Aaron’s Apples Ch. 04

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Aaron was in a daze when his Mom walked in that Tuesday evening dressed to kill. She was wearing high heels with a dress that had cleavage to her belly button and a slit all the way up to her waist. All thoughts of Felicity left his head and his cock sprang to attention as he openly stared at his Mom.

“Mom you look great. What is the special occasion?

“Nothing, I just wanted to look good,” she assured him. Aaron could not believe what had been going on the last two days, the neighbor lady has him fuck both of her holes and now his Mom has started dressing very sexy. He could not figure out what was going on but was enjoying sizing up his voluptuous Mother.

He could not believe how rock hard his dick had become in the few seconds she had been home. Just then Virginia glanced down at his lap and noticed the enormous tent his shaft was forming in his pants. Prying her eyes away she gulped saying, “Be right back, I need to change out of this stuff. My heels are killing me.”

“Sure, mom,” was her son’s disappointed response. Her first stop had to be the bathroom as she had to go piss ever since she was in the parking lot of the office. Following through on her promise to herself she left the bathroom door open. As she sat on the stool she took off her shoes and pantyhose. Aaron noticed the door was still open and thought it was odd but wasn’t going to let this pass bye. He snuck down the hall knowing if he got at the right angle he could see her thighs and probably would not be seem.

He was right as he got quite the eye full. He could not believe how hairy her pussy was. It was probably twice as bushy as Mrs. Peachers. He could not see details as he did not want to get closer and be caught. But, the combination of the sound of her piss hitting the water and the view of this wonderful forest caused him to rub himself through his slacks. He watched as she wiped herself with the toilet paper and he beat a quick path to the living room.

Virginia flushed the toilet letting her dress fall back down and then quickly raced to her room. Safely inside, sexual thoughts filled her head as the dress fell to the floor. She admired herself in Felicity’s black panties which she thought looked really hot. The thought of no cock until Friday night when Fred returned from his business trip was depressing as she knew the only sex she would get was from Felicity. She wasn’t even going to get that tonight as her neighbor would be at some charity function at her country club. She envied Felicity as she didn’t have to work and now that her daughter was in school all she had to do was attend a few events like this each month. Maybe Felicity would want a quickie when she got home.

Shrugging her shoulders Virginia put on her tight fitting brown hot pants and yellow halter top. The halter was actually a little too small for her 38D’s as tit flesh could be seen from the sides and if she leaned at the right angle her nipple might just come into view. She strolled like a hooker into the front room. With each step she could feel the pants crawling deep into her crack and crotch. Virginia really like feeling sexy and if it made her son fell good that was fine too. Aaron was stunned at his Mom’s outfit. If he could not find someone to fuck quickly he might go crazy.

She walked up to him with her crotch at his eye level just over a foot away and looking directly into his lap asked, “So, honey, what do you want for dinner?”

“Hum, ah, how about pizza?”

Swirling around to walk away she nearly hit his face with her ass responding seductively, “Sounds fine, my dear.” She let her ass sway all the way to the phone knowing Aaron’s eyes were transfixed on it. She thought she might be going too far and decided to cool it a bit as she didn’t really want anything she would regret later to happen. They watched the news until the pizza came. As they saw the guy approach the door Virginia asked her son, you want to see a trick I learned in college?”

“Sure, Mom, What is it?”

“You put the money to pay down your halter, like so, then the pizza guy doesn’t need as big of a tip. But, make sure it is a guy as the gals didn’t like it much unless they were lesbians.” Aaron could not figure what had come over his Mom, but was enjoying it. Virginia opened sinop escort the door and the guy stammered out the price. Slowly and lusciously she pulled the money from between her breasts. With both males eyes glued on her chest. The pizza guy took the money, didn’t even count it, and beat a hasty retreat. As he got back in the car Virginia saw him sniff the bills and rub them against his cheeks.

As they ate sexual thoughts left their heads temporarily as they mindlessly watched a game show. When that was over Aaron turned it to a movie channel where they were showing a romantic comedy. It was a good movie which had the main characters naked and fucking from time to time, but much better quality than any porno. During the first sex scene Virginia found herself nibbling on the crust from the end of the piece of pizza. Before she knew what she was doing she was sucking on it almost as if she were giving it a blow job. Instead of watching the couple on TV Aaron stared at his Mom’s show. Suddenly realizing what she was doing she stopped and her face turned red. This was as aroused as Virginia had ever been. She watched as the woman on TV unzipped the man’s trousers and wanted to be doing that.

She placed her hand gently on Aaron’s knee. The taboo lines of incest were getting fuzzier by the second. She shivered when Aaron responded by putting a hand on her shoulder. As if it were a reflex she snuggled a little closer to him and moved her hand a couple of inches higher. They sat like this until the next sex scene. As they watched the guy suck on the lady’s tits Virginia’s pussy was on fire. It was a fire she knew she could not put out without Aaron’s help. Yes, she would fuck her son and she would do it tonight. Not only that, she would have him everyway possible even if it took all night.

And so she began, “Aaron what do you think of her tits?” She moved her hand about half way up the thigh.

Out of control he gasped,” They are fucking fantastic.”

“So, who’s are better hers or mine?

Well, it is hard to say she doesn’t have any clothes on.”

Just what she hoped he would say so she untied the knot at the top of her halter letting it fall free exposing her melons to her son,” There, now which look better to you?”

“Oh shit, Mom, yours do. There is no contest.” She grabbed the remote control and turned off the TV.

“Right answer,” she quipped. She turned toward him embracing him like she had never done before. Their lips met timidly at first but soon they were deeply exploring each other’s mouths. The boy was enjoying running his fingers on his mother’s smooth back.

Being a Mother she had to tell him, “Time to get ready for bed. If there is anything you need or want you can come to my room in three minutes.” As she got up she brushed her hand against the tent in his pants and thought that he was even bigger than his Father.

Aaron was ready in about a minute then sat there waiting for what seemed like hours in his night shirt watching the second hand on his clock. He didn’t want to blow it now as it appeared that for the third time in a day and a half he was going to make love with a woman and not just any woman but the prettiest woman he knew, his own mother.

Virginia again decided against her sure fuck nightgown as she was already sure Aaron was excited to fuck her. So, she left on the black panties as she knew that they were the ones Felicity had worn yesterday when Aaron lost his virginity. She went simple and covered up with a long night gown that reminded her a lot of the dress she had worn to work that day; with a very low cleavage and slit up to her waist. She topped that off with a see through robe with several ties in the front. She too was done quickly, after splashing on some perfume; she sat and waited for Aaron to come to her. She was just beginning to wonder if he was going to back out when she saw him at the door.

She walked over to him and took his hand, “Something you need, sweetie.” She did not want to sound pushy.

“Mom, I don’t need anything, but would like to continue what we started in the other room.”

“Come over and have a seat.” The horny kid sat on the side of the bed as directed and his Mother lowered herself onto his lap. Their escort sinop lips again met frantically.

“Oh, mom!”

“Take it easy, we have until morning. I will have you every way possible!” with that they kissed and caressed each others backs. Aaron began exploring the front of his mom’s robe and found the ties. After he undid each one he would let his hand softly run over her chest. He repeated this until the robe fell open revealing the beautiful gown with its deep cleavage. Virginia let the robe fall off of her arms as she nibbled on his ear. One of her son’s hands was roaming all over her boobs while the other had found its way to the top of her ass. He was now applying soft kisses on her upper chest gradually working his way down.

She got up and shoved the robe to the floor and climbed on to the bed sitting against the head board, “Come here and kiss me you son of a bitch.”A little confused Aaron crawled over to her. Kneeling to one side of her he stuck his tongue deep into her throat.

Coming up for air she said, “Kiss my tits.” He was now laying crossways in the bed with his Mother’s arms wrapped around him as he madly kissed her boobs through the material of the gown. He paid equal attention to both tits going back and forth like a pro. He looked like an overgrown baby nursing.

She knew the next step would be the point of no return but could not stop herself from taking it. She took a hand away from Aaron and reached to her shoulder and pulled off first one and then the other strap of the gown revealing her naked titties to her offspring. Aaron did not miss a beat as he continued. “Suck me, Suck on Mommy’s titties that’s right my baby suck Mommy, Oh fuck yes that is nice, don’t stop my baby.”

As her boy continued Virginia pulled up his night shirt uncovering his briefs and wasted no time pulling these away from his long hard cock. As she took it in her hand she noticed that his cock was at least two inches longer than his Father’s and wider as well. She thought even his balls might be bigger. My Goodness, her son was a stud. This went on for awhile but Virginia could not wait any longer she had to have that monster in her mouth. “Oh, baby, that was great. Lay down and take off your shirt and let me give your reward. Aaron tossed aside the shirt and got into position. Virginia started at his chest and quickly kissed down past his belly button. He felt her tongue just flick the end of his prick as she pulled his briefs off. He looked to his side and was surprised to see her ass near his face. It was not close enough to kiss but he could easily reach over and rub it. All at once, Virginia swallowed his entire cock into her throat.

She mouth fucked him a few strokes and then stopped and licked him like a lollipop then took him about halfway in and flipped her tongue all around the shaft. She did this over and over changing from deep throat to lollipop to regular sucking but making sure to surprise him from time to time by switching things around. “Oh, Bitch, suck it, Oh God, mom, that is great.” he bellowed.

As he was getting closer to Cumming he reached to his Mother’s back and pulled her gown down past her ass. She assisted him by pulling it off the rest of the way. He could not believe it black panties again, and they all looked like the same pair! He was already close to Cumming but this sight put him over the edge as he screamed, “Mom I’m Cumming. You God damn bitch I am cumming.” Virginia felt several loads shoot down her throat and swallowed most of it. She save the last little bit to spread over her breasts. She used her boy’s prick as a paintbrush and spread the cream on both nipples. As soon as she dropped his cock Aaron bounced up and dove for that big ass of his Moms.

He rolled her onto her stomach with his cock at her feet. First, he hugged it and inhaled all of the many aromas there. His mouth and hands worked overtime as the panties seemed to just disappear after a couple of minutes. Neither one of the lovers remembered taking them off. It was not long before he found her ass hole. After yesterday he knew just what to do and earnestly tongue fucked her poop shoot. When Virginia had enough she swung one leg over Aaron’s head and rolled onto her back with legs wide spread sinop escort bayan giving Aaron the only invitation he needed.

He began kissing her lower thigh working his way up. The pussy smell was getting stronger and stronger. He parted her pubic hair and pushed her outer lips a part to show off her shiny pink pussy and sexy nub of a clit. The boy clearly enjoyed cunnilingus as he ate her like a man possessed. His tongue worked over every inch of the cunt from which he had come paying particular attention to her nub. Virginia was pounding one fist into the bed while the other was cramming Aaron’s head against her twat, “I’m Cumming you little shit, eat my juice you bastard!” Aaron finished her with a flourish and climbed back to lay beside her.

The two embraced soft and sensually as they recovered from the action. Gently they kissed mingling the residue of each other’s fluids. “Mom, can we fuck now.”

“Is your cock ready, yet?”

Look for yourself.” “Oh my,” Virginia should have known as young as Aaron was that was no problem as she stroked his super hard shaft.

“Well?” he asked.

Putting a finger on his lips and pushing him onto his back she asked, “Does this answer your question?” With that, she climbed on top of him. She rubbed the tip of his cock against her clit causing her pussy juices to flow once more. She had never had a cock as big as this but figured it wouldn’t be a real problem as some of Felicity’s dildos were as big as this was. It took three strokes to get him all the way in but it felt so good when she bottomed out on his rod. Aaron grabbed for her jugs while she fingered her clit. In no time they had a piston like rhythm going. “Oh god, Mom you are tight, Fuck yes.”

“No, you are so fucking big. Harder fuck me harder you prick. I am your Mommy Whore. Squeeze your whore’s titties; you can do better than that, Oh, shit. I love you.”

“Oh, Christ, tell me more.”

“You like dirty talk you son of a bitch. Yank these boobs you Mother Fucker. I want you to cum in me pecker. Oh, damn, fuck it fuck your little whore’s twat. Oh god, I, I am Cumming, Oh yes, oh yes fuck me.”

As she said that he erupted inside her and she collapsed in a heap on top of him. They fell asleep like that waking several hours later. It was still before sunrise but Virginia realized she would not be going to work today. So, she picked up the phone and called the office answering service and left a message. Facing her sleeping son she noticed his erection was back and promptly covered it with her mouth. He mumbled, “What a way to wake up.” They made love for the next two hours. Aaron asked if he could fuck her up the ass. She resisted the idea. She gave in asAaron reminded her that she said that she was his Mommy Whore. She was surprised that he seemed to know what he was doing. She and Fred had butt fucked before but she had not enjoyed it much as Fred just rammed it in without lubricant and it was very painful. But, her son had found some whipped butter and applied it liberally to her anus and his penis. He slid in without a problem. And before they knew it they were both having yet another orgasm. After that it was time for breakfast so they went to the kitchen nude and had oatmeal.

As they ate Aaron asked, “Was last night a one time thing?”

“Not on your life I expect to fuck any day you want when your Dad is not home and you want to. After all I am your Mommy Whore, but, only when we are alone. But right now I need a nap after which I need to see Felicity for a while. After which my pussy is all yours, ok.”

“Why do you have to see Felicity?”

“I have to return something to her”


“Your favorite pair of black panties. You know the ones you took off of both of us before fucking us?” Aaron’s face turned crimson. How did his Mom know? She knew before fucking him, he did not understand.

“But, Mom . . . “

“Hush, don’t worry about it. Do you want to come with me later?”

Not thinking of any reason to say no after all surely the sex wouldn’t come up, he replied, “I guess so.”

“For right now you can snuggle in my tits while we sleep. I am very sleepy. I have to get my strength back.” The two new lovers walked back to the bedroom. Again he was in disbelief not only had he fucked his own mother but she wasn’t mad at him for fucking the neighbor lady. Plus, it was only early Wednesday and his Dad would not be home until late Friday evening which gave him plenty of time for new adventures with the neighbor lady and his Mommy Whore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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