A Wrong Time Ch. 02

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Tim stood gaping in awe at his mature dominant mother-in- law dressed in a tight shiny black basque that was moulded to her body, pushing up her breasts and shaping her voluptuous figure. Her basque held up shiny black silk stockings and she wore four inch shiny black heels.

However the thing that drew most of his attention was the eight inch strap-on that she wore at her waist.

Evelyn Jackson, or Evie as she liked to be known, was the fifty two year old mother of his young wife Jane and he’d inadvertently spied on her getting fucked by the young black window cleaner. She decided the only way to stop him from telling her daughter was to fuck him herself which she did. It was then she discovered he seemed to have a strap-on fetish.

Evie was 5’6 inches tall but with her 4 inch heels it put her level with her son in law. She was slim with large breasts, full hips and a peachy bum.

‘I see you approve of my attire Timmy, judging by the state of your erection.’

Tim’s cock had never been harder as it bobbed up and down in front of him.

She walked up to Tim and reached out for his cock. He groaned as she started to stroke it and as she moved closer her fake one pushed into his groin reminding him of what she was wearing.

With her free hand she stroked his nipples before taking one between her finger and thumb and squeezing hard.

The sensations of pain and pleasure went both ways, to his brain and to his cock. He let out a long groan.

She switched hands and did the same to his other nipple causing the same effect.

‘Well I’m going to have a lot of fun with my new pain slut!’ she said pushing on Tim’s shoulders until he was kneeling before her.

She took her shiny rubber cock and rubbed it over his face before pushing it between his lips.

‘Open wide and suck your mother-in-law’s cock, there’s a good boy!’

Tim nervously opened his mouth to accept the fake cock as she pushed it deep inside.

‘Now suck it! She commanded.

Tim was breathing hard and his own cock was throbbing hard.

After a minute or so she pulled out of his mouth and ordered him to stand.

Evie then led him over to the four poster bed that dominated the room then took him by his rampant tool around to the side before beckoning him to lay flat on his stomach.

Tim, was breathing heavily as he realised what she was about to do to him.

It was then he noticed a couple of scarves already tied to the posts at the head of the bed just before she secured his wrists. She repeated the task with his ankles.

When she was sure he was held tightly she pushed a couple of white silk bolster pillows under his hips to raise his bottom up.

‘Now then Timmy, this is what you’ve been waiting for,’ she said as she poured lube onto the fingers of her right hand.

‘Actually I don’t think I wan…aaarrgghh.’ Tim cried as Evie slid her middle finger up into his bottom.

‘What the fuck!’ he exclaimed.

His mother-in-law began to finger fuck his arse to let him get used to it.

‘I think you should stop right now…oh God!’ he wailed as she added a second finger.

‘Please. Please take them out.’

‘Oh don’t be such a baby,’ she said as she sought out his prostate.

Tim was breathing extremely heavily, trying to get used to the invasive fingers in his arse. Suddenly he moaned long and hard as Evie raked her long fingernail over his prostate causing him to hump the bolsters as pre-cum soaked the silk coverings.

‘Like it now, don’t you Timmy?’

Tim couldn’t speak.

‘How about now? She asked as she stuck a third finger up him and set about stretching his anal ring.

‘Oh fuck. No please. Not this. I’m sorry for watching you.’

‘Oh this isn’t punishment Timmy. I’m sure this is going to be very enjoyable for both of us.’

After a few minutes of loosening his anal ring she moved up onto the bed and knelt between his outstretched legs,

Very gently she rubbed the tip of her lubed cock between his cheeks and over his puckered hole causing him to emit a cross between a moan and a squeak.

‘Say goodbye to your anal virginity Timmy. Your cherry is mine!’

She eased the head of her fake cock slowly into her son-in-law’s arse.

‘Oh fuck. I don’t think I…Oh God!’

The head slowly slipped past his sphincter and Evie held it there to let Tim get used to it. She then eased it in a couple of inches at a time, pausing a few seconds before she finally bottomed out. Her shiny stockings rubbing against his thighs.

‘How’s that then Timmy. You have all of your mother-in-law’s cock inside your arse?’

All Timmy could do was pant loudly as he got used to the girth filling him up.

Evie then began to slowly pull out before pushing back into him again. Each stroke got easier as the lube did its job greasing his inner walls.

‘Do you like your mother-in-law fucking you like this Timmy?’

Tim snorted as he got used to the cock pistoning in and out of him.

Evie lowered her body and whispered in his ear.

‘Are casino oyna you going to cum Timmy? Are you going to squirt by being fucked by me? I bet you are loving having my cock inside you. You’ll be begging me to sodomise you from now on. My prissy little daughter won’t do this for you, will she?’

Tim could feel her shiny PVC covered breasts rake down his back as she returned to fucking him harder.

He could feel his balls churning and he knew he was going to cum.

Evie too felt her orgasm build as the base of the cock rubbed onto her clitoris.

‘Cum Timmy. Cum for Mummy!’

She said this more to turn herself on but it seemed to work for her son-in-law too as he squealed and rope after rope of his cream pumped out over the silk bedclothes.

‘Oh God, I’m cumming!’ cried Evie too as her orgasm overtook her.

She lay panting over Tim’s prone naked body as they both recovered.

But Evie wasn’t finished with him just yet.

She eased out of him then unbuckled her strap-on before tossing it aside.

She then released his ankles and pulled the scarves that tied his wrists down the bed posts to pillow level.

‘Kneel Timmy!’ she ordered.

Tim found it difficult but did manage to kneel on all fours on his in-law’s bed.

Evie climbed onto the bed and managed to insert herself under him with her legs either side of his knees,

She was pleased to find his cock was still rock hard as she guided it to the entrance to her pussy and told him to push.

Tim slid into her all the way as she wrapped her stocking clad thighs around his waist. Evie pulled her breasts free from the tight restraints of her basque before wrapping her arms around his neck and bringing his face down, kissing him passionately on his lips.

‘Fuck me Timmy. Fuck your horny mother-in-law!’

Tim did just that. He fucked her through three orgasms before he felt his balls once again tingle and with a grunt he emptied himself deep into her pussy.

Evie rolled out from under him, untied his wrists and dismissed him.

‘You’d better go now Timmy, I need a shower,’ she said as she walked into her en-suite bathroom and locked the door.

Tim walked solemnly and slowly back to his bedroom where he sat on the bed and brooded.

‘That fucking bitch!’ he raged.

His cock was still hard and throbbing due to the Viagra she had forced him to take.

‘Fuck this!’ he thought as he marched back to her room and barged in.

Evie was in her bedroom towelling her damp hair after her shower.

‘Timmy. What are yo…’

Tim grabbed his mother-in-law, ripped off her towel and threw her face down onto the bed.

‘I’ll show you who else can play those games!’ he stated as he pulled her onto her knees and pushed her face into the pillows.

Evie tried to cry out but all that emerged were muffled pleas.

Tim took his full nine inches and slammed it into her still wet pussy causing her to cry out in pain and pleasure.

He fucked her for four or five minutes before pulling out and rubbing the head of his cock over her arsehole.

‘Good God, No Tim. Please not there. I don’t thin…aaarrrgghh!’

The crown of Tim’s cock went into her past her little rosebud.

‘Oh fuck,’ she cried.

Like her he slowly eased his thick tool into her anal passage until he bottomed out, his balls smacking into the back of her thighs.

‘How’s that then Evie? You have all of Timmy’s cock in your arse?’

He plowed her arse, her natural pussy juices lubing up her tight sleeve.

‘Do you like your son-in-law fucking you like this Evie?’

Both of them were panting and groaning loudly as Tim fucked her. He could feel he was about to cum deep in her so he reached around her hips and found her prominent clit.

Rubbing it quick and hard it pushed her over the top just as he came, flooding her bowels.

They lay side by side panting and savouring the post orgasmic bliss.

‘Well, well Timmy. I didn’t think you had it in you,’ she said as she leaned over to kiss him gently on the lips. ‘But I’m glad that you have.’

They kept out of each others way for the remainder of the week.

When he got home from work on Thursday his wife Jane was practically jumping from one foot to the other.

‘Tim. Tim. Guess what? Melody has been in touch and she’s going out with a couple of other girls for dinner tomorrow night then on to the Ed Sheeran gig at Wembley. One of the initial party has dropped out and she wants to know if I fancy joining them. She also said I can stay at her place as it will probably be late finishing. As I’m on early’s tomorrow I could go around to hers after work. You don’t mind do you?’

Tim looked at his young gorgeous wife and kissed her giving his blessings. He thought it was nice of her to ask in the first place.

That night he gave her the most intense fucking of their married life.

Jane left at 6 am the next morning just before Tim showered and got ready for work.

As he walked into the kitchen to make himself a coffee he was slot oyna surprised to see Evie already there with a pot ready.

‘Just us tonight loverboy,’ she said. ‘You won’t be home late from work, will you?’

Tim ignored her and left.

All day he wondered if he should deliberately stay out of her way but thought better of it so at his normal time he let himself into the house and was about to walk upstairs to his room when he heard Evie’s voice.

‘Oh Timmy. Can you come in here please?’.

Her voice came from the sitting room so Tim put down his briefcase at the foot of the stairs and went in.

There on the bottle green leather sofa sat Evie wearing her long silver silk dressing gown.

‘Timmy. It was window cleaning day today and as I have asked for a different window cleaner I haven’t enjoyed my extraordinary activities.’

As she said that she stood and dropped her robe to reveal herself wearing her string of pearls, six garter black satin suspender belt, black stockings and her black high heels.

‘Why don’t you take off your clothes and give me what I’m missing,’ she said as she laid back into the leather sofa opening her legs wide.

Tim was instantly hard and quickly undressed.

In no time he was between her thighs and rubbing his monster cock between her juicy pussy lips then in one swift push he was deep inside her.

She wrapped her thighs around his as he pounded into his mother-in-law. Soon both were on the brink of orgasm. With a squeal from her and a grunt from him they both came together.

They then went to their separate rooms and showered before meeting in the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Dinner was quite a cordial affair as they made small talk ahead of going back into the sitting room to watch television before retiring to their own beds.

An hour later Tim heard a knock on the door as Evie pushed it open and walked in.

‘Sorry Timmy but I can’t sleep. Will you come and stay with me tonight please.’

Tim looked at his mother-in-law. She was wearing a see through cream night gown with cream hold up stockings and cream high heels. She held out her hand and beckoned Tim to take it which he did. She led him down the hallway to her bedroom.

They fucked on and off until the early hours of the morning before falling asleep.

Tim woke up to his mother-in-law sucking his cock. The clock on the bedside table read 06.48. Tim groaned.

‘Just getting you nice and hard for an early morning ride,’ she said as she straddled him and sank down onto his now hard cock.

Neither lasted long before they both came within seconds of each other.

‘You’d better get back to your own bed in case Jane gets back early,’ Evie told him.

Fortunately she didn’t arrive until mid morning and she was still hung over so after a perfunctory kiss to both her mother and her husband she skulked off to bed.

A couple of weeks later Tim. Jane and her parents were all having dinner together at their home.

‘Darling,’ said Jane’s father to his daughter. ‘I’m going to New York for a couple of nights next week for work and I wondered if you’d like to come. Thursday and Friday but I thought we could add another couple of nights to do a bit of touristy things.’

‘I’m sure I could get someone to cover my shift for a couple of days and I do have spare couple of days holiday to use.’ Jane told her father.

She looked at Tim who only threw up his arms sarcastically and gave her a smile.

As it transpired Evie was also away on Thursday and didn’t get back until late Friday evening.

Tim had already agreed to go out with some of his mates on Friday night and he wouldn’t be back until the early hours.

On Saturday he had a well deserved lay in, finally making his way down to the kitchen at 11.30. He was dressed in his sleep shorts as he was not expecting anyone to be at home so he got a surprise when his mother-in-law walked in.

‘Ah! There you are. I wondered when you’d finally drag yourself downstairs!’

Tim grunted a good morning and set about looking for something to eat.

‘I have a couple of good friends over and they are dying to meet you,’ she said dragging Tim by the arm into the sitting room.

Sitting on the leather sofa were two more mature ladies.

‘This is Marjory and that is Marion. Ladies this is Tim.’

Tim looked at both women and thought them to be in their late 50’s.

Marjory was tall and slim with short black hair. She was wearing a grey dress that hugged her body and he could see she had nice sized breasts. The dress came to her knees and he could see she had a nice pair of legs encased in dark grey hose with grey high heels.

Marion was not as tall and a little more plump. The first thing you noticed about her was the size of her chest. It was huge.

She had a pretty face with wavy black hair to her shoulders, a low cut white blouse that did nothing to hide a superb cleavage and a tan coloured skirt with tan hose and brown shoes.

‘Do come and sit here Tim.’ said Marjory moving to canl─▒ casino siteleri create a space between her and Marion.

Tim felt a bit subconscious sitting in only his sleep shorts as his thighs touched both ladies legs.

‘Evie tells me you are something big in the City?’ stated Marion deliberately staring at his crotch.

‘Yes, she says you are also very helpful around the house too,’ added Marjory gently stroking his thigh.

Tim didn’t like the way this conversation was going but he was also starting to get hard.

‘I could do with a nice young man like you at my house,’ said Marion as she ran her hand up his other thigh.

‘Er…I’ll just pop in the shower if you can excuse me,’ said Tim as he tried to extract himself from the two women.

‘Oh don’t go,’ said Marjory as her hand disappeared up the leg of his shorts before grasping hold of his now erect cock. ‘We’re just getting to know each other.’

‘Yes please don’t go,’ said Marion turning towards him allowing her full breasts to rub over his arm as she began to stroke his now erect nipples.

Tim looked over at Evie for help but she just smiled at him.

‘We were having a drink at the hotel on Thursday evening after the meeting and the conversation turned towards sex. Marjory and Marion were complaining about the lack of it and asked what I was doing about it seeing as all our husbands were roughly the same age. I let slip that I had a ready supply at home so they wanted to know more. I may have praised you a little too much as they would like to sample your talents together.’

‘Together?’ wondered Tim.

Evie could see what he was thinking.

‘Marjory and Marion are very good friends Timmy,’ she said with a knowing smile.

‘Ladies, why don’t you take him upstairs to a guest bedroom. Second room on the right has a huge cast iron bed. Just right for your needs.’

The two older ladies almost dragged Tim along with them as they hurried up the stairs to the bedroom.

In no time Tim was naked and on his back on the bed,

Marjory with the help of Marion unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor.

Tim loved that she was wearing a black satin girdle with four suspenders on each thigh that held up grey silk seamed stockings. Her grey heels accentuated her long legs. He also noticed that she was shaved bare between her thighs.

Marion had stepped out of her skirt and had just unbuttoned her blouse to show off her red satin merry widow corset that held up her tan stockings. Her huge breasts poured out of the top of her corset.

Tim could see she had trimmed her dark pubes.

Marjory was already on the bed and slurping on Tim’s hard cock.

‘Just getting him ready for you dear,’ she told Marion.

Marion climbed up and fondled his balls as Marjory teased him to full effect.

‘Now Timmy, let’s see what you can do with your tongue!’ stated Marjory as she straddled his face and gripped the cast iron bedstead.

Tim began to lick the full length of her pussy lips, gently at first but getting harder and harder. Marion was gently edging his cock.

‘That’s it Timmy, Lick me. Use your tongue,’ Marjory chanted.

Tim slid his tongue into her pussy causing a long moan from her. Marjory was practically fucking his face now.

Tim felt Marion straddle him and then his cock being sheathed by something warm, wet and tight. He groaned as she slid down onto him.

Marjory was approaching her orgasm and as soon as Tim began to suck on her clitoris she exploded, soaking his face with her cum.

She climbed off his head and began to lick the juices from his face. He looked over at Marion and nearly came as he saw that her breasts were free from her corset and were bouncing freely as she rode him.

It wasn’t long before he actually did cum. Marion had already orgasmed twice but when Marjory started to bite his nipples it proved too much and he unloaded his cream into Marion’s sucking pussy.

They all collapsed on the bed and Tim was ready to thank the ladies and leave when Marjory said, ‘Right my turn now I think. Marion get in position.’

Marion laid on her back with her legs open and Marjory bent down with her arse in the air as she proceeded to lick Tim’s cum from her pussy.

‘Come on Tim,’ said Marion between moans. ‘Fuck her doggy style!’

Tim was still hard and so he slid into Marjory extremely easily.

Marjory was the first to orgasm followed by Marion. The sight of her huge tits wobbling as she came pushed Tim over the edge and he flooded Marjory’s love channel.

He collapsed on the bed between the two older women who ran kisses up and down his body.

‘No, I must…’ panted Tim. I must…oh God!’

Marion had wrapped her huge boobs around his growing cock and sensually wanked them up and down his shaft.

‘Shhh,’ said Marjory as she kissed him deeply on the mouth, slipping her tongue inside while playing with his nipples.

By now Marion had his throbbing tool in her mouth and was caressing his balls at the same time.

‘No, please. No more I…’

Just then Marjory straddled him and as Marion held his cock in place she pushed her wet pussy down impaling his throbbing tool.

‘Oh fuck, Timmy that is so nice. Let me ride you.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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