Accidental Fuck with Mum Ch. 02

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This is the sequel to CH01 which gives a little bit of the insight to how I originally purchased the flat.

This time round my friend Simon and I gate crash the flat to find my sleeping aunty.


My first property as a nineteen year old… Yeah I was so excited to find a little studio flat at a price I could afford and right in town about forty miles from our home village but importantly near college. It’s small and consists of one room plus a small shower room. The woman selling it was a great sales woman and we managed some sort of fiddle for me to take over her mortgage, the solicitor had some sort of reservation about the deal but it was actually legal and above board… so I moved in and sat there the first evening thinking: ‘so what happens now?’

Six years later thoughts of moving on came and I suddenly found out all about lease terms and why the fiddle with the mortgage was put in place and of course why it was cheap in the first place. There was only eight years left on the lease and it was impossible to sell. My aunty suggested we simply hang on to it and gave me some money towards my new place, as sitting tenants we will be given first refusal on buying a new lease which could be favourable terms and then we will be able to sell at a good price or we can simply walk away from it. In the meantime we decided to use it as a bolt hole for when we go to town for an evening out.

My cousin Terry decided it needed a TV and installed a thirty-two inch smart TV which is connected to the wifi of the flat downstairs but apart from that there is a sofa-bed a table and a couple of chairs, the washing machine is still there but we find it easier to bring the washing away to launder and a wardrobe which contains only clean linen and a few random items of clean clothes and underwear. The rules are simple, we ensure there is enough tea, coffee, sugar, powdered milk, soap and towels for the next visit, the linen on the bed will be ready for the next use and no rubbish left.

My aunty and cousin each use the place most weeks and I get in there most months, we usually arrange things on the phone to make sure we don’t all try to sleep there at the same time although I have shared the double sofa-bed with Terry more than once and he snores very loudly.

We’ve never had any problems with who’s there and when, until one night I found myself out on the town with friends, at 3am I needed a piss and headed to the flat with Simon. We were both well and truly plastered and made our way straight to the bog at the top of the stairs. Simon’s need was dire so he went in first but the noise of piss on porcelain made my need greater so I headed for the kitchen sink. I was mid flow when a drowsy female voice called my name and I nearly had a heart attack, I realised I’d awoken my Aunty.

I finished pissing and from the snoring I could tell Aunty had gone straight back to sleep. I planned to leave however Simon had flushed the bog and joined me, he was instantly interested when he followed the noise of snoring to a sleeping woman and seeing so much of her upper chest he wanted to see more.

Simon lifted the duvet and whistled, even in the low light spilling in from the stairs I was a bit surprised how lovely her tits looked and he made a grab at one. She ┼č─▒rnak escort woke with a start and cursed me before realising it was Simon and laid her head back down with her eyes closed. Simon continued by squeezing her tit then pulled the duvet down to leave the other hand free to grope the other tit. A little smile appeared on her lips as his actions continued and she started moving, little wiggles across her body told me she was enjoying it.

Next thing he pulled the duvet right down her legs to show she was only wearing a red thong and he pushed one hand inside it, pulled it back out and licked his fingers then returned them to her thong and groped even harder than her tits.

Then the thought struck me I didn’t wash my hands after pissing, it’s crazy how a miscellaneous thought runs through your head at the strangest of moments isn’t it? But the thought was there and suddenly I needed to wash them, three steps to the bog, a quick squirt of water and a wipe on the towel, three steps back. I make that fifteen seconds, twenty tops and I return to see Aunty on all fours with Simon balls deep in her and his naked arse humping like mad. Not a pretty sight but one I have experienced with him a few times before.

Not wanting to be left out I dropped my strides and skiddies then stuck my cock in her mouth and humped, not as fast as Simon but not far behind. Unlike Simon the drink had taken its toll on me and my soft cock didn’t do anything for her. I decided my cock wasn’t likely to get hard and therefore nothing else was going to happen so I pulled it out and pulled my skiddies up, my strides were a different mater as for some reason they seemed stuck around my ankles and I fell forward as I tried to lift them. The floor felt comforting as I stroked the flattened pile of the cheap carpet while I watched the movement of Simons arse.

To say I felt rough when I woke was an understatement, the soft carpet of the night before felt prickly and sore. I tried standing but my head thought that was not a good idea especially when the aforementioned strides around my ankles did the same deed as before and I fell. This time I turned to my back and staring at the ceiling the memories from the small hours slowly formed in my head, I guessed I’d find Simon sleeping beside my aunty under the duvet. Once I managed to sit up and gather more thoughts and untangle my strides, and have another attempt at standing, and pulling my strides up, and peering over the back of the sofa-bed the last thing I expected to see was Simon laying face down with my aunties arse on his arse with her legs wide open, like really wide open, and a part smoked cigarette in her fanny.

She was laying on her back with her arse much higher than her head which meant her tits were heading towards her head and arms. I knew, as I looked down at her, I had to… I thought about it and I didn’t think I needed to change my mind… yep I needed to see what her tits feel like. My head was verrrrry slow today as thoughts rattled around it and I wondered if I’d ever seen her tits before or if I’d ever thought about them before… Oh fuck it I reached towards them and nearly toppled over the back of the sofa-bed when my head couldn’t cope with the sudden movement and my hands landed hard on her nicely ┼č─▒rnak escort bayan cushioned chesticles.

You know in films when a dead person suddenly opens their eyes wide? Well everyone thought they were dead, yeah? Well my aunty did that and it looked really eerie because she still had her smudged mascara on and the only light in the room was from the stairs which had been left on all night, it cast some weird shadows across her face making the whites of her eyes really stand out. It was worse when she looked from side to side without moving anything else and I thought it looked like in a horror film when someone looks through the eyeholes of a portrait of a dead relative. Heck my mind was wandering this morning and I needed a piss.

Without stumbling too much I stood up and made my way to the bog, pissed, half heartedly rinsed my hands and manipulated a towel then feeling more stable I returned to the naked bodies and grabbed her tits with both hands, her eyes opened again and watched me as I mauled her in a way that I thought was so sexy. A smile appeared to confirm my sexual advances were acceptable and her nipples stood up inside my clenched hands indicating to me in my hung over condition that I should grab them and pull and twist hard. Those dark eyes continued looking at me with no reaction and the smile didn’t falter.

So I was being quite cruel with my aunties tits and she just laid there looking at me for an eternity, as lovely as it felt for me I reasoned there was supposed to be something else to follow and I did what any self respecting mid twenties guy would do, I stuck my cock in her mouth and remembered the last time I did it there was no erection. This time there was a chubby at least and as I humped her mouth the chubby turned into something approaching a hard-on.

My head was still struggling to keep up with the movement down below, in fact my head was bloody hurting which kinda highlighted the sexy feeling as my cock scraped against her teeth. Sadly my head won and I decided it hurt too much to continue so I let go of her tits and pulled my plonker from her mouth to get a drink of water from the sink.

That first mouthful tasted foul and I coughed a load of brown gunge into the sink then downed the rest of the mugfull. The sunlight was an even bigger shock when I opened the curtain and from the position of the shadows it was about midday.

Now bathed in sunlight Aunty looked fucking gorgeous to my hangover and I still had the best part of an erection sticking out of my flies , the only thing for it was that prominent cunt, so well displayed and complete with fag needed a seeing to, I walked the three steps to it, moved her leg over a bit, knelt on the floor and licked her. I nibbled, licked, sucked, poked with my finger, rubbed and generally enjoyed myself then I stood to shove my cock against the pink lips. Aunty was either awake or running on autopilot as both of her hands came up to meet my cock and open her lips for me, my cock disappeared. Simply that, my cock disappeared in her cunt and she was playing with my bollocks.

I humped, I swelled some more, I came, I went soft and pulled out, no ceremony, no thoughts about her, I dashed back to the bog and threw up. Just like that.

Aunty was standing escort ┼č─▒rnak in the doorway asking if I’d be long as she needed to go and as soon as I’d moved enough she dashed past me and sat to thunder piss before I had chance to flush. By the time she finished pissing I’d washed my hands, face and cock and in the process got my shirt and strides very wet. Too bad, there was nothing I could do about it now so I went back to the kitchen area to put the kettle on and while making two mugs of coffee felt a soft womanly featured body cuddle against my back.

I placed the two mugs on the table and sat on a chair, Aunty started looking around the room for clothes and finding her thong she tried to put it on only to find it had been torn off her and it was fucked. In the wardrobe she found a pair of cotton knickers and a t-shirt then sat in the opposite chair to dress in them.

An hour or so later at nearly 2pm Simon was still sparked out so Aunty put her skirt on and I took her to the Caf├ę on the corner for breakfast, the owner knows us quite well and was a bit surprised to see both of us together as we’d never been there together before. By the end of the fried breakfast including the unlimited coffee top-ups we felt quite sober and the chats indicated we both felt dirty and smelly, she indicated her arse felt sore and asked if I’d arse fucked her, I hadn’t and explained I couldn’t get a hard-on last night which seemed to satisfy her also I don’t like the idea of sticking my cock up a poop chute.

Back at the flat we found an empty bed, Simon had apparently awoken and left. I tried to ring him but it seemed his phone was either flat or switched off. By the time I discovered that, Aunty was in the shower, I’d have liked to join her but the whole room is only six by five feet and the shower unit was just about a small as it could be and certainly not big enough for two people so I stripped and remade the bed then folded it into the sofa and after placing the sheets in a pillow case I washed the mugs then sat and waited.

The bathroom is so small it is hard to dry off in there and a wet Aunty soon emerged with a towel wrapped around her breasts which hung just low enough to cover her fanny, I stood to make my way to the shower and couldn’t resist the temptation…

I just had to do it, as I passed Aunty I slipped my hand between her legs to feel her fanny again and much to my surprise my middle finger slipped straight inside her and she complained. I stopped her dead by pulling on the embedded hand until she was right close to me then placed my other arm round her neck and kissed her on the mouth, the complaining stopped and a hand on the back of my head held me in place to continue the kiss. Her tongue seemed to go on forever as she invaded my mouth and duelled with my tongue.

She let go, pushed me away and told me I smelled and which direction the shower was. I duly released her to take heed of her advice and made my way to the bathroom. Returning I found Aunty fully dressed in a mid thigh length white skirt and a ‘Free Willy’ sweatshirt and sitting on the arm of the sofa bed, I guessed no bra as the points within the jumper looked inviting.

In fact so inviting I had to touch, then hold, then rub them while standing behind her. Aunty leant back against me as I caressed and purred like a cat for a couple of minutes before she told me she really had to get home.


Constructive comments welcome and where this should go for CH03.

Please no comments about needing editing unless you are offering.


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