Abe, Abby

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A very good relationship had ended for him by now more than three weeks have gone past. As the weekend starts he feels the emptiness and dew to spare time his mind spins into the memories of the woman he shared time with and could not get around to deal with feelings even if time flies by. The dishing was done by her and not a surprise, she had clearly warned him, he did not bother to listen, the last few calls came through from curfew to ultimatum, by that time her patience had dried out there was no turning back having to pay the price for not sharing and putting his end of the bargain. One of the many things she said before getting to the point of no return which he recalls and now it rumbles in his mind, ‘you’ll always be the same until you come across a woman that will put you into the place you deserve, then both will be happy’. He lost a beautiful woman in every sense of the word, what an idiot he admits to himself.

It’s Saturday morning and not much to do, so out for a stroll and clear the mind or at least get distracted, he walked in zigzag with no certain destination till he came across a tool shop which at the front offers home appliances before getting to the tools in order to sieve out the ladies, whilst men follow to the back and enjoy themselves there in the tools section, as most he is drawn in and goes to take a look. The place big enough with plenty of customers and employees going from one end to the other of the place, it’s a newish shop that he had not come across before. He stopped at an exhibition of a new brand of screw drivers which when pointed to the screw which is needed to be removed or put in has the ability to change the head to the right type and size needed with up to three possible measures and three to five additional interchangeable barrels similar to a revolver that go into the main body of the screwdriver according to the need. When it finished some bought the new toy, the rest of the guys got dispersed to the different sections the shop has to offer. He carried on looking into the different tools and as he carried on down the isle he ran out of tools and came across the home appliance section where a cute woman finished an exhibition of a new brand of blenders; only a possible customer finished asking and now is leaving, being a short distance away had a look at her, she looked back and came up to him.

“That blender should be in the tool section as well, guys like that also.”I said with a smile.

She smiled now, “Yes I would agree with you, but not all men are into blenders do you have one and if you do would it be time to change it?”

“Yes I do have one and unless it has extraordinary innovations to offer I would not be in the need to get one, of course you could convince me otherwise.” I said smiling back, automatically feeling well with her, good looks and good character at first glance.

“Abby is my name, yours?” she said.

“Abe, and laughed” I said and so did she as he said it.

“Just imagine if we were together Abby, Abe” Abby said and laughed again and so did I.”

“Yes it would, some would be say there go the double A’s.” I said.

“I guess the tools are what brought you in here.” Abby said naturally adding small talk.

“Truth is, I broke up not long ago and now I have not much to do, I strolled out and ended up here.” I said expressing my current situation.

“Abe, here taste the product from this blender it will cheer you up.” Abby said and hands a glass over to him.

I taste the content, “It’s delicious, thank you Abby.”

“Thank you for the compliment, it’s a mix I enjoy preparing with raspberries mostly, the rest of the recipe is a secret which goes into the blender I push the buttons and done.” Abby said.

“So you like secrets and pushing buttons.” I said playfully.

“I’d put it in another way which is better, I like pushing buttons in secret.”Abby said laughing back, “So, Abe you are single again.”

“And you Abby?” I blurted out.

“Single, have been off and on, but nothing that I would consider I could truly open up to, I’m special.” Abby said.

“All women are special; each one is a world in their own.” I said.

“Are you trying to seduce me Abe?” Abby said very comfortable.

“Not my first intention but since you mentioned it why not, we could go out for drinks, then we could seduce each other.” I said catching a possible date.

“Mmm, look I´ll finish but not too soon, so what about you give me a call more or less at 6 p. m and see if I´m up for it. Is that ok with you?” Abby asked.

“Yes I’ll give you a call and will see then.” I said getting her phone number.

“See you later.” Abby said.

“See you.” I said and left.

It´s past 6.30 p. m and I give her a call, “Hello Abby, it is me Abe calling here.”

“Hello Abe, how are you?”

“Fine thank you, are you up for a drink?”

“Look Abe, I´ve just arrived, I do want to, but I need a bit of time, would 7.30 be all right with you, if it is I’ll text my address to you.”

“Yes pendik escort sure.” I said and received her address. Just minutes after 7.30 I’m knocking on the door.

“Come in please.” Abby said from inside. As I go in I hear her go up the stairs without being able to see her, “Be with you in a jiff.”

“It’s all right with me, take all the time you need.” I said and sat on an armchair; I got the feeling of everything tidy and agreeable, as most places a sofa, armchairs, chairs coffee table, some paintings on the wall and a number of rings bolts holding plants and decorative items.

I heard Abby come down the stairs, I jump up and turn to face her, my jaw drops a little. Abby got from him the impression she is hoping for, he could be a candidate, she thought.

“My,” is all that came out from my mouth, she is dressed in ankle boots, leather trousers, satin blouse and hair tied back, purplish lipstick matching the colour with the rest of her face.

“Would you be kind enough to close your mouth or at least say something more.” Abby said with a smile enjoying the instant.

“Oh, sorry Abby if found you attractive when I first saw you, but now well just not much explanation to add and you know it but if you do order me to, I’ll translate into words my attitude seeing you now.”

“No need to translate Abe, I feel I can be quite straight forward with you, and you reacted just as I want and hoped you would do, thanks’ for that, I like expressing myself freely obviously when I can do it and Abe there’s something about you that says you are not the kind of guy that has too much problems listening to a girl as me, would I be right on my assumption?”

“Abby I think you might be right and if I do have problems I’ll let you know, it’s the first time a woman comes up to me so straight forward and yes it’s a surprise for me.”

“Abe I find it’s a way to cut the chase, being a woman you have to wait and see how the events develop and in my case they end most of the times in something not wanted by me. Anyway your face expression is thumbs up for me, so shall we go out or not, would you prefer a drink here at home?”

“Abby you read my mind, I´m still a bit sensitive believe it or not.”

“I like sensitive men, it makes them more understandable and they get in touch with their feminine side, I´m fed up of dorks. Abe are you up for a whisky or something else?”

“Whisky is alright for me Abby.”

“Ok here it comes, I´ll join you but with wine instead.” Abby said settling both drinks.

“Thank you Abby, good scotch.” I said tasting it.

“So, Abe what caused the brake up?” Abby asked straight forward as she said she would.

“The everyday matters which were added to a deteriorating attraction by not making ourselves available to each other, and I sometimes behaved like a dork using your words, which did not improve sex but the entire entire contrary. Nevertheless we did get along of course, but at some point the friction between us made it not worth the effort, it hurt us both, so as not to make it worse she decided to end it, it hurt me more than I thought it would and should have heard her when I still had the time for it, once over the edge it was only time for the outcome.”

“And you Abby?”

“Well in my case I can say you’ve already have a cup of me and I’ll add that my sexual needs are a bit off the charts as to say. It has not been that easy finding suitable partners, I always say to myself that he might be just round the corner.” Abby said.

“You are looking for an all round partner, well as everybody else, just that they seem not to match what you want if I understood you correctly.” I said thinking she must be a difficult one.

“Sometimes I’ve been half lucky getting the character but not the sex and vice versa.”

“I guess not all men are into everything and maybe some like it easy going and turn away before committing to you.” I said.

“Yes they do some of them at least, so I’ve learnt to be far more careful when I like someone and get good vibes by avoiding to get my hopes up too fast and if I have to cool off, I’ll tend to turn away in time.”

“Is it character or sexual issues that spoil the relationship?” I asked.

“At the beginning it was both, later in life I learnt what I wanted for me and started choosing the possible partners and as everything in life practise let’s one have better aim.”

“Although, not easy to find the perfect combination.” I said.

“Abe, have you been lucky not taking into consideration this last relationship?”

“Yes but, it was me or my partner that at some point blew it up, maybe I’m an odd ball.”

“I do not like the term you just used. Most of us dwell and like being part of the herd, if not someone will point you out look at her there, she does not belong to this herd what is she doing here with us. When in the herd behave as the herd and we all tend to do that, so we all wander using our masks only showing our needs to the acceptable ones, unless you choose to openly escort pendik defy and be seen as a nut case, deviant or open outcast.”

“You have been hurt more than once Abby.” I said.

“You listen to what I have to say, I like that in a man and yes have been hurt a little and that has turned out a bore when I seek the right kind of guy, lately when I seem to have him it suddenly falls apart.” Abby said.

“Yes I’ve been told by women that I listen, but if very repetitive I tend to shut off and then get the comment ‘you are not listening to me’, I do listen and that is why if repeated too many times it bores me and I get nagged, even dished once. I guess it works both ways regarding finding the right one, it happens to guys just as often, it starts well and it turns sour when you least expect it.”

“Keep your ear open, it’s just a word of advice most women like to be cherished in more than a way, you should let her be heard even if sometimes she repeats herself. I hope you are sufficiently sweet and avoid getting sour, from my side I’ll do my best.”

“Are you advising me about you and your needs for sweetness?”

“No, I said in general, but why not, yes include me.” Abby said laughing.

“You must get hit constantly by all men and especially in the job you have.” I said taking a closer look at her beauty.

“Oh, today I was helping out a friend, who produces the blenders I was showing, it’s just a favour I did for him, he says I have an eye to tell if a product will be successful in time. I’m an art dealer by profession and pure chances made us meet, if you had gone a day before or after we would have not come across each other.” Abby looked at him and carried on, “I would not last long showing home appliances, I’m by far more comfortable in what I do and you get to meet the all sort of people and most with loads to spend.”

“Abby, having met you can be fate as well.”

“Yes it is true I’m hit quite a bit, the problem most do not match and sometimes when they seem to, not that they certainly do, there’s a ring that lets me know they are not available or not quite with the same needs as me when available.”

“Your profession must be interesting, have you not been able to find no suitable partner there?” I asked wondering.

“One night stands and one time I was asked a special favour by a client who has since then become a very special friend to me, the favour was out of spite, I’ll tell you about it when we get to know each other well.”

“I’ve loved one night stands, but if I could I’d like a steady partner.”

“That is something I have been seeking long enough, wanting that one and only who will understand my nature and needs, but not as easy as one would think to pinpoint him at least up to now.”

“Yes I may somewhat understand you Abby, I have some fantasies that when hinted, spoken out and sometimes even tried, ended in the dustbin and once that happens it nearly never gets a second chance.”

“Ok Abe I´m going to tank us up and if you feel lucky having met me, tell me what turns you on, do you dare tell?” Abby asked wanting to know outright what his kicks in sex are.

“I thank you for having let me know beforehand you are the upfront type, I do not feel intimidated with you just in case the thought came across your mind. Maybe, if we mention to each other in turns what kinks we have, we might start getting a slow or quick idea if we travel the same path, yes?” I said and asked trying not to get all this out too quick and burn it before we have a chance for sex, she is so hot and if I’m in the same wave length she is in, it could be jackpot for us.

“I started conversations in the past as I have just asked and mind you with very kinky men, or at least they said they were and more than once if it’s not in their line of kink they laughed, basically a bunch of idiots with an explicit fetish only and any other mentioned is deviant for them, not noticing that for others they could be just as deviant. If I’m not into the same things you are into, I’ll let you know hoping you too reciprocate if that is ok with you.” Abby said explaining to avoid uncomfortable situations.

“Yes I agree, I have had the experience and some looks that put off any further possibility.” I said knowing that even the said kinky many a time cannot understand outside their own scope.

“Abe you start please and kinky as it can get, since you´ll soon find out what I like.”

“Here we go then, Abby, there are many things I like but have not had the partner to try, and I’d say most of them. I like pantyhose sex and I mean everything, sex in them, all body wearing, bondage, everything.” I said feeling my face warm up a little.

“Yes I like it too, but if I have a dominating role, I like leading and up to now my partners have not followed the moment, for example I asked them if they would put a pantyhose on and I got the ‘you are mad’ look, so to avoid it, from then on I would slowly cool off the relation until we finished it. No hard feelings style.”

“Abby pendik escort bayan I thank you for your candour and interesting way to handle matters.”

“As I have said, I like being straight forward and I notice that you are frank and open with me, we might have something here, would you agree?”

“Do you think so, Abby?”

“Yes Abe I do, now tell me any other things, items, fetish to add?”

“I´ll answer with a question, what would you do if you had a chance with me?”

“Abe, I prefer to take you through with it if we do get to that stage with a direct body experience, are you game?”

“How dominant are you Abby, could you anticipate anything to me?”

“I would but before that and in order not to overwhelm or say too little or too much, have you experience I mean have you had a couple practicing any kink?”

“Yes but very simple, bondage most of the time and me to her, which I guess I’m the one to be in bondage or do you like it done to you also?” I asked wanting to know if she is dominant always.

“Yes you are right, I deliver and you would be receiving, would that be ok with you?”

“Yes it would ok with me, I’d need to know more before letting you take control.” I said knowing now she is always in control, which I’m open to.

“Fair enough, have you had any other experiences?”

“Yes with a professional, again not to deep and I got an enema from her.” I said blushing hard as I became aware what I had just mentioned.

“You look so sweet blushing; did you take orders from her, was it much?”

“Yes I did take orders from her, but as you know or guess it is within limits.”

“Yes I know there are limits and we all wish to get our fantasies fulfilled and even if the fantasy is done, I have found that you also have to have that connection with your partner to truly make it work.” Abby said knowing through experience it not always works if that chemistry is not there, one gets to do everything you want but it’s not quite right.

“I had not taken that you just mentioned into consideration as you have presently described.”

“We could carry on all night and have our likes matching or not all of them and get to play and when we do, it quite not turns out as we thought it would.”

“How do you suggest we take it from here you have more experience than I do, is there a sequence you have tried, used or in mind?” I asked interested.

“No, but we could try kissing first, please take note of my suggestion it’s to feel each other and it does not tie us up or anything else but only open a door to a next stage.” Abby said watching and expecting his next move.

“It’s more than reasonable, at this moment it makes me I feel we are kids about 6 or 7 years old going for their first kiss, copying the adults.” I said smiling and Abby smiled as well.

“Well then, are you going to just sit there?” Abby asked not seeing him do any move.

“Oh sorry Abby, my mistake, please excuse me.” I said and burst out laughing, she joined in. I got up and asking her hand with my hand, she places hers on mine and with the same movement I motion to her to get up helping her in the process, we are now standing and have our lips just an inch away our eyes meet, my hand surrounds her waist going up her back pulling her in to make that missing inch disappear as our lips touch for the first time, we both go softly with each other, knowing we have full access to our mouths, yet holding back the excitement we feel for a motion with the deepest sweetness as lovers for the first time without the eagerness for sex in neither one of us yet, but the essential understanding of two souls wanting love. Her hands follow up surrounding my neck as she also pulls me in, our mouths tenderly open in unison, letting our tongues encounter willingly, instantly loving it. We both withdrew a second looked at each other and without words embraced again lovingly and carried on still standing eating our mouths and tongues, the world stopped for us, although the clocks still ticked away not minding if we cared or not. When we both feel we understand the chemistry is there I untangled and Abby followed, I gave her a quick kiss on her lips and helped her sit again and I went back to my place.

“I did not expect that ever.” Abby said.

“Same here, unrepeatable, I guess there’s more to us than we would have expected.” I said knowing I like her.

“Yes there’s no doubt, now we do have to see if our interests can go that far.”

“I’m open to hear all your needs Abby; I would like to have further I have no doubts.”

“So do I, but what just happened does not make it all, tell me how do you feel if I tend to be the one to have my way?”

“By that you mean in sex?”

“Yes at the beginning, from then on how we go depends if we get along and if it does tend to go deeper it will be extending to all of our relationship. Would it scare you off to have me deciding how we do things?”

“Would you let me have input?”

“Until we fully get to know each other yes definitely, after that it will be me taking over.” Abby said.

“Here we are getting back to the former, I understand that vanilla sex is not out of the question, but it would not be the most common way to have sex.”

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