A Visit to Holiday Inn

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My pager went off at six thirty Saturday morning. Voice mail. I crawled to the phone and answered the page.

The soft voice of my girlfriend Anne met my ears, “Hello, my slut. I want you to check into the Holiday Inn on Madison Ave and I-80 by eight a.m. I will meet you there. Bye.”

I hung up, a smile playing at the corner of my mouth. I quickly jumped into the shower and washed my hair and body. I dressed in blue jeans and a green pullover shirt, white socks and my tennis shoes. I left the house with plenty of time to reach my destination.

The sky was just getting light, the California sun barely peaking above the horizon. I could still see a few stars smiling down at me, spurring me towards my destination. The exit loomed and I turned into the parking lot of the motel. Anne’s car was not there yet.

I went in and rented a room on the second floor. I let myself in and calmly waited for Anne to arrive. Twenty minutes later she arrived wearing a gray sweatshirt and black sweat pants. Her hair was wet, having just gotten out of the shower herself. She was carrying a small blue bag.

“Hello,” she said stepping forward to kiss me.

She pressed her lips to mine, shoving her tongue into my mouth. She took control of my mouth, pinning my tongue to the floor of my mouth. I succumbed to her commanding tongue. I was hers, my tongue just an extension of my being. She broke the kiss.

“I need to use you,” she hissed, passion dripping in her words.

I bowed my head, a sign of my submission. Subtle in its motion, but shouting in its meaning. I was hers to use as she saw fit.

“Strip,” she commanded.

I pulled my shirt over my head and set it aside. Next I kicked of my shoes and socks. Finally I doffed my jeans and skivvies in one deft motion, standing naked before her.

“Wonderful,” she breathed. “Now lie down on the bed.”

I lowered myself to the bed and centered myself in it. Anne set the bag aside and pulled out two coils of rope. She proceeded to tie me spread-eagled to the bed, pulling the ropes taut. I pulled at them as she directed, and was satisfied that I was indeed firmly bound.

“I love seeing afyon escort a man in bondage,” she told me. “You don’t need to see today, however.”

She pulled out a blindfold and standing next to me she strapped the blindfold to my face, blocking out my site. Anne began taking off her clothes.

“I am pulling my sweatshirt over my head,” she told me, teasing me.

She pulled her top along my taut legs, stroking my skin. “Now my pants. My legs are so smooth.”

She was taunting me with her words and I pulled impotently against the ropes that held me firm. She walked to stand next to my head.

“My panties are so wet, watching you struggle like that. Here,” she pulled her panties off and draped them over my nose.

“You can smell how wet I am.”

I whimpered, my nostrils pulling in her sweet scent. My penis was throbbing with my pulse, thump, thump, each beat causing my erection to bob.

I felt Anne climb on the bed. She pulled her panties off my face and draped them over my erection. I groaned as the soft fabric caressed my skin. Anne shifted her weight and pushed her wet pussy against my face.

“Eat me,” she hissed excitedly.

I extended my tongue and began probing Anne’s wet sex as she rocked against my face. Her pubic hair tickled my nose, her scent much stronger now that she was sitting on my face. I could her her moaning as my tongue parted her nether lips and slipped inside.

My wrists pulled at the bonds that held me, my hands opening and closing, aching to caress Anne’s body. To hold her, to stoke her skin. They were begging in their actions, longing to assist in my ministrations. My tongue extended and probed her sex.

I wiggled the muscle, trying to pleasure this amazing woman. She rocked against my face, fucking my tongue as if it were a tiny penis. My tongue probed her wetness, her taste exploding on my tongue. She rocked faster, breathing heavily.

“Oh God,” she hissed, her legs flexing against my face.

Her breathing came in rapid bursts, and she hissed between her teeth, “God, yes.”

She bucked against my face as my tongue continued probing afyon escort bayan her sex. I slipped it out and tweaked her clit. The final move sent her over the edge and she exploded in orgasm. Her thighs clamped against my face, her hands gripped my hair. She screamed loudly and I knew that the hotel guests in the next room could hear her shouts of pleasure.

Anne pulled off my face and I could smell her in my beard. Her panties danced on my cock, still throbbing in need. She stood on the bed, watching me, watching my head follow the sounds of her walking through the room.

“I am so wet,” she told me from the foot of the bed. “So wet,” she repeated.

I felt her crawl onto the bed between my outstretched legs. She pulled the panties off of my turgid cock and reaching forward she draped them over my face again. She inched forward and slid her sex onto my erection. I gasped in delight, her sex enveloping me in its velvety softness.

“Can you feel how wet you have made me?” she asked from above me.

“Yes,” I breathed through her panties.

She sat on my cock and whispered, “fuck me.”

I pushed upwards, the bonds feeling strong as I pulled against them to pleasure her. With the rope biting tightly against my limbs I could barely move and had to make shallow thrusts, barely moving. Anne sat on my cock, watching my blindfolded face as I struggled against my bonds to fuck her.

Anne moaned in delight as I struggled for her, yearning to please her. I throbbed inside her sex, her pussy gripping my cock in a vice like grip. I was moaning in ecstasy, my penis thrusting inches in my bonds. Anne groaned and slowly began bouncing on my cock.

“Let me help you,” she breathed throatily.

She bucked against my soft pounding. Her breathing escalated, matching my own elevated panting. She sat above me, pulling her sex off my cock and then dropping heavily back down, matching my bucking hips. We mated passionately, my arms held immobile in my bonds.

Anne watched my face, “let me know when you are going to come.”

“Yes,” I breathed shallowly.

I continued to thrust against escort afyon her until I felt my orgasm pending. “I’m close,” I breathed.

“Come for me, slut,” she whispered in her sexy voice.

With her words she flexed her sex and my cock exploded. I flooded her sex with my seed, shouting in orgasmic bliss. My hips flexed as I spasmed. My breathing came in ragged bursts, and I strained against my bonds.

Anne pulled off my cock. I felt the cool air of the hotel room caress my wet cock and goosebumps raced down my arms. Anne inched forward.

“Now eat me again,” she whispered her body quivering with what she was doing. “Eat your sperm from my pussy. Clean me.”

She straddled my face and inched lower until her pussy was pressed against my mouth. I could not see, the blindfold blocking out all sight, but I could smell the combined scent of our juices. My tongue pressed into her pussy and I slowly pulled my sperm from her pussy.

The salty taste played over my tongue. I probed her pussy, sucking my ejaculate from the soft lips of her sex. Anne moaned as I ate my seed from her sex. Anne rocked against my face. My lips pulled her nether lips into my mouth and I sucked heavily, pulling more of my seed from her body.

I cleaned her pussy with my mouth, eating my sperm until nary a trace remained. Then I continued to dart my tongue within her sex, bring her to orgasm.

“Yes,” she groaned in delight, “oh, God, yes.”

She rocked against my face, her pubic hair rubbing against my nose. Her thighs once again pinned my face against her pussy and she bucked in unbridled delight. She came on my face, her juices flowing into my mouth. I trailed my tongue over the sensitive lips of her pussy, licking her clean.

Anne pulled off my face. She staggered and caught herself against the table next to the bed. I could only lie there and listen as she showered and then returned to the main room. I could hear her getting dressed.

“Mistress?” I asked from my taut and prone position.

“Don’t worry,” she giggled, “We checked in early enough. Housekeeping should be here shortly.”

I heard the door open and then click shut with a resounding click. I pulled against the ropes that held me firm, struggling to get free before housekeeping could come find me, tied spread-eagled, with the commingled juices of our coupling glistening in my beard.

“Come back,” I whispered into the empty room, then, “please.” And twenty minutes later she did.

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