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Abigail Lincoln

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Abby
Chapter 2 An Idea is Born
Chapter 3 Opportunity Knocks
Chapter 4 Abby Dares All
Chapter 5 Later
Chapter 6 The Second Friday
Chapter 7 Evening Preparations
Chapter 8 Fantasies and Discoveries
Chapter 9 The Spa
Chapter 10 Abby the Showgirl
Chapter 11 Saturday in Columbus
Chapter 12 Evening on the Town
Chapter 13 Waning Days of Summer
Chapter 14 Another Kind of Virginity

Chapter 1 Abby

Her name was a little forbidding. Her parents were quite strict and very true to the church, so her name, Abigail Lincoln, while not one she would have chosen for herself, was helped by the fact that all of her friends called her Abby. Softer and friendlier than Abigail, and Abby herself approved.

As her heels clicked down the hallway of Mitchell High, she was delighted that almost three months of her own time stretched before her before the school term started again. In her second year she felt very comfortable as a teacher in English Lit. Teaching in Middleburg was also very comfortable for her. There were those who said teaching high school would be a real problem with discipline. After all she was very young, and very lovely. But it hadn’t happened, partially because the boys never got tired of looking at her and wondering what she might wear that day, because even in the most modest of dress, there was no hiding what was under it, and the girls all thought she was exactly what they would like to be. The only thing that had happened outside of the norm was one morning, during her second week, she had arrived early and found written on the chalk board , in large letters “I would really like to – – – – Miss Lincoln.” She had quickly erased it and just took it as a compliment, albeit it a very vulgar one.

Her parents had given her the family home after they had retired to Florida, and that gave her the independence that she had always craved.

Anyone watching her as she walked out to her car in the parking lot would have given her more than one glance. She was about five six, and her body was beautifully proportioned to her height. In her high heels and short skirt, a blouse that clung to her in the right places, and her hair, honey colored and moving slightly in the wind, she deserved more than one glance. Indeed, Freddie the school janitor, looked on with approval as she swung her lovely legs into the car affording him a glimpse of much of her thighs before the closing door cut off his view. But it certainly brightened his day.

The only thing missing, in what otherwise was a perfect life for Abby, was a nice relationship with someone who could share things with her. Mostly she just wanted a good friend, perhaps with benefits. She was in no hurry to marry, and often thought that maybe she never would. She had a very serious relationship while attending Ohio State, but it had become very wearing as Frank, as that was his name, became more and more possessive of her until she felt quite smothered by all the questions and control. He was astonished when she declined his marriage proposal, and then became angry. That convinced her that this was not a guy she wanted to spend her life with. The bed part was OK, but the rest of if was going to be very depressing. And a few weeks later she graduated, saying goodbye forever to Frank and Ohio State.

Later on she realized what a great decision she had made and what a disaster marriage to him would have been. Her parents were not so pleased as they thought it very important that she marry Frank. “Now what would she do?” they asked. Those things didn’t concern Abby.

Walking into her bedroom, she began taking off clothes. She looked in the full-length mirror and liked what she saw. She kept herself fit and it showed in the firmness of her breasts, the graceful curves flowing from her waist to her hips, and lovely long legs, which accented her ‘Mound of Venus’. She traced her pubic hair with her finger wondering when someone else would do that to her again. There had been no one since Frank, and her healthy sex appetite had evolved into all sorts of fantasies. (Her favorite one being made love to by two handsome and athletic young males at the same time.) She shivered as she looked at herself in the mirror and then she stepped into her oversize bathroom with its lovely glass shower that had cost her a bunch, but was well worth it. Turning on the shower faucets, she stepped under the soft deluge of warm water that slipped over her body, and taking the secondary showerhead in her hand, she turned on the pulse mechanism, standing with her legs apart she aimed it at her vulva. Immediately she was thrilled by the pulsation action of the warm water as it excited her clitoris and massaged her labia. She closed her eyes and leaned back against the shower wall until she achieved orgasm from the rush of pulsating liquid against her most intimate places. She kept it flowing until she had to stop as her legs became weak from the ecstasy she had experienced. Escort Bayan She turned off the water and stepped out of the shower wrapping an oversize towel around her. Drying off she fell backwards onto the bed, completely naked and fully satisfied. And she drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 2 An Idea is Born

Abby slept the clock around and didn’t wake until 10 am on her first Saturday of the rest of the summer.

She dressed quickly in shorts and a halter-top, breakfasted on toast and coffee, and then decided to go to the market and do some shopping to restock her refrigerator.

As she pulled into the parking lot she saw Jimmy and Michael’s old pickup truck. She smiled to herself as she remembered how awkward they had been in her class their junior year. She had no way of knowing that every boy at Mitchell High dreamed of getting into her panties, and every girl wanted to be just like Miss Lincoln. Their shyness had turned her on in a quiet way. Abby wasn’t much for the ‘Macho’ types. Jimmy and Michael, friends from first grade, had just graduated and were both off to Ohio State where they were the benefactors of baseball scholarships. They were high school standouts that had been recruited by several schools, but signed their intentions to go to Ohio State as their first choice. So now they were earning money in the first summer after graduation by doing yard work, whenever they could, being in possession of a couple of overworked mowers and some second hand garden tools and a third hand pickup truck, battered but still going strong. She could tell that business had been good by their healthy tans and smiling faces as they waved to her when she entered the store. They were both extremely good looking six footers, Michael was the quieter of the two and had those dark, Hollywood leading man looks, while James or Jimmy as he preferred was fairer complexioned and was the more outgoing of the two, and quite as handsome as Michael in his own way. They could have been brothers, and indeed many people thought they were, as they had been inseparable as friends throughout their childhood, and now they were going to the university together. As she thought about them, an idea entered her head. “Don’t even think it Abby,” she told herself. Nevertheless she could not shake it. As she approached the produce department she came upon them loading bags of charcoal into their cart. “Hi Miss Lincoln.” they both said almost simultaneously.

“You look prosperous, business must be good.” she replied.

They grinned and nodded. “You look great too .” said Jimmy, as Michael smiled widely at her.

“Well if you’re not totally tied up, perhaps you could come by my place later today and clean up my yard for me.” said Abby.

“Oh great.” said Jimmy. “How about three o’clock?”

“Three would be fine, see you then.”

Abby turned and headed for produce as Jimmy and Michael looked at her lovely derriere atop those gorgeous legs.

“Wow,” said Jimmy.

Michael grinned at him. “Remember, we are just going to cut grass, don’t get carried away.”

As Abby drove home she wondered what she had done. Do I want to get my grass cut, or what, she thought. Abby you are naughty, she told herself. And she fantasized about what they might look like without their jeans and t-shirts. Well there is no harm in them cutting my grass and cleaning up the yard. And it will help them make some college money. But deep inside her she knew that her impulse to get her yard cleaned up was a lot more than that.

Chapter 3 Opportunity knocks

As three o’clock approached Abby was getting a little nervous. She knew that she could simply let them tidy up the place outside, pay them, and that would be that. But she was making plans, despite herself, to make their visit much more memorable.

She knew she was going to do it when she went into her bedroom and started looking for a bikini. She finally selected her favorite. It was a pale yellow, and showed every curve and feature of the parts that it barely covered. She looked at herself in the mirror, and then slipped her feet into a pair of high platform wedgies that thrust her pussy forward and accentuated her rear end when she walked. In a sudden fit of modesty she put on a short beach robe, and almost immediately the doorbell rang. She opened the front door, and Michael, stared at her, and quickly composed himself and said, “Uh, Miss Lincoln, just tell us what you want us to do”. Jimmy was getting mowers out of the truck and looked over and stared at her. Her beach robe barely covered her, and one could easily imagine that there was nothing on underneath it. Quickly she realized what they were thinking,

“I was just getting ready to get some sun in the back yard. Go ahead and mow and trim, and when you are done, come into the back yard and do the same, OK?”

The boys both nodded and began their preparations to work as she closed the front door. She could hear the mowers running as she came out of the back door Escort onto the patio. Taking off the robe, she lay on her back on a chaise lounge in her yellow bikini. Her mind was racing as she thought about having the courage to do what she wanted to do.

“When the time comes, I will know,” she told herself, and she closed her eyes and listened to the mowers running in the front yard. After awhile the mowers stopped as Jimmy and Michael began their trimming and cleanup work. Abby was breathing a little heavier because she knew that her decision was coming closer.

“Do I really have the nerve to do this?” she asked herself.

Michael and Jimmy opened the side gate and pushed the mowers through. As they came around the side of the house they were greet by the sight of Miss Lincoln, lying on her back on a chaise lounge wearing a very scanty yellow bikini that just barely covered her mound and her breasts.

They began mowing, and constantly stealing glances at a beautiful sight to two randy 18 year olds.

Abby was very conscious of the fact they had taken off their t- shirts, and their bronze bodies were glowing with perspiration. She couldn’t take her eyes off them. She began to think of all the wonderful things that could happen if she had the courage to do what she was thinking. She rationalized that whatever she did there was always a stopping point, but only to a point. And that was some way off.

The grass was all cut and the mowers were silent. The breeze was whispering through the tree branches as the boys went about their trimming, stealing glances at Miss Lincoln who had turned over and her lovely bottom was just asking to be looked at. She had also untied the bra top and the strings were dangling down the sides of the chaise allowing the swell of her breasts to be clearly seen.

Chapter 4 Abby Dares All

“Uh, Miss Lincoln, we are all done.”

Abbey held her bra top on as she turned over, and stood up. “Would one of you tie me up in the back please?”

Michael stepped forward and clumsily tied a bow in the bikini top.

“Let me go in and get my purse.” she said.

Slipping on her shoes, she walked away from them and was deeply conscious of the four eyes focused on her bottom.

“Phew, I can’t believe how hot she is.” said Michael.

Jimmy was out of words.

Abby emerged from the house carrying her purse, this time giving them the full frontal view. Quickly they settled up and as the boys turned to leave Abby said,

” Oh, if you don’t mind, I have a favor to ask before you go.”

“Anything at all, just say it,” said Jimmy.

“Well, I never can get the lotion where I want it, so I thought if you wouldn’t mind you could spread a little on my back.”

“Oh-0K.” Michael stammered.

Abby stretched out on the chaise with her bottom in the air, and passed Michael the lotion bottle.

“If one of you will get my back and the other my legs please.”

So saying she passed the suntan lotion to Michael. He kneeled on one side of the chaise at the top, and Jimmy kneeled by her feet. Both took lotion into their hands and tentatively began to spread the liquid over the back and legs of the delicious Miss Lincoln.

“It’s OK, I won’t break.” said Abby.

With that encouragement, their hesitancy dwindled as they warmed to the delightful task of not just spreading lotion, but feeling this lovely woman’s flesh.

“Would one of you untie the top so you can get it all.”

Although it was hardly necessary, as it wasn’t more than a thin ribbon of material, Jimmy untied the top with shaking hands and then went back to massaging her legs, but now going higher and higher until he was rubbing the part of her bottom exposed by the bikini bottom that didn’t really cover much of her. Michael was putting lotion further and further down her sides until he was stroking the sides of her breast with his fingers.

Abby is getting very warm and she is aware that she is getting very wet. She knows that the next step will be the one that will commit her to something that can’t be undone.

Reaching down her side she pulled the string that untied her bikini bottom.

“You might as well get all of me Jimmy.” she murmured.

Jimmy can’t believe his good luck as he stared at the beautiful rear end, totally exposed, that is right under his hands. He squeezes lotion on her bottom and begins rubbing her cheeks, feeling her cleavage, even letting his fingers drift down between her legs, while Michael is sliding his hand down and under her breast seeking her nipple, which when he finds them are aroused and erect.

“Oh God, stop.” says Abby, “I think I need you to put lotion all over me.”

The boys sit back on their haunches. Both of them are fully erect and only their jeans hide this.

“Now lets do the front.” She says as she turns over on the chaise, her bikini now fallen to the ground and her beautiful breasts and erect nipples, and her lovely mound now exposed to their Bayan Escort hungry eyes.

Michael impulsively leans down to kiss her and is greeted by her inviting lips and her tongue as she seeks his, Jimmy is spreading lotion on her belly and continues his exploration to her breasts, then he ventures down to her lovely mound, as she responds by slightly parting her legs so that he can explore the delights of her very wet vulva, and erect clitoris. She is now shuddering under the double admonitions of four hands and the lips that are kissing her passionately. Jimmy has begun to tongue her clit while gently probing her vagina with first two and then three fingers.

Abby is writhing on the chaise as wave after wave of pleasure consume her body, and suddenly she convulses with a wonderful orgasm that leaves her totally limp.

She gasps and gently pushes Michael away and both of the boys back off not quite sure what has happened.

Abby smiles at them.

“I hope that you forgive me, I don’t know what came over me, I owe you both so much for making me feel so wonderful.” As though suddenly aware of her nakedness she sits up and pulls the beach robe around her.

“Please come into the house, I want to talk to you.”

Jimmy and Michael, still in a state of great desire, follow her into the house.

She leads them through the bedroom, and into the bathroom.

“You have both worked hard all day, so let’s take a shower before we talk.” Abby dropped her robe and stepped into the huge shower that would easily accommodate 6 adults, turns on the water and smiling at them beckons them in They need no further prompting, quickly taking off shoes socks, jeans and underpants, and now their masculinity is there for Abby to see. They step into the shower and she hands them sponges and soap. The need no further directions as they begin the sudsing process on both themselves and Abby. She stands there luxuriating in the water, her arms over her head as Jimmy and Michael caress and lavish her body with their soapy hands, exploring every crack and crevice. Abby can’t resist the temptation to feel their manhood. With her eyes closed she can feel that Jimmy is quite thick, while Michael is more slender but long. She stands there with both of them in her hands, fondling them as they cover her body with their caresses and their probing finger, and suddenly both boys stop and clutch her as her fingers massage their swollen penises and they explode in sheer joy with the magic of what this incredible lady has brought to them on this fine June afternoon.

Stepping out of the shower, Abby throws each of them a bath towel and wraps one around her. Walking into the living room she sits down and crosses her legs, and smiles at them as they come in and sit, facing her.

“Please don’t think me a big tease, but I didn’t plan any of what just happened, it just – well it happened.” Jimmy and Michael nod in understanding waiting for her to continue.

“You both know that it could cost me my job if it ever came out, so I am hoping that you can keep it a secret between us. I have never done anything like this before and I am at a loss for words to explain my feelings. I know you both to be good students and very nice young men, and I would hope that you will promise me that you can keep a confidence.”

“No one will ever hear about it from me” said Michael. Jimmy nodded in agreement.

Then Jimmy spoke up, “Do you think we might see you again Miss Lincoln?”

There was a long pause as they waited for Abby to respond. “Would you like it to happen again?” she asked.

“Well I sure would.” said Jimmy, and Michael nodded.

“I think we need to think about this. Pack up your stuff and go home now and everything will look fine in the neighborhood. Then later on when it gets dark, come back if you have no other plans, and we can talk about what happened and what we should do. I would love to make love with you again but I want to know that we can all handle it.”

She looked at them.

Jimmy and Michael looked at each other, and Jimmy turned to her and said. “You’re right. We’ll come back after awhile.”

In a few minutes Abby heard the sound of the truck leaving and she went to the kitchen, poured a glass of white wine and sat meditating. She wondered if they would come back? She wondered if they would have to tell their friends about the great time they had at her home. Well the dye was cast and all she could do was see what the evening brought. But she knew that if they came back she must make sure that there were some things that must be discussed. She wanted them to come back, because her fantasy of making love with two beautiful young men had actually happened, and she didn’t want it to stop. Not only that, she craved taking them inside her. The orgasms that they had brought her to were not enough. She wouldn’t be satisfied until they filled her vagina with those gorgeous (and quite large) cocks.

As she thought about the events of the afternoon and played them again in her mind, she became quite flushed and was breathing rapidly when she remembered how she had felt with four hands moving all over her, and their lips kissing her repeatedly. Yes, she wanted to feel those wonderful feelings again.

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