A Wife’s Night Out

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Kirsty Aitkens was once again contemplating if she and her husband Graham were crazy. What they had planned for tonight certainly wasn’t normal behaviour for a married couple.

A slow, measured breath steadied her nerve and she returned to her self-appointed task: driving her husband mad with lust. Adjusting her stance over the bathroom sink so her husband could see her face in the mirror from his position kneeling just inside the bathroom door, she pouted and applied her red lipstick slowly and methodically. She had to remind herself to slow down as this wasn’t just normal getting dressed for the evening, but a performance.

“What do you think Graham? The guys at the club will like my lipstick won’t they?” she asked in a sultry and teasing manner.

Graham groaned as his cock twitched. “It’s very pretty darling, but why should it matter if the guys like it? It’s not like you’re going to be kissing them.”

Kirsty turned towards him smiling. “Won’t I? You seemed to love the thought of me having some fun with them while we were in bed the other night. Besides, who said I was going to limit myself to kissing guys? I told you about how Lucy went through a wild phase back during university. Maybe she’ll feel like being wild again on our girl’s night out…”

“You wouldn’t, she wouldn’t!” Graham mumbled.

Wearing nothing but stockings, some black lacy panties and a black bra Kirsty leaned back against the sink to look down upon her kneeling husband, a mischievous grin plastered across her face. “I already have a hotel room booked in the city to sleep in when the evening finishes up so I don’t have to get a cab home. I could always put it to uses other than sleeping, darling.”

Graham groaned as his cock twitched in response, springing from half to full mast at his wife’s teasing.

Kirsty laughed. “Naughty husband! How am I supposed to put you in your chastity belt if you’re erect! You have far too many chores to do tonight to be fussing around with sex.”

Wandering into the bedroom Kirsty whistled a few notes of a merry tune as she retrieved a pair of handcuffs, her husband not daring to leave his spot and follow her. When Kirsty returned and handcuffed Graham’s hands behind his back Graham was shocked.

“What are you doing? What is this for?” he asked indignantly.

“To keep you from touching your dick you silly man, I told you that if you get all your chores done I might let you cum tomorrow. I don’t want you masturbating before I put you in your chastity device,” sighed Kirsty theatrically.

Graham groaned.

Despite his groans Kirsty knew her husband was loving every second of the way she was treating him not just from the excited, albeit anguished, look on his face, but from the years of discussions they’d had leading up to this very moment. Taking confidence in that knowledge she decided to push Graham even further. Standing in front of him, leaning down to the level of his face she wagged her finger in his face, knowing that poor Graham couldn’t help but gaze upon her breasts at such an angle. Unfortunately for him there was nothing he could neither touch artvin escort her chest nor his own cock.

“Stay Graham. If I find you out of this spot you are in big trouble mister,” warned Kirsty as she once again left the room.

Kirsty took her time selecting her dress for the evening, confident that not being able to see her would drive Graham’s imagination into overdrive. After a spending spree last weekend Kirsty had several new dresses to choose from. She tried on a little black dress before rejecting it for not sufficiently showing off her bum. A blue wrap dress was next and while it fitted her well Kirsty rejected it too, deeming the dress to insufficiently show off her cleavage.

A quick peek round the door left Kirsty smiling, her husband naked, obediently kneeling just where she’d left him. “Good hubby. Just a while longer and I’ll be ready.”

“Please hurry; I don’t know how much longer I can kneel like this. My legs ache,” pleaded Graham.

Kirsty gave a throaty laugh and went back to getting dressed. This time she picked out a slinky red dress that she felt not only emphasised her cleavage and her bum, but that also complemented her jet black hair. Striding back into the bathroom in her latest dress Kirsty smiled to herself at the sight of her husband’s flaccid penis. “Aww… Guess your willy couldn’t stay hard all evening could it?”

“You took like half an hour to choose a dress! It was bound to give up eventually,” protested Graham. He realised it was irrational, that no man could remain hard all evening, yet his manhood was slighted by the fact that despite the excitement he felt in his head and the wonderful ‘just about to ride a rollercoaster’ feeling in his stomach his cock hadn’t stayed erect.

“Don’t worry; I was hoping this would happen. It gives me the perfect opportunity to lock you up sweetheart. Besides it was more like 15 minutes not half an hour,” answered Kirsty, slowly removing Graham’s new chastity belt from the parcel next to the sink.

Once again in showwoman mode Kirsty made a play of examining the device. Made of thick transparent plastic the device was designed to encase the penis like a cage when flaccid and then be locked into place so as to prevent the wearer from becoming hard.

“Look dear, I even got the plastic locks for safety. Instead of a metal padlock, these plastic ones have numbers on them so even though you could take your new belt off in an emergency you couldn’t fool me by putting another lock back on. The numbers would give you away instantly when I check on it tomorrow morning,” giggled Kirsty.

“Please Kirsty, don’t make me wear that thing. I won’t even wank tonight, I promise,” begged Graham. To Graham’s utter horror and Kirsty’s great joy Graham loved having to beg, the conflicting feelings it provoked in him written across his face one after another.

“Silly man, I know you too well. If you say you won’t masturbate tonight that means you’ll just wait till 12:01 AM to masturbate and by that time dear hubby you are to be in bed and asleep, even if I am still out having fun. No, I’m going artvin escort bayan to make you wear it and you are just going to have to accept that,” said Kirsty as she got down on one knee in front of the kneeling Graham.

Graham’s shaking head may have said no, but his eyes said yes. Kirsty frowned with concentration as she put the chastity device carefully onto Graham’s cock, fumbling with it several times before she had adjusted it to be both secure and comfortable. With the plastic lock on and a mental note made of the number Kirsty once again relaxed into a smile.

“Now then my darling there is one last thing I have to do tonight before I head out on the town. Spank your naughty bum. If I don’t, I just know you won’t get through the full list of chores I’ve left on the kitchen table for you. Half an hour in you’d be sat in front of the telly telling yourself the punishment you’d get for not doing them wouldn’t be as bad as actually getting your finger out and completing them,” chided Kirsty.

“No, Kirsty don’t do that,” pleaded Graham half-heartedly, “I’ll work really hard on the chores I promise. Besides you wouldn’t want to be late for your big evening.”

A quick slap on to Graham’s ass was Kirsty’s reply. “Go lean over the bathtub hubby dear, it’ll put you at just the right height for what I have in mind.”

Graham looked at her curiously, unable to envision what the bathtub could possibly be the right height for. Another slap on the ass from Kirsty’s hand got him to stop dawdling and do as told though, Graham scooting to the bathtub and draping himself over it. Stomach resting on the rim, hands cuffed behind his back, Graham felt vulnerable; even more so when his beloved wife giggled.

“Now Graham darling, I have bad news. I know exactly how lazy you are so I just can’t let you get away with a hand-spanking. The only way to really encourage you to do your chores thoroughly is to whack you properly and to that end I bought a new bathbrush,” said Kirsty with more delight evident in her voice than she had intended.

Graham groaned and looked back at her, watching as she pulled a tan long-handled bathbrush he’d never seen before off the rack on the back of the bathroom door.

“Please, Kirsty, what about a fun spanking to start off your fun night? There’s no need to use that brutish thing,” Graham said, doing his best to sound reasonable.

Kirsty gave him sly smile. “Silly hubby; for me this will be a fun spanking! It just won’t be for you! Now you just hush and try to take it like a man.”

Kirsty’s stockinged feet were silent as she stepped closer and Graham began to strain against the chastity belt, his cock desperate to become erect but unable. The moment the first blow was struck however any thoughts of his dick were replaced with the sting in his ass.

Usually Kirsty gave him a warmup spanking with her hand. Usually Kirsty was gentle with him, especially at the beginning of a smacking. Today was different. Without warning Kirsty began to swing the bathbrush against Graham’s exposed rump in a swift, efficient, and hard manner.

“Yeow! escort artvin That hurts,” exclaimed Graham, unused to such pain.

Kirsty merely rolled her eyes and continued the spanking. Tonight was going to be a night to remember and she was determined that the memory would include a very sore butt for Graham. The brush seemed to thunder off of Graham’s arse, the bathroom echoing with the sound of wood impacting flesh.

As Graham yelped and groaned, Kirsty couldn’t help but contemplate silently. She wasn’t smacking him harder than she normally did, if anything she wasn’t putting nearly as much effort into the blows, the spankings with her hand requiring far more physical exertion, yet by the way Graham was carrying on this spanking obviously harder than he was used too. Obviously the bathbrush was harder more painful than she had expected when she bought it which, was quite a pleasant surprise.

Graham was well and truly flaccid, for a brief moment he even wondered if his cock could shrink smaller than normal under extreme stress before dismissing this as impossible. “Please darling, I’ll be good, no more with that horrid thing.”

“Horrid thing? You mean this delightful bathbrush? Best purchase I’ve made in ages Graham and I’m sure we’ll get a great deal of use out of it in the future. Now hold still while I smack that lovely arse of yours,” purred Kirsty, each word punctuated with a firm slap of the wooden brush.

Graham was crying gently, one tear, then two tears, then a small stream of tears, going down his face as he endured his spanking. As he looked back over his shoulder at his wife though he loved her more than ever, loving her for being willing to indulge their mutual fantasies a little, loving her for spanking him.

Seeing Graham’s ass redden and his tears flow Kirsty decided he’d had enough. Almost enough anyway. A swat, a smack, a wallop and a whap later she was finally satisfied that she had spanked Graham so thoroughly that not only would Graham do the long list of chores she’d left him, but he’d also remember this night for an long time to come.

“Now Graham darling, I’m going to go down the road to Lucy’s house and we’ll head out for our girls night out from there. Don’t expect me back tonight. I left a list of your chores on the kitchen table. You can kiss me before I go,” said a husky voiced Kirsty.

Graham stood to kiss her but her finger went to his lips.

“On the cheek hubby dear, I don’t want you smudging my lipstick. I’d just have to reapply it again so I could look pretty for all the men in town,” grinned Kirsty.

Graham nodded excited and humiliated at the same time as Kirsty undid the handcuffs and let him loose. “Yes Kirsty.”

“When I leave go to the corner in the bedroom and stay there, I set the alarm to go off in 20 minutes to let you know you can emerge,” Kirsty added.

A quick peck on the cheek later and Kirsty was on her way out the door in her new dress and new heels as her husband stood in the corner, his cock twitching against his chastity device the moment the front door closed.

Two things interrupted Graham’s chores that night. The first was a text from his wife saying a lovely man had just bought her a drink. The second was a photo of her dancing with a guy at the club, taken and sent courtesy of Lucy. For Graham at least it was a long wait till morning and his wife’s return.

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