Accidental Penetration

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Tom and his mom Cindy were very close since his dad had left them when he was just six years old. He was now 18 and about to start college. He had chosen a college in the same town so he could be with his mom and save expenses.

One of the things that he and his mom had always done is to tease each other by tickling, which always led to wrestling around on the carpet and laughing. It had been very innocent up until one fateful day.

He was watching tv one Saturday. It was a hot day and living in the north, they didn’t have ac, so they had the windows open and he was in his boxers and a loose fitting sleeveless undershirt.

His mom came in with a cold soda. She was wearing a similar outfit. A loose sleeveless top and loose pajama pajama shorts.

They drank their sodas and saying she would take the empties, she instead jumped on him and started to tickle him. He wasn’t as ticklish as when he was younger, but his mom was still very ticklish. He grabbed her by around the waist and lifted her up and deposited her on the floor, then got on top and started to tickle her. They laughed and he let her roll him on his back and she straddled his hips. He could have easily pushed her off, but he liked letting her think she could still hold him down like when he was younger.

She held his hands above his head and slid back just a bit. Now her pussy was pressed against his cock, with just two very thin pieces of cloth separating them. She stopped for a moment when she realized what had happened, but then because there was a barrier, she resumed tickling. The movement started to have its effect on Tom and to his embarrassment, his cock started to harden. He tried to move it away from her warmth but she stayed where she was. She felt his erection but didn’t want to embarrass him.

Then he realized that the slit in his boxers had parted and his cock was pressed against her PJ bottoms, with only that thin piece of cloth between them.

He didn’t know what to do then. He didn’t want to tell her but if he didn’t move it she would certainly realize that it was out of the house, so to speak.

Then fate stepped in as she tried to get the upper hand by sliding up higher on his stomach.

“Now I’ve got you, mister!”,

She tickled him and he arched his hips up to try to get her off him and at the same time she slid backward. Her pj’s pulled up as she slid back and they were pulled aside, leaving her pussy exposed. As she slid further back, his hard cock was at just the right angle and penetrated her pussy!

Both their eyes popped open wide and she uddered a soft “oh!” As she felt his cock entering her and lodging deep inside her pussy.

They both just froze for what seems like minutes. His cock was still in her but she hadn’t moved.

Then she got a dazed look in her eyes and started to move just a little on his cock. She didn’t say anything and he didn’t either but they both knew what was happening.

Then she started to increase her movements, obviously fucking now.

“Ohhhhhhhhh god! I’m sorry honey! Ohhhhhhh god! I can’t help it!”

“Oh mom! It’s okay! Just don’t stop!”

“Okay honey, let’s just do this and then we’ll forget it happened.”

“Oh yes mom! I need to!”

All pretense gone they fucked like two young teens! Cindy bounced up and down on Tom’s cock and he drove his cock deep each time she slammed her cunt down on him. They didn’t say anything else and just held each other and fucked like two sex crazed youngsters.

Tom had never felt anything even close to this. It was his beloved mother and he was fucking her! He couldn’t describe the feelings he was experiencing! His mother’s cunt! His cock was in his mother’s cunt! He felt the wetness and the warmth as she moved up and down, his cock going deep into her and then almost coming out as she rose.

Cindy was overwhelmed with lust and love! She had never been out of control like this. She was pounding her pussy down on her son’s cock and couldn’t get enough of him. She never wanted to stop!

They were moaning and kissing and very soon, just from them pure ecstasy of their union, they both started to orgasm at the same time.

“Oh god! You’re cumming with me! Oh god honey!” Cindy moaned as Tom grunted and started to fill her with his potent cum. She felt his cock pulse and wetness as he spurted and spurted his cum into her. She was consumed by the feelings of ecstasy coursing through her whole body, causing her to tremble all over.

When they both regained their breath the reality of what had happened hit them like a ton of bricks.

“Oh god honey! I’m so sorry! I just couldn’t stop once your cock was inside me!”

“It’s okay mom, I couldn’t stop either.”

“This has to be a one time thing, okay honey? We can never do this again.”

“Okay mom, but I’ll remember it always.”

“I will too honey, but we really must not ever do it again. From now on, I won’t wear loose bottoms when we play and you can’t either.”

“Okay, I’m glad to hear you don’t want to stop our wrestling and tickling though.”

She lifted herself tunceli escort off of Tom and his cum ran out and drooled on Tom and the floor. Tom thought it was the most erotic thing he had ever seen.

After a more typical mother-son kiss, they dressed and went about their usual day.

It was a few days later that Tom snuck up on Cindy in the laundry room and did a sneak attack tickle, then ran to the living room, letting her catch him there. As agreed to, she was wearing short, tight yoga pants and he was wearing his close fitting boxer briefs. She tackled him to the floor and tickled him. They were both laughing as Tom rolled them over and wound up on top, between her legs. He held her arms up above her head and as he looked in her eyes, he was overcome with desire for her, remembering the previous session. He leaned down and kissed her. At first she turned her head,

“Oh no son! We can’t! Not again!”

She didn’t try to push him off and he had his whole body on her, his face still very close to hers. He couldn’t resist the urge to grind his cock against her pussy.

She felt his hardening cock and her resistance was fading.

“Oh god mom! I can’t help it! I love you so much, and I can’t help remembering how good it felt when we made love!”

She smiled at him and ran her hand through his hair,

“I know honey. I enjoyed it too, but we vowed not to do it again.”

He kissed her again and she let him, thinking he would get up after the kiss. But he kept kissing her and the kiss became more and more passionate. She felt his cock rubbing her pussy through the clothes they were wearing. She knew she should stop this before it went too far. But his lips felt so good kissing her and his cock was so nice and hard against her pussy that she surrendered to her lust and started kissing him back, licking his lips and allowing his tongue into her mouth.

“Mmmmm, Mmmmm!”,

She moaned as the kiss continued.

Tom slid his hand under her tee shirt and massaged her breast, twisting her nipple with his thumb and finger.

She was so worked up that she yanked his briefs down, almost ripping them!

He was just as anxious, pulling at her yoga pants and trying to get them past her hips. She helped him and they got them past her hips and he pulled them the rest of the way off. He didn’t bother to remove his briefs, now around his knees, as he lifted his hips and Cindy grabbed his cock and, rubbing it up and down her slit to get it nice and slick, aimed it at her cunt hole!


She moaned as Tom shoved his cock in as far as it would go. They started rutting like animals, bouncing around on the floor. He was pounding his cock into her cunt and she was slamming her cunt back at him! The passion was too extreme for them to keep it up for more than a few minutes.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Tommy! Ohhhhhhhhh god! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”,

Cindy wailed as she spasmed, jerking against him wildly!

“Oh god mommie! I’m.. Ohhhhhhhhh fuck!”

He spurted great gobs of cum into her as her pussy squeezed his cock. They came for what seemed like forever but finally they both recovered. Tom collapsed on top of his mom and she held him to her breasts.

“Oh, Tommy!” She hadn’t called him that for several years. It just seems right somehow.

“Oh Tommy!”, she said again. She didn’t know what else to say. The urgency of their need overwhelmed her. She just held him tight, his cock still hard and buried deep inside her. Her pussy was still tingling and she squeezed it around his cock.

His head was buried against her throat and he began kissing her there. Then he kissed her chin and moved to her mouth. She opened her mouth and they explored each other’s mouths as they started to move again.

“Oh baby! Let’s move to my bed!”

They got up and removed the rest of their clothes as they hurried to the big bed in her room.

After she laid on the bed, she put her arms out and said,

“Come to mommie, darling!”

He laid on top of her and without guiding it, his cock found her center and he slowly slid it in, taking his time and relishing the feeling of her gripping his manhood.

“Ohhhhhhhhh god, honey! Ohhhhhhhhh yes! Fuck mommie! Oh god yes! Oh shit! That feels so fucking good!”

“Yes mom! Yes! Oh god yes!”

He was slowly fucking his mom, loving the feeling in the head of his cock as his mother’s cunt massaged it as he went in and out. He wanted this fuck to never end!

Cindy had her arms wrapped around him, pulling him tight against her body as she moved her pelvis in a circle, increasing the pressure on his cock. When he started to try to go faster, she would grab his ass and slow him down,

“Go slow honey! Make it last! You’re making Mommie feel so fucking good!”

She lifted his face and covered it with kisses as she moved under him. There was no longer any thought of making this end, she knew they would continue to fuck when they had their “mom, son time”.

She kept them going very slow until she felt her orgasm approaching. She urged him to fuck her tunceli escort bayan hard and fast!

“Oh yes! Now honey! Fuck me hard! Oh god! I’m gonna cum so fucking hard! Ohhhhhhhhh yes! Yes! Cumming! Fuck! Fuck!”

He started fucking her as fast and hard as he could! He felt the tingle move from his thigh to his cock. Then his cock erupted in his mom’s cunt!

“Oh yes mom! I’m cumming! Oh fuck! Cumming! Ohhhhhhhhh!”

She grabbed his ass and pulled him close as he shot several long streams of cum into her. She felt it leak out around his cock and run down her ass.

She held him close again and then they kissed each other with small pecks all over their faces.

“Oh honey! I love you so much! You make me feel so loved and satisfied like no one else has ever done!”

She started crying, she was so happy.

“Oh mom! I’m so sorry! I couldn’t help it! Don’t cry!”

“I’m crying because you made me so happy!”

She held his cock in her pussy until it got soft and slipped out, followed by a flood of cum and pussy juice!

There were no vows not to do this again and they both knew that even if they had done that, they would just break the vow again.

After that day, they dropped the pretense of tickling. The next morning, Tom woke up in his mom’s, now their, bed to a wonderfully warm, wet feeling on his cock. He opened his eyes to see his mom sucking on his cock!

“Oh geez mom! God, that feels good!”

He put his hand on the back of her head and pushed her farther on his cock until it hit her throat! She was making gulping sounds and started stroking him with her hand.

“Gulk, gulk! Awk! Awk!”

Her saliva was running out of her mouth and pooling at the base of his cock.

“Ohhhhhhhhh mom! I’m gonna cum!”

He warned her, thinking she wouldn’t want his cum in her mouth.

She just mumbled something around his cock and kept sucking on him.

“Ohhhhhhhhh goddamn! I’m cumming! Holy fuck! I’m cumming!”

She felt his cock pulse an instant before a stream of cum jetted into her mouth. She kept it in her mouth as he spurted 3 more times, then dribbled a few drops.

When there was no more cum to be had, she sat up and opened her mouth, showing him the cum in it, then closed and noisily swallowed. She opened again to show it was all in her stomach!

“Well, I’ve had my breakfast, now it’s your turn, honey!”

She scooted to the top of the bed and spread her legs.

Tom, being a smart young man, crawled between them. He kissed her thighs on each side of the prize and then up to her belly button. He kissed his way back down to her thighs and in frustration, she grabbed his head and pulled it to her cunt!

“Lick my cunt damnit! You’re killing me!”

He stuck his tongue up her as far as he could. She wailed as he moved his tongue around in circles tasty her sweet juices. She held on to his head as she felt the first tingles of her impending orgasm.

“Oh yes honey! I’m close! Oh god! Suck my clit! Pinch my nipples! Ohhhhhhh fucking fuck! Ohhhhhhhhh god!”

He reached up and pinched both nipples, twisting them as Cindy exploded in orgasm!

“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh! Oh! Oh! Oh!”

She bucked her hips and then arched up and froze as he licked harder and twisted her nipples hard!

She finally had to push him away,

“Damn Tom! I almost passed out that time! But I think we need to have breakfast now. But don’t bother putting clothes on, this is national nude day!”


“No, silly, just here today.”

From Then on they fucked almost every night and sometimes during the day when possible and in every room in the house. Cindy lost all her previous inhibitions regarding sex.

One day while having lunch, Cindy asked Tom,

“We’ve been fucking for two weeks now, Tom. Is there anything you want to try that we haven’t yet?”

“Well, if you won’t get jealous, I’d like to do it with two women!”

“I won’t get jealous unless I’m not one of them!”

“Of course you are, but I don’t know who else would do it.”

“How about Ginny next door? She’s my age and I think she would go for it!”

“Ginny? She’s a bit fat for my taste.”

“Maybe, I’d call her chubby, but you wouldn’t turn her down, would you?”

“Hell no! In fact, she kind of looks like a porn star named Heidi.”

“Really? Can you show me?”

Tom got his iPad and went to the Pornhub site. He typed Heidi in the search box and several videos were displayed showing a 30 something woman. She was overweight with full, sagging boobs and a rather large, round belly.

“Damn! You’re right, she does look like her. They could almost be twins!”

“Yeah and she’s a real slut on her videos! She’ll do anything.”

“Why don’t we invite Ginny over tonight. I think her kids are with their dad this week. But first I want to watch one of Heidi’s videos.”

Tom picked his favorite, where Heidi is supposedly retiring from Porn so they set up a gang bang for her.

The scene opens with her on the floor kneeling on a pillow with escort tunceli 3 men around her. She is stroking and sucking them in turn.

“Would you like me to do that?” Cindy asked.

“Yeah! That would be hot! But with guys my age.”

“Mmmmm, I’d like that! A bunch of young men with hard cocks and me in the middle of them, letting them do whatever they wanted with me!”

“I’d better text Ginny before we start fucking again!”

Tom shut down the iPad while Cindy texted Ginny. Ginny said she would love to come over.

A few hours later Tom and Cindy welcomed Ginny in to the living room.

“Will pizza be okay for supper? I don’t really want to cook anything?”

“Yeah, that would be fine, I don’t like to cook either!”

Cindy ordered the pizza online and then joined Tom and Ginny on the couch.

They talked a while about what they had been doing.

Cindy asked Ginny,

“So, Ginny, have you been getting any lately?”

Ginny jerked her head toward Cindy,


“I said, have you been getting any lately.”

“Cindy! Not in front of Tom!”

“Why not? He’s over 18, and he’s hot for you!”

Cindy put her hand on Ginny’s thigh, then Tom put his hand on her other thigh.

“Yes, I am Ginny! I think you’re sexy!”

She turned red, not knowing what to think. The hands on her thigh were warm, making her feel excited. She wasn’t used to getting this kind of attention.

Cindy started gently rubbing her thigh, moving her hand to the inside and getting closer to her crotch with each stroke.

“Doesn’t that feel good, Ginny?”

“Oh yes! But I shouldn’t! Not with Tom! I, well, I’ve known him since he was a little boy!”

“But he wants you so bad! Just look at the bulge in his shorts! He’s not a little boy anymore.”

Tom and Cindy’s hands were in her crotch now and they took turns rubbing right on her pussy. Ginny moaned and spread her legs farther,

“Oh god! That does feel good, god help me! I do want him! I want him to fuck me! Oh god, it’s been so long!”

The pizza came then and Cindy put it in the kitchen for later.

Then she returned to find Tom and Ginny kissing. Tom slipped his hand under Ginny pants and Cindy could see that his finger was moving in and out.

She joined them on the couch and started to remove Ginny’s top. Ginny lifted her arms and Cindy pulled her t-shirt over her head. She had huge breasts that the bra was straining to contain, flesh bulging at the seams.

With Tommy and Ginny still kissing, Cindy reached behind Ginny and unhooked her bra. Her boobs flopped down onto her belly, very full with large areola and long thick brown nipples. Cindy pulled a tit toward her and sucked on the nipple.

Ginny pulled back from Tom and moaned,

“Ohhhhhhhhh god! Ohhhhhhhhh god! That feels so good! Oh please! Ohhhhhhhhh god!”

Tom unbuttoned her pants and Cindy helped pull them down, then they pulled her panties off. Her belly hung down over her crotch and they had to pull the fat up to see her hairy cunt. She had large meaty outer lips and a clit that was so big it looked like a little cock!

Cindy returned to sucking Ginny’s nipple while Tom returned to kissing her. Ginny held her belly up so Tom could shove his fingers into her. They could already smell her arousal as her cunt was oozing cream.

Tom kissed down her neck and then lifted her other boob to suck on her nipple.

“Oh my god! You guys are making me so fucking hot! Ohhhhhhhhh! Oh! Oh!”

She was moaning and squirming as they worked on her nipples. Tom had three fingers in her cunt and was sawing them in and out.

Cindy reached down and found Ginny’s clit and was stroking it.

All the sensations were too much for Ginny.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuck! I’m gonna cum! Ohhhhhhhhh my god! It’s… Ohhhhhhhhh god!”

She was grunting as she orgasmed, thrashing around on the couch. Her legs jerking spasmodically. They had to hold her to keep her in place.

When her orgasm ebbed, Tom removed his hand and pulled his clothes off. Cindy undressed as well then sat under Ginny’s head again.

Then he pushed Ginny onto her back. Her head was in Cindy’s lap as Tom laid on top of her.

“Oh god yes! Oh god! Fuck me! Oh god!”

Tom fisted his cock and rubbed it up and down her slit, slapping her clit with his cock. He found her hole and sank in all the way.

“Oh god, I’m fucking you Ginny! I’m fucking you good!”

He had known her since he was a young boy and never dreamed he would have his cock in her cunt.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Tom! Yes! You’re fucking me real good! Ohhhhhhhhh god!”

Cindy was pinching her nipples and she leaned down so Ginny could suck one of her nipples. She pushed her nipple into Ginny’s mouth.

“Oh yes Ginny! Suck it! Suck my nipple!”

It wasn’t enough for Cindy. She was so worked up watching her son fuck Ginny she scooted out from under Ginny and straddled Ginny’s face and lowered her cunt until she felt Ginny’s tongue enter her.

“Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh god! Oh god!”

Ginny sucked Cindy’s clit into her mouth and flicked it with her tongue. Cindy moved her cunt around and moaned as the whole erotic scene got to her. Tom was fucking Ginny with hard strokes, causing her tits to flop all over. She could smell the odor from Ginny’s cunt and could hear a wet squishy sound as he teamed her with his cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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