Accentuating the Positive

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Accentuating the positive…

The morning after the night before did not mean a hangover for me. The last thing I wanted is for the bloody mobile to awaken me at 6am. It was a strange number too, I should have turned it off before I dozed off but, as soon as I hit the pillow, I was off..

“Sammy here, how’s you Pete?”

“How did you get my number?”

“I wrote it down when you were in the bathroom cleaning up that gorgeous ass of yours.”

“Oh! Right, I’m okay but will let you know properly when I wake up!”

“Sorry I’m a bit early, just wanted to talk with you about last night; I was a bit rough on you. Pete.”

He was that, I felt he was still inside me and when I left him at 11pm I was bleeding.
“So now you know what a black cock feels like, Pete”

“You made me bleed you sod!”


“It’s okay, was just a little showing” I said. “I’ve never been with a black guy before.”

“Black is best huh Pete? You know what they say about once you’ve had black you will never turn back!”

“Yeah, look what happened when I turned my back on you, Sammy!”

“Well you were somewhat enticing and you’d just sucked me off, what do you expect and how could I resist a bonny ass like that!”

“That’s Scotch – you’re not Scotch, Sammy”

“Yes I am, I was born in Glasgow, just because I’m coloured, doesn’t mean I’m African, my grandfather was but I was born in the UK.”

I felt an aching sensation between my buttocks and it felt for all the world I was still having it, full on and bent over the edge of the settee, the bastard, he caught me unawares, a slick slap and worn came my jeans and underwear and he was prizing it into me with such zest I had no option than to take it full on.

“In some circumstances that could have been considered rape” I said.

“No way, where’s your marbles Pete. You enticed me remembered and you made no complaints about sucking me off, the way you were enjoying it I thought that you really wanted it up your ass and that’s where you got it, fresh sucked black cock at your service. Okay I am sorry if it pained you but don’t say you didn’t like it, the way you were moaning and asking me not to stop! You wanted that fuck and you got it. Now, the reason I am phoning…”

I guess I almost knew what he was going to suggest. Whilst we fucked he was talking about how good it would be to have a threesome, that his pal Joey would just love a poke at this beauty.

I pinbahis yeni giri┼č was right; “I’d like you to come again this evening for an action replete Pete, I want to introduce you to Joey. You will like him man, he is as big as me and you will have the pleasure of a double whammy!”

For the first time in my life I felt like a sort of fucking machine, the way Sammy was talking – how they could fuck me both ways. The ‘O and the A’s’ he called it, one in the ass and the other orally.

I gently pressed my anus, it needed some comfort, still stinging from last night, I suggested we give it a rain check and make it the following night, just to give me a chance to recover.
Sammy agreed saying it will be hard to wait but it was all the more to look forward to. “Keep it warm and supple Pete because it is gonna be busy on Thursday”

I was going to take a nice slow bath first thing and rub some soothing cream into it, and then doing that – it still felt like Sammy was there, coaxing that firm eight inch cock into me with a little to the left and then the right until I was deluged with it stirring up my ass.

When he offered me to take it in my mouth the sensation was electric. Just to kneel there before him like a servant and tend to his needs, I smelt it just as soon as he unzipped, like its scent was oozing out of the gap, And then unzipped he lowered his boxer shorts and I was deluged with his huge offering which bent upwards in the middle, he wanked it a little, stretching back the foreskin to reveal large bulbous knob. I was wandering just how I would get that all into my small mouth and for a while I just pondered, hoping he would be happy with just a feel and a fuck, but I was even having second th0ughts about that. I had never ever been poked by anything like what Sam had to offer and I was starting to think I had taken ob much noire that I could manage.

But it would be awkward to retreat now and anyway Sam was expecting, moaning at me to suck it, that he hoped I didn’t hold a colour bar to black cocks!

I had to go all the way, if he couldn’t get it all into me then so be it, but would give it a darned good try. I needed to put my mind to it, I told him it was a beautiful specimen, better than I’d seen before ever; which seemed to console him. I grasped it into my hand and felt its throb, squeezing its hardness, he saying that felt so good and how he wanted my fuck so much.

It smelt pinbahis giri┼č of garlic, it really did and I hated garlic. But I had to put my mind-set to the task in hand, closed my eyes and, stretched open wide I manoeuvred the knob into my mouth, its nectar tasting of sea salt as I felt some moisture which must have been his pre-cum.

I started to suck slowly, feeling its penetration being forced by Sam’s eager thrust, it felt awful at first and I was starting to think it would be good when it was all over, but then I had the concern about it entry into me and should I back out?

But I was committed as my mouth numbed; half of his huge cock weaving its way into my mouth like it was trying to get into my throat.

I started to masturbate him, thinking that would speed things up and maybe forego the fuck for now of I made him really cum. But I hadn’t been with a coloured guy before had I and had no idea just how persistent he was, I was soon to find out when he grasped his cock took it away from my mouth with an unexpected slurp and ordered me to bend over the arm of the settee.

At that time it seemed my mouth had been stretched to its limit and my open jaw seemed locked but never the less his aim was to fuck me and there I was stretched over and ready for his pleasure, his rough hands stripping down my jeans and briefs to reveal my ass in the most provocative position. It felt almost like I was a lamb waiting for slaughter as he started to pierce that thing into me.

I thought he would never get that up me, that I would have to finish him off with a good firm hand job but he was definitely not thinking that way.

When I suggested that he declared one must accentuate the positive and illuminate the negative and that he would get there by hook or by crook; and that is just how t felt when he continued to try and enter me, like a great big hood splitting open my ass!

He continued to press it hard into my opening and it was like I would suddenly give and submit to his deep plunge of hot cock into me.

“Tell you what, lets try more lubricant” he suggested and he was really rough doing that, inserting two of his huge fingers deep into me and twisting them around inside to spread the lubricant.

“This should make for a perfect fuck” he yelled and persisted to fuck me again.

It must have been an hour until he was done that’s how it seemed anyway, my whole body seemed numb and exhausted and pinbahis g├╝venilirmi by that time, flat out on the carpet, I was really well done, Sam standing there with a great big grin on his face like he had achieved the impossible, getting that huge bulk inside me for the most prevailing fuck I have ever known.

Now I had the same all over to look forward to – if that is the right term, but the money was good and I needed it badly to offset some bad debts I had accumulated lately with stupid gambling deals.

So the day before I relished in doing some reading and listening to my favourite music. I would definitely be unlikely to listen to any classics like the 1812 overture, which was one of Sam’s favourites, especially when he was fucking me, he said the beating of the drums, the loud inspiring music went perfectly with our fuck and as well as being still able to feel his fuck inside me I can also hear that bloody music bellowing out..

Anyway come Thursday, I had to get myself psyched up to be with Sam and his pal Joey who was more or less of equal size as Sam. I didn’t know about his tackle then but I would soon find out that he was equally as bulky as Sam but circumcised. So that was different and made for a different oral feel. I have sucked circumcised before but not quite like Joey’s which had a real good rim on it,

He was a real nice guy though and treated me like I was something special which I liked very much, he was not so rough as Sam and I loved the way he touched and felt me. He lavished in ravishing me between my thighs, bent steep over on all fours so he could explore every crevice and when he stretched my ass cheeks so wide apart I thought I was in for his fuck there and then, but it was more like he wanted to lick and suck me there and it was so divine and lovely I didn’t want him to stop.

With Sam though he came down on his knees with his big cock at the ready to plunge into my mouth again as his pal was enjoying me, he sucked me so beautiful cradling my balls and squeezing so gently, it was heaven and I took to sucking Sam more deeply now as the three of us indulged in what a wonderful experience a good threesome can be.

Soon I was well sucked and I had even cum into his hand which he was quick to spread over my asshole before he entered me. I need not have been concerned if his fuck would be hard because it wasn’t, Sam had well initiated me and I was so happy when Joey entered me so wonderfully and his fuck was equally as divine.

It was something that really brought me out in a big way so much that our threesomes were to become a regular thing. And it is entirely true what he said. That once you have had black, in my case by two, there is no going back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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