produced five (presumably short) films for our entertainment. Lily and Carrie will be walking around to hand out popcorn shortly. There are a few rules. Everyone must sit during the movie. Do not talk so loud that others cannot hear the movie. No mocking of the “actors” in any way. Most importantly, enjoy the movie. When screening is complete, these movies will be placed in the vault with all of our other films,” Heather explained.

The more she talked, the more nervous I became. The previous night I had still be in the glow of my actions with Adrianna, still feeling (however strangely) that I was starting sivas escort to belong here. Most of the day had been taken up with completing my homework with Lori. I had known while I was doing it that my actions were not normal and that, except for the pressure from the sorority, I would not be doing it. But I was also high on my own adrenaline; slightly excited and nervous that we wouldn’t get it done. Now, I was exhausted and people were about to see…what I’d done. The absurdity of the whole situation was falling on my back and a big part of me wanted to run up, grab my memory stick, and run out of the house (naked if necessary) and never come back. Maybe my sister would love me again if I did. But Heather cut off my consideration.

“Any questions?” Heather asked.

“Uh, yeah,” Lori said cautiously, “Is there going to be voting or anything? Is there a best picture awarded?” Heather smiled brightly.

I then remembered the other concern that I had. I looked at the girl with whom I had made my video and couldn’t help but grin. It had been so unreal that day while we were…producing our movie. Lori and I had had some intimate moments. But not in any sort of overtly sexual way. And then we’d just been ordered to make a video. We had done what we had to do because we were ordered to that day. We had just acquiesced, we’d…had fun. There was more to what happened than just fulfilling our tasks.

I didn’t know how I felt about Lori anymore. We had both felt ourselves growing closer in just a short period of time. My emotions for her felt so strong, so bonded. Even hearing her ask that question to Heather had made my heart beat faster. I didn’t think that I had a romantic feeling for her, but I had some sort of attachment to her that went beyond being her roommate. Was it some kind of intense platonic love? What did that mean?

I know this makes no sense; I need to get into the details. There was so much sort of up in the air at that point. Part of me just wanted to sit back, ignore my confusing feelings, and just see what happened in the movies. I tried my best to do that.

“I had almost forgotten, thank you pledge,” she said, “Yes there will be a vote at the end and a winner selected for the film. Only the upper class girls will be voting. We will select on the overall quality of the film with a heavy focus on originality.” Despite my nerves, I had a relatively reasonable question.

“Is there a prize?” I asked. Heather looked over towards me, still smiling.

“Oh yes,” she said, but nothing else on the issue, “Now, if there are no further questions, I will commence the viewing of the films.” She looked around for further comment but got nothing. So the upper class girls sat down against the wall, and turned to look at the screen. The freshman (including me) took the hint and sat down. I heard Heather’s hand rattling around in the hat full of memory cards. She was picking the videos at random.

Finally she selected one. I heard her loading it into her computer. There was no marking on any of the cards, so there was no way for her to announce who was coming first. All of the freshman girls sat in nervous anticipation. All of us wanted to get “our turns” over with but we were also desperate not to have it happen. I also suspected we all wanted the other girls in the sorority to see what we’d made. The sorority was a strange place, where what would normally feel wrong or uncomfortable could be made heroic or simple. Nonetheless, I let out a sigh of relief as the first video started. It wasn’t me.

There was a title card (Lori and I had decided to have a cold open before the title card, so I knew already). It said “Allaya and Jacqueline present: Snack Time!” Everyone cheered. The tension in the room built to a fever pitch. I have to admit, I couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

The title card faded and suddenly Allaya and Jacqueline were standing next to one another on the screen. Allaya was a 5’9 African-American girl with medium length black hair, big brown eyes (behind glasses) and a warm face. She always seemed to be smiling, and that was apparent in the video as well. She had a lithe body, with long thin limbs, small perky breasts, and a flat stomach. In the video she was wearing a white blouse and a long gray skirt, looking sort of like a school marm.

Jacqueline was shorter than her co-star, around 5’4 and was ethereally pale white girl with platinum blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She looked frail, but had a boisterous personality. Her body was compact and thin, making her look younger than her 19-years. In the video she was also wearing a white blouse, though hers was tighter. Further, she was wearing a very short plaid skirt, like a schoolgirl’s uniform.

The two girls were standing next to a vending machine and I recognized that they were in the basement of the science building. The cafeteria located there was closed (so I figured this had been shot the night before) and sivas escort the camera must’ve been sitting on a counter, facing the girls. No one else was around and it sounded incredibly quiet.

“I’ll give you anything you want, just ask,” Allaya said, her voice clearly indicating that she understood she was saying something that could be taken two ways. Jacqueline put her thumb in between her teeth and bit it slightly. Her hair was in pigtails and they she sort of swayed back and forth and she thought, allowing her hair to bounce side to side.

“B-9” Jacqueline said finally. Allaya nodded and then put some money into the machine. It was impossible to see what she was selecting, but the machine was audible. After something had fallen, Allaya bent down and picked up the purchased item. She stood up, and opened the package. Out of the plastic sleeve, she slipped out a pink and orange Popsicle. It was about six inches long and was shaped like a crayon.

Allaya lasciviously stuck out her tongue and slowly licked from the bottom of the popsicle up to the top. She looked directly into the camera as she did so. When she reached the tip of the popsicle, she titled her head back. She then plunged the popsicle deep into her throat. I’d never seen anything like it, she deep-throated the dessert like she did it every day. Inch by inch the popsicle disappeared into her throat. Soon, even the stick was passing between her lips. Finally, only the very end of the stick, clutched between Allaya’s thumb and forefinger were still outside of her mouth. She waited about five seconds and then carefully pulled the full popsicle out of her mouth. Her eyes watered slightly and the popsicle glistened with her saliva, but it was none the worse for having been down her throat.

As though she were bored, Allaya took the popsicle and handed it over to Jacqueline. Jacqueline had been watching Allaya deep-throat the popsicle with rapt attention. She took the popsicle as though she was excited to have something that had once been in Allaya’s throat.

“Thank you Ms. Allaya,” she said sweetly. She quickly plunged the popsicle lewdly into her own mouth. Her little pink tongue swirled around on the icy phallus. She then held out her free hand, which Allaya then took in her own. The two girls started to walk away.

The screen went blank for a moment, and then it came back on. Now we were inside of a classroom in the science building. It was clear that the camera was sitting on the professor’s desk in the front of the room facing the door. After a moment, the door opened and Allaya and Jacqueline walked int. Jacqueline had the tip of her popsicle in her mouth. She walked to the middle of the room and stopped. Allaya turned and locked the door before walking over toward Jacqueline. They were in the center of the shot now and Jacqueline pulled the now-dripping popsicle out of her mouth.

“Good students deserve a treat,” Allaya said and I realized now that they were doing some sort of teacher-student role play, “But you are such I good student, I think you deserve more than a popsicle.”

“Yes Ms. Allaya,” Jacqueline responded, “What do you have in mind?” Allaya didn’t speak, instead she leaned in quickly. I felt my heart fluttering in the last half-instant before they kissed and I felt light-headed as I watched their lips press together on screen. I looked over at the two performers, now sitting in the middle of the dining room. They were both blushing and not looking at the screen. But I could see Allaya’s nipples were hard, and wondered if I would be excited or embarrassed or both when my turn came. I wondered what Lori would be thinking. And Lily. But I didn’t want to keep my eyes off the screen for long.

When I looked back I saw that Allaya and Jacqueline were kissing passionately. They were standing ten feet away from the camera but I could still see their tongues moving in and out of one another’s mouths. I could almost taste Jacqueline’s sweet, cold tongue dripping with the juices from her popsicle.

While they kissed, Allaya’s hands were not idle. Her eyes were closed and her neck was bent down to reach her roommate’s lips, but her fingers moved as if they had eyes of their own. They were quickly working from the top of Jacqueline’s shirt down to the bottom. In a few moments, she had completely opened Jacqueline’s blouse and then slid the arms back over her shoulder. The blouse slipped to the ground (Jacqueline was careful to point the popsicle down so that it slipped though the arm hole).

I had seen Jacqueline naked every day for the last week. She had a cute little body and I admired it. But there was something incredibly sexy about watching her get disrobed while Allaya kissed her. Jacqueline was not wearing a bra under her tight blouse her pink nipples were now exposed. She made a little distance between herself and Allaya and then rubbed the cold popsicle against one of her nipples and then the other. It was not clear from sivas escort bayan the distance whether the pink liquid from the popsicle rubbed off on her skin, but her nipples clearly grew hard.

Allaya broke their kiss now and bent over further. She carefully took Jacqueline’s breast in her hand, lifting the nipple upwards. She then popped Jacqueline’s hard, sweet nipple into her mouth. I could almost see her tongue swirling around on it. Jacqueline arched her back into her lover’s face and moaned gently. She put the popsicle back into her mouth and watched as Allaya sucked all of the sugary liquid off of her breast. Once the first one was cleaned, Allaya quickly moved to the other. Jacqueline groaned loudly, clearly enjoying Allaya’s action. But, after a short time, she popped her nipple out of Allaya’s mouth.

“We’re running out of time,” she whispered quietly. She looked over at her hand, the popsicle was about ¾ the size it had been at the start of their game and it was dripping down Jacqueline’s arm. Allaya looked at it as well and nodded. Jacqueline handed the popsicle back to Allaya. They didn’t speak further, instead, Jacqueline turned and walked over toward the professor’s desk.

She sat down on top of the desk, her leg almost blocking the shot. She lifted her leg up and then set it on the desk. Now Allaya was framed a la Mrs. Robinson from ‘The Graduate’ in on the screen. “My mouth isn’t the only part of me that wants a treat,” Jacqueline said. She was trying to sound sexy, but it rang a little awkward and nervous. However, that in itself was somewhat alluring. Allaya flashed a lupine smile and walked towards the professor’s desk.

As she approached, Jacqueline carefully lifted up the camera. Now the video was being shot from her point of view. She watched as Allaya walked over so that she was standing directly in front of the camera. Allaya licked the popsicle once, cleaning the thick drops off of it. Then Allaya got down on her knees in front of Jacqueline. The camera followed her as she knelt.

We in the audience were now looking down between Jacqueline’s pert, sticky breasts. Her legs were still spread and Allaya was essentially between them. With her free hand, Jacqueline hiked her skirt up high on her hips and flipped it over itself. It was clear instantly that she was not wearing any panties. Her pussy was waxed completely bare and her skin looked impossibly white against the deep red gash of the top of her pussy and her hard clitoris. Jacqueline kept the camera rolling on her own pussy.

Allaya leaned forward now. She was so tall that on her knees, she was exactly at face level with Jacqueline’s pussy. Her eyes looked upwards with incredible intensity at the exact moment that her lips pressed against Jacqueline’s cunt. I almost most moaned just watching. Allaya’s puffy pink lips and smooth brown skin contrasting beautifully with Jacqueline’s amazingly paleness.

Allaya kissed around Jacqueline’s pussy, planting soft, deep kisses all over Jacqueline’s lower lips. Occasionally, her tongue would lash out and splay across Jacqueline’s pussy. Jacqueline apparently had a hard time keeping the camera steady and moaned loudly into the microphone. Allaya then started to lap at Jacqueline’s pussy, flattening her pink tongue out over Jacqueline’s most private area. In a moment, Jacqueline’s skin glistened with Allaya’s saliva. Then Allaya moved her head away.

I saw Allaya’s hand moving slightly out of the side of the screen. Then, a moment later I saw the popsicle between Jacqueline’s legs. Allaya looked up at the camera and winked. She then started to rub the very tip of the popsicle gently against Jacqueline’s slit. Jacqueline let out a loud moan and jumped a little. I could see the goose bumps immediately appear on her skin.

Allaya moved the popsicle away and then leaned in again. Her tongue stuck out slowly and then carefully ran up the length of Jacqueline’s slit. I moaned as she did so.

“Oh so sweet baby,” Allaya said. I wondered what the syrupy sweetness of the popsicle’s juices tasted like with the salty flavor of Jacqueline’s pussy mixed with it. I was less surprised by how excited I was by that idea than I would have been a week earlier. And in the darkness of our little movie theater, I just let my natural desires and thoughts run wild, no thought of what I was supposed to be doing or anything else.

“Oh Christ don’t stop!” Jacqueline begged. Luckily, Allaya was a considerate partner. A moment later, the popsicle was once again pressed gently against Jacqueline’s cunt. Jacqueline’s hand shook as she (through the camera) viewed Allaya playing with the popsicle. It was unclear if it was from pleasure or shivers or both. Once again, Jacqueline moved the popsicle out and licked it carefully. Jacqueline’s pussy now had a thin layer of sticky pink liquid on top of it. Her body heat was rapidly melting the ice.

Allaya moved the popsicle back again, but this time she was more direct. She took the melting end of the popsicle and position it against Jacqueline’s wet opening. She started to push, just slightly. The very top seemed to disappear inside of Jacqueline’s body. Jacqueline groaned. Allaya twirled the popsicle gently, eliciting an even louder response.

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