A Weekend In The Caravan Ch. 01

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My name is Joe and I moved in to live with a young lass, Ann was her name.It was her house and she had a 19-year-old son named Simon and a 18-year-old girl named Jill. It was an average size semi-detached house with three bedrooms that Ann with her children lived in for some 5 years before I came to live with them. I still had my own house, but I rented it out. I got on well with Ann’s children as a step-dad. We would go on holidays as a family to the west coast of England about twice a year.

On this particular year we decided to holiday in a rented caravan in North Wales. We all got there on this Saturday, booked in and were give the keys. The caravan was normal, what you would expect in these holiday parks. After some time we sorted out the living quarters. Ann and I had the end bedroom and her children had the end of the caravan with a curtain to separate into two bedrooms for the two of them. We thought this necessary because of there age’s. We all went out for a meal that evening and by the time we got back, it was 11pm.

Simon was a medium height thin lad with nice short brown curly hair and steel blue eyes. At times over the two years together I had see him naked twice both as he was coming out of the bathroom. He had a nice body, and he knew it, his dick was on the big side and was semi-cut. On both occasions, he would give me a big smile. Jill was a little smaller than Simon was but nicely shaped with dark blond hair. She was a bit of a tease when we were alone. I would catch her looking at me from time to time. Anyway, to continue the story that would change samsun escort all our lives forever.

We all got ready for bed. Ann and I are active lovers normally, but we thought it best that we make love slowly and quietly as not to be herd by the now grown up children. I lay on my back and Ann slid on top of me and slowly slid her pussy over my hardness. We are usually very vocal in lovemaking but because of the situation we decide to ‘whisper into each others ear’ until we both climaxed. It was hard to make love quietly when not use to it, but we did try.

Ann was now asleep I was on my back looking out of the window at the full moon. Then I noticed a gentle shaking of the caravan. I listened for a few minutes, you could not hear it but you could feel it. Then I realized that one of the children was jacking off, I smiled wondering which one was it.

Next morning we got up, have breakfast, and went into town. The town was a little quite due to it being early in the holiday season. Early in the afternoon, the children wanted to go to the funfair. Therefore, Ann told them to be back at the caravan for 7pm and she and Joe were going back for a rest. We got back to the caravan at 5pm, which gave us 2 hours uninterrupted bonking. We lay in each other’s arms after our noisy lovemaking. We seem to talk a lot after sex; this time was no exception. Ann told me that she had noticed Jill had a ‘crush’ on me’ and she will be keeping an eye on the situation, we each gave a laugh. I told her she was a bit jealous. Maybe I am she said, but I worry because escort samsun both Simon and Jill’s hormones are rampant and they do look up to you.

The young one’s came back at 7pm. Ann said to them come on get washed and dressed we are off to eat out tonight. We all got ready and walked out to a café for a meal. I noticed Simon was dressed up for a change. He had on tight blue jeans and a green tank top. He looked nice, the jeans showed off his sexy arse. Jill, as usual was well dressed up showing off her shapely body. I noted that Simon was playing ‘banter’ with me as we walked into the café.

We all finished our meal at about 9-30pm and began our walk back to the caravan. I said I fancy a beer in this pub we saw. Can I come with you said Simon. If it is, ok with your mum then yes. Ann said don’t be late because in the morning we need to go into town while Joe fixes something on the car.

Simon and I settled down in the pub. He was excited and sat close to me. We had three beers and left the pub at 10-30pm. It was dark with a bright moon to give us some light. We walked through the caravan park along a path. Simon was a little drunk; he was giggling and holding on to me with his right arm over my shoulder. I also helped by putting my left arm around his waist. I’m drunk he said and I want a pee. We stopped by a hedgerow near the toilet block. We can have a pee here, up against the hedge I said. I held him steady while he took out his cock with his left hand at the same time as I did with my right hand. As we peed, I noticed him looking down samsun escort bayan at my cock. As we began to finish our pee I whispered in his ear

“was It you jacking off last night”.

He was silent for a few seconds then looked up at me with a smile saying yes it was me.

“I heard you fuckin my mum, sorry I couldn’t help but hear you both”.

“I don’t mind, did it get you horny then” I said.

“Yes, it did, I have heard you both before and it turns me on” Simon wispered.

I could see it did looking down at how hard Simon was.

“Your hard” I said looking down.

“So are you?” he said. We laughed.

He held his hard cock not knowing what to do next. What shall I do now I thought? Shall I break the embrace and walk on, I pondered for a few seconds.

“You might as well relieve yourself now – I will hold you and watch- if you don’t mind” I whispered.

He started to pump his cock, it got bigger, and it must be about 8 inches long, some 1.5 inches longer than mine. I slowly slid my arm down from his shoulder onto his waist. He slid his right arm down turning a little towards me and held my cock. I continued to slide my arm down to his arse. He began wanking faster. His breathing shallower and quicker.

“You’re going to cum” I said.

He couldn’t speak. So I slipped my left hand onto his arse cheek and worked my finger onto his butt hole. He then cum, a trickle first then two big strings of white hot cum landed in the hedgerow. He grunted then stopped working his cock. He stood there, not know what to do. I notice his cum was thick and a gob of it hung from his dick. We had better go I said. I tucked his dick into this pants and then mine into my pants and walked towards the caravan. I couldn’t help thinking ‘what a horny young man he is- this is going to be a very interesting holiday.’

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